Watch: Nicki Minaj Pours New ‘Pink Print’ Details On ‘Good Morning America’

Published: Friday 6th Jun 2014 by David


This week, Nicki Minaj‘s latest single ‘Pills N Potions‘ crept towards the ‘Billboard Hot 100′ #1 spot when it spent its second week on the tally at #42…before the launch of its supporting video!

Only right then, that she take to ‘Good Morning America‘ to push the single to higher ground today, taking to the outlet to unlock its video very first sneak peek, now available to peep here!

So, in you’re on the hunt for new details on its parent album ‘The Pink Print’, the interview below is a must see, for reasons you’ll understand once you press play below!

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  1. maurice June 6, 2014

    no shade but if mariah’s sales are this bad, i’m wondering what nicki’s will be.
    because majority of mariah’s flop was her bad move with american idol.

    • Stephy June 6, 2014

      Chile please, Nicki is gonna sell. Mariah is past her prime & old. Nicki is still in her prime with only 2 albums… She should do decent number for todays standers….

      • Real hip hop June 6, 2014

        But Nicki can’t sell at all though

      • Dirty Laundry June 6, 2014

        How will Nicki sell if her song is still struggling for top 20 she in the same boat as Gaga.

      • FAF June 6, 2014

        ^struggling? after 1 week of release and its charting

        unlike Kelly 4083540 failed singles

        and before u say S*** about Ciara (like I know your predictable ass will)


    • Love And War June 6, 2014

      Sorry there’s no hope for this album if her last album couldn’t even sell a million in America then what makes you think this one will?

      • nicko June 6, 2014

        1. Her last album sold 2M WW. 2. The GP likes Nicki more now than during the PFRR era. Pills N Potions received great reviews from EVERYBODY (Pop n Rap audiences). 3. Her single is doing quite well with little promo. Its in the top 20 in New Zealand, in the top 30 in Australia, in he top 30 in the UK n #42 in the US. Just wait till the music video drops ! ;). Thid era looks very promising for Nic.

      • truth June 7, 2014

        BIITCH HER LAST MUTHAFUCKN CD FLOPPED U HO!!! Look gotdamnit, i done TOOOOLD yall ho’s not to stan for this has been. Keep stannin for her ans i’ll drag ya into oblivion. (Puts girdle on and paints fingernails)

  2. Iconic Cici June 6, 2014

    Nicki has fallen off since her last album she will flop harder then Gaga did with Artpop watch is pills n potions even in the top 20 yet?

    • The Pink Print June 6, 2014

      You people need to realize that with the exception of “Starships”, Nicki’s single never really debuted high on the Hot 100. They always creep there way up though and end up receiving certifications. Pills N Potions is currently slaying at rhythmic radio, is starting to take off on Urban radio and will be released to pop radio on the 10th + sales are consistent so you cant write it off just yet!!!

    • truth June 7, 2014

      The PinkShit will flop chile. It’ll flop harder than P.i.s.s. and S***-tion. (Files nails)

      • truth June 7, 2014

        P.i.s.s. and shitt-tion

  3. Indiram27 June 6, 2014


    • truth June 7, 2014


  4. TRUTH SERUM June 6, 2014

    Nicki is gunning for longevity and mogul stastus. She’s doing what Gaga should’ve done. Take notes!

  5. BossB*tchBeyonce June 6, 2014


  6. Barbie’s World June 6, 2014

    To the haters: This year Nicki was in a number 1 movie at the box office,her fragrance is still selling fairly well, her clothing line is doning great a year after it’s launch. her Myx moscato is doing well. her first single was luke warm it still went top 40 not to shabby, with the right promo it still can go even higher. she will slay the forbs list at the end of the year.

    • Selenator June 6, 2014

      No shade but Pills N Potions isn’t top 40 yet. That’s not very promising leading up to the album but her albums have always done better then her singles.

      • ontherun June 6, 2014

        Hopefully the video will give it the push it needs to get into the top 40. I hope it does because its her best first single from her albums thus far and it deserves to do better then your love stupid ho etc on the charts

    • truth June 7, 2014

      SHE DONE KIII!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Basura Caliente June 6, 2014

    She looks VERY UGLY and unattractive in her natural look. Greasy twisted face. Like Dracula. She needs to pack on the makeup again. Ugly just ugly.

    • truth June 7, 2014


  8. Mark111 June 6, 2014

    This is what Gaga should had done. Take notes gags, we’re over the wild and crazy look. Good for Nicki.

    • Stephy June 6, 2014

      Hi, Marky!

  9. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 6, 2014


  10. NICKI IS QUEEN June 6, 2014

    Nicki u will slay!

    • truth June 7, 2014

      Yea….her own career AAAHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HAAAAA-FLOP!!! KII!!!!!!

  11. K June 6, 2014

    she doing her thing.

    • truth June 7, 2014

      Biitch rest

  12. [♪]_Music.Judge_[♪] June 6, 2014

    I am beyond proud of Onika she is doing all the right moves. Keep it up Nicki! I will definitely be buying The Pink Print when it drops!

    • truth June 7, 2014

      Awww u r?? Too bad yo mammy is ashamed on YOU tho, u sissy. Kii!!!!

  13. nicko June 6, 2014

    I love her, she’s so cute I just wanna kiss her.

    • truth June 7, 2014


  14. Minaj21 June 6, 2014

    She looks so pretty 🙂

    • truth June 7, 2014

      U bulldika

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