Comeback Queen: Christina Aguilera Promises New Music For 2015

Published: Wednesday 15th Oct 2014 by Sam

Christina Aguilera is gearing up to don her stilettos to strut the comeback trail.

The dynamite diva, who gave birth to daughter Summer Rain in August, saw her return to the spotlight announced yesterday when it was confirmed that she’s heading back to The Voice for its eighth season.

It appears the vocal powerhouse will be bringing more than her expertise to the table too. See what we mean below…

Xtina has made no secret of the fact she’s been baking a new album (reportedly with her ‘Back To Basics’ LP as a reference) and she took to Twitter to re-affirm its imminent arrival:

Fire and Fun? Sounds exciting!

Finally, it seems Christina will be leveraging the platform she has with The Voice towards the success of her music. A promotional pairing that was wasted during the campaign (or lack-thereof) for her last album, 2012’s ‘Lotus’.

Speaking of which, isn’t this song still such an almighty banger?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2 girls 1 cup October 15, 2014

    Yasssss xtina i cant wait! You have never dissapoint really excited for This New Album!

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 15, 2014


  2. maurice October 15, 2014

    seriously no shade but it’ll flop like the last two.

    She needs to get back to her ‘Stripped’ days if she wants another hit.
    The ‘Dirrty’ era was the BIZZZZNESS for her

    • 2 girls 1 cup October 15, 2014

      GURL Bye shes gonna do whatever she feels Clearly Does not care about success anymore when she paid Lotus dust…anyways just as long she Brings good quality music I don’t care if it tops the charts.

  3. Rey October 15, 2014

    Comeback Queen?!?! Hasn’t she tried twice already and flopped… Maybe she should just stick to judging.

  4. Britney Spears October 15, 2014

    Still my lessor!

    • 2 girls 1 cup October 15, 2014

      Next time try changin your email address Troll I can’t lol

      • Mark111 October 15, 2014


      • Ciara October 15, 2014

        bish, aint nobody worried.
        I’m lessor to both of these singers.
        I’ll drag your fave to filth

  5. Beysus October 15, 2014


  6. Suicide Blonde October 15, 2014

    A must see. She is very versatile as an artist, and yes!, ‘Your Body’ was/is criminally underrated, wish nothing but the best to her.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 15, 2014

      Lotus was definitely her worst album though. Part of Bionic was still good and I listened to it a lot (except some of the songs like I´m saying), but Lotus was very forgettable, maybe 2 or 3 songs were listenable for longer. Stripped is her best, and I respect back to basics a lot (still not the masterpiece you always say, it´s hard to listen from start to finish without breaks, you know, ears need a rest 🙂 ).
      Wasn´t Madonna coming at the end of 2014 btw?

      • Suicide Blonde October 15, 2014

        Too much shade, you are starting to sound like Mariah. Anyway, The Queen is not coming this year, she is still working, plays: You Lost Me.

    • RoyalKev October 15, 2014

      Totally agree Blondie, Chrissy is a very versatile artist! You have to give her that much credit. It’s unfortunate how underrated some of her best material is these days.

  7. iHeart October 15, 2014

    Yes!!!!! Can’t Wait!!!!! I hope Fire And Fun lives up to the flame cause when I the last album was going to be called Lotus I was thinking Slayage and was extremely let down 🙁 however that means we should be getting a single soon?!?!? Well whatever rain or shine I am going to ride or die with my girl Xtina!!!! Can’t Wait!!!!!

  8. Stephy October 15, 2014

    Comeback Queen??? AnTEAways, this album will probably flop but who cares. She is a great singer (to her fans) & its time for her to release new music. My only problem is her material. I have NEVER liked an entire album from her. I did like a few songs off of Boinic & Lotus.
    But, she has NEVER delivered that one album where its just jam packed with classics after classics. Kinda like a Emancipation or Music Box album. Her first 2 albums are cool tho. Good luck to you Screamtina. And, her new baby is beyond beautiful.

    • Suicide Blonde October 15, 2014

      Boom!….Her first record, ‘Stripped’ and ‘Back to Basics’, are full of hits, no fillers. Xtina can sing for everybody, the world knows that, except the Lambs, stop it.

      • Stephy October 15, 2014

        No boo. Not just the Lambs. Whitney Houston fans, Celine Dion fans & even Barbra Streisand fans be talking about her screaming & bad techniques of “singing”… But, I agree. She can definitely sing. But, not when she is riffing & grunting & using her FAKE black soul too much. When she just sings regular. She is pretty good.

        As for her music. Umm STRIPPED & BACK TO BASICS are filled with fillers. Most of her albums, dont even have worldwide number 1 hits nor huge big ballads like Celine or Mariah or Whitney had. She, usually has like 1 – 2 hits on her album & that about it.

      • Suicide Blonde October 15, 2014

        I won’t argue with you, cuz you are clearly speaking as a Lamb.

      • Stephy October 15, 2014

        No Im not baby. I am speaking as a person who owns 6 of her albums. Most LAMBS don’t even bother to listen to Xtina. Let alone, buy multiple of her albums. She is a GREAT singer. But, has a weak forgettable catalog of music. Which is why, Britney outsold her. But, SHE CAN SING.

      • Suicide Blonde October 15, 2014

        Her discography is one of the best of her generation, weak, my ass.

      • Stephy October 15, 2014

        Underrated maybe the right word then…. Weak does sound too harsh huh.?

    • 2 girls 1 cup October 15, 2014

      GURL bye you sound pressed, not everything is about number ones or sales christina has a beautiful voice and she actually takes risk on making music she could have just play it safe and gone on the britney path or mariah path being control and making music that is not showcasing who they truly are, while christina might not have as many number ones as mariah or was never as popular as Britney Spears she always kept true to her music whether it sold or not she didn’t care if the album went number one or not and you have to give her respect for that because not every artist is willing to take risk and continue reinvented christina is a true artist you’re rarely gonna see that nowdays so have several Seats and you can have the number ones and the sales thAts not what makes a true artist.

      • Stephy October 15, 2014

        I AGREEEEE! I just think she deserved way more success & praise than S******. Anyways, she is a great singer. I just think the thing that always kept her back with the lack of huge hits. She is a great singer nonetheless. Also, Mariah Carey has ALWAYS been herself musically. Tommy controlled her IMAGE. And, what type of music to put out. NEVER did he control her recording process & making the actual music. She always had control of her writing & producing skills. I cannot say the same for Brintey tho..

    • Xtina the bestest October 15, 2014

      Stephy this is a classic from xtina… More iconic than any mc vocal tbh

  9. JFB October 15, 2014

    The return of the QUEEN!!!! I can’t wait. People are stupid AF if you think someone as talented and diverse as Christina can’t make a comeback then boy are Yall mistaken.

  10. michael October 15, 2014

    Shade but no shade……she tried to use the Voice as a platform for her music last time. She performed like 4 times and even had her damn team members performing her songs.

    Ya’ll always go after Mariah who’s has like 14 albums….these b****** can’t even get pass two successful albums and this site ain’t say s***. Christina, Brandy….all of them just blahhhh!

    • Stephy October 15, 2014

      Speak On It! Mariah Carey has more successful albums that FLOPS. Even, tho she has 14 STUDIO album releases & 4 compilation albums. And, more than half of those albums are certified PLATINUM. But, MC gets bashed. Meanwhile, most of these artist TGJ loves ass kissing. Can’t even produce 5 successful albums in a row. They just be flopping after their 2nd releases. I CANNOT!

    • Taylor October 15, 2014

      I agree 100%.

  11. Ben October 15, 2014

    how often can you have a comeback? hahahaha just stop it

  12. Mark111 October 15, 2014

    New baby. New Music. New season of @NBCtheVoice and a new flop album to add to her collection.

    • Stephy October 15, 2014

      *Holds In Laughter!* You are so f*****’ shady Mark!

  13. JOHNVIDAL October 15, 2014

    I´m tired of TGJ shading people! Why are they shading Xtina Aguilera with that “Comeback Queen” title now? 🙂
    I wish her the best, and songs like S** For Breakfast and some of that type she released with Bionic.

  14. 2 girls 1 cup October 15, 2014

    Lol I love how the same people stay on this website shading other artist they can never be happy for someone truly sad how negative people can be don’t underestimate the underdog everyone though the same thing when ms carey had two back to back flop albums glitter and chambracelet but she managed to make a comeback with emancipation, yes is more than obvious mariah has been more succesful than christina but you can’t christina artistry and the fact that she truly does not care whether Her album is a hit or not she Paid Lotus dust with that being said I don’t see the point of the same haters always having something negative to say about her yall really nred to get a job!

    • Suicide Blonde October 15, 2014

      One word: Lambs, it seems they aren’t too busy attacking Ariana Grande.

      • Stephy October 15, 2014

        PUH-LEASE! Ain’t no different than what you OLDonna stans do with LADY GAGA! You have some nerve Paul.

      • 2 girls 1 cup October 15, 2014

        They’re insecure thAts all lol don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of mariah she has had a fantastic career but nowadays she’s a mess she really should do a Vegas gig thAts her best bet at this point not that she has anything to proved she’s a legend but with that being said there’s nothing weak about Christinas catalogue it might be underrated but most of her songs will stand the test of time and “beautiful” is already a classic and is still is a huge gay anthem overshadowing other songs in this decade like born this way and fireworks which are generic as hell and so is “fighter” dirty the song is not so much iconic but the music video itself has served as influeced for many artist.

      • Suicide Blonde October 15, 2014

        No Madonna fan is talking about or attacking her these days, we are making fun of her decline, very different, she is the one pressed, didn’t she was talking about Madonna the other day, like she always do when she need press, unfortunely for her, no one cares anymore, we don’t make a big fuss like we use d to, get it.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 15, 2014

        I´m always surprised at how many things and news about Lady Gaga you know Paul! Like I like the girl and I don´t know nothing about all her daily schedule or concerts or statements, just the music.
        The nerve… when Madonna dedicated her last whole campaign to use Gaga, to put one of her songs in her tour (that´s sad) and to talk about Janet to build up hype for the Superbowl (and please don´t reply telling me all things Gaga does too, as if we were politicians). Just have some f****** impartiality 🙂
        What´s your fav song on Cheek to Cheek? Mine is Bang Bang, by Gaga alone, she ate up that performance yall! And I wasn´t ready to be interested in this Jazz album… but she made me 🙂

  15. Nothanxx October 15, 2014


  16. Simone Torro October 15, 2014

    she needs to Beyonce herself

  17. Sandra October 15, 2014

    Good for Christina! Can’t wait to hear her new music.
    By the way, can you make a post about the Forbes highest earning celebrities list? Michael Jackson tops the list with $ 140 million, he earned even more than beyonce did this year.

  18. Dante October 15, 2014

    I HOPE that her next album is Back to Basics 2.0 and I hope she slays 2015. Fingers are crossed.

  19. Xtina the bestest October 15, 2014

    Christina slays all these heauxs: mariah, beyonce, whitney, rihanna , Jennifer Judson , aretha, patti Labelle. Her range is simply unmatched!

  20. eric October 15, 2014

    She’ll be OK as long as she doesn’t look too much at what other artists are doing. No gimmicks this time.

  21. mhud October 15, 2014

    Real singer.I love this woman.Her voice is everything. She is not a fame hunger unlike thiefyonce

  22. JOHNVIDAL October 15, 2014

    Excuse me but I just hate it when people genralize. Lambs? I remember perfectly when Xtina was bashed 3 years ago or so in this blog by ALL the visitors except for maybe a 5%. And the level of cruelty was real, like I think I´ve never seen it before. I was among that 5% of people who didn´t, just cause it was in fashion or cause she started a big commercial decline? It was repulsive. I´m a Mariah Carey fan and I didn´t took part. So watch your mouth. Some people have principles and don´t bandwagon just cause the masses or the media say so.

  23. NOLIES October 15, 2014

    She looks great, that I can’t deny, but no one is here for it. Her overall discography is WEAKer than her live upper belting range and her attitude is awful. She tried using The Voice to make herself more likeable and etc., but every time she talked, all I could hear is MJB’S rant about how she is a b****. Good luck, but no thank you.

  24. RoyalKev October 15, 2014

    Great artist! I look forward to what she does next and wish her the best!

  25. J.E October 16, 2014

    Now only if this Great Singer (Xtina) have BRAINS behind her like what Beyonce has. She will definitely SLAY. But anyways, hit or not. I’m going to buy a copy of her album. It’s very rare in a generation or decade to have a great artist such as her. I need to have all of her album.

  26. JDawg October 16, 2014


  27. Johan October 16, 2014

    I simply cant wait !! i love all of her stuff !

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