Watch: Jessie J Performs ‘Keep Us Together’ For ‘Sweet Talker’

Published: Wednesday 22nd Oct 2014 by David


Jessie J‘s new album ‘Sweet Talker’ received a healthy shot of promo earlier this week, when the ‘Bang Bang‘ performer performed the song ‘Keep Us Together’ for VEVO.

How she fared? Excellently, sure to impress any in love with the entertainer’s vocal chops and her smash hit single ‘Who You Are‘.

Watch her work below…

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  1. TheElusiveLamb October 22, 2014

    She has a beautiful instrument. She is definitely one of the best for our generation.

  2. metzo October 22, 2014

    Her album flopped so hard tho OMG. 25k.

  3. CherylSoldier October 22, 2014


  4. StarXavi October 22, 2014

    I like Jessie and appreciate the effort she is putting into promo. I don’t believe sales is the end all be as it once was. So calling someone a FLOP is kind of backwards. There are so many other ways to be successful as an artist, whether it be album sales, singles sales, streaming, or touring. I don’t know if most people know, but streaming does give the artist some coins too.

  5. RADARS77 October 22, 2014

    Love these Acoustic Videos Jessie is making Lately-NO NEED FOR OVER PRODUCED BIG BUDGET VIDEOS -WHEN YOU CAN SING LIVE LIKE JESSIE CAN:))) Thats what she has over everyone in the business today-When u can sing as good( if NOT BETTER) in person than on the song why NOT just film it & post it?? Saving lots of money yet getting the songs out there-they really don’t even need the three camera there using just one main shot is all we need -Jessie has always created her own atmosphere with her singing & that’s done with one camera -II think these videos are the future for NOT just Jessie but for any singing that can really sing live -there aren’t many of her kind so for now Jessie has the style to herself-I hope she does her entire Album this. Way!!

  6. Dev October 22, 2014

    A stand out track from the album. Jessie can really sing

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