Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriend Denies Blackmail Claims

Published: Saturday 20th Dec 2014 by David


After the rapper accused him of attempting to blackmail her on Twitter today, Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend has denied the salacious claims, accusing her of responding to moves he made after their split without understanding why he made them.


Safaree Samuels’ story below…

In response to these messages, Samuels shared (from the bottom up):

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 19.52.59

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 19.52.47

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 19.52.30

Happier times.

Your thoughts?

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  1. NT December 20, 2014

    This is a really messy situation, that they both could’ve handled in a different manner. It looks very odd being that it’s the week of her album release, she’s been everywhere and now this is happening. I wish them the best.

    • You tried December 20, 2014

      Nicki is about to be OUTED! That n**** been WRITTING ALL HER SH** and she knows it! Publishing and SPLIT SHEETS! For those of you who don’t know the bizz that’s WRITTING!!

      • rashadhunt December 20, 2014

        How bout you out his dicki out cha mouth b**** Nicki been certified get off her c*** and do you s*** thanks

    • You tried December 20, 2014

      @Delbey. He won’t be applying for anything once he get his money from that PEN PLAY HE BEEN PURTING DOWN ON SOME HER HOTTEST FLOWS! That’s y she’s sooooo afraid!! Cause she talk all that sh** bout Writting and I BET SB been Writting most of her sh**!! ” don’t believe me just WATCH!!!”

      • rashadhunt December 20, 2014

        Go wipe yo ass all that s*** you spewing got you lookin dumb AF. she been a beast c*** now shut the f*** up she not Iggy h**. Man b****** really be praying for her down fall get off yo knees ma its not gone work she still her b****

      • rvs89 December 20, 2014

        I always thought that and I always thought was gonna happen. I hope the best but I’m not even gonna lie I’m here for the drama lmao. I don’t watch reality TV this is my next best thing

  2. DEL BEY December 20, 2014

    I didn’t even realise they were dating, guess SB is pissed no more black card for him, better start applying for those good stamps boo

    • DEL BEY December 20, 2014


  3. Diamond Princess December 20, 2014

    It hurts when someone is done with you! Nicki is trying to play games but clearly home boy is over it. Been there done that. She needs to just move on peacefully and stop trying to hurt the person that’s been there for her through everything.

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 20, 2014

      You clearly don’t know anything, the one tweet missing from both posts is him saying he’s gonna do radio interviews, that triggered all this.

      • Lily December 21, 2014

        You’re trying to say Nicki can do Interviews, Safaree can’t. I laugh. If she don’t want him to do interviews that means she’s afraid of sth. Like he telling us who Onika Ghostwriters are.

  4. girl bye December 20, 2014

    This screams…. PUBLICITY STUNT.. She really tryna boost them sales. #sympathy sales

    • rashadhunt December 20, 2014

      Boost yo damn confidance to do better with yo life you bottom b****. If only someone was there to boost yo mom self esteem not to swallow so many kids maybe you would have some brothers or sisters

  5. Donnie December 20, 2014

    She has been very disrespectful to him since forever. I remember how on her old Ustreams she used to talk to him like a dog. She’s saying he’s ungrateful but sometimes people think just because they are providing you with something that they can treat you like s***. I don’t know much about them personally but from what everyone can see she has totally diminished his manhood the whole time we’ve seen them together and his has been totally loyal to her. I’m not saying he couldn’t have made mistakes also but Nicki is nowhere near an angel in this situation.

  6. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Aquarius” Now In Stores) December 20, 2014

    I find it funny that now since Nicki’s album is out and we all know “Anaconda” isn’t a good single nor an album saver she now wants to address her relationship with this guy with all the years gone by where she never wanted to talk about it. Nobody can’t use the “media” excuse because the media knew she was with him. I see this is a duplicate marketing strategy in reminiscent with past artists that have done this before. Sad but true.

    • rvs89 December 20, 2014

      Spot on truth.

    • rashadhunt December 20, 2014

      I find it funny how nobody’s talking about you fave trashbucket since Beyonce dropped 7/11. I thought that b**** was coming for her spot lmfaooo. She disappeared faster than we thought Iggy would. Go find yo fav and her talent and maybe you can BOTH look for her wig yonce snatch instead of trolling a Nicki post. b**** be post

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 20, 2014

      Aww well it’s sad Tinashit couldn’t use a marketing strategy to drum up sales 🙁 Do you seriously think her breakup with SB, a fairly random dude who is only know because of Nicki, could increase her sales? Really? Anything to discredit Nicki

  7. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 20, 2014

    Just give him a reality show already. He’s being biitchy. I though he was handling it with class and some dignity.

    He’s telling no lies tho. Nicki is just pushing his buttons with her subliminal shot that have him confused. I can’t wait for next so we call do the #160K dance.

    • rashadhunt December 20, 2014

      B**** how bout you do the cha cha slide and Slide yo ball headed ass out of a Nicki post c***. She still gone win if it does those number s*** now go wipe yo ass yo but stink I smell you through the post.

  8. rvs89 December 20, 2014

    Instead of playing into it he handled it well. He is right as well. I can’t imagine being the fiance of a woman squating down with her ass out globally and then anconda video. I’m sure he is OK with the fact that she has to make her coin but I think he knows like we all know that the music industry is full of evil. She could have called him especially as close as they were and how she was just talking about the love the have for each other. Nicki should stop

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 20, 2014

      You’re clealrly not a Nicki fan so know nothing about them or their relationship. He didn’t handle it well by saying he’s gonna do radio to give his side of things, he’s nobody, he has no right use Nicki to promote his new music.

      • rvs89 December 20, 2014

        I dont think wether I’m a fan or not matters. That wouldn’t make me change my opinion. Regardless of the situation he is a business man too. Of course this breakup is gonna get him attention he never had so why not use it to his benefit to promote his craft. Like he said he was. So of course he will be asked about the relationship and if Nicki can speak on it why can’t he. He doesn’t have to bash her name he can simply say what she said about him and move on to his promotion like I’m sure he will. But let’s be honest like he said they used to laugh at people who beef on twitter so obviously the industry has a major influence on thier relationship.

      • Nicki is queen!!! December 20, 2014

        Like I said, you not being a fan means you wouldn’t have seen their relationship or know too much about them, so yeah it’s a relevant point. Spilling things about your pretty private relationship is not the right way to promote your ‘craft’. Nicki hasn’t really said much in interviews, she’s been polite and respectful talking more of how she feels than what actually happened. He on the other hand seems like he’d be more open, after all the stations have gotta get something cuz NO ONE is gonna give him an interview without some Nicki tea

      • rvs89 December 20, 2014

        So because your a fan u know their relationship. Ctfu
        Kill me dead

  9. rvs89 December 20, 2014

    He probably sick right now.

  10. DanYiel Teflon December 20, 2014

    Awaiting her supposed leaked S*x tape

  11. ok December 20, 2014

    I’m a barb but I don’t care for relationship of celebrity but I wish them best..I don’t think its promo cause Nicki’s mother is clocking SB now!!! pls who watches telemundo Spanish films or who knows a Mexican actress Marlene favela
    ..she and Nicki are my Queens

  12. Stefan December 20, 2014

    Who gives a f***? She’s a 32 year old thot and attention w****

    • raykel December 20, 2014

      I pray to GOD yo mom dies of a fatal cancer. Matter a fact I hope that w**** or a b**** you call a mother catches Ebola and suffers tragically and every second is miserable and painfull and that b**** die in yo arms c***. you waste of f***** space. Don’t ever come for Nicki you w****

      • NENE December 20, 2014

        what you wish someone you shall get, the person never said flopnika to die rather she called her a w****.

      • Stefan December 21, 2014

        LMAO!! All of that over a flop b****? You are SEETHING

  13. NENE December 20, 2014

    This is all staged. she will still flop next week am waiting.

    • rvs89 December 20, 2014

      I think so too and I think they gonna stage a get back together too. Well maybe the stage is one side of the relationship but its mostly for the public eye

    • raykel December 20, 2014

      B**** flop yo ass to some tooth paste plz and talm bout next week her album still gon flop and next week yo breath STILL gon smell like pure D s***

  14. Bella December 20, 2014

    This site should be called NIckiMinaj.Com.

    Anyway, yes I think it’s all staged to sell albums, cause she’s never ever admitted he’s even her bf! Now all of a sudden her album is out n she not only confirmed the r’ship but also dumped him publicly! I can’t stand this bish.

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 20, 2014

      Then why are you here? Everybody knew SB was her man though, she never openly said it but she still showed it. She didn’t publically dump him, they split and we found out. Nothing about him would bring in sales for Nicki

    • rvs89 December 20, 2014

      Ctfu I thought so too. I thought she was a lesbian at one point I remember her in a youtube video saying she wants a bad b**** with a fat ass and big tits. I remember that I didn’t know she was dating anyone. Lol her break up songs are on album now the break up begins. Lol I remember her other album was coming out and DJ khaled proposed or something. It just seems like regular celeb formula to get in the news

      • Nicki is queen!!! December 22, 2014

        Again, not being a fan of Nicki is why you didn’t know about SB when he’s been there as soon as she hit the Internet, obviously before that but we wouldn’t know first-hand. She’s not a lesbian & no, Khaled didn’t ‘propose’ for her album, it was a joke to do with their single, on his album so…

  15. xedos December 20, 2014

    I think Niki is very manipulative.its funny how as the week goes along the same week her album drops everyday the drama between them rachet up more. these two will be back together after all the pro is done.

  16. BeyxMaraj December 21, 2014

    OMG, I watch Telemundo. Marlene is so super s*** and has curves in all the right places. Personally I liked Monica Spear but she died earlier this year due to armed robbery. *I want Marlene and Mario Cimarro to date*

    • BeyxMaraj December 21, 2014


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