Jessica Sanchez Dropped From ‘Interscope’

Published: Monday 8th Dec 2014 by David


After pressing play on Gwen Stefani and Fergie‘s solo careers, ‘Interscope’ has decided not to move forward with the singer Jessica Sanchez this year.

Details on her dropping below…

After coming second on ‘American Idol’s 11th season, Sanchez inked a deal with the label in a bid to propel her career to new heights, no doubt hoping to replicate the solo superstardom enjoyed by the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. For, last year saw her debut album ‘Me, You & the Music’ debut with sales of 14,000 units, and peak at #26 on the Billboard 200.

This year, her producer Mark J. Feist revealed that she was no longer with the label when a fan asked if she was still with them.

His response?

mark j feist-that-grape-juice

Her departure came after the label had shown interest in picking up ‘Murda Bizness‘ rapper Iggy Azalea before she found a home at Def Jam, and after they steered Azealia Banks‘ career before she cut ties with them to continue on as an independent artist.

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  1. Beysus December 8, 2014

    So the label was more interested in Iggy than Jessica??? Ugh…

    • Liam December 8, 2014

      ummmm Iggy isnt on Interscope she’s on Def Jam…TGJ was drawing a reference lol

      • Beysus December 8, 2014

        No after the label didn’t sign Iggy, Jessica was dropped… So there would’ve been more focus on Iggy if she did sign.

      • Liam December 8, 2014

        oh thanks for Info Beysus…didn’t know all that went down!

      • Kitty Puurrzz December 8, 2014

        Thanks for correcting his ass. The 1st comment people decide to make us something negative about Iggy..

      • Beysus December 8, 2014

        *HER ass

  2. Liam December 8, 2014

    I didn’t even know she had an album out…i knew bout that single she had with Ne-yo! well she is talented and young so she has time to reinvent her image and find a direction that suits her! Interscope is getting to be a real shitty label anyways

    • Muffy December 8, 2014

      You summed up exactly why she was pissed at Interscope. NOBODY in the USA was told about her killer album. It did sell very well in Asia, however, where she is VERY popular.

  3. Unbiased December 8, 2014

    So what?
    Another boring reality show contestant.
    Name one icon/legend with longevity to come from a reality contest. Exactly.
    These contestants are great singers but are boring, unoriginal and forgettable.
    Rihanna is a mediocre singer but she has charisma and makes bomb Pop music.

    • Carpet Mucha December 8, 2014

      Kelly, fanny and Carrie are great and successful artists. I couldn’t name any other winners tbh.

      • DanYiel Teflon December 8, 2014

        Fantasia is also talented she’s a LIVE SINGER as is Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood….

      • Mark111 December 8, 2014

        Face palm.

    • J.E December 8, 2014

      Christina, Britney, Justin, Beyonce and many more all came from Star Search.

  4. DanYiel Teflon December 8, 2014

    Too be honest I’ve never heard of this girl or her music…

    • Toohotfortv December 8, 2014

      I am seriously always shocked when someone stands up and shouts, “Yes! I am ignorant!” As if thats a good thing. Why are you in the conversation if you have no reference points? Smh

  5. BB December 8, 2014

    Saying she was “dropped” is a BIG jump in logic. all accounts are leading more towards Jessica choosing not to renew her Interscope contract to explore offers from more a more supportive label.

  6. CATFISH CAREY December 8, 2014


  7. Toohotfortv December 8, 2014

    Well, I think it’s more a loss for interscope. Honestly, I think it says something that with all the talent in the Asian community that we don’t see them in the top of the charts more often. I think that trend may change a bit with the arrival of kpop stars such as CL and G-dragon. Song and dance is just as much a cultural thing (especially with filipinos). There are some amazing vocalist out there that don’t get noticed and it all seems a bit odd to me. Jessica will do fine. I just hope that she remains ready bc I feel that the industry is going to open up very soon.

  8. QD December 8, 2014

    Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry not one contestant has done anything worthwhile..

  9. yasssssssssss B**** December 8, 2014

    i really enjoyed her album, it’s a shame she has such a nice voice too.Oh well hopefully she can secure a new deal.

    • Muffy December 8, 2014

      She had a new deal before leaving Interscope. The album is almost completed.

  10. Mark111 December 8, 2014

    It’s hard for an Asian artist to break in the US. Utada Hokaru is HUGE in Asia, I mean Britney Spears level. Could not
    Break in the US amd she was American.

  11. Timago December 8, 2014

    Flopssica Flopchez.

    • Muffy December 8, 2014

      Explain why her album went platinum in Asia, had a dozen magazine covers and photoshoots, and how she sold out a 15,000 seat arena for her first solo concert if she is a ‘flop’. Jessica has seen more all-around international success than any idol finalist in many years.

    • JoAnn December 8, 2014

      Back off hater. She is not a flop. She is working her way up but interscope boxed her so she wont surpass Phillip Phillips. They did not release her album worldwide.

  12. lolhart December 8, 2014

    Shame to hear this, but her album was painfully generic and what were they thinking trying to launch her with that Ne-Yo track. It was album filler at best. Interscope just don’t know what to do with female artists. The very talented Candice Glover is another good example.

  13. JoAnn December 8, 2014

    Rather than saying she was dropped, she is better off with interscope. They never promoted Jessica in the first place. Jessica will have a new label and she will be slaying the music industry soon.

    • Muffy December 8, 2014

      I think saying she was dropped is a pretty irresponsible headline. There is no indication whatsoever that she was dropped. All the talk with her people is suggesting strongly that she told Interscope to pound sand and switched to a label where she could do HER style of music (R&B/pop), and not what Interscope forced her to do. (Dance/EDM)

  14. sleazy December 8, 2014

    she was NOT promoted like phillip every Idol who signed with interscope flopped she has what it takes but going with interscope was her mistake

    • Muffy December 8, 2014

      She HAD to go with interscope. They get first dibs of Idol contestants.

  15. Thomas December 8, 2014

    Epic and interscope records is quick to drop a artist and not support the artist when they drop a album

    • Muffy December 8, 2014

      Interscope has never developed new artists. They just hope to ride their initial popularity for as long as it lasts, and then let the artists go. They have always been like that.

  16. cocobutta December 8, 2014

    She can SANG but this industry don’t seem to like Sangers unless they already out from few years back.

    Pop tarts rule.

    What makes me laugh is X-factor show got cut in the U.S but I hear more about Fifth Harmony more than ANY winner of The Voice and yet that still airs.
    Hmmm interesting

    • lolhart December 8, 2014

      But The Voice brings in viewers, which means advertising revenue. That’s all the networks care about. The X-Factor got dropped because the ratings became embarrassing. It even got beat by The Sing-off.

  17. Thomas December 8, 2014

    There a possiblity that xfactor usa is coming back i hope so because everybody a fair shot not like american idol orvthe voice either you have be a solo artist

    • lolhart December 8, 2014

      That rumour was started by a tabloid in the UK. It’s not coming back

  18. Muffy December 8, 2014

    If you follow the twitter conversation, there is no mention that she was dropped. The conversation with her people is talking about her currently producing her new album for a new label. With the frustration Jessica and her management at 19 has had with Interscope, it sounds like Jessica dropped Interscope for a new label.

  19. AmbeRussell December 8, 2014

    She is VERY talented and is more than a mic stand singer. She was flirty and s*** and fun all on 1 with this mega huge voice. She was a standout on idol, but her album came and it was horrible. It was generic dance songs that she sung too well on and it wasnt what idol fans came to love Jessica S. for. Then it wasnt promoted either

    • BB December 8, 2014

      That album was not “horrible”. As proof, go look at all the trade industry reviews, which gave it very, VERY high marks. It was put together with the best producers in the business.

      Just because you wanted a 16yo girl to sing boring love ballads for senior citizens does not make her album “horrible”. The problem is that you have shitty taste in music.

  20. Musika December 9, 2014

    This drop details was probably done ages ago. Jessica & reps probably didn’t want to reveal it. It was pretty obvious from her recent interviews that she was no longer with Interscope. She even said last year that she was looking forward to signing a new label and releasing her second album.

  21. Wiq May 18, 2015

    Jessica is garbage and only has two options!!! Either Broadway or gospel! She sounds like a playback button of jenifer Hudson! First of all your an asain girl singing nothing but black people music! And this girl had never even captured the black audience and never will. So she need to go to gospel or Broadway the two most unbiased genres! She’s Asian but not doing any music that suits her back ground! Taylor swift gave us the white girl point of view Beyonce gave us the black girl point of view and jlo gave us the Spanish girl point of view. You ASAINS need to get with the damn program or you will never be a big part of music! Mimicking is something we all know you do so stop! You can’t be a megastar like that! Reach to your root and flip that s*** into modern day music!!

  22. Wiq May 18, 2015

    And the label is 100% correct by dropping her! Idc how good you think you are if its something I’ve heard before on top of that you are a terrible performer I would of dropped you too! Stop blaming her promotion team! Her voice was good enough for her to have a part in the music she was going to sing! 9 times out of 10 she chose Pop and rand b music! But people were never feeling her as such! We only saw how good her voice was from a loud karaoke effect! The only music that suits that is gospel and broadway musicals! That’s why glee was great for her! It was her who wanted to be a pop artist which has failed her and always will!

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