Must-Hear: Tahj Mowry – ‘Bossy’

Published: Sunday 18th Jan 2015 by Sam

“I really wanna be your slave tonight”

Lifted from Tahj Mowry‘s new single ‘Bossy’, it goes without saying that the lyrics prove that former child actor is all grown up.

Now 28, it appears the ‘Smart Guy’ star (who is the younger brother of Tia & Tamera) is keen to shed his wholesome image and introduce the masses to an edgier, racier side of himself.

Speaking on the track, Mowry mused:

“Bossy was one of the first songs I wrote from the new album and it’s probably one of my more racy/sexual songs.

I wanted to write a song that flips the script on the norm. Men are expected to always be in control but sometimes as men we want to let sometime else take over for once”

On the song’s suggestive overtones, he added:

“I like using innuendos in my writing because it keeps people guessing, it’s a song about how giving up control can lead to some very Bossy commands”

Take a listen below…


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  1. Dem Lessers January 18, 2015

    Go home Roger.

  2. ontherun January 18, 2015

    So is this his coming out song?

  3. Mark111 January 18, 2015

    He’s like the male Raven to me, but his voice is too whiney. But I LOVE Baby Daddy tho. It sounds so Disney Channel Original movie-ish.

    • Skyfall January 18, 2015


  4. Musika January 18, 2015

    First time hearing about this guy. I didn’t know those Mowry Twins had a brother! his style reminds me of Miguel a little but voice is more raspy

  5. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015


    More news served fresh. Rita has booked her 1st cover of 2014 – quicker than rihanna. She is on the cover of L’offical from France. HA, beating rihanna at her own game, I thought rihanna was fashion icon?

    The ratings were up this week

    She is shooting with Lachapelle.

  6. DanYiel Teflon January 18, 2015

    I YouTube his voice he’s actually pretty good vocally for a Group….

  7. KING RIH January 18, 2015


  8. Flamingo January 18, 2015

    This sounds like something Nick Jonas threw in the trash.

  9. Bella3 January 18, 2015

    Because of his show #BabyDady he has grown a really big fan bass. I think he could really blow up. He’s beautiful,funny & his voice isn’t half bad. With all the success Sam Smith Has had all over the world Thaj coming out would help him more especially given the fact that 70% of the huge fan bass he has now is LGBTQ.

  10. Stephy Jackson January 18, 2015

    He still has that same cute face. This is how I am. My face looks like my baby years too. Cute, I LOVED his show “Smart Guy” . I was obsessed with that show, when I was younger. Anyways, his lil “music” is not my cup of tea but good-luck to him. He was also in this Mariah video…

  11. PCD Fever January 18, 2015

    This is a big no for me. If he wants to be taken seriously the LAST thing he needs to be doing is talking about being dominated in the bedroom. This sounded like a reject demo for a FEMALE artist from 2009.
    Back to the drawing board you go.

  12. OVO Dasher January 18, 2015

    Bottoms anthem.

    • Its Bobby Bish January 18, 2015

      And what’s wrong with being a bottom?

      • Paulo January 18, 2015

        thank you! I can’t with these girls self-hating themselves on this blog, trashing people with “bottoms” and “f******” while lusting for d***. I mean it’s alright let’s have a kiki

      • hottie101 January 20, 2015

        yet u stick ur d*ck up the bottoms a*s … stupid idiot

  13. TheElusiveLamb January 18, 2015

    He still is so cute!

  14. Paulo January 18, 2015

    the beat is hot. his whiny tone is doing nothing for me, tho.

  15. Tru Voice January 19, 2015

    He should have submitted this to Rihanna and had a hot producer do the instrumental. I’m not feeling his vocals AT ALL. The delivery is a no. And the production seems like something Jason Derulo would have done.

  16. xosquad January 22, 2015

    I love this song. Sometimes its good to let your woman have a little control in tgr bedroom she might surprise you 😉

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