Major: Beyonce & Topshop Team For New Range

Published: Monday 27th Oct 2014 by Sam
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Brand Beyonce strikes again and this time it’s in partnership with clothing giant Topshop.

King B continues to make royal power plays by pairing up with the high-street retailer for a new athletic range.

Details below…

WWD reports:

Beyoncé Knowles and London-based Topshop have formed a 50-50 joint venture company, Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd., to produce an athletic streetwear brand, WWD has learned. It could launch in stores and online in fall 2015 at the earliest.

The deal is expected to be unveiled by Topshop in London today.

“This not a collaboration. This is about building a brand and building a business — a separate, proper business, with separate overhead and a separate office,” Topshop owner Sir Philip Green told WWD in an interview Sunday.

“I have always loved Topshop for their fashion credentials and forward thinking,” Beyoncé said.

An athletic brand with Topshop seems like destiny, given the retailer’s edgy, out-there DNA, and Beyoncé’s penchant for va-va-voom attention grabbers, on or off the red carpet. Topshop gives the leggy singer another theater to show off her assets and broadcast her fierce message of sexuality and empowering females that she brings to the stage and screen. She said she would work with the product development team Topshop puts in place to “create and produce a technical and fashion-led collection” and “participate in all aspects of the partnership.”

Beyoncé becomes Topshop’s vehicle to enter activewear, which is currently one of retailing’s hottest categories, and to make a strong statement with the backing of a superstar. Aside from the revenue potential, Green underscored the social-media potential, given the celebrity’s global popularity. She has 19 million followers on Instagram, while Topshop has 3.2 million.

Yes, yes, and yes!

This is huge in that the superstar is not merely a “face” or seasonal endorser, she’s actually creating a company with Topshop – meaning she’ll be yielding a meaty profit of sales while also benefitting from the exposure.

Once again, Bey is proving that even with her branding movements she’s one step above and ahead of the pack.

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  1. kim October 27, 2014

    Please take note 50-50!!!! Not 90-10!!! Bey is a boss

  2. CATFISH CAREY October 27, 2014


  3. X October 27, 2014

    It will still flop big time like the H&M one

  4. Bey Is Grown October 27, 2014

    Brand Beyoncé, get that dough mama.

  5. BeyhiveorDie October 27, 2014

    When will your sh*tty fave?! hehehe

  6. Beydelgaga October 27, 2014

    Someone give this woman the key to the world.

  7. Cake like Lady GaGa October 27, 2014

    Shouldn’t this t***** be at home taking care of Blue instead of going around selling its slutty clothes to young girls?

  8. smh October 27, 2014

    She has to partner with TS because her own brand HOD was a failure and you think she is a step ahead … Lol #smokeandmirrors

  9. BadGalRiRi October 27, 2014

    I think beyonce will be a billionaire on her own by the time shes 40

  10. Beysus October 27, 2014


  11. Eloviano October 27, 2014

    Your mobile site doesn’t work Sam. I had to log in using my tablet. Please fix it tu!
    “This is huge in that the superstar is not merely a “face” or seasonal endorser. She’s actually creating a company with Topshop” The shade of it all!!!

  12. rotXinXpieces October 27, 2014

    You better werk bittch!!!

  13. Tanesha October 27, 2014

    What happened to House Of Scareon?

  14. mekaela October 27, 2014

    What happen to house of dereon and
    H&m well smoke and mirrors no one will
    Buy her mess she can’t dress to save
    Her life and she should focus on combing
    Blue hair I try to defend her with the
    Hair but it’s getting ridiculous how she
    Spends money on her weaves to make her hair
    Look good invest in a grease company for
    Black girls hair all she does is ride for w
    White man

  15. Everyone’s A Critic October 27, 2014

    Let’s hope she drops a top man line too!!!!!!! Literally my favourite shop. If I walk in.. I leave with bags

  16. SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 27, 2014


  17. SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 27, 2014


  18. LDN Chick October 27, 2014

    Yay that’s literally the two BIGGEST high street store brands she has worked with now.

    Topshop>>>>>>>>>> Everything else.

  19. doubline47 October 27, 2014

    Beyonce go sing or shake your ass somewhere,ain’t nobody wanna wear a clothes you designed! She don’t even have any fashion shyle

  20. Jessica October 27, 2014

    Im so here for this! She has a brand like no other.

  21. Unbiased October 27, 2014

    People hating in the comments with lies. Her H & M line did extremely well, she boosted their profits. Don’t hate on Brand Bey, most of you or your faves could never. Hence, her topping the Forbes list uglies.

  22. SMH October 27, 2014

    Smh she is so desperate to be considered a fashion icon its pathetic. House of shiteon didn’t work so what makes her think this will.

  23. TrellBeyLike October 27, 2014

    Beyoncé doesnt just sign on the dotted line to collect a check. No, when Beyoncé signs on the dotted line she becomes a partner and generate revenue. Thats the difference between Beyoncé’s hustle vs your favs. Brand Bey still slaying hard af! Congrats Bey.

  24. blue October 27, 2014

    this is all good for bey; instead of them feeding off her star power she is feeding off their already successful brand.clever…

  25. blue October 27, 2014

    they couldnt get rihanna so…

  26. Lily October 27, 2014

    She don’t have thy fashion sense anymore and what happen to House of Derele and H&M. I guess its gonna flop.

    • TinaMinaj November 15, 2014

      H&M was actually very successful so get your facts right

  27. blue October 27, 2014

    first and last time you will hear about this deal as with most of her collaboration. But 2 weeks after release some bey blogfansite will post on how it has become the highest selling celebrity sport brand then never hear of it again.

  28. LOL October 27, 2014




  29. Fran October 27, 2014

    Um shes not desperate for nothing to do with fashion. Its all BRANDING and MONEY with Beyonce.
    Unlike a certain smoke and mirrors artist, she doesn’t rely on fashion for relevancy, its a hobby.

  30. kingbeybitchk October 27, 2014


  31. NOLIES October 27, 2014

    Why is someone who photoshops her thighs and body, gets so much lipo, and barely works out, making a line in fitness? I guess if you can’t get a hit, you have to get a check one way or the other. I just thought by now the Grammys’ committee would have been paid off…

  32. Fran October 27, 2014

    And Beyonces line isn’t just fashion. It across the dance and aportswear categories. You know, relevant for TRUE PERFORMERS.

  33. fatusankoh October 27, 2014

    you go bey I can’t wait I just bought some of her perfurm it smell good I am happy for her may God continue to bless her protect her and her family for life long happy life ever lasting long happy married more success in all she do good luck with this deal

  34. Disturbia October 27, 2014


  35. Mya October 27, 2014


    Beyonce’s deals/partnerships are ALWAYS bigger and better than Rihanna’s. LOL! NO ONE’s brand is bigger than the Beyonce’s brand. Her deal with Pepsi was worth what or more than Rihanna’s yearly earnings.Beyonce’s H&M line did 10x better than Rihanna’s River Island line LOL!

    • TinaMinaj November 15, 2014

      THIS!!!!! These navy stans are so IGNORANT!

  36. October 27, 2014

    You go bey very for you may God continue to bless protect you and your family for life long happy life ever lasting long happy married more success in all you do good luck with the deal

  37. Mya October 27, 2014

    This is huge! With her branding movements she’s 10 step above and ahead of the pack. No one has a bigger brand than Beyonce.

  38. Mya October 27, 2014

    This is huge!!!! Beyonce is a boss like no other. She’s always 10 steps ahead.

  39. TheElusiveLamb October 27, 2014

    Congratulations Bey! I can’t wait to see it in stores.

  40. vee October 27, 2014

    I see somebody talking about House of Slaton. Are you talking about the same clothing line that generates the Queen out 10M $ each year? . Beyonce’ makes an average of 100M dollars with her business ventures each year. So if I was you, I wouldn’t be opening my mouth, when my fave makes more money each year than
    what your Fave is worth. Kiii

    H&M+Dereon+Perfumes+Record Sales= $115M made last year.
    P.s: your Fave is worth $90M Kiii Kiii
    Sip on that tea

  41. african music lover October 27, 2014

    ^^^^^^^ DEAD

  42. XXX October 27, 2014

    @Blue. Its for an athletic brand which she is PARTNERED with, not just the face of. They did not want Ri for that. Shes more lathargic than athletic on stage.

  43. Tyler October 27, 2014

    I’m sure they didn’t want Rihanna so…

  44. Rosie October 27, 2014

    Death at the Navi trying to shade H&M when both it and Topshop are a million times bigger than River Island’s local ass.
    Can’t wait. Topshop is always on point with trends although they’re overpriced as hell both here and in the US.

  45. girlbye October 27, 2014

    I hate when people say well my fave this but what are you making exactly other than getting your parents allowance and wasting it on tired beyonc products.

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