Capital FM Presenter Teases New Rihanna Single


New Rihanna music is on its way!

Excited? Understandably so, for after going two years without releasing any new solo material, the Bajan beauty is now on course to unleashing brand new music this year!

This, according to the ever reputable radio personality that is ‘This is Max.’

Details below…

A staple at the UK’s ‘Capital FM‘, Max spilled the beans on Riri‘s new release earlier today, when she tweeted:

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 22.04.15

Max’s bean spilling message comes after Rihanna cut ties with UMG’s Def Jam , and signed with Roc Nation under a new label agreement after the company had served as her management before the release of 2010’s ‘Loud.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. LDN Chick August 11, 2014

    Didn’t Capital also say On The Run was coming to the UK. Bye.

    • WordMan August 11, 2014

      Umm…so this article is pretty much a waste sam!

      • ceer0624 August 11, 2014

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  2. BrunoMartian August 11, 2014

    Max is reputable? Lol.

  3. BeyBeyKing August 11, 2014

    Rihanna is scared of Adele’s album so this a lie.

  4. Stephy August 11, 2014

    K, I hope its true cause STUDIO Rihanna slays me. I need new music NOW! I also, LOVED that photo-shoot with her & those legends. Ugh! Bring on the new album!

  5. tits mcgee August 11, 2014

    Here for it. Rih always gives something kewl.

  6. ItsCheryl2bh August 11, 2014

    Max and reputable in the same sentence? Can we f****** not.

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Pretend” Comes Out This Month) August 11, 2014

    I’m interested!
    Hopefully it’s not these cliche cheap pop singles she puts out consistently for a #1 hit. Hoping she goes for a more R&B sound.

    • LB August 11, 2014

      _/ <—–
      Rihanna's music is 100x better than that generic garbage Robocop is failing to chart.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“Pretend” Comes Out This Month) August 11, 2014

        Was I dissing her or did I say that I basically prefer her doing R&B? Your mental prescription pills are waiting for you at the pharmacy.
        I I
        / /I
        (______( I
        I I I I
        I I
        I I

      • career ender August 11, 2014

        tinashe stan you better drag that leona lewis fan


  8. LB August 11, 2014

    He didn’t give specifics so this is a non story published so Sam can pay his bills.

    This is as good as any stan going on twitter and Tweeting “new Rihanna music is coming”.

  9. WordMan August 11, 2014

    No one caressss!

  10. Mimi Carey August 11, 2014

    I can’t lie I don’t like this b**** but I’m a sucker for her music. Rihdumbna always tends to release catchy music 🙁
    *playing Get It Over With*

    • Charlieyoncé August 14, 2014

      Yeah RIHeffer releases good music, still bumpin to Get It Over With too

  11. BEYFLAWLESS August 11, 2014

    … Max said that a month ago

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 11, 2014

      Samantha just needed to post something about Rih for hits. Sites been lack luster as of late..

  12. BlueIvy August 11, 2014

    A b*tch betta be ready to put out singles when King Bey isn’t.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 11, 2014

      Who needs anyone’s .99 when your a billionaire?

  13. FAF August 11, 2014

    Ok but that’s like saying “rihanna coming soon” I mean this is not news everyone knows she’s trying to come out.. The f**?

  14. career ender August 11, 2014

    see her in November

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 11, 2014

      She’ll be in the bargain bin at Walmart buy January….

  15. ENOUGH ONIKA August 11, 2014

    This sh*t better not be no played out EDM or dubstep (unless hip hop influenced like G4L). I hope this go has a “concept” this go round too and not just a compilation of “try hard” singles that have to cohesiveness together. Do I think ithe album will be garabage like the past two and she’ll fool people with the first single into thinking the album will be good? Yes, but I’ll wait to judge when that flo…I mean album drops…

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 11, 2014


  16. truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) August 11, 2014

    I rebruke u satan! We know who u really r Rhi!

  17. The real xoxo August 12, 2014

    Not a fan but Rih always delivers when it comes to pop.

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