Hot Shot: Rita Ora Beams With Beyonce

Published: Wednesday 17th Dec 2014 by Sam

Since Rita Ora‘s trailblazing debut two years ago, the Brit-bred star has always had a supporter in Beyonce.

The singer/actress, who is signed to Jay Z‘s Roc Nation imprint, was keen to show that her friendship with King B continues to flourish. Case, point this newly shared snap on Instagram.

Posting the shot above today, she added the caption:

Let the Xmas celebrations begin…When the queens in town everything shuts down! @beyonce


Both ladies are gearing up for a busy 2015. Ora’s new single ‘Testosterone’ and US debut album are due soon, as is the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ movie which she stars in. Musical plans for Bey are presently unknown, but her much touted Topshop line is due to hit retail in Q3/Q4 next year.

Winning women!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Charlieyoncé December 17, 2014

    Queen Slayoncé and Rita! Love them both ❤️

    • crusingalong December 18, 2014

      Why????? Can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t play a musical instrument – run that by me again!


  2. BeyxMaraj December 17, 2014

    CLING Whora, it’s not as if you know anything else.

  3. Beysus December 17, 2014

    Slay 😛

  4. sashay December 17, 2014

    It’s so transparent what Bey is trying to accomplish with the aid of Ora. Insecure b****.

    • HBIC_MamaPope December 17, 2014

      GURL check your username, and sashay to left BITTCH, FOH who’s attaching demselves to whora for what accomplishments? BYE Felecia – Beyonce is merely taking a picture with a delusional fan at a meet and greet, so don’t be mad it wasn’t you. BYE!

  5. Eloviano December 17, 2014

    “When the queen’s in town”. There can only be one Queen in this Kingdom we’re living in and that’s Beyoncé.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 17, 2014

      Idiot *facepalm*

  6. HALF AMAZIN December 17, 2014

    It’s very transparent that they both need something from one another. Rita needs endorsement and beyak wants Rita’s fans to gobble up that top shop line in the UK. Look at HOD…she’s never been a fashion killa

    • Tyler December 17, 2014

      So, she needed Rita to gobble up all of the other dozens of endorsements as well? That s*** sounds stupid.

    • Yeah I Said It December 17, 2014

      The REACH. Celebs take photos with eachother, just like Rihanna does with Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry, Cara Delevign etc. Except Beyonce does not claim to be close friends with Rita Ora

  7. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 17, 2014

    *Yawns* I see Ms Whora is clinging for dear life. She’s still bowing down to other artists. She’ll never be great. She’ll never be respected. This is proof. Wh0res don’t last.

  8. Really?! December 17, 2014

    How dare she steal lil kims lyrics!

    • I’m Booked December 17, 2014

      Kim Didn’t Even Write Them….

      • HBIC_MamaPope December 17, 2014

        GURL ain’t dat the truth/tea/real kii

  9. LB December 17, 2014

    First of all, this is a cute pic, looks like they are pretending to have fun, but cute pic.

    Secondly, I’m still screaming at Beyonce’s latest string of lawsuits, that time of the month again, ey Bey.

    • Tyler December 17, 2014

      Did she lose?

  10. Unbiased December 17, 2014

    People are just hateful for no reason. What’s wrong with them taking a photo together? It’s obvious they are close. Pretty girls, and also those “lawsuits” are nothing but ppl trying to get rich of Bey’s name. It will be thrown out too 🙂

    • Jaylee December 17, 2014

      Trust me!! They are not close, they even had a falling out, due to Rita Ora legs being open like scissors with that married lady’s husband.. They were doing threesome .. Until Rita decided to sleep with the husband alone… Big falling out happen.. Now they are pretending on a photo.. I have no respect for beyonce..

      • Tyler December 17, 2014

        Were you apart of this “supposed” threesome? I mean, you seem to know all of the dirty details. So…

  11. Unbiased December 17, 2014

    I think some stanbase is still upset Beyonce didn’t attend their fave’s event, get over it. It was still successful. Stop looking for Bey’s validation.

  12. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 17, 2014

    Idiot *facepalm*

  13. Jaylee December 17, 2014

    Look at these two pretending.. Beyonce girl stop.. U know u can’t stand that girl for sneaking behind ur back with jayz. And for months uve been slighting her..! Fake fake..

  14. Unbiased December 17, 2014

    Some of you are absolutely delusional on this site. Beyonce cut her own damn father off, do you honestly believe she would hang around a woman who slept with her husband? It’s funny how ppl claim to know her personal life, but didn’t even know she was dropping an album out nowhere. Have several seats, bitter birds.

  15. #1Lamb December 17, 2014

    Excuse me Beyonce and Rita I’m going to let you have your moment but Mariah Carey slayed O Holy Night.

  16. fatusankoh December 17, 2014

    You go bey and Rita I love them they are ladies God bless them thank you Sam for posting this make my day

  17. Nathan December 17, 2014

    there is no news in this article…

    “Fame hungry w**** has a photo taken with Beyoncé” is hardly a headline.

  18. Tyler December 17, 2014

    Oh, so it’s a bad thing to take a photo with a celeb who you constantly cross paths with?

    And…you don’t know Beyonce’s life.

  19. Tasha December 17, 2014

    They look cute! Just ignore the jealous trolls. Where did they claim to be close? They have mutual respect for eachother and clearly Beyonce only likes certain people which is why she pays others dust [insert who you please here]

    • datreddone23 December 17, 2014

      There’s no fued between Rih and Bey if that’s what your implying seeing as they have taken many photos together and graced Vogue together

      • Tasha December 17, 2014

        I was more implying Kim. But stay parranoid.

  20. Tyler December 17, 2014

    When have Beyonce and Rita every claim to be bestie’s though????

  21. Mark111 December 17, 2014

    As in plural? What is Rita queen of? Whores?

  22. DanYiel Teflon December 17, 2014

    Well I chuck it up to hanging out..*Sighz*

  23. Carry On December 17, 2014

    I still don’t know what Rita Oral sings. Maybe she can give Bey some tips on oral care. *shrugs*

  24. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. December 17, 2014

    “When the queen come in town everything shut down.” THE LYRICAL IMPACT OF THE QUEEN OF RAP, LIL’ KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nathan December 17, 2014

      Lil Kim is a goat.

      • BeyxMaraj December 17, 2014

        Hahahahahahahah… ROTF

    • let’s be real December 17, 2014

      lil kim better pay the irs

  25. hivehighness December 17, 2014

    Beyonce look high AF lol

  26. HALF AMAZIN December 17, 2014

    I didn’t mention Beyak’s other endorsements you idiot. I mentioned the one relevant to this photo an regarding what another comment said. Now I know you get b*** hurt when anyone gives this chick anything but praise but you’re just gonna have to get over it 🙂

    • Tyler December 17, 2014

      Listen to me you f****** moron, what you said holds no merit or any deed because Beyonce not being a “fashion killa” never prevented her from “gobbling up” endorsements before.
      Don’t take it out of her just because she shits on Pon De Forehead in every aspect…including getting along with other celebs.

  27. rita ora can win a oscar December 17, 2014

    Nice to see rita learning from the QUEEN OF POP after madonna. No one comes close to madonna or beyonce.

  28. HBIC_MamaPope December 17, 2014

    LOOL *karlie redd voice* Are you fukking my mayn?

  29. RoyalKev December 17, 2014

    Nice! KingB forever!

  30. You Stupid December 17, 2014

    It is CHRISTmas… #That is all

  31. loretta123 December 18, 2014

    Beyonce looks like Rihanna.Why does she copy riri all the time!??

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