Jason Derulo Beware! Jordin Sparks Takes Aim At Singer With Drake Remix

Published: Monday 24th Nov 2014 by David


He said their split was amicable.

Alas, if new material to be released by Jordin Sparks is anything to go by, Jason Derulo‘s relationship with the ‘Bye Felicia‘ singer is anything but.

Ditching her ‘American Idol’ approved persona to embrace an edgier sound, Sparks teased a brand new song pulled from ‘Felicia’ hours ago, using it to take direct aim at her ex-boyfriend, his broken neck…and his dirty back.


A sassy Sparks below!

A video posted by Jordin Sparks (@jordinsparks) on

If the number sounds familiar that’s because it remixes Drake‘s Boi 1-Da produced ‘How About Now’, and stands as one of the many Hip Hop infused jams to be found on ‘Felicia’, set for release tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tasha November 24, 2014

    THIS CHICK GIVES ME AALIYAH SO MUCH!!!! I don’t know what it is but her energy and the ways she sings just reminds me of her. Especially on the line when she says “cause I’m up right now”…I’m def getting her mixtape especially if it’s free.

    • maurice November 24, 2014

      GURL, I can’t with you comparing her to Aaliyah.

      I’M GAGGING for filth

  2. AmbeRussell November 24, 2014

    Idk…it sounds like she’s trying to be someone she isn’t. A lil but cheesy. I’d prefer if she did fun pop urban pop up and mid tempos and power ballads I mean she did cow rite “the way” for Ariana…

  3. Jamie November 24, 2014

    She’s trying way to hard sweetie you’ll never be a rih or bey.

  4. Bang bang November 24, 2014

    Being cheated on changes a person! Sometimes for better or worse. Either way I’m glad she found her voice.

  5. Bang bang November 24, 2014

    Why is rihanna or beyonce the status quote for every lack female? We are all different and should learn to appreciate each other for that.

    • King M.J November 24, 2014


  6. Bang bang November 24, 2014

    Sorry. Every black female.

  7. Diamond Princess November 24, 2014

    This is why good wholesome girls who’ve made a virginity pact shouldn’t lose their virginity. I was so proud of Jordin Sparks that she vowed to wait until marriage, now look at her… She waited all those years and gave up her virginity to an ugly ass loser! I would be ashamed if I gave up my v card to a loser like him and he did me the way he did her. But nice song Jordin! ROAST his ass girl!!!

  8. DanYiel Teflon November 24, 2014

    Lol I haven’t been a fan since “No Air” Feat.Chris Brown…I’m ready for this Jordin Sparks!!

  9. Bryant November 24, 2014

    Yassss Jordin, go in!

  10. musicMatters101 November 24, 2014

    Doesn’t suit her vibe and all american girl appeal, but I will be interested in listening to it.

    LOL at the BYE FELICIA title!

  11. Rihboy November 24, 2014

    She sounds good. However she still comes off American idols to me. Still getting that disney channel vibe. I guess I’ll wait to hear this mixtape.

  12. Sisqo is King November 24, 2014

    Beautiful woman but she needs to stop.Why is everyone trying to be Rihanna?? Stay in your own lane.I remember songs like no air and battle field.What is this bye felica bull???

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