Hot Shots: Janet Jackson Resurfaces In Dubai

Published: Friday 31st Oct 2014 by Sam

A Janet Jackson spotting these days is as rare as a solar eclipse. However, like the latter, when it occurs, it can’t but command attention.

Such was the scene last night in Dubai when the reclusive Pop queen (who is reportedly working on a new album) made an appearance at an amFar charity gala.

Accompanied by her husband, billionaire businessman Wissam Al Mana, the diva served regal elegance.

Check out more pics below…


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  1. Molly October 31, 2014

    Yaas Tranet!

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      but you stan for he-ara you know the one who has 3 going on 4 flop albums in a row you know the one who has based her whole career around janet and aaliyah

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Girl and you stan for Beyonce a desperate thieving b**** who pops her pusssy in front of her child.

        Girl you stan for Rihanna a talentless goat sounding b**** that men don’t respect.

        & you also stan for Aaliyah who was a certified THOT at 13 .

      • FAF October 31, 2014

        Like Aaliyah was falling before she died and got eternal publicity

        Or rihanna first flop

        Tread lightly Sis

        Ur faves barely dance 😆 :lol;

        And two out of three don’t write

      • FAF October 31, 2014

        And I could’ve sworn janet has three “flop” albums no shade ijs

      • Brian310 October 31, 2014

        Lol a thot that actually made it down the aisle unlike ciflop and Ciara wished she can get ANY publicity seeing as her career has been in shambles since Bush last year’s in office.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      stay pressed can your favs sell atleast 300K you stan for two flop bitttchesss them hoesss are industry CLOWNS

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        B**** I’m not pressed you came for me. Unlike you I don’t stan for sales I stan for TALENT!

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      #DEATH you said you stan for talent when iggy and Ciara don’t even know what talent is yet alone have talent

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Then I guess that applys to r**** and thotliyah right?

      • Brian310 October 31, 2014

        Aaliyah has a voice something ciara would never know about and she had her own style she wasn’t biting no one like ci flop.

    • RCi October 31, 2014

      Molly who the F**K u stan for? On another note where the hell did Janet’s nose go? It looks non-existent just like her career.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014

      Molly gooowrl dont DO it!!!

  2. career ender October 31, 2014

    good to see her paying King Bey homage with that hairstyle
    I see them bin al halaaal punjabi treatimg her well in the middle east

    • MichaelJacksonKingOfPopStan October 31, 2014

      B**** SHUT THE F*** UP!!!! since when Jan pays homage to Beyond-sick?! I see ur pu.ssy dont pop properly dhaling! Beyond-sick is the one paying homage to Ms. Jackson alright?! The receipts are all over. From looks to career! #AndIAmThrough!!!!

    • RCi October 31, 2014

      Wtf beyond-sick? that doesn’t even make sense…

    • Derrick14 October 31, 2014

      Chile Please…Janet rocked that hairstyle long before Beyonce came to the scene. Beyonce is the only person who couldn’t find originality if it ran her over.

  3. career ender October 31, 2014

    not this walking sewage beating me to be the 1st commentor

    • TRUTH SERUM October 31, 2014


  4. career ender October 31, 2014

    the only #1 its fave and fan base will ever see in their entire lives

  5. Tia October 31, 2014

    Beautiful! Come back Jan!

    • career ender October 31, 2014

      come back where? , for what?
      She’s with her rich husband, happy. something I doubt you have or will ever have

      • Tia October 31, 2014


      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014


  6. TRUTH SERUM October 31, 2014

    Yass Yass and Yass!

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014

      Shuddup ho

  7. Willow pape stan October 31, 2014


    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014

      *Looks at your name, slaps the dog shyt outta u and says* who??

  8. Molly October 31, 2014

    Hiii @CareerEnder & @TruthSerum how are my biggest haters doing?

    • career ender October 31, 2014

      why would the whole CAREER ENDER hate a non factor hoee with nothing but multiple whack comments on a blog
      oh and more asslicking comments
      u aint sh!t come off your dwarf horse, basic hoodrat!

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Yet you’re always worried about what I’m doing. I’m obviously a factor since you always have something to say about me.. Like girl this is becoming old.

      • career ender October 31, 2014

        as long as you and your co- basic b!txh exist in here posting “trannyyonce”
        career shall not show you hoodrats any messy 😉

    • TRUTH SERUM October 31, 2014

      Right… More like pitty for a ignorant biitch

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Lol sweetheart idk what I did to you but all the hate you have towards me seems very unhealthy.

      • career ender October 31, 2014

        this basic maid is always trying it, has it cleaned LB’s ass yet while it’s already perched here so soon

    • TRUTH SERUM October 31, 2014

      Andate a la mierda

    • MichaelJacksonKingOfPopStan October 31, 2014

      And how can someone hate on C-error when all she can do with her albums is reach 2x aluminium foil?!


      • Brian310 October 31, 2014


  9. Dawo October 31, 2014

    She looks damn good,but what is she wearing ? Omg

    • career ender October 31, 2014

      some apron gown
      she prolly gon dress like dat for her whole life

    • RCi October 31, 2014

      She’s a muslim.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014

        Honey she only wearing it for the occassion…like when yo mom goes out on the corner at night in panties but wears pants when she goes to her day job at McDonalds.

  10. Whitney (Navy/Barb) October 31, 2014

    Overrated non singing thot she wouldn’t be s*** without her last name.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014

      Looks at the 2nd part of name…honey i wont eeeeven bother

  11. Greg_N_Greed October 31, 2014

    She lookz so damn flawless. What a true Queen for royalty. Come bck to us plzzzzzzzzzzz.

  12. Love Me Like XO October 31, 2014

    Queen of pop? I don’t see Madonna.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014


  13. Truth tea October 31, 2014

    Sleeping with a good looking billionare.
    Still looking good in her 40s.
    Living in Dubai away from the media.
    Janet won in life!

    • janet1814 October 31, 2014

      Not only is he good looking, but I’ve meet him on several occasions and he’s the sweetest and adores Janet!

      • wow October 31, 2014

        Really? How have you met him and how do you know this?

  14. Suicide Blonde October 31, 2014

    She will be an immortal beauty like Iman, btw, i love Arab culture, men are kings there 😀

    • Molly October 31, 2014

      Yes worship the kings lol

      • Suicide Blonde October 31, 2014

        Thank Allah for the supremacy of men, lol.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 31, 2014

      Black is beautiful Paul.

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      I agree about the immortal beauty part!!

      Onyx, you know you are messy with that men being superior stuff! Lol!!

  15. Molly October 31, 2014

    You can never seem to leave me or LBs name out of a post lol

  16. career ender October 31, 2014

    as long as you and your co- basic b!txh exist in here posting “trannyyonce”
    career shall not show you hoodrats any messy 😉

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 31, 2014


  17. Molly October 31, 2014


    • career ender October 31, 2014

      ugly ass leaking sewage looking b****

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 1, 2014

        DEATH!!!! HE TOLD yall dont say Trannonce lolol!!

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014


  18. Spunkypoop October 31, 2014

    Yesssss!!!! Queen you look ready to slay!! Her face is beat to the Heavens!!! *faints**

  19. career ender October 31, 2014

    @suicide , boy! hide your balls from that thing

  20. Molly October 31, 2014

    Thotyonce STDHanna Deadliyahh 🙂

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      yet Ciara and iggy is beyonce’,rihanna and aaliyahs lessor my 3 favs shitttts on your far below basic favs #LOL

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Girl bye aaliyah is everyones lesser considering she’s 6 feet under ki

      • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

        she might be 6 feet under but that t***** fav of yours has based his career around Aaliyah and janet and failed every step of the way

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Girl bye with that b******* you Aaliyah stans will forever be pressed over Ciara because y’all know Ciara is more talented & still has a heart beat.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 1, 2014


    • Brian310 October 31, 2014

      Dead and SLAYING heara.

    • MichaelJacksonKingOfPopStan November 1, 2014

      You are one disrespectful b**** Aaliyah might be dead but ever her corps is slaying the s*** out of C-error’s carrer. Any bone of Aaliyah would go gold quicker than any of your faves album. You and your transsexual fave need to have a Rosa Parks in the back of the bus and provide no more commentary! #AndIAmDone!

  21. career ender October 31, 2014

    for sure in real life mollys breath smells like a mixture of sweaty balls and a blocked sewage
    I should start a muffing business for her she’d make millioms out of it

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      molly is seething right now at the local library

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Keep obsessing over me f ags.

  22. Molly October 31, 2014

    @BeyHoeRihoeDeadliyah looks like you’re another obsessive f ag seething over every comment I make.

  23. BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

    @molly your a pressed whack ass bittttch your a lessor ! you don’t want to rumble with me so stop while your ahead

    • Molly October 31, 2014

      You’re a joke babe like seriously you look up to 3 thots I’m sure you have a f ucked up life lmao. Your mother could’ve done better but she’s probably more useless than the thots you’re stanning for 🙂

      • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

        you stan for a babymama tho is future spending Halloween with babymama 1 or 3 or 5 and Ciara is the definition of a thot and iggz has a sextape floating around so who’s the real THOT?

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        That fact that you bringing Future up shows that you’re a struggling more than rihannas attempt at live vocals. Come up with something new babe.

      • Brian310 October 31, 2014

        Ciara has been linked to more men than Bey or Aaliyah.

  24. Molly October 31, 2014

    I didn’t come in here tryna start a fight but like always my oh so loyal fans have to make everything about me. haha

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 1, 2014

      Girl please lol

  25. Molly October 31, 2014

    Y’all have so much hate towards me lol its unhealthy. Do I really impact your lives that much?

  26. BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

    a Ciara fan shouldn’t come for someone’s vocals or career when a 3 year old has a better range than her

    • Molly October 31, 2014

      Ciara has better vocals than both rihanna and that dead girl.

      • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

        #DEATH your a stuggle-ara stah im done talking to you

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Yet your a ids having ass keeps writing me?

      • Brian310 October 31, 2014

        SCREAMING!!!!…we all seen both videos of Aaliyah and Ciara singing at the white house and Aaliyah slayed ciara effortlessly.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 1, 2014


  27. Molly October 31, 2014

    *Twerks For My Haters/Biggest Fan*

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      🙂 are you at the public library or are you at your roach infested one bedroom apartment in the projects lol your probably listening to one of ciaras unknown cd’s that didn’t get a certification

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Lol don’t confuse me with you and your fellow H IV+ members.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      make sure Ciara isn’t late for her shift at mcdonalds

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Thought you were done writing me ?

    • Derrick14 October 31, 2014

      A health read? That was late.

  28. TRUTH SERUM October 31, 2014

    Wait, so you get on every post and hurl insults 90% of the time and then when people respond, you call them haters. Sounds like a desperately seeking Susan moment.

    • Molly October 31, 2014

      Insults? Sweetie no I simply leave truthful comments and you guys get so angry towards me. Like idk what I’ve done to you yet you hate me so much which makes you a HATER!

  29. Ozzy October 31, 2014

    She looks so happy in life and seems healthy enough to make a dancing comeback. Damn and Arab Men are EXTREMELY s*** tbh. I know she’s enjoying his Zick and Money $$$$$$… LMAO

  30. Molly October 31, 2014

    I say yes tranet and these f ags are in a uproar.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

      you called mother janet tranet when Ciara has been called a trnny her whol 3 year career

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Damn quit stalking my comments like forreal .

  31. L October 31, 2014

    did beyonce summon her? we aint seen her in forever

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      No one summons the Queen!! Janet
      summons her subjects!!


  32. Molly October 31, 2014

    Oh now we have a Michael Child M******* Jackson stan up in this b****? #ImDone lol.

    • MichaelJacksonKingOfPopStan November 1, 2014

      B**** dont even try when your transsexual fave reaches the 1 billion selling mark (which will never happen) we might talk… the b**** keeps paying homage to the king check the receipts honey!!! Your nun existing career fave will never and she will always wish to be kn of the Jacksons but all she will be is the Jacksons janitor cleaning every time they s*** on her!! Make sure she start filing for that well fair papers becausea her career has ended since 2007 and I bet that money will be gon soon. Or she can just wait for child support!!!

      • wow November 24, 2014

        You are so f****** stupid. This is about JANET Jackson, you clearly came here to hate. You’re just one of those MJ fans who’s pissed that Janet is still breathing and well!!!

      • wow November 24, 2014

        whoops wrong person!

  33. Room319 October 31, 2014

    There is no fresher face than this lovely lady. Forever smitten.


  34. tits mcgee October 31, 2014

    This is the charity closest to Ms. Janet’s heart. She makes this gala
    every year. They probably held it
    In Dubai, to accommodate, the Queen’s schedule. After all, she is
    one of their biggest benefactors!!


  35. BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

    Molly is a self DRAG look at who this hooker stans for (Ciara & iggy) hHAHAHa

  36. Stephy Tha Lambily October 31, 2014

    Janet Jackson is a Queen. But, Madonna is THE Queen Of Pop. Anyways, Janet Jackson STILL looking fierce. Yassssss Werk Miss Jackson WERK!!!

    Janet has ALWAYS been the most SANE Jackson (that actually matters). Only if MJ got help for hi pedophilia thoughts & stayed SANE like hi baby sister. He could too be alive enjoying the life fit for a KING! But, sadly he let the demons take over. WERK MISS JACKSON. Look at her bone structure! STILL IN TACT. Not a saggy skin/wrinkle in sight.

    • TheElusiveLamb October 31, 2014

      You have NO insight or personal knowledge of these artists’ everyday life, so STFU.

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      Both Metamusil and Janet, have been called the QOP, since the ’80’s, so it depends on your taste. They both reign for the singer dancer slot of Queens.

      Janet for me has more natural talent, but Madagascar is better at media manipulation, and excels at yoga moves on stage, dahhling!!!

      • TheElusiveLamb October 31, 2014

        Lol. Yoga moves.

      • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

        Lol. In Megatron’s defense, it looks like a great workout, Dahhling..

  37. TheElusiveLamb October 31, 2014

    Ms. Jackson! She’s kept her weight off, fresh face, fresh beat, still has all of her screws working, and still the Queen. So good to see you honey bun. Hope this means new music will follow.

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      Yass Honey!!! We can only hope the Goddess blesses us with new material and the ultimate in dance.

    • Al November 3, 2014

      She’s bigger than ever. There are other pix. She’s huge in all the wrong areas.

  38. Taylor swift number 1 fan!! October 31, 2014

    Taylor swifts shake it off is back to number 1 on the hot 100

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      I helped, lol. I just bought it this week. It’s one of my favorite work out, songs of the moment.

      Taylor is cute and her music is fun. She is the golden girl, right now, and breaking some records!!

      Congrats team Taylor!! Y’all really support your fave!!

      • Taylor swift number 1 fan!! October 31, 2014

        Thanks. Taylor fans are very loyal, it has to be said. I’m glad you’re enjoying the song;)

  39. Stephy Tha Lambily October 31, 2014

    Hmmmm Why Oh Why, does that pathetic Mariah Carey stan keeps replying to my comments. Even, after I told him to STOP replying to me.??????? I’m not understanding… DAHHHHHHHHLING!

    • Molly October 31, 2014

      Because its obsessed with you its your career ender lol

    • TheElusiveLamb October 31, 2014

      Since I’m not a him and since you don’t control my fingers pressing buttons on this iPhone 6, I will continue to reply to whoever I want. Retire from social media b**** and quit whining.

  40. Mark111 October 31, 2014

    Queen of Pop! She has so much class and doesn’t have to try hard to grab attention. We see Janet when SHE wants to be seen. Now that’s power.

    • Molly October 31, 2014

      I screamed at “she has so much class”.

      • BeyRihLiyah October 31, 2014

        but Ciara is a low budget project babymama and iggy has a sextape so both of them FLOP HOESSS are classless tramps

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Get your salty stalker ass out my reply section.

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      Exactly. Janet is always in a no thirst xone! So was her heir apparent, in your Avi.

      Only really see Jan for charity, or promoting a project. She keep her business, on lock!!

    • Al November 3, 2014

      She just had to pop out her titty, moan on multiple albums, jerking her pu$$y and riding men on stage.

      • tits mcgee November 3, 2014

        Your point? Madonna and a whole slew of female artists have done the same or worse.

        My point mental midget is that Janet keeps her personal life, private, unlike all these other ho es. Learn to read and stop throwing tired shade fool..

    • Molly October 31, 2014

      B**** you are obsessed with Stephy he doesn’t know you ho! LEAVE HIM TF ALONE!

      • TheElusiveLamb October 31, 2014

        If this c*** want to come for the Queen & King (MC & MJ) I will continue to come for that c***. Worry about why you have stayed defending the b****, and he still gives no f**** about you.

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        He doesn’t come for MC though he keeps it real and isn’t delusional like most Mariah fans. You don’t like it oh well doesn’t mean you have to harass him.

      • TheElusiveLamb October 31, 2014

        No. I’m not harassing this b****. It will learn very soon to say something nice or STFU. Thank you for your input though.

      • Molly October 31, 2014

        Girl whatever but you’re coming off obsessive like @CareerEnder and @BeyRihLiyah its not a good look but anyways Happy Halloween #YourFavSlays

  41. RoyalKev October 31, 2014

    … and the Goddess surfaces! She looks ahhhmazing! Janet Jackson is timeless!

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      Hey Kev!! Today has been pretty good, huh!!

      Bey dressed up as Jan, and the 1st pics of Jan, in a minute!!

      You stanning out, or nah??! 🙂

    • TheElusiveLamb October 31, 2014

      The Voice, Vocal Bible, Queen of Dance, & King B!! Your avi is so pretty.

    • RoyalKev October 31, 2014

      Sup McGee!
      You know I’m stanning ALL DAY!!!! I’ve just lost my mind today! …and I don’t even get this excited often.

      Yesss, yesss, yesss and yesss! Say that! … & Thank U babe!

  42. tits mcgee October 31, 2014

    @ Kev
    OK!! Today got me to comeback, and comment on two of the best women to hit a stage!! Today I was slayed!!


    Yes Babe!! The divas and their titles!!

    • RoyalKev October 31, 2014

      Right! I did the same thing. I was on 10 this morning! I notice we like a lot of the same artists. Who are your top 10 all-time favs?

      • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

        That’s a hard one to answer past the top 3, but here goes..

        1) Janet
        2) Kate Bush
        3) Morrissey/ the Smiths
        4) Bob Marley
        5) The Beatles
        6) Michael Jackson
        7) NIN
        8) Ella Fitzgerald
        9) Billie Holiday
        10) Radiohead

        Now you. Lol. I love so many artists, it’s really hard to narrow this down to 10. Ugh..

    • RoyalKev October 31, 2014

      I know this is kind of hard! LOL.
      I don’t know much about Kate. I’ve just recently heard her work, but I stan for Babooshka!

      Now my top ten:
      Bey, Whitney, Brandy, Janet of course (in no particular order) … That’s 4 (they’re all #1 in my book)!

      Kanye West
      Chris Brown
      Toni Braxton

      That’s eight …

      This is so hard because I like a lot of songs, but not so many artists. There’s a big range. I’d listen to Stevie, Billy Joel, MJ and Prince, but I do respect (and buy albums) from artists like: Alcia Keys, Usher, Drake, Christina Aguilera, JLO and Ciara. I don’t really have a #9 and 10 though!

      • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

        I hear you. I like so many song and albums from different artist from different genre’s, it’s like impossible to narrow down to 10. We tried. Lol.

      • RoyalKev October 31, 2014

        Yea, sure did! LOl. I guess it’s not so easy after you list your favs!

      • tits mcgee November 1, 2014


        As far as Kate start with the hounds of love, album. It’s Kate’s most accessible album. Listen to it from start to finish.

        Then you will know if you should proceed. Kate is an amazing vocalist, and overall, musician, but she is an acquired taste.

        Also on my lists, I would have to add Barbara and Prince, somewhere. Serious oversights.

  43. tits mcgee October 31, 2014

    Top 20 favorite female voices

    1) Janet
    2) Kate Bush
    3) Ella Fitzgerald
    4) Billie Holiday
    5) Whitney
    6) Mariah
    7) Anita Baker
    8) Shirley Murdock
    9) Lisa Stansfield
    10) Brandy
    11) Tina Marie
    12) Stephanie Mills
    13) Sarah Vaughn
    14) Beyonce
    15) Taylor Dayne
    16) Heart (Wilson sisters)
    17) Aaliyah
    18) Rihanna
    19) Aretha
    20) Tina Turner

    • RoyalKev October 31, 2014

      Wow, great list! Chaka, Diana and Streisand all have great voices too! … It’s cool that you have Janet at #1, her voice is so unique. Who are your favorite male voices?

      • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

        I did notice no Diana and chaka!!! My bad. Now extended to 25.

        21) Dianà Ross/ Supremes
        22) Tracy Chapman
        23) Chaka Khan
        24) Basia
        25) Toni Braxton

        Next the boys!

      • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

        My fave male voices:

        1) Morrissey
        2) Bob Marley
        3) John Lennon
        4) Michael Jackson
        5) Stevie Wonder
        6) Al Green
        7) Thom Yorke
        8) Luther Vandross
        9) Simply Red (Mick)
        10) Otis Redding
        11) Teddy Pendergrast
        12) Maxwell
        13) Elvis Costello
        14) Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder)
        15) Rick Astley
        16) Johnny Gill
        17) Pharell Williams
        18) Robin Thicke
        19) John Legend
        20) Billy Idol
        21) Depeche Mode (Dave G.)
        22) Soundgarden (Chris Cornell)
        23) Social Distribution (Mike Ness)
        24) Nirvana (Kurt)
        25) The Doors (Jim Morrison)

  44. RICHIE_RICH October 31, 2014

    Yes my MOTHER is sitting . Giving the kids legendary FACE!!!!!!!!!!

    The Girls are giving FACE in ATL baby

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      Wow!! I don’t know who they are, but they sure do look fierce!!!

      Face, dressed to kill, and bejeweled for the gods!!

      Were you there hun? Looks fun!!

      • RICHIE_RICH October 31, 2014

        Sis I haven’t been to a ball in YEARS . I see the girls out when I go back to party

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      Lol. I love the drama!! To cute!

    • tits mcgee October 31, 2014

      @Richie and @Kev

      You have to check out these legend panel video!! They are hilarious!! All our faves do in on each other. Like

      • RoyalKev October 31, 2014

        Omg, they were throwing some serious daggers!

      • RICHIE_RICH October 31, 2014

        I live !!!!!! Too comical the shade

  45. Indie November 1, 2014

    She is the true definition of ROYALTY, So glad to see the Queen looking every bit the classy beautiful women that chi is

  46. Bella November 1, 2014

    Ugh I want an Arab man too !!!

  47. FutureCIARA November 1, 2014


  48. Al November 3, 2014

    She’s really ballooned. I saw more pix. She did convert to Islam as one of her producers alluded to two years ago. She’s wearing the traditional Khaleeji dress there.

    She’s not doing music anymore. Anyone who thinks she is is nuts. She’s almost 50, married to some big Middle Eastern sheikh, and hasn’t released a new album in 6, going on 7 years. She’s expected to be by his side for meetings and appearances. That’s her job. It’s what she signed up for when she married him. This marriage is not going to last. Trust me.

    She’s the third Jackson to get involved in Islam.

  49. Al November 3, 2014

    She looks like Lil Kim:

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