Watch: Mariah Carey Live At The Rockerfeller Center (Isolated & Unedited Vocals)

Published: Thursday 4th Dec 2014 by David


As her husband goes into business with Ariana Grande‘s manager Scooter Braun, Mariah Carey made her way to the ‘Rockerfeller Center‘ in NYC recently to perform at the Christmas In Rockefeller Center event.

There, the ‘Elusive Chanteuse’ delivered a live rendition of her timeless classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’

Unfortunately, many were left disappointed when the singer served up a vocal performance of the “hell no” persuasion, surprising those who had hoped to receive a voice just as stellar as the one on the song’s official recording.

Why the negative attention the performance got is now bound to worsen?

Isolated and unedited vocals below…

Watch here! 

As “shocking” as that was, the fact remains that Carey still stands as one of Pop’s strongest vocalists, sounding better when she’s “off” than a number of her rivals do when they’re on.

Put simply, it’ll take more than a few vocal missteps to overwrite performances like the one below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Skyfall December 4, 2014

    Who cares honestly, it’s not a secret that Mariahs vocals are sometimey. Plus it was cold. This article is honestly pointless.

  2. IStanForNoOne December 4, 2014

    It actually wasn’t that bad

  3. Yea ok December 4, 2014

    Didn’t we just have a post about this ? The desperation for clicks and ad money is real.

    • Maleficent December 4, 2014

      they got bills and no life, that’s the reason!

      • Avi December 4, 2014

        …and in the meantime you’re here. So what does that say about you?

  4. tits mcgee December 4, 2014

    Well thanks for that bit of honesty, David.

    The Legend M’s off day, is still superior, to most these bishes best!!

  5. metzo December 4, 2014

    Well this was hard to watch. I screamed towards the end when she cleared her throat and tried to hit falsettos and her voice broke. That was so funny. Oh well, she once was the greatest singer of all time. This can happen to anybody.

    • tim December 4, 2014

      Once was the greatest singer of all time by YOUR standards not mine. I’m unimpressed the fat sloppy drunk b**** havn’t been right vocally after her first 2 or 3 cds. Mariah was a better artist but vocally couldnt f*** with Whitney at all. Celine and Christina have stronger voices as well. Mariah NOW is on Beyonce level as a singer. Only little gay queens who want to be her and bamma d*** b****** like her.IJS. F*** THAT H**

      • tyler December 4, 2014

        Ummm, Christina hardly has any vocal/pitch control at all. She’s all over the place. So….

    • Bimeansbi December 4, 2014

      It will never happen to BRANDY. Monica is already going through the change of vocal ability.

  6. Smh December 4, 2014

    Why can’t she just lip-sync? Celine dion been doing it for decades now. Just prerecord a good track, and lip-sync. stop embarrassing yourself

  7. DanYiel Teflon December 4, 2014

    She’s a vocal beast & hell if I was her I’d pull many Britney Spears on the GURLS LIP SING THE HIGH NOTES WE KNOW SHE CAN GET UP THERE SHE HAS AGED VOCALLY!!

  8. …. December 4, 2014

    Funny when you think about it, Mariah’s vocal prime only lasted for a good 5/6yrs. S*** went left in the Butterfly era and it’s been hit or miss since then. That’s what happens when you do too much.

    • tim December 4, 2014

      She is a s****. a fat s****. run Nick run. dont stay in that house with that crazy woman.

  9. FRESH NAVI December 4, 2014

    Haaaa i had samantha revaluating her shade she threw in the last post. YASSS b**** you gone learn!

    • Special Delivery December 4, 2014

      But you need to re-evaluate your spelling and grammar before you try and be a smart asss

  10. Gaga little monster December 4, 2014

    Fat, ugly, old, irrelevant and divorced.

    Lmao she keeps loosing! Game over mariah

  11. Special Delivery December 4, 2014

    Oh dear

  12. eric December 4, 2014

    “How much is live, how much is prerecorded?” are questions that still follow Mariah. If you really know Mariah, it’s hard to not gain respect for the voice and singing ability she still possesses in this video. I’d like to see anyone’s favorite stand outside, suck down cold air between every phrase and still push out a very decent sound. There’s a reason artists “warm up” before shows; vocal cords have to stay warm. Mariah’s a champ.

  13. Lindsay Lohan December 4, 2014

    This is why David >>> the other one.

  14. SnowBunny December 4, 2014

    Why does she continue to embarrass herself? She’s tarnishing her legacy with these awful ass performances. She sounds a hot mess.

  15. Casual-T December 4, 2014

    No singer is in perfect voice all of the time. She had a few struggle high notes, but she wasn’t that bad overall, especially since the viewing audience saw her perform with the full band and background singers, rather than with isolated vocals.

  16. ahh so December 4, 2014

    woow woow. mean thing. them guys putting that voice so alone is… asking for the flames. who does that? with the bgm it was good. sure she gotta hit some more notes. impromptu is always hard. who harmonizes perfectly? and voices age. they might have put the pitch on the bgm so she can sing it in good range to hit. that’s what a rehearsal is good for and the lil nobs on the intruments. ohh… did i say instruments? yeah… doesn’t work with backing tracks. 😉

  17. Boom Clap XCX December 4, 2014

    When you sound worse than rihanna you know you need to hang it up

    • TheElusiveLamb December 4, 2014

      Did you forget who you stan for?

  18. Cookie December 4, 2014

    Her time has come and gone 4 years ago when her first of 2 flop albums floped…

  19. Kim Kardashian Stan December 4, 2014

    She really needs to stop embarrassing herself

    • That MC Cli-toris Juice December 4, 2014

      From a Kim Kummddashian fan ? Lol

  20. That MC Cli-toris Juice December 4, 2014

    TGJ stays on Mariah’s cl/it. Yall love them MC drippings !

    • tits mcgee December 4, 2014

      They love her yum yum, like bubble gum!! Lmao!

  21. Lmfao_Hoe December 4, 2014

    Her voice isn’t that bad, especially the way they treated Whitney. Nippy still had it vocally, had she stopped smoking cigarettes like Clive said she could had restored it back. Then again people need to remember every artist vocals will decline if they don’t give their voices rest

  22. Kim Kardashian Stan December 4, 2014

    Fat ass cow can’t sing anymore or keep a man lol

    • TheElusiveLamb December 4, 2014

      Quit trolling hun. It makes you look more desperate than your attention wore fav.

    • tyler December 4, 2014

      Really though? You know you need to stop.

  23. TheElusiveLamb December 4, 2014

    It’s the same off key performance from last night, so what is the new post about? I see the media manipulation is real.

  24. tim December 4, 2014

    She remind me of Ms. Piggy with the long blond wig and tight ass tacky dresses. one fart and errthing exploding

  25. Credits December 4, 2014

    I wonder how many takes and re-do’s she goes through in the studio before making a song that sounds good….

  26. BeautifulDisaster89 December 4, 2014

    Honestly at this point Mariah Carey has nothing to prove. She’s millions of records, won many awards, and has made timeless music. She’s paid her dues so if she has an off day so what lol

    • BeautifulDisaster89 December 4, 2014

      She’ sold *

    • tim December 4, 2014

      B**** go eat a roasted s*** turd with extra hotsauce. the s**** is done. she is an old washed up thot. I guess all of yall stick together.

      • BeautifulDisaster89 December 4, 2014

        umm how mature of you to say something like that dear lol you don’t know me or her but you’re comfortable enough to say such ugly things….wow your life must suck lol.

    • Avi December 4, 2014

      The day Mariah has “nothing to prove” is the day she retires. For as long as she continues to market herself for profit, she’s not done having to “prove” herself as being worth peoples money.

      • BeautifulDisaster89 December 4, 2014

        I can slightly agree with that but at the same time there aren’t a lot of artist that have accomplished what she has as an artist so even if she comes out will a lukewarm album or so so performance she still has made her mark in entertainment

  27. tim December 4, 2014

    @Uglydisaster89 Well Mariah must be paying your rent or car note,with the way you are acting. sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up.

    • BeautifulDisaster89 December 4, 2014

      lol ha! cute stuff keep it coming my love !!! If she could pay my bills I would definely be excited about that lmao

  28. mejdj December 4, 2014

    compared to last years xmas performance, its actually pretty good

  29. Dem Lessors December 4, 2014

    It’s a lot worse than I thought especially the end. If she had smart management they would make her lip sync like Beyoncé or my fave. 100% playback was needed at the end.

    • Carmen December 4, 2014

      Dont bring Beyonce into this, she can actually sing live. She is not on the level of your fave.

      • Dem Lessors December 4, 2014

        I just did bring her in and you can’t do naff all about it. Plus you are right Bey is not on the same level as my fave, Brits first 2 albums have outsold every Beyoncé album combined. No re-release needed like a true pop queen does.

    • Carmen December 4, 2014

      And the sad thing is, Britney can not even lip sync well either.

  30. tim December 4, 2014

    She need Ariana Grande’s help. she is a fat funky b****. her private parts smell like chitterlings. sorry!

  31. bim December 4, 2014

    She Is Trashy

  32. Rosie December 4, 2014

    It started off good until the 50 second mark or so.

  33. JOHNVIDAL December 4, 2014

    Again: how was it that bad or something? She did pretty good and 90% of your faves couldn´t do this not even at their primes now.
    Why the new post??? The obsession is real!
    She keeps slaying with her OWN , really own songs, and she still can sing them pretty decently after 20 years and in the freezing cold. When will your basic faves?
    Why didn´t you make several posts talking about the same performances in Australia a month ago when you thought they were good like you are doing now for just one performance of a song? Hilarious. So desperate.

  34. people who hate the w**** MARIAH December 4, 2014

    @ Johnvidal Just STFU! the THOT is weaker then the ice tea im drinking. yall act like this fat funky cow is all that. She ain’t! If she met you then she prolly wouldnt even like you. Her voice was never that great to me. Church girls would outsing that bamma b**** anyday…. fake drunk b****!


    I Hate the s***

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