Oh No! Nicole Scherzinger’s Album ‘Big Fat Lie’ Bombs In UK / Debuts At #17

Published: Sunday 26th Oct 2014 by Sam

Is Lady Luck beefing with Nicole Scherzinger? Because, we’re here wondering when the former Pussycat Doll will catch a break. If ever.

As reported at the tail of last year, the talented star inked a lucrative global deal with Sony Music – which sees her signed to their subsidiaries RCA and Epic in the UK and US respectively.

The first album offering from the partnership, ‘Big Fat Lie’, was released in the UK this week and it was hoped The-Dream and Tricky Stewart produced set would deliver commercially.

However, when the Official UK Album Chart was revealed today it brought with it the news that the LP only scrapped a position in the lower level of the top 20.

Details below…

According to the Official Chart Company, ‘Lie’ limped in at #17 on the British based tally.

Worse still, it’s believed as at writing the album’s total first week sales were below 5,000. For, mid week figures (as of Tuesday) reportedly had the set at just over 2000 copies sold and in the #15 position.

With a full week’s counting and in light of the final position reached, an educated estimate would have the LP having doubled its midweek number or thereabout.


While it’s important to spotlight the politics at play (see: next to no radio play and a reliance on TV promo alone), there’s no denying…

The album is terrible.

Back to front, it’s just dreadful. We had been silently watching how things would pick up after the so-so singles (‘Your Love’, ‘On The Rocks’) and it turns out both songs are somewhat the best of a bad bunch.

How does one go in with The-Dream and Tricky on every track and still come out with an album sounding like it was produced and written by amateurs?

From our vantage point, the only decent songs are ‘Electric Blue’ and ‘First Time’. Yet, even they lack kick and are produced so…cheaply.

Longtime readers will know that we actually appreciate the wealth of talent Nicole brings to the table. However, she’s so frustrating because she’s a solo star waiting to happen but she seems to have the worst luck and/or ear for hits. More than anything, there is a clear disconnect between the artist she wants to be (earthy and left-field) and what the masses would receive well from her (see: solo PCD).

As it stands, she’s had so many chances; as such her next move is crucial.

We say, scrap the US release of this project (it’d be D.O.A in its current shape and form anyway) and quickly record a new album on US budget and release it there by mid-next year. She could work it in Europe as a new EP or retooled version of ‘Lie’ (ala Iggy’s ‘Reclassified’) – keeping the one or two decent songs and surrounding them with (much) better material.

Just thinking out aloud.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Petty LaBelle October 26, 2014

    Nicole is possibly the biggest flop in the HISTORY of music. Her music is incredibly generic, and no ones here for it.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      And you are possibly the biggest piece of s*** in the history of the world.

  2. justme October 26, 2014

    It’s a good position taking into account that “On the Rocks” entered last week at #90…

  3. Julian October 26, 2014

    “A solo star waiting to happen”, that’s what I’ve been saying for nearly ten years. But nothing ever happens, everything she does just seems… half-assed. Nicole, get your act together!!!

  4. Beysus October 26, 2014

    It’s a shame cause she has an amazing voice. You watch interviews of her and she promotes and travels like crazy that she’s always so tired! She needs WAY more promotion on the radio and her next album should be of better quality. 🙁 But OMG God Of War is my anthem right now!!! 🙂

  5. Everyone’s A Critic October 26, 2014

    Honestly!? Who expected any better… I don’t know a single fan of hers. She gets no airplay over here, her singles don’t chart well. 17 is a GOOD number for her.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      I am a fan…b****! Watch yo mouth before I knock yo damn teeth out you f****** little punk! You don’t know music, go back to your Kesha and Katy Perry kid!

  6. LDN Chick October 26, 2014


  7. AJ October 26, 2014

    Tricky ans Dream are hit and miss. They only produce music which is as good as the money you pay for it. At the end of the day Dream is payrolled my Beyonce so she gets his best material / he doesn’t give anything good to anyone else anymore. Tbh last time Dream and Tricky were in charge (Mariah’s Memoirs) they produced album filler -same here. Nicole needs to stop hit chasing and just make music she enjoys with people who get her. She also needs to work with other writers and lighten up. Her album is a like personal diary/therapy. Bring it hard for album 3 please..

  8. Everyone’s A Critic October 26, 2014

    Big Fat Lie sounded like a Big Fat No TIIIIIIIIME ago.. I mean the titles a big fat joke!

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      and you know…I stuck my big fat d*** in yo big fat girl last night while playing Big Fat Lie, so the album was a big fat success! You big fat punk!

  9. Mark111 October 26, 2014

    Not surprised, no one wants to hear her. When will these flops get that?

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes they do…now go back to your Kesha or Brittney you f****** punk!

  10. SMH October 26, 2014

    Lol y’all say ‘oh no!’ as if its surprising that she bombed.

  11. Blaque October 26, 2014

    Nicole is so talented, her voice is so much better than most of the singers experiencing success right now, she just keeps being given the wrong material. Labels seem to compose her albums from album filler tracks refused by bigger artists instead of making her a priority. I loved ‘On the rocks’, & ‘Run’ was amazing, but with rest of the album being mediocre at best and the complete lack of any promotion, most people already expected the album to flop. Record labels seem to want to spend the minimum amount on an album and still expect huge returns and that just isn’t realistic.

  12. Sisqo is King October 26, 2014

    BIG FAT LIE????? Album title is just terrible..

    Anyways where is Rihanna?

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      With the rest of the bad musicians probably.

  13. Sisqo is King October 26, 2014

    Fix your website!!

  14. Nope October 26, 2014

    She must be fuc#ing the label CEO. How can you FLOP this many times and still have a gotdamn contract? She shoulda been fired years ago.

  15. When will Cheryl? October 26, 2014

    Cheryl could never Nicole is way much more talented and prettier than that local flop cheryl

    • a October 29, 2014

      Um ? As much as you hate her , shes everything but flop lmao

  16. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! October 26, 2014

    Taylor swifts album is out tomorrow!!!!

  17. Hur October 26, 2014

    lmfao I knew this was happening! Isn’t this her 3rd album?
    She’s just a bad artist! No one is checking for her.
    Days of a New=Failed
    Edens Crush=Failed
    Her name is Nicole=Failed
    Killer Love=Failed
    Big Fat Lie=Failed

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes…I am checking for her. Get yo s*** right little b****. Only fail was your parents having you, you ungrateful little f***!

  18. BeyRihLiyah October 26, 2014

    going solo was the worst thing she could ever do she should reunite with the pusssssy cat dolls because that’s the only time she saw success

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      No, she doesn’t need them. What do they do, nothing. They hardly ever sang. And she is better as a solo artist any way, better songs and she is her own artist. Only thing she should do different is right more of her own songs, and this goes for Johnny Gill too. She should stick with this r&b sound rather than dance-pop though, I am loving this sound, this is the real Nicole. I mean she had r&b back with PCD and throught the years, but with this album she goes almost all r&b! I loved it! So all the haters need to get some taste or just die!

  19. Rogue bae October 26, 2014

    Nicole lost a lot of fans after PCD broke you cause she came out as a selfish person!

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      That is not true! She wanted to be a solo artist not as part of a damn group! Why is that so hard for yall simple minded people to understand!

  20. CherylSoldier October 26, 2014

    @that troll above: I’m pretty sure cheryl did 5k in the first hour of her preorders 2 weeks ago. Nicole is not prettier.
    She shouldn’t be allowed to choose her singles tbh. Her new single debuted in the 90s even with promo. Radio completely rejects her. It’s over. She should’ve released a generic pop radio single over the flops on this album. And screaming at her trying to be urban when the UK is her only market.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Oh shut up already nobody cares.

  21. CherylSoldier October 26, 2014

    Death at her trying to promote an urban album when the UK is her only market. She should’ve come with a generic pop radio single over the stuff on this album. Radio doesn’t support her and her new single debuted in the 90s WITH promo.
    and @ that troll above: I’m pretty sure cheryl did 5k in her first hour of preorders.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      No this is the real Nicole, she sounds great on r&b tracks, better than on dance-pop. And as for radio play, f*** radio play, you know how much I listen to the radio? Probably once or twice a month. And you know why? Because most of the stuff on there sounds the same! This album was great, you must be high!

  22. Alice in hoodland October 26, 2014

    DEATH!!! Ciara teas!!!!!!!

  23. Sam October 26, 2014

    I love the album!!!

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Me too, me too. Makes me sad and very angry to see all the negative comments here.

  24. Molly October 26, 2014

    And people call ciara a flop? lol this is hilarious Nicole retire sis this is beyond embarrassing.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015


  25. Casual-T October 26, 2014

    I don’t think she should re-tool. She needs to record new tracks and start over fresh next year. She’s not on anybody’s radar in the USA, and apparently not doing too hot in the UK either.
    Nicole is talented and beautiful, but her material is always subpar. People nowadays underestimate the power of A&R. In the music industry, singing talent is only tangentially related to success. It’s always the SONG that matters.

  26. TheElusiveLamb October 26, 2014

    How unfortunate to hear for such a beautiful, talented woman. I think she should have kept the PCD together longer and showed why she should be solo. I personally think her solo career was rushed into. Artists post 2001, have to build a really solid platform to branch from. If Beyoncé can wait 6/7 years, Tamar can wait 13 years, Janet waited two albums, and etc, then Nicole can definitely do it. I hope to see her win. Good luck beautiful.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Me too.

  27. Moheb October 26, 2014

    To Nicole:

    You are an amazing talent. I hope u don’t take what these critics of people say aout u to heart, the truth is success is not abut chart positions or sales its about u following your dreams & enjoying what u do. You are still gorgeous a vocal beast & a bosslady attitude. Keep doing your thing havent heard the new album yet but your last one was top shelf pop music whether or not the masses validated that for u or not. YES NICOLE!!

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes, couldn’t agree more! Killer Love was a great album, but this album was better imo because of the r&b!

  28. ~The Arcade~ October 26, 2014

    At this point, do you really need the radio’s help? I mean let’s be realistic here… people are promoting music ONLINE now, it seems! Drake did it, CB did it. It builds up more hype for singles/ albums than what the radio actually would do. Just saying!

  29. ~The Arcade~ October 26, 2014

    At this point, do you really need the radio’s help? I mean let’s be realistic here… people are promoting music ONLINE now, it seems! Drake did it, CB did it. It builds up more hype for singles/ albums than what the radio actually would do. Just saying! Another thing is, this whole sitting beside the beach/ wholesome image of hers is not it!

  30. LOL October 26, 2014

    LMAO WHO??

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Your mom

  31. Chester Lee October 26, 2014

    Sorry TGJ but you guys ARE SOOOOOOO WRONG! Lie is a GREAT ALBUM. From START TO FINISH. I just feel she’s not getting enough promo. ” on the rocks” is the best song she has had solo since “don’t hold your breath” Nicole is a great artist. I think she just needs to move pass the naysayers & promote this album like it’s her last. & when it comes to the US release. Add more songs. & make songs such as ” Electric blue” Single 1.
    Single 2- “Bang”
    single 3- An NEW song added to the album.
    & just throw videos out there to the masses for songs “first time & just a girl” ya know buzz tracks just to keep her out there. If DONE RIGHT… The US release will do good here…better then it’s doing now. But Nicole will be fine. & AGAIN TGJ THE ALBUM IS GREAT & I love what the Dream did with her musically.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes yes! All of those songs were great! She should release R&b songs like bang and just a girl and then pop songs like wild dream and your love, I love that she can make different types of music, this album should’ve been a lot more successful!

  32. LB October 26, 2014

    Poor Nicole, I didn’t even know the album was out tbh, I found it by accident on Spotify.
    Anyway this should be the writing on the wall for Nicole that the music business just isn’t for her.
    She should just marry a rich guy, she’s pretty enough.

  33. Dem Lessors October 26, 2014

    And this is the outcome of £3/$4.8 million recording contract. Well done Sony, are you going to waste any more coins on Nicole SerialFlopper. We all knew she would do 5k, they sould just let us run their business. Stupid old CEO’s who only listen to s*** like U2.

  34. Stephy Tha Lambily October 26, 2014

    She is a very great singer. She needs to let go of her pop star dreams & join Broadway tbh.. Anyways, cheers dahhhlings… Atleast, shes still beautiful.

  35. Jesper October 27, 2014

    In all honesty, Nicole is more or less a singles artist overall, and especially UK. Killer Love was basically released in her prime and was released on top of a #3 and a #1 single, and still only reached #8.
    Now we are 3 years further and Big Fat Lie is released on top of a #6 single and a single that didn’t even reached the top 40 and is still #17.

    It’s hardly a bomb. You are just overexaggerating, because you are not feeling the album.

    The only thing I agree with you is that after this era she should release new material on a more faster basis. But the album itself is not cheap and terrible at all. For a lot of people it will be a grower, but it’s just different.

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes, since when is 17 “terrible.” There are rap artists who used to chart in the top 20 and now are charting at 100, in the US! Leave Nicole alone haters and go back to your Rihanna radio generic music!

  36. Musika October 27, 2014

    Lack of promotion and radio airplay. That’s all I gotta say.

  37. Indie October 27, 2014

    To be fair i didn’t even no the album was out till this post so can’t comment, i’ve much preferred these 2 singles to anything else she’s had out though, it’s hard times for artist now, it really is at least she went top 20

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes. Maybe if she sold her soul she would be as big as all the “popular” artists. But it’s not worth it to have the whole world if you lose your soul! That is why she is not “poppin'” or “hot” right now! Props to you Nicole for staying true and not selling out like Beyonce, Rihanna and everyone else!

  38. Mrcraig October 27, 2014

    Please explain to me how being in the top 20 is considered a flop?

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes I was wondering that too.

  39. trinarozera October 27, 2014

    proof that having a great voice doesn’t automatically make you an artist…i think she’d be better off going a more urban route

    • NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

      Yes she would, and this album is great for that! She should make an entire r&b album, with very little pop because I loved the r&b on here! IMO she always had a mix of pop and r&b in her, but Killer Love was just a little too pop! Still a great album though, millions of times better than pop that is played on the radio!

  40. Brian310 October 27, 2014

    Anytime your album is solely produced and written by the dream it’s gonna flop.

  41. Dustin October 27, 2014

    The problem with Nicole is that she isn’t relatable. If you can’t relate to someone at least on some level how can you root for their success? She’s a vocal beast but comes off as cold and aloof. Like the snobby popular girl in high school. Furthermore, she is trying to establish herself as an artist and no one is buying it. She’s a vocalist and an interpreter of material, not an artist. And I think it’s important to acknowledge the distinction. One that she is either willfully ignoring or completely oblivious to. Not that I would want to entrust LA Reid with my career regardless, but I don’t envy his position with Nicole. What complicates it further is that she did an entire album (apparently on the cheap as the mixing is garbage) but the dream and tricky haven’t sounded current since 2010.

    • test October 29, 2014


  42. T November 2, 2014

    The album isn’t that bad, but she did lack promotion for this one to be fair, I don’t think they even tried… In Killer Love, she went promotion crazy for Right There, for Run (1 performance in a show that no one even watches), what are they doing to her, I thought interscope wouldn’t just release new stuff, and I thought Sony would handle her better (obvs not), but the lack of promotion is just bad (I didn’t even know on the rocks was out a week before the album was out) hope she rethinks this before she releases the album in the US (if it even goes that far)

  43. NicoleScherzinger#1Fan October 14, 2015

    Looking through all of the comments,…just wanted to say f*** all yall! Yall a bunch of f****** d****! Did one person just ask for Rihanna? That figures! So what if the album flopped, it’s still really good. Yall high af or something. Just a bunch of haters, never seen so much scum in one place! Nicole I love you, f*** them you get play over here every day. They just mad because they can’t even get an album to flop, they don’t know the first thing about music or making it so f*** all of ’em! Lame ass b******!

  44. NicoleScherzinger’s#1Fan October 14, 2015

    Nicole is not on the radio, first because she did not sell out, and second because she does not talk about stupid s*** and ignorant behavior like most pop, hip hop and r&b on the radio! If you don’t brag about what you have, talk about what you want to have, or sing about things that are demonic and lead to harm to others or yourself, then you will not be successful today in the music industry! It’s sad but it’s true!

    Rapper: “I just f***** your b**** in my new bugatti”

    Listener: “Yeah! That’s the best thing ever! That’s a hit!”

    Singer: “I just wanna give my love to you, spend time with you, let me prey with ya, spend all day with ya, for once can I just keep it real?”

    Listener: “lame lame lame! That is soooo lame! That ain’t a hit!”

    That’s how music works today, just listen to what is popular and what isn’t.

    Rihanna, Nicki Minaj talk about stupid s*** and are played all the time.

    Nicole and Johnny Gill talk about love and life, they have real music actually about something than just selfishness, but yet they get no love in the mainstream. It’s sad.

  45. NicoleFan May 11, 2016

    Lol first time was the worst song!

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