The Stream Scene: Rihanna, Melissa Steel & Ciara Make Major Moves Online


Welcome to another edition of ‘The Stream Scene‘, the ‘That Grape Juice’ original feature shining a light on digital feats made by Pop & R&B’s biggest movers and shakers!

Launched in response to the inclusion of streaming points in many a chart across the globe, each edition will see us breakdown the facts and figures behind by each member of ‘The Scene’s release!

So, which four acts made it into ‘The Click Clique’ this time?

Find out below!


With not long to go before the release of her eighth studio album, Rihanna continues to make major digital moves on VEVO this week, doing so with a number of visuals released in eras gone by.

Uploaded on November 12th 2010, the entertainer’s ‘What’s My Name‘ visual continues to pull in major numbers this week, surpassing the 400 million mark and arriving at the 407,000,546 mark, pushing her subscriber count to 15,216,769.

Quite interestingly, the clip has now outperformed the better-known bop that is ‘Only Girl in the World’ which has been viewed 373,412,187 views to date.


In the UK, Island Pop newbie Melissa Steel sees her public profile reach higher ground with a little help from her new single ‘Kisses For Breakfast’, pulled from her Harmony Samuels– backed debut album.

Watched for a total of 31 years, the cut’s visual has driven 3,735 new subscribers to her official YouTube channel, and viewed 5,800,285 times since its June 9th 2014 unveiling!

As anticipation for her debut album grows, the video sees its popularity rise, seeing it perform better now than it did during its release period, crossing the 5 million mark in December 2015 and now less than 200,000 views from reaching the 6 million mark!

Joining this week’s ‘Clique Click’ is R&B diva Ciara, the chart-slaying force behind the new single ‘I Bet.’

In just five days, the single has been spun more times than her Pop jam ‘Overdose’ has since September 2013, reaching views of 1,793,060 before the release of its parent album ‘Jackie‘, due out later this year.

Meanwhile, her R&B classic ‘Ride’ locks lips with the 82 million mark this year, now boasting spins that sing to the tune of 82,177,168 as her ‘Goodies’-lifted ‘Oh’ sits pretty at the 5,500,159 mark!

On a sales front, sales and streams push Tinashe‘s ‘2 On‘ to the 1 million mark after it reached sales of 473,000 units in the August of 2014. Elsewhere, Katy Perry‘s ‘Prism’ reaches sales of 3,43,000 units worldwide as Nicki Minaj‘s ‘The Pinkprint’ crosses the 512,000 unit point globally one month after its release.

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  1. Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

    Ciara is Freaking slaying I know the navy is pissed

    • The Bajan Princess January 18, 2015

      Ummm pissed at what? Her album will just flop like Aretha Franklins tittys after removing her bra. The Navy is unbothered by Ciara. Trust me lmao.

      • Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

        Look at you seething because nobody cares about Rihanna anymore? She is old news like Gaga. Ci is consistent and will do big things this year bookmark it b****

      • Gurrrl!!! January 18, 2015

        Caught that bait like a fish.

    • Lam Merci January 18, 2015

      Shut the f*** up and humble yourself! Ciara hasn’t had a certified album in almost a DECADE! That’s 10 damn years!! She is a threat to no one!

  2. Bang bang January 18, 2015

    Love all the positive news.

  3. nancy grace slays!!! January 18, 2015

    This is ciaras time!!!

    • The Bajan Princess January 18, 2015

      Y’all said that the last 3 eras….

      • Pat January 18, 2015


    • Cici da baddest January 18, 2015


  4. Hur January 18, 2015

    These post are very unnecessary!! Lmao

  5. Mark111 January 18, 2015

    Ciara “the chart-slaying force”. Ha! WHEN?!

    • The Bajan Princess January 18, 2015

      Lol the delusion!!!

    • Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

      When was flopliyah

      • Mark111 January 18, 2015

        Irony in your name and comment.

      • Lam Merci January 18, 2015

        Look at this BULLSHYT! Aaliyah is a legend while Ciara is still struggling 11 years later.

      • Brian310 January 19, 2015

        She already has and did it in 7 years while ciara is STRUGGLING to match her in 11 years.

  6. Stephy Jackson January 18, 2015

    “Meanwhile, her R&B classic ‘Ride’”… Umm Whet?

    Anyways, I don’t understand how artist get 1 trillion views on YT but steady sells like 100 – 700K LPs WW. That’s extremely weird. Congrats to Rih Rih tho. Her single sales are MASSIVE! “Stay” is certified @ 10x Platinum WW. “Diamonds” should be next…

    • Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

      B**** bye go buy the elusive flopteuse

      • TheElusiveLamb January 18, 2015

        After she buys the Flopping Chanteuse, maybe she buy the other 4 flop albums that Hehe made. Sad that if you add them all up, they don’t even outsell Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel USA sales. 🙁

  7. The Bajan Princess January 18, 2015

    I can’t wait for #R8. Ugh. Stay pressed Z-Squad!

    • Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

      I can’t wait for it to flop

      • rosy January 18, 2015

        B**** stfu rih is slaying ciara with old music all you haters deal the rassclot with that fact rih has nothing out new and she is relevant no one is checking for d squad as what wendy Williams say she needs to give up music don’t come for rih back the f*** up

  8. DanYiel Teflon January 18, 2015

    Lol all artist I pay no mind too when I log onto YouTube or Vevo…

    • Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

      You always hating b****

  9. HistoRih January 18, 2015

    I love how King David always celebrate the Queen.

  10. Lam Merci January 18, 2015

    I swear the f****** Ciara stans really need to humble themselves!! OMG! Remember when her last album flopped after they talked all of that SHYT for months, and they disappeared for weeks until the coast was clear? If I were a Ciara stan I’d just support her and keep my evil ass comments to myself!

    • Terny January 18, 2015

      OMG! Remember when her last album flopped after they talked all of that SHYT for months, and they disappeared for weeks until the coast was clear?”… Rotflmao

  11. Pat January 18, 2015

    Poor Cici…Same tired R&B melodies!

  12. metzo January 18, 2015

    Rihanna slaying those YouTube views on the low. I c u VeVo queen

  13. datreddone23 January 18, 2015

    Congrats Rih you were very undercover this year but still slayed 2 icon awards prestigious magazine covers one of the highest grossing per show for the monster tour and Billboard naming we found love the number one song of the decade!

  14. D January 18, 2015

    Damn Nikki…Pink Print Flopped This chick talking bout 65 million sold digitally yea chick u and breezy are singles artist its terrible how albums dont sell no more unless u Taylor swift

  15. Gurrrl!!! January 18, 2015

    Why do people fall for Stan war baits all the time. Smh they can’t tell when a troll is being a troll. Anyway congratulations to all three women.

  16. Truth January 18, 2015

    Ciara!! Look at I bet slaying while CiCi sits back with baby future.Haters mad at all the buzz she’s getting.

  17. TheElusiveLamb January 18, 2015

    Congratulations to everyone and that even includes the Aaliyah/Janet wannabe whose chances at being certified gold are like Future wearing a condom or paying his child support on time. 🙂

  18. FutureCIARA January 18, 2015

    Yall soooo madT… LMAOO!

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