Rihanna Announces New Male Fragrance ‘Rogue Man’

Published: Friday 1st Aug 2014 by Sam

Rihanna may have the vocal range of a dial tone, but her brand is booming.

Today saw the seductive songstress announce her latest fragrance, which this time is geared towards men.

Aptly titled ‘Rogue Man’, the scent follows the female-focal ‘Rogue’ which arrived last Fall.

Peep her elated announcement below…


Once again, ol’ RiRi is quite the polariser. For, on the one hand, her narrative is everything wrong with today’s industry (see: minimal effort for maximum gain). Yet, on the other, we can’t but ‘Pour It Up’ and toast to her impeccable branding game.

That said, ladies (and gentlemen)…would you want your man smelling of a Rihanna inspired scent?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bey-Minaj August 1, 2014

    Well she gotta do something to stay relevant….

    • Mark111 August 1, 2014

      The irony from a Nicki fan.

    • Commander of the RihannaNavy August 1, 2014

      This is coming from a Nicki stan though. Your fav has to spread her asss cheeks out for single artwork to get people interested in her again. It didn’t work either, not after they heard that hot garbage of a song.

    • ansragalocxb August 2, 2014

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  2. The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2014

    Yess Queen Rih!! new fragrance, new album, Iconna is coming to slay!!!!! 🙂

    Sam why did you delete the post with that horrible Onig song Anaconda?

    • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

      She probably told him to do so,
      In order to save face.

  3. Realest August 1, 2014

    She should have said “LADIES this is what the hoards of men who PHUCK me, smell like once they’re done pouncing my pum pum #IslandFunk #IslandMusk #OhNaNaSmellyMan”

    • The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2014

      Try again F****!

      How Thiefonces marriage going? I know your a flea hive! 🙂

      • Realest August 1, 2014

        Beyonce? Why are you asking me about beyonce? Lol oh are you assuming she is my fav? Oh.. Well she isn’t! I stan for nobody just appreciate great/organic/true talent which bey is and Rihanna ISNT.. With that said

        / \
        Girl boom


    • The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2014

      Bye F*** with that tired video that you flea hives always post

      I can post videos of a young Thiefonces struggling vocals as well: ) 🙂

      • Realest August 1, 2014

        No need to honey.. Here’s an example of Bey, at a younger age than Rihanna sounding LIGHT YEARS BETTER than Riri.. Kelly Rowland is slaying Riri effortlessly , as well. The struggle DAHHHLING!!Gotta come harder miss thing.. I stan for no1 except facts.. And in fact, guess what??

        / \
        Girl boom


    • Valerie August 1, 2014

      Looool @Realist

    • ~The Arcade~ August 1, 2014

      @Realist… I ‘m still laughing at your comment, I guess you really live up to your username!

      • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

        I did not watch the video,
        I can’t stand the sound of a growling
        Old man even when it was “young”

  4. Beysus August 1, 2014

    Lol another product to help her stay relevant so she can release her generic-EDM-Electro R&B-trap-strip club mess of a flop album with 1 or 2 big hits and more VEVO certified videos to add to her record that eventually be broken by someone else…

  5. JessieSlay August 1, 2014

    She WOULD know how men smell, wouldn’t she?

  6. Eloviano August 1, 2014

    Where’s the single biitch??? Yonce got her scared honey kiii.

    • The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2014

      Where’s Pretty Flops? 🙂 🙂

      • Eloviano August 1, 2014

        @the great lacefronce, that drag is as stale as Rihanna’s pusssy,#come_harder

    • The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2014

      And your tired shade is drier then Purple Ivys hair:(

      • Eloviano August 1, 2014

        Is that your comeback???#weak It’s common knowledge your fave is an industry hoè#and_you_will_deal

  7. Proud-Arianator August 1, 2014

    Oh goodie now her male Stans can smell like crap just like her

    • QueenoftheNavy August 1, 2014

      Gold yet?

      • Proud-Arianator August 1, 2014

        Come up with a new drag don’t be unoriginal like your fav

    • The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2014

      Try again UGLY originality? your flopping fave is a knockoff MC

      • Proud-Arianator August 1, 2014

        *Zooms into Gravatar*
        Shew you know a lot about the word UGLY

      • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

        That’d be blue and yes tis

  8. Eloviano August 1, 2014

    @realest yassssss drag that pum pum patting w***** back to the slums of Barbados.

  9. BEYFLAWLESS August 1, 2014

    so we going to acting like u didnt take that nicki post down

  10. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On” NOW) August 1, 2014

    Rihanna is so S***!

    • QueenoftheNavy August 1, 2014

      Sis, you like being dragged don’t you?

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On” NOW) August 1, 2014

        Supposedly “S3XY” is a bad word? WTF lol.
        @QueenoftheNazi I said “S3XY” fool 😉

        HASHTAG: #DoYouAttendSchool? #ContextualReadingIsAKeyUnitInEnglish #NobodyAintDragMeYet #StopTryingToLookForAKeyboardWar #Lol #BecarefulBooBoo

  11. Beysus August 1, 2014

    Lol trying to stay relevant…

  12. QueenoftheNavy August 1, 2014


  13. me August 1, 2014

    haters keep hating, rihanna keep winning
    I’m out

  14. poussiere d’empire August 1, 2014

    hope it gets a released in dubai, i need that s*** like right now

  15. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 1, 2014


    • poussiere d’empire August 1, 2014

      your mom doesn’t wash her p****? not news

    • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

      You must be talking about
      The rings around your neck.

  16. former rihanna stan August 1, 2014

    What is with racial reaction to the commercial? It makes blacks looks obsessed and desperate.

    • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

      Rih must have blocked you :/

  17. Slay_Hive August 1, 2014

    This is great for her brand but I don’t understand why she has this tatted up biker looking white dude on the promo pic. It doesn’t seem genuine. She tries to hard for me.

    • former rihanna stan August 1, 2014

      I think she was photoshopped in, that is why you feel that way. This appeals to white gays guys, so they need a white model. I think she should have added a blonde white model, to appeal to straight men. Straight white men like blonde women.

      • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

        The word is SOME.

  18. Valerie August 1, 2014

    What man would want this besides her faggity fans? Lame. Rihanna thinks she can do anything, she cannot.

  19. Valerie August 1, 2014

    I can’t imagine many men being proud to admit, when asked ‘What fragrance do you have on?’ ‘Rouge by Rihanna’ looool.
    Unless they add that it was a gift from their 12 year old daughter LOL.

    • Ari August 1, 2014

      I’m pretty sure if asked & they’re wearing it they’d respond by just saying ‘Rouge’. Interested to see how it smells.

      • Valerie August 1, 2014

        Yep. The shade of it all.

    • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

      I’ve only ever bought two
      Fragrance from two celebs and
      Those were Britney Spears and

    • Rih Rox August 1, 2014

      Huzzah!!! For the beautiful

      My next to buy perfume will be
      Rihanna for the ladies. I’ve
      never bought her perfumes… I’m a
      Huge fan of D&G ‘The One’ both the
      light pink and the original and
      yves saint Laurent ‘Cinema’.

  20. RICHIE_RICH August 1, 2014

    Cute ad. Well done RiRi . Sorry I want be buying . I’m a Tom Ford black orchid and Jo Malone earl grey and cucumber

  21. Career Ender August 1, 2014

    congrats to her brand
    oldfronce pressed AF
    LOL I like tinashe stan’s hashtags and confidence, sge reminds me of me few months ago and previous years
    Hala at the Superior Hive!
    Welcome back Slay_Hive
    Congrats Rihanna again
    oh and Diabetes = S*** , tge notorious beyhive member who stanned hard for Bey but fell off during the bump rumors abd now is back to the Hive …smh. … S*** you are a deranged troll

  22. ENOUGH ONIKA August 1, 2014

    Rihanna the only chick wanting her man to smell like c*m 24/7…

  23. Rihboy August 1, 2014

    Yassss rih. Will be buying. Her fragrances are all great. Nude is the best to me though. More over whats with the hating. This is just the beginning of the slayage. Tour, album, then movie. I dont think anyone will be relevant when r8 drops. Unless someone decides to leave her camel back in egypt.

  24. Mark111 August 1, 2014

    I’ll buy.

    • Realest August 1, 2014

      Honey just have an orgy one night, collect everyone’s bodily fluids/excretions, repeat the words “double ,bubble, boil and trouble” , stir and…. VOILA! Rogue!

      • Mark111 August 2, 2014

        Hahahahahaha! Damnit! I shouldn’t be laughing at this!

  25. LB August 1, 2014

    How do I pre-order some bottles of this???

    • Realest August 1, 2014

      You don’t have too. Call up a bunch of your TOP buddies (which we all know you have a plethora of) and let then plummet your mangina repeatedly throughout the night. Mix the sweat from your bodies, the stench of your “s**” and that ooze that comes out of your galaxy wide hole, mix it up and VOILA!!!! Rogue.

      • LB August 1, 2014

        Is that the kind of s*** you’re into? You’re disgusting man.

      • Realest August 1, 2014

        No honey, I’m just trying to save you money. Why buy it when you can make it the exact same way Rihanna did! ? Duh!

  26. Commander of the RihannaNavy August 1, 2014

    That Brand RiRi just won’t let up! Bring on R8 next!

  27. Lily August 1, 2014

    Do your thing Robyn. We all know you’re the type that don’t give a f**k about what the Haters says. Ppl will just come in here and be posting irrelevant sh*t. HATERS = Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success. And one thing is for sure this is the type of calamities that befall them; Hypertension, Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest cus anytime they see someone they always hating on keep soaring high, their Heart beat, that’s why you see them typing sh*t in a confused state of mind.

  28. A Mother August 1, 2014

    That Grape Juice…Wow, always the negative naysayer where Rihanna is concerned. You people may not believe in God, but I am here to tell you RIHANNA is BLESS. Millions are PROUD of HER and will continue to be. I can never over emphasize, she came in the US at 16, without Mom/Dad. Did not get hooked on hard drugs or lost her way. All she did was capitalized on EVERY single ASSET the good Lord blessed her with. A young girl who DARED to DREAM BIG by appreciating and marketing all her God given- assets and talents. If many of US would go out into the world and TRY OUR BEST, even when someone say, “you can’t or you are not good enough”, then maybe, just maybe, there would be more trailblazers and millionaires like this young woman-( Rihanna a true entrepreneur). STRENGTH, TENACITY, and PERSEVERANCE- I cannot help but admire that. This young woman will continue to be BLESS, someone really PRAYED long and hard for you in this life and is still PRAYING long and hard for you.

    • Rihboy August 1, 2014

      Well said. Unlike bey, rihanna jumped on the scene without mommy and daddy. No pageants to groom her. The fact that she has accolades beating bey out is a great achievement. Bey was spoon fed until she cut her dad off and linked up with jay. Jay is the reason bey is now a business woman. Rihanna has plenty going for her and still has a good 10 years to do so damage to the industry. Every year she gets better. She has branded herself. No matter how much backlash she gets, she gains so much. Dominating music, fashion, and cosmetics. Big screen movie coming up, endless fashion gigs, and social acceptance. She has it all. I just sit back and cackle at the haters, because when r8 drops, most will be ghost or jumping on the bandwagon. The radio and charts miss her so bad. Her absence on the music scene is just scary.

      • Ari August 1, 2014

        Stop trying to discredit Beyoncé, Rihanna’s gotten thus far because she’s marketable. You don’t hear people talking about her voice or song writing skills. Rihanna been on the music scene since 2005 isn & she’s already got 7+ albums. She doesn’t make quality music. 7+ albums & she has yet yo headline the Superbowl. Also Beyoncé wasn’t spoon fed, if you would have watched a couple of documentaries about her you would have know that her father & mother went broke numerous times supporting her when she was just getting started. You’re just pressed because Bey took her craft serious & refined her s*** at a young are.

        & What accolades does she have beating out Beyoncé?

        The delusion is real.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 1, 2014

      Well you should pray you put down the crack pipe once day so you don’t come on TGJ written absolute bullish*t novels anymore….

    • Rihboy August 2, 2014

      Headline the superbowl? Lls. Is that your argent. Girl bye. Your obviously bothered. Talking about some damn superbowl.

  29. teee August 2, 2014


  30. Rihanna #1 fan t August 2, 2014

    And there Beyhive go again bringing up Beyonce on a Rihanna post and for all you dumb asses saying she is trying to stay relavant she already is… She is so relevant that your fave Beyonce had to change her whole image just to keep up… all of a sudden she is overly s*** and riding surfboards..


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