Watch: Luke James & Chante Moore Perform ‘Your Body’s Callin’ Live In Atlanta

Published: Monday 22nd Sep 2014 by David


‘R&B Diva’ star Chante Moore enjoyed the company of Luke James on September 20th, rubbing shoulders and trading notes with the Def Jam singer at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater/Wolf Creek Jazz Series!

There, an audience of R&B lovers were treated to a live rendition of the song ‘Your Body’s Callin’, now available to enjoy in full one day before the release of James’ self-titled debut album!

If only more of today’s more celebrate stars possessed the talent, skill and musicality that made the performance above so enjoyable to watch.

Both incredibly gifted, Moore and James are a reminder that R&B as it should be is anything but dead, rather placed in the backseat of a car driven by a sound made for and by the clubs.

Will there ever be a time when voices like theirs will be embraced by Top 40 formats again? Time will tell. So, before it does…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ChanteWantsMore September 22, 2014

    Chante is a superior singer than Mariah but Mariah has better songs, and nobody can tell me differently. If you put them on stage today Chante would sing her out of the water.

    • Stephy September 22, 2014

      And? Patti Labelle could outsing them both.What’s your point?

    • fan4mc September 22, 2014

      dont take the pi*s about she is a more superior than Mariah.

    • ingvaryia September 22, 2014

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    • GRUMP September 22, 2014

      That is so untrue. Even when Chante Covers Mariah’s song you can tell how mediocre she is compared to MC. Mariah has that quality to her voice that Chante just doesn’t have. Of course in 2014 it’s a total different story but at their primes Mariah would sing her under the carpet.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 23, 2014

      What? Mariah Carey is so superior. She sings in such an unique and different way, like unhuman. Chante has more power nowadays? Fine, that´s all she has. That´s not being better. Not to mention Mariah as a musician, her music and her talent overall. No comparison really.

  2. Stephy September 22, 2014

    She is one of those forgotten singers. She has an amazing voice but nothing to show for it. Like Lil Mo said, she wants that Whitney & Mariah diva status so bad. But, in reality. She is a background singer. Her music was always dry & flavorless. But, she did/does have an amazing voice. To bad, she has to settle for reality ghetto shows. She is now on R&B Diva’s fighting & hollering like some stuck up bitchh! Sad.

    Chante Moore Is Not A Diva or Legend. Bye David!

  3. NOLIES September 22, 2014

    Nope. F*** this c***. She thinks she is all too the max. Her mediocre music and unclear whistle register don’t appeal to me. I don’t give a f*** if you can scream to outer space like Mariah, you don’t have a legacy to be that much of a b****. I was hoping so bad that Mo was going to height her broke neck off that cliff!

  4. IGGY INC September 22, 2014

    Two boring ass singers no star quality

  5. Sina September 24, 2014

    Chante and Mariah are both equally talented singers… With that being said Mariah does not sing live as well as she used to but Chante sounds the exact same and can still hit that whistle effortlessly. Mariah has always had better music because she wrote or co wrote all her music an she is great at arrangement… Chante has always had poor management and was never big on her own written lyrics. Now some may say Chante’s music is boring but the problem is no one pays attention to lyrics anymore and if you do most ppl are soo clouded by the crap music out now that you wouldn’t even understand because no one loves the way she talks about love at least with her first album. But, at the end of the day there are always better singers than your faves.

  6. BrookeC September 24, 2014

    Chante has a legacy of classic R&B LOVE songs. She sings about love. That’s her lane. The main difference between her and Mariah is that Mariah had the benefit of the machine behind her in the form of her ex-husband – Tommy Mottola and a major label. Chante’s debut was on a smaller label and her initial songs probably trended older than her age back then. But, if we’re talking pure vocal talent, Chante is right up there with the Mariah’s, Whitney’s, Toni’s and the like. To me, her vocal quality at this point in her career is nothing short of amazing. Her whistle register is still there and she sounds exactly the same, if not better, than when she first came out.

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