Watch: Sevyn Streeter Rocks 107.9 ‘Birthday Bash’ With ‘nEXt’

Published: Sunday 15th Jun 2014 by David


When placed next to R&B it girls old and new, Sevyn Streeter stands as one of her genre’s more promising acts, boasting an authentic crossover appeal her Chris Brown-backed ‘It Won’t Stop’ continues to benefit from.

Indeed, while a number of her genre’s newbies vie to become the next Aaliyah while only getting as far as Cassie, it’s safe to say that with enough radio backing and a sizeable enough budget, Sevyn may just become the world renown R&B star the last decade has been missing.

Why we can’t enough of the former ‘Rich Girl’?

Peep her rocking ‘Hot 107.9’s 19th Birthday Bash in Atlanta last night below!

Nasally vocals aside, Streeter killed it!

Sure, though her live vocals went some way to disturb the performance, the above is a firm reminder that Sevyn stands head and shoulders above the current flock of wannabes who- whether they know it or not- lack the mainstream potential that’d see Ms.Streeter fare just as well on ’17’ as she would on ‘Jet.

Put simply, Streeter is a classy coin in a box full of basic silvers.

This, being why we hope to see she and TGJ favourite JoJo score the global acclaim their talent makes them oh so deserving of.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 June 15, 2014

    She’s my favorite new school R&B artist. Just sp freaking talented.

    • ayawvgex2457 June 15, 2014

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  2. Mark111 June 15, 2014

    No need to diss the other girls, we need all of them here, cause the R&B genre needs fresh life. I’m tired of these old flops that work with the same producers and writers (Brandy, Kelly, Ciara), time to embrace the new and respect the ones like Monica and even Beyoncé.

    • Rowlandstone June 15, 2014

      Lmao as if flop ass Monica doesn’t use the same producers as everyone else.

      • Mark111 June 15, 2014

        A Kevin Nowhereland would be the only one mad.

    • metzo June 15, 2014

      Excuse me, don’t call brandy a Flop then praise Monica. Shea sold more than Monica and Brandy is way more talented.

      • IStanForYourFav June 16, 2014

        Quit lying Rich. Brandy is no where near as talented as Monica. Also, yes B sold more, but Mo’s last certified album was 2009.. B’s was 2004. Enough said.

  3. Stephon June 15, 2014

    Beyonce is a Icon & Legend… Remain bothered (Inserts Name)
    Also, this precious lil gurl is cute. Hopefully, she achieves longevity…

  4. DopeBoiFresh June 15, 2014

    Just my opinion but she is sooooooo basic and bland I always forget about her and her show was hella dry !! She always gives me blah blah blahblahblah (Kelly Miza Voice) #KanyeShoulderShrug

  5. SEVYNTHHeaven June 15, 2014

    LMFAO! TGJ went in and I love it! Yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes again! These other girls are so basic the only thing they know how to do is strike a pose. Sevyn’s got it all 2bh.

  6. Keya June 15, 2014

    She killed that she’s is the feature

  7. Rowlandstone June 15, 2014

    I like Sevyn a lot!! Her ep is soooo good I can listen all the way thru even though it’s only 7 songs lol. She’s mad talented with the pen. I applaud her for trying to sing and dance at the same time but the vocals just weren’t there. Shoulda just stuck with the original version.

  8. Brian310 June 15, 2014

    She did good I like sevyn and the new R&B girls that are coming out but people need to stop trying to look for the next Aaliyah cause it ain’t happening.

  9. Toni June 16, 2014

    Yass my fav always slays

  10. IStanForYourFav June 16, 2014

    She’s cute and etc. I love It Won’t Stop. It reminds me of what Aaliyah’s sound might be today if she were still here. Good luck Sevyn. I like the EP.
    RIP Aaliyah (Still inspiring)

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