Gwen Stefani Unveils ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ Single Cover

Published: Saturday 18th Oct 2014 by Sam

Comeback alert!

Pop titan Gwen Stefani is making a beeline the charts solo with new single ‘Baby Don’t Lie’.

Due to officially debut on Monday, the Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder produced track looks poised to place The Voice coach and No Doubt front-woman back into the Billboard mix. We’ve heard it and can’t wait for you to too.

Roll on Monday!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mimi Carey October 18, 2014

    The song sucks. She will flop just like Fergie.

    • Mark111 October 18, 2014

      And Be Mine, The Art Of Letting Go, Thirsty and You Don’t Know What To Do.

      • Mimi Carey October 18, 2014

        24 years dahhling. These 2006 fads could never.

      • Mark111 October 18, 2014

        Well… you have a point there.

      • Julian October 18, 2014

        Gwen had her first album with No Doubt in 1992 which makes 22 years if I count correctly, so try again. No shade to Mariah though!

      • Mimi Carey October 18, 2014

        GWEN STEFANI the solo artist released like what one or two trendy ass albums? Have a seat! Her and Fergie delusional fans were on here talking s*** like they were gonna slay everybody when in reality they will struggle like everyone else if not harder! Nelly Furtado says hi.

    • NOLIES October 18, 2014

      Hush child. You’re one of the most annoying trolls in the world. You actually act like Mariah is at the top of the world, when she’s one performance away from 6 feet under.

      • Mimi Carey October 18, 2014

        230m+ sold, $550m in the bank, I would say she is at the top. Im sure your on the bottom with your legs spread eagle you slutty b****

      • NOLIES October 18, 2014

        C*** please. That still won’t stop her fat ass from going 6 feet under. Since you’re so eager to brag on her PAST accomplishments, WTF have you done f**? Go Daydream somewhere else, because your bottom feeder ass isn’t worth my time.

  2. maurice October 18, 2014

    fergie back, gwen back!
    I’m here for it

    • Britney Stan October 18, 2014

      both are flops and irrelevant now

      • Mark111 October 18, 2014


      • NOLIES October 18, 2014

        A Britney stan actually has the ability to shade someone? That’s like saying Britney herself has the ability to sing…

      • Dem Lessors October 18, 2014

        You two hush, Gwen and Fergie are my girls but Britney is better. Britney is a pop icon and has a legacy, they will be forgotten in pop history. That’s why she’s selling tickets in Vegas with other icons and they wouldn’t dare.

      • NOLIES October 18, 2014

        Las Vegas with PRERECORDED & STUDIO tracks. Not one love note. FOH. Britney is no one’s icon. She’ll always be Janet Jackson’s clone who was burnt out before the age of 25 and has to rely on LV to stay somewhat relevant. Go sit.

  3. christinastherealtalent October 18, 2014

    I don’t care if these songs are hits or not! They’re both fire and I’m glad they’re back! Somebody above referenced Mariah’s 24 year career so I’d like to reference Gwen’s 23 year career as well!

    • NOLIES October 18, 2014

      An Xtina fan can’t talk about anyone’s career, especially since your fav has been turned into a hook singer and only relevance is relying on The Voice teaching future flops on how to ‘sing’ with those heavily damaged studio vocals she possesses.

  4. NOLIES October 18, 2014

    It’s been so long since she’s released new music, and I don’t think the GP is going to embrace her with open arms, but if it’s a good song (unlike Fergie’s), then I’ll purchase it on iTunes, if not at least the single cover pleases the elite and she looks gorgeous.

  5. Dem Lessors October 18, 2014

    Te Amo 2.0?

  6. Nicki October 18, 2014


  7. tits mcgee October 18, 2014

    I hope the song is a bop. The cover is cute,
    and Gwen looks stunning, as usual..

  8. musicMatters101 October 18, 2014

    I didn’t like the song much from two first listens but I am here for new Gwen AND Fergie music. Maybe it will grow… shrugs.

  9. SipTheTruth October 18, 2014

    The songs a grower but I was expecting more from her.

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