Congratulations: Keke Wyatt Announces Pregnancy With Baby #8

Published: Saturday 20th Sep 2014 by Rashad
keke wyatt - pregnant - baby #8


With her social star reaching its highest heights on the heels of TV One’s uber-successful franchise ‘R&B Divas,’ Keke Wyatt’s name has been earning quite a bit of chatter as of late.

As fans still jam ‘Ke’ Ke,’ the newest addition to her soaring discography, their chatter will now be accompanied with discussions of another new addition – a new baby.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, fans of the R&B songstress were greeting with surprising news that baby #8 will soon be making its way to the Wyatt/Ford household.  See the announcement below:

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  1. Skyfall September 20, 2014

    Congrats she’s beautiful

  2. NOLIES September 20, 2014


  3. Junior in Jamaica September 21, 2014


  4. SayMyName September 21, 2014

    condoms also exist.

  5. Mingxxx September 21, 2014

    Happy babies also exist. keke dont hide her babies face in blankets taking back head shots of them or allow her kids to have matted hair with lint balls in it and her kids smile your fave daughter never has been pictured with a smile which is un-usual for a child so young. keke never had a mis carriage due to wearing heels or dancing around either she puts her unborn first

    • nancy grace slays September 21, 2014

      Shut the fukk up!!
      U sound real #stupid!!

    • llawrence September 21, 2014

      And Beyoncé can take care of her child without the help of welfare. Who are you? people don’t owe you s*** if they want to keep their children away from the public that’s their right. Their children are not singers, or entertainers so with that said if KEKE wants to have an army of kids have at it as long as tax payers don’t have to help her. You might want to get a hobby if all you are concerned about is what someone does with their kids hair.

  6. nancy grace slays September 21, 2014

    I mean damn!! Do u even say congratz anymore??
    Like for real frfr!! #8

  7. Diamond Princess September 21, 2014

    Baby #8? I’m sorry but that’s disgusting!

  8. Diamond Princess September 21, 2014

    I know they’re bot poor but they’re not exactly celeb royalty either, how can they even afford to support that many kids? That’s cray!!

    • Diamond Princess September 21, 2014


  9. Trey September 21, 2014

    At least they are married, and taking care of their kids. Not saying I dont think she needs to get her tubes tied. But hell if they can afford it and the kids are happy Im all for it. I really think they should include the existing children in the decision to keep making babies though just saying. Make sure the ones that are here are ok first.

  10. ciarastan September 21, 2014

    its hard to have a relationship with one child let alone 8, not to mention she a entertainer so I know she has to travel once in a while. I can imagine she probably has to run her household like a shift manager with lists\meetings etc. I would hate to live in a house like that, not being judgmental, my daddy has 11 kids……..speaking from experience.

  11. eric September 21, 2014

    I feel like most celebrities are using pregnancy to compete for attention. They act like it’s a race to get their pictures out, then they whine and cry when other photos of them get leaked. They’re the ones responsible for creating a culture where everyone is interested in what they’re snapping on their phones. Men are responsible for it too.

  12. itchiyah September 21, 2014

    Puh-lease honey churnz that gull tubes need to be taking out her uterus needs to be cemented her ovaries needs to be gasolined and burned.too many kids.but she writes songs plus whatever her husband do.but keke is crazy as hell I think her husband needs to put that d*** away sumwhurr.she must be tfyin to keep up wit octo mom dam

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