New Song: Jazmine Sullivan – ‘Stupid Girls’

Published: Saturday 16th Aug 2014 by David


Last month, Jazmine Sullivan partnered with NPR to premiere her brand new number ‘Stupid Girls’, doing so during her time in New Orleans for this year’s Essence Festival.

Performed in a barber shop that’s been in business since 1948, the song follows the unveiling of her comeback single ‘Dumb’, both pulled her third studio album ‘Reality Show’, due out on September 30th.

Watch her work, below…


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  1. God August 16, 2014


  2. #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14) August 16, 2014

    Great song. Now if she had a white skin people would be more impressed and would invest their hard working money into what she is selling unfortunately. SMH! This sounds no different than what Ed Sheeran or Adele is putting out but for some reason they get more praise and chart glory. Always loved Jazmine’s voice and I hope artists like her, Marsha Ambrosius, Jill Scott, Elle Varner, Angie Stone and Chrisette Michele get more recognition.
    Watch how many people comment on this article…. (B.F)

    • You Stupid August 16, 2014

      AGREED 100%! If Jazmine were white… After “Lions, Tigers, and Bears”… People would be like “Adele who?” Don’t get me wrong… I love Adele… But I’m definitely not naive enough to believe this industry has given TRUE artists their proper due based on ethnicity. So sad… I’m excited about her upcoming album! Stupid girls reminds me of some of the underground music she had before that never made it to her album. ROOTING FOR YOU MS SULLIVAN!!!

  3. Nuff said August 16, 2014

    she is so talented, I’m looking forward to her album #StupidGirls

  4. JFB August 16, 2014

    People don’t understand how precious Jazmine’s talent is. I agree with the comments above stating how ethnicity plays a HUGE role as to why she’s not selling records. i also think it’s because of her image as well. Jazmine’s weight is another reason people throw her to the back when in reality she has more talent then all the leading ladies of today who are selling mad records. I will be supporting reality show because i loooovvveee Jazmine Sullivan and i hope others will support as well

  5. Kyle August 16, 2014

    Jazmine’s talent is undeniable. She is truly gifted and it shows in this performance…she almost makes it look too easy! I can’t wait for her new album. I hope the release date of 9/30 sticks and we get that album. I’ve been patiently waiting 4 years for it!

  6. Sean August 16, 2014

    I’ll be supporting i Loooove Jazzy…f*** them skinny b****** f*** them skinny b****** in the club lol

  7. TheYoncèTroll August 16, 2014

    Her vocals send chills down my spine. I love Jaz! That Fearless album is one of the best albums ever made. She is so UNDERRATED!

  8. JOHNVIDAL August 16, 2014

    Sorry but in this case you people are wrong. Adele´s voice is way more appealing, beautiful and commercial. The white and black thing is true, but in this case, it´s understandable why Adele sells more.

  9. JOHNVIDAL August 16, 2014

    Not to mention the songs…

    • toohotfortv August 16, 2014

      I could almost guarantee you that adele wishes she had jazmines voice. The control timbre and nuance are almost unparalleled (I say almost only because of the obvious similarties between ms. Sullivan and kim burrell). Adele is skilled but this is a whole other thing.

      • JOHNVIDAL August 17, 2014

        I repeat, Adele´s voice is more appealing and commercial, you can´t change that. A louder voice or with more range doesn´t make you a better artist overall, or at least more appealing and commercial, which was my point.

  10. the voice August 16, 2014

    RCA has done little to nothing to promote this album just like they did nothing to promote Elle Varner’s last album

    Jazmine needs better management b/c her label doesnt promote R&B except flor Chris Breezy.

    Clive Davis is gone so she needs to leave RCA ASAP. Get a new manager.

  11. ~The Arcade~ August 16, 2014

    AMAZING!!! As ususal, just listen to the versatile range. Blessed.

  12. Brian310 August 16, 2014

    It is such a TRAVESTY that Jazmine isn’t bigger than what she is, she should be one of music’s most celebrated artist

  13. Junior in Jamaica August 17, 2014

    She is just out of this world with talent. Better label needed. September is around the corner! She needs some TV spots and the official single needs to be made clear!

  14. Jonbrea August 17, 2014

    She is much too fat to be a success and she doesn’t wear flattering clothing

    • Dev August 17, 2014

      I feel sorry for you, really sorry. She is a singer and not a model but you are judging her on her singing and fashion choices. This is the reason that real voices live on youtube, clubs and background singing because labels feel that unless they are slim and wearing 14in Brazilian weave they are not marketable

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