Live Stream: Lady GaGa’s Final ‘ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball’ Show (#artRaveLIVESTREAM)

Published: Monday 24th Nov 2014 by Sam

Tonight marks the final curtain call for Lady GaGa‘s blockbuster world tour, ‘ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball’.

Airing live from the Bercy in Paris, France, the show is being broadcast live via Yahoo.

As ever here at That Grape Juice, we’ve got you covered!

Watch the live stream right now, right here, after the jump…

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  1. Mark111 November 24, 2014

    Hahahahaha, ChartFlop, ArtFlop, ArtPoop.

    • Diamond Chantause November 24, 2014

      How is Aaliyah’s breathing pattern doing sis. Non existent?

      • Iconic Cici November 24, 2014


      • Brian310 November 24, 2014

        You should worry less about her breathing and more about your fav seeing as she is becoming less and less relevant while Aaliyah and her fame were growing as her career went along.

  2. Jessica November 24, 2014

    Wow had no idea this Tour was still going. She literally feel off harder than a stack of bricks with the GP this era.

  3. Jamie November 24, 2014

    She was so irrelevant this era I hope she gets it together she used to lead the pack now she’s struggling to keep up with newbies and wannabes like Lorde and Miley.

    • Diamond Chantause November 24, 2014

      Don’t call lorde a wannabe h**. She Makes more innovative music than your basic faves will ever.

      Have a seat _/

      • Jamie November 24, 2014

        Newbie = Lorde
        Wannabe = Miley

      • Diamond Chantause November 24, 2014

        Just clarifying

    • DanYiel Teflon November 24, 2014

      MILEY Vocally is THE S***!! I like her sound & she doesn’t try to hard to be someone shes not!! I didn’t know lady GAGA was on tour… Could have fooled me!!

      • Miley November 25, 2014


  4. Bang bang November 24, 2014

    I love gaga. I think people are too fucc in fickle now a days. When the media is crawling up your ass with a microscope and every one is praising you you suddenly have millions of fans!! Skip to one album that has not had commercial success people get vicious and suddenly your the worst b**** in the world!! Even if you did nothing personally to them!!
    People are so f****** fake it kills me!!

    • JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2014

      I agree!

  5. Iconic Cici November 24, 2014

    Gaga has the potential to come back and slay the game. I know the Rihanna,Beyonce, & Katy fans are scared that if Gaga comes back and slays your favs will become her lessors again.

    • TRUTH SERUM November 24, 2014

      Right, wishful thinking. All those artist you named have been consistent. Bey has been in the game 17 plus years and Rhi 10 = a formula for longevity. Gaga bought into her own hype and forgot that first and foremost she’s a singer/musician. *blank stare*

  6. Iconic Cici November 24, 2014

    Even with Gaga flopping she still slays Lana where’s that s*** Rosie?

    • Diamond Chantause November 24, 2014

      YASS drag that drug enduced ho

    • Rosie November 24, 2014

      Don’t come for Lana until Cedric can scan 200K.

  7. Slay November 24, 2014

    (5,000,000) WW
    (2,101,000) US

    The Slayage is real! I knew this didnt make sense that she sold 2M in the US alone, and only 1.7M elsewhere. She usually sells twice as much internationally.

    • Diamond Chantause November 24, 2014

      The H**+ will buy anything that has their faves overrated name on it. Kii 😀

      • Jessica November 24, 2014

        Isn’t that what loyal fans are supposed to do

  8. Nicki Is Queen November 24, 2014

    GAGA’S performances always slay! YASS b****!

    • Iconic Cici November 24, 2014

      But ickis don’t .

      • Nicki Is Queen November 24, 2014

        Flopara is a nobody wHo can’t sell out her local walmart parking lot LOL

      • Iconic Cici November 24, 2014

        Can icki even sellout her cheap ass Kmart clothing line?

      • Skyfall November 24, 2014

        Can Ciara sell her own music.

  9. Skyfall November 24, 2014

    Beyonce has not sold 5,000,000 albums those are shipments, if she did her biggest Stan site “” would of BEEN reported it

    • Kisses Down Low November 24, 2014

      ‘Would of’??? Grammar is atrocious. Focus less on sales that aint yours and more on that Granmar sis

      • Skyfall November 24, 2014

        I can focus on whatever I choose. The obsession is real every time I make a comment you’re one of the first to respond and death at you contradicting yourself by WORRYING ABOUT MY GRAMMAR on an urban online blog. Keep seething biiittccccchhhhh!!!!!

      • Kisses Down Low November 24, 2014

        Lol madt?

    • metzo November 24, 2014

      I almost choked @ your grammar

  10. Skyfall November 24, 2014

    If BEYONCÉ is sold 5M then…

    LOUD – 7m
    Talk That Talk – 4.5 million
    Unapologetic 4.1 million (not including 2014 sales)

    • TheElusiveLamb November 24, 2014

      Beyoncé is most likely at 4 million with this rerelease and had shipped 5 mil probably.

  11. Rosie November 24, 2014

    LOL at a Cedric stan coming for anyone ever. Remember when he had to cancel her Church’s Chicken dining room tour? Yeah.
    Your fave isn’t on Fad’s level, on Lana’s level, not even on Tamar or K. Michelle’s level. At least the other two local Urban b****** can scan 150K in the US.

    • Skyfall November 24, 2014

      K. Michelle’s latest single broke the top ten on iTunes Ciara could never.

      • Rosie November 24, 2014

        Exactly. Having the nerve to come for relevant people when their own fave can’t even go top 10 on f****** iTunes. Literally EVERYONE has had at least one song go top 10 there.

  12. Kisses Down Low November 24, 2014

    Gaga has a lot to prove next era

    • Skyfall November 24, 2014

      So does your fave.

    • Kisses Down Low November 24, 2014

      Um no she doesn’t. Shes just had a baby, shes not obsessed with being the #1 popstar like gaga.

      • TheElusiveLamb November 24, 2014

        And that’s Kelly’s problem and the reason she doesn’t have a label to run to.

    • Sherry November 24, 2014

      DEADDD @ lamb 😆

  13. Mariah Is Music November 24, 2014


  14. Me>>>you November 24, 2014

    Wow I didn’t even know that tour was still relevant. *sips tea*

  15. TheElusiveLamb November 24, 2014

    I haven’t been a fan of Gaga since I attended the Fame Ball Party or whatever it was called. This looks just as amazing, buy I feel that Gaga will have a The Emancipation of Mimi or Confessions on a Dance Floor comeback x10 to get the GP on her side. I do still believe she is talented, but she let’s the gimmicks over power her artistry. That was cute in the 80/90’s when the Internet wasn’t around and you could shock just about anyone, but now not so much. I don’t know how to feel about her honestly. 🙁

    • TRUTH SERUM November 24, 2014

      Good point, gaga is actually very talented. She’ll bounce back if she focuses on the music!

  16. ShitGotReal November 24, 2014

    After that 9k in Lisbon in a 20k venue… Gurl you are done.

    • keith_alva November 24, 2014

      It was only a 7345 seat venue which was sold out lol

      • Rosie November 25, 2014

        F** no. Live Nation reported every show as sold out this go-around even though most of the European leg and some of the NA leg is far from it.
        That arena in Portugal has a 20k capacity. The venue in Isreal had a 50K+ capacity yet she sold less than 25K tickets.

  17. candace November 24, 2014

    why the difference between this beyonce sales and mediatraffic numbers? because for all albums sales we refer to mediatraffic !

  18. JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2014

    Gaga great live as usual (I love her recent performances for Cheeck to Cheeck!)

  19. JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2014

    Seeing how I missed the (sad) party last night (talking about the AMAs) let me remind you of how beautiful it was when real supertalented artists used to top everything and awards had credibility. See this lady slaying with her first album. Watch by the time they give her the 3rd or 4th award of the night:

    • JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2014

      Oops sorry TGJ won´t let me post videos 🙂

  20. Tea honey November 24, 2014

    Flop but I wish her well

  21. keith_alva November 24, 2014


    …I’ll just leave this right here.

    258,000 first week sales
    Dope #8 Billboard Hot 100
    Venus #32 Billboard Hot 100
    Do What You Want #13 Billboard Hot 100
    Applause #4 Billboard Hot 100
    G.U.Y #78 Billboard Hot 100
    Was the ninth best seller album of 2013 with 2.3 million copies worldwide.(it was released November 2013)
    A worldwide tour grossing over $80,000,000

    ….yeah shes definitely a flop. -__-

  22. Sherry November 24, 2014

    Gaga is WELL DONE. Stick a fork in her burnt ass. Her gimmicks wore everyone out. She did too much too soon, and nothing she does can surprise us anymore. Her narcissistic self is the cause of her decline. Too many yes men in her corner, and not enough realists. I know the tour flopped.

    • TRUTH SERUM November 24, 2014

      Ouch! Say what you really mean. Lmao

  23. DanYiel Teflon November 24, 2014

    Lol well we were all rooting for you Lady Gaga!! “Tyra Banks” tea!!

  24. Stephy Tha Lambily November 24, 2014

    @Sherry, girl you give me LIFE!

  25. Mariah Is Music November 24, 2014

    So proud of Beyoncé for selling 5M WW.

  26. J November 25, 2014

    I don’t know why everyone is upset when she paid her own album dust after she released DWUW. I bought it and she didn’t end up promoting the CD anymore. Better believe I’m not buying her next one…

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