Rita Ora Pushes ‘The Voice UK’ To New Heights With Epic Ratings

Published: Sunday 18th Jan 2015 by David

That Rita reign just won’t let up.

Success remains the name of Rita Ora‘s game in the UK, receiving an Oscar and BRIT Award nomination less than two weeks into the New Year!

Now, before the release of her US debut album, the ‘Testosterone‘ boosting babe continues to rock the UK on BBC’s ‘The Voice UK‘, taking the show to epic heights with her viewer-pulling personality!

For, after pulling 8.05 million viewers into her web last week, the entertainer pushed last night’s episode to heights of 8.46 million, making the series highest-rated show on British television last night.

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  1. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

    More news served fresh. Rita has booked her 1st cover of 2014 – quicker than rihanna. She is on the cover of L’offical from France. HA, beating rihanna at her own game, I thought rihanna was fashion icon?
    The ratings were up this week
    She is shooting with Lachapelle.

  2. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

    And we have lift off. Rita Ora has landed her 1st fashion cover of 2015, beATING RIHANN. HA. She is on the cover of L’ official france, She looks very 1970’s and groovy. I thought Rihanna was the queen of fashion? Why is her ‘ clone’ booking more deals and covers than her?

  3. Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

    Oh okay who cares outside of uk

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      Those millions who watch the oscars. The same oscars that black women were crying and begging to be included. I know rita is not personally up for an oscar, but she will sign; AMERICA WILL SEE THAT SHE CABN OUTSING RIHANAN, that will be a good chance for her.

      2: The oscar red carpet IS THE MOST important in the world; they say actresses book their next jobs of endorsement deals on THAT carpet. RITA is clearly the best dressed woman in POP; this is her CHANCE TO TAKE IT! I think RITA WILL BE THE BEST DRESS woman at this oscars. This will lead to more fashion deals and cover of Vogues.

      3: Have you read how to win friend and influence people ? That book is the KEY networking book; rita embodies this. She has friends in high places. Now, she hangs with Chanel muses, The Abu Mama twins. She will meet more Powerful people in hollywood who will shower her with work/

      Rihanan is jealous, no way did she expect her so called flop clone to ether her like this.

      • HBIC_MamaPope January 18, 2015

        everyone pay this illiterate THOT no mind, this is the same ‘Rita ora can win a oscar’ girl, whose bitchasss stays trolling this site with no valid receipts of her stans success and now she has the cheek to change her username and pretend that Rita has more than one fan. Rita is a lessor. BYE.

  4. TRUTH SERUM January 18, 2015

    On lawd, here comes the rantings and ravings of that lunatic fan. Two years from now it will be on tmz because of a stalking case. Lol.

    • HBIC_MamaPope January 18, 2015

      LOOOL! this is reminding me of the ‘Ashanti Stalker Case’, prolly started on a blog just like this and now look whats happened

  5. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

    Rita is already rich and famous; she has fame and fortune. But, it is clear that she is gonna be a HUGE mega star, thank god she has the ambition, drive and talent to back it back…….

    • Cici da baddest January 18, 2015

      She sucks her way to the top and she is ugly with a bland voice and generic music

    • Sigh.. January 18, 2015

      Rihanna is more accomplished and that is why you mad,its ok

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        YOU mad as f***. That is why you stalk rita ora’s makeup artist instagram page, hurling abuse. That makeups artist is not even her full time makeup artist too/

        Rihanna started 10 years ago, so the comparison makes not sense. Actually rihanna 1st era in the USA did not lead to anything major.

        Rita, on her ist ERA HAS already:

        Started in 3 movies
        Played in stadiums
        Completed a tour
        Appeared at cannes film festival
        Covers major magazines all over the globe
        SOLD out make up and clothing line
        Presented TV show
        Perfumed at Glastonburty and V festival

        What was rihanan doing on MOTS / AGLM? Absolutely nothing. So, statically speaking, Rita is more accomplished.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        performed at white house and at oscars. rihanan after 1o years has YET TO EVEN pull that off. thAT IS HOW MUCH OF basic ass she really is, RITA will perform at supermbowl before Rihanna, u will see.

    • Sigh.. January 18, 2015

      The UK embraces Rihanna more than they do Rita..its Rihanna’s biggest market.You mad cause Rihanna’s first album is certified gold in the US while Rita’s first album is non existent in that market.Its ok

    • HBIC_MamaPope January 18, 2015

      ‘gonna be a HUGE star?’ mmm, whats taken so long dear? she’s been signed to Roc Nation since 2009, and been recording ever since so why has it taken so long for her to pop off?, I would have thought that a real talent wouldn’t take 7+ years to get recognition

    • HBIC_MamaPope January 18, 2015

      It’s sad because this girl can actually sing when she’s not screeching, definitely better than her inspiration (aka Rihanna), but she is microwavable.. she is not going to find worldwide success until she find her unique own style, voice, look. everything right now screams rihanna leftovers and gwen stefani’s understudy circa 1995, and zero people are checking for it. You may think it’s good to have endorsements and deals before fame, but it’s making her washed out and overused especially when she’s isn’t a household name – her marketing strategy is bad, i don’t know whether to blame her label or what.

  6. DanYiel Teflon January 18, 2015

    Lol I’ve actually never heard her sing until The Christmas Show” she’s a great singer!!

  7. TRUTH SERUM January 18, 2015

    She’s pretty and talented but something about her music that doesn’t translate in the states.

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      In all due fairness….the album never came out. it was just one single.

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      The reason why the US have been on Rita’s case, was cos she was everywhere with no album out. That was roc nation’s fault. Her album is not bad; check out face melt.

  8. No hate January 18, 2015

    No surprise here, Rita is giving a new fresh and fun air to The Voice UK. She’s having a good moment right now, if she pull all this good aura on her new music, she will have finally her music moment on US.

  9. Marshia January 18, 2015

    The only Rita stan on here actually used to be a Rita hater which is so funny to me. Another thing that’s funny to me is how David is starting to promote an actual black girl who is more talented than Whora who will eventually slay her.

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015


      She also shot with Top Pohot from Poland and is work is features in European VOGUES. So, we may have French Vogue cover for rita on the way. BLOOP BLOOP rihanan!

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      Who is that black girl? Black girls in the UK neve make it big; sade is the biggest black singer and she is mixed race. Black girls in the UK don’t even get signed. Record companies in the UK, only want mixed race and white girls.

      • PCD Fever January 18, 2015

        Melissa Steel has a deal my dear and a top ten single. Oh, and credibility and now with David behind her she’s going to put Whora in the shadows.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        melissa steel is ugly. She does not appeal to whites. She won’t get radio play. Case closed.

  10. Lam Merci January 18, 2015


  11. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015


    EVEN more bbad news for rihanna. RITA has just shot with famed, iconic photographer, David Lachapelle. He shoots rolling stone covers. Looks like her rolling stone cover is coming. She will body it and her backstory is really good. A lot of folks want to know what happened with Rob and calvin, and where she gets her drive, It will sell well.

    • PCD Fever January 18, 2015

      Rita WISHES she had Rihanna’s career which is why home girl has spent three years taking her leftovers. Rihanna’s music is ten times better and if Rita was popping like you said she was there would be no reason for Roc to delay her album if they thought it was going to sell.
      The TRUTH is that everything about Rita is smoke and mirrors and she uses bloggers like David to make her seem bigger than she actually is. It’s obviously working if it turned you into a stan after you used to hate her but the SHADE will be real when her album comes out and flops.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        rita, like all singers, wishes to be like beyonce or madonna. They are the only women worth emulating. Both Madonna and Beyonce like rita.

        Her taking Rihanna demo’s as not her fault, that was her label. She said she is picking her own track from now on. Rihanna music is not all that; she cannot sing. It was a blessing that they scrapped her album, it gave her chance to make movies in hollwoods. When one door closes…..

        Rihanna is smoke and mirrors. Getting played by Kating perry, losing fashion deals and covers to Rita Ora. Such for an icon. Even Beyonce killed up rihanna. Even if her album flops, she has hollywood to rely on. When Rihanna losers her airily and flops…..THAT IS THE END!

    • Al January 18, 2015

      This what happend the kardashians didn’t like Rita whora and Calvin said she gave him warts and a STI. And he said she swallows
      All will be revealed in next weeks take abreak

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Calvin said that?When? I have never heard that.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        ver the past year this A+ list singer has seen her life turn into a downward spiral that her friends think is going to result in her death. One friend said the singer is abusing drugs so much that she wonders how the singer is not already dead. She spends all day and night doing drugs. In the past our singer always had a busy schedule but managed to make it to everything and to show up coherently, but now when she does show up for things, she does so out of it and is never quite sure where she is or where she needs to be. She also has used drugs in the past, but now she is using them openly and not afraid who sees her. The friend knows about 15 people that the singer has slept with in the past six months alone and has heard there are way more. Her recording sessions have sounded awful lately and millions of dollars have been spent on songs that are not even usable. Our singer wants to move away from just records and to be an actress, and doesn’t understand why she is not able to get more parts and be a star, especially after her most recent movie. The singer is constantly taking last second trips and paying for the expenses of all her friends who tell her what the singer wants to hear and not what she should hear. The singer had a brief one month relationship with this A list midwest rapper who the singer stalks by calling him everyday and night but who she never mentions publicly. The rapper messed with the singer’s mind and ever since their working relationship turned hot and passionate for a short time she has never been the same. He has moved on but she has not. She ruined the relationship with her mentor by calling his wife one night and telling her what the singer and the mentor had previously done and that they continued to hook up all the time. The mentor went ballistic and has not spoken to the singer since. Our singer has tried counseling but says she is fine. The friend I spoke to said when she confronted the singer and advised her to get help or take a year off to get her head straight, the singer yelled at her and threw her out of her hotel room and has not spoken to her since.

  12. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

    She also shot with Top Pohot from Poland and is work is features in European VOGUES. So, we may have French Vogue cover for rita on the way. BLOOP BLOOP rihanan!

    oh dear….I though Rihanna was a fashion icon ?

    • Al January 18, 2015

      We “MAY” have a cover that’s it all there. Rihanna proved more with her debut album than Rita Whora has in her whole career. Take a seat

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Rihanna never got fashion covers on her debut album. Her sit vogue cover came in 2011. Pitful.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        What did rihanan prove with her is album? She was not even known to GP with her 1st album, despite the hits. Rita is way more famous now, than Rihanna was with MOTS. Rita’s love life make showbiz news. No one was checking for rihanna life in 2005/ 7. Rihanna has to change up her whole look and sound just to get noticed.

        RITA is already being noticed. HENCE why y’all mad. Henry why y’all go on her family members IG page and hurl racist abuse at them.

      • Al January 18, 2015

        Rihanna had a worldwide debut single where is whoras?!
        Apart from Black Widow which she can’t credit for herself she has only had two US hits
        No75 How We Do
        No80,I Will Never Let You Down
        Has ORA passed 1M worldwide sales?
        By now at the same stage Rihanna was in her career that Rita is in she had her first US No1 with SOS so please until Rita has Rihanna wealth, $100M plus grossing tours, 12 US No1s and any other No1 for that matter than please big her up. Until than TAKE A SEAT CHILD

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        that is over 10 years. Rita has not been around for 10 years and she is already making millions and doing this that rithanna has not done.

  13. Keri Me Home January 18, 2015

    @RihannaIsAGroupie You say Rita is slaying but we all know the only thing she knows how to slay is a penis. Everyone in her hometown knows about her ho antics which is why David the Flop goes out of his way to act like she’s killing it to make it seem like she’s killing it on her own merit.

  14. Al January 18, 2015

    Jesus who is this Rihanna is a groupie?!
    Stop this Rita praising Jesus Christ she hasn’t even made it big anywhere yet. She may have had 4 UK No1 singles but I don’t see her with huge single or album sales. Her album in the UK only pushed to platnuim which is 300,000. Until she has a break out hit of her own and pulls the numbers in for own show than start prasing “Queen” Rita .
    Yes it may pull in 8M but after the auditions the ratings fall hard

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015


      10 International covers on 2014 alone

      Already started in 3 hollywood movies.

      If that is not making it….then I don’t know what is. Her album sold 300k in the UK and 200k ww make it hard half a million album sold. This is 2012; not 2005, when rihanna debuted.

      She will get her break. That is what they are building for. She aint ciara or any other hood singer. She has team, with strategic plan.

      • Al January 18, 2015

        6M where?! Show me the receipts because I for one would love to see!
        Let’s throw you some numbers child:
        150M records sold WW
        13 US No1s
        Her biggest selling album LOUD has passed sales 9M
        We Found Love hit No1 in 29 Countries you seriously want me to carry on?!
        Am not even a big Rihanna fan but you need to stop acting like Rita is the new queen cause there are many before her

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        That is great what Rihanna achieved. Her career will end, cos she is getting older, the gimmicks are tired and she won’t be played on US radio forever.end of.

        LOUD has nothing to do with Rita ora and her goals. The bottom line is, rihanna had a good run, but, she is on her way out.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Sales Overall:
        Album Sales:
        UK: 350,000
        Worldwide: +500,000
        Single Sales:
        UK: 2,339,000
        Worldwide: 5,431,500
        +Other Album Songs Sales Combined: 100,000
        Record Sales: 6,031,500

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        LOL LOL Loud is not at 9 million. Her biggest album is GGGB. Louis is like at 5 or 6 mill. UNA, to me flopped. They say it sold 7 mill but it slatted at 3.6; beyonce is at 5 and so is Katy perry.

        How long did it take her to get 100 mill tour?

        WFL was not even a big seller in the USA

        all THIS does NOT mean RITA wit be a star. It juts means Rihanna got lucky to start in 2005 and drop and album every year. Things are different now. She will see….

      • Al January 18, 2015

        I am pointing OUT to you what she is achieved showing you reciepts can you show ritas 6M?!
        Is any US stations playing or played Rita NO.
        Ritas in the 3rd of her career and still is no big star just someone with some success and a few endorsements.
        Until she can achieve a 10th of what Rihanna has than purleeze sit your stalker ass down
        By the way where you from the UK?!

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        You chanting rihann’s achievements would be the same at someone screaming Mariah achievements at beyonce circa 2003. Mariah’s achievements did not STOP BEYONCE GETTIGN TO WHERE SHE IS NOW.

        SO how does RIHANNA WFL OR TOUR mean anything to RITA? all it proves it that YOU are scared and insecure. We know rianna is famous and has number1’s, but that does not mean anyone else cannot and that WILL NOT STOP REET, who IMO, will BE bigger than RIHANAN ever will be. 2 years…she doing well.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Rihanna’s album sales are declining, despite the million spent on from ( 777 tour ) Even though she has all this airplay, her single sales don’t match that in the USA.

        sHE DOES not sell covers; Kim K and beyonce have outsold her. Her branding power is not as effective as one may think. GAGA and beyonce’s scent outsold her. Beyonce and Kim K were the only americans on the UK brand list ( list of most popular brands in the UK Rita was number1. Rihanna was not there at all

        She is not number 1 on twitter or Instagram; which proves she not the media power the make her seem. Her tour numbers are nothing special.

        Her PR stunts, gimmicks stories in the Media are smoke and mirrors.

        Her movie FLOPPED BADLY.

    • Al January 18, 2015

      Please Mariahs achievements has anyone else reached what she has achieved NO.
      Being a huge Mariah fan she may not be sucsessful now buyt you could not compare Mariahs career to Beyonces in 2003.
      You make me laugh CHILD!

  15. metzo January 18, 2015

    Good for her!

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      Nice comment. They, like Rihana are just jealous of all the opportunities she is getting.

  16. Its Cheryl 2Bh January 18, 2015

    Still no US release date? I guess there are some things money CAN’T buy.

    • Max January 18, 2015

      Say it again sister.

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      Well…when brands keeping throwing deals at you worth millions and Hollywood want to cast you as Bradley cooper’s leading lady, music is the last thing, especially as record sales are declining. Prince said she gets fashion deals just walking out the house.


  17. LDN Diva January 18, 2015

    Is this slag still trying? I wonder if people know how many boyfriends she used to steal before she became a celeb.

    • Navi Boi January 18, 2015

      Blooop! So I’m not the only one who knows that sweet west london tea.

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      She is white. White girls have ambition and work towards their dreams. Some other types are ghetto and give up after the 1st hurdle.

      • LDN Diva January 18, 2015

        White girls have ambition and work towards their dreams? Lol, sweetheart. Race has NOTHING to do with ambition and even if it was African and Indian people would come out on top seeing as statistics prove they’re more likely to attend University than white working class people.

        And when it comes to Rita? Don’t confuse p**** lip spreading with hard work and tenacity. Rita’s reputation in her hometown is burned because she used to sleep with everyone and everything which is why she never mentions that Craig David put her on cos she slept with him too.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        What part of London? They ghettop poor council estate where black people, who were at school with her rot? OR the TOP high end society ?

        Cos Rita is fixture at London fashion week

        She is friends with Stella Mccartney, Kate Moss, Cara Delvegnige, One direction

        She won awards at The British fashion wards

        She was nominated for a BRIT – AGAIN

        She has been on covers of UK GQ, ELLE, Glamour and featured in papers, vogue UK and many more.

        She was wanted by Simon coweell for factor, but is now on the voice.

        Nick Grimshaw of Radio is her best friend and RADIO I love her; she is also friend with max from Capital FM

        She is a movie directed by a Brtish woman.

        She was invited by Sir Bob Geldof to sing on Live aid song

        She completed a UK tour on her 1st album ( something rihanna never done )

        What bad reputation in the UK? It seems like the only people who hate her are broke black people such in council estates who no hope pr prospects.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        The people in the UK who hate Rita Ora, are non montherfucking factors with no job. No one, with power in THE UK ( AKA white people ) HATE RITA. THAT why she is there and BLACK girls her age ARE NOT…….

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        And when it comes to Rita? Don’t confuse p**** lip spreading with hard work and tenacity. Rita’s reputation in her hometown is burned because she used to sleep with everyone and everything which is why she never mentions that Craig David put her on cos she slept with him too.

        RITA ora, among others have boosted the UK economy SAY the government. She has also contributed to the UK record industry. WHO, in the UK hates her?

        Only people who hate are are umepmplyed black girls, who are mad cos they cannot get that dudes she gets or get a record deals. I know black girls in the uk are ugly as HELL. MEN in the UK like women who look like rita over black girls, that is why they mad and envious. While rita is in Hollywood, where are black BRITISH GIRLS?

    • TRUTH SERUM January 18, 2015

      Lmao… Lol… Lmao… What’s a slag? Love it. Lol

  18. Nadia January 18, 2015

    How many boyfriends has she had in the last three years? Damn girl, give the p**** a f****** rest. She needs to learn something called class because she sure ain’t got none.

  19. Mark111 January 18, 2015

    “That Rita reign just won’t let up.”
    looks to the left. Looks to the right.

    knew 90% of the comments would be from Rihanna’s Groupie. Sad lil thing.
    and why they look like lost minions?

    • Paulo January 18, 2015

      I been scrolling to see if anyone else noticed this… another accidental self-shade from David. I bet he thought it was a good look for his girl too. #FlopPRing

  20. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015


    2015 has not even started and 3 has 3 covers now. She is on the cover of L’ official france; Italy cosmopolitan and Singapore cosmopolitan. HA. Rihanna has no covers for 2015. rita already has 3. Her adidas line is on the cover of Cosmo India.

    THAT why they mad as f***.

    • blue January 18, 2015

      rihanna’s 4 vogue covers are not bothered

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        LOL my pint proven . NOT IN 1 year but over the span of 10 years. The list came in 2011. Look how long it took her.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        YOU DO know that RITA ORA HAS 10 overs in 2014 ALONE

        3 ocvers IN 2015.

        IT took YEARS FOR rihanan to get on covers of fashion magazine.

  21. Skyfall January 18, 2015

    This delusional Rita Stan should be put to rest. Honey this isn’t a competition, Rihanna comes on top everytime. Rihanna didn’t release any new music in 2014 but had a number song “The Monster” with Emenim. Rihanna is about to release her animated movie this spring as well as a whole soundtrack and an LP this year.

    7 Grammies
    Fashion Icon
    Icon Award
    Over 150 million records sold
    13 #1s
    Multi-Million grossing tours
    Shall I continue…..

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      It is Emimen. Duh! BLACK WIDOW was hit too.

      Fashion Icon
      Icon Award
      Over 150 million records sold
      13 #1s
      Multi-Million grossing tours
      Shall I continue….. That is great for rihanna, when she stops getting airplay due to her age, she should be happy with what she has achieved.

      Animation LOL so much for leading lady in Hollywood LOL LOL

      • blue January 18, 2015

        at least its a leading role…how many of those does rita have? at least wait till rita has achieved something better…

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        She is filming the lead female for new Action film with Bradley cooper. She will be new sic fi action with with A list actor ( not sure of the name ) Some say Channing tatum.

        Animations don’t count las leading lady role. How many women have won oscars for playing cartoon character?

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Rihanna movies – 2

        Rita ora movies 5; plus 2 that will be filmed this year

        HA HA HAH HA

      • blue January 18, 2015

        how many action movies have won acting oscars? how many female actors have won oscars for an action movies? how many action movies have female actors as leads?

        make sense

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Don’t even mention oscars. Rihanna does not get invites cos she basic. RITA WILL BE THERE.

      • blue January 18, 2015

        how honey rita has no movies… you call it your movie if you name appears in the credits with a character name next to it, not as

        Blonde #5 – Rita Ora

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        50hsades of grey – in all 3

        South paw

        Bradlley cooper flim

        SCI fi galaxy or gaurdiasn type film

        MORE she cannot name cos legal

        Rih has that one cartoon. LOL Oh, and that flip battleship

      • HBIC_MamaPope January 18, 2015

        her age? GURL you a MESS. Rita Ora is only 2 years younger than Rihanna, so you how can you try and say that airplay will decrease with age, you dragging your own fave since she’s in her mid-twenties and hasn’t been successful yet. Rita has enormous catching up to do, Rihanna been doing this since she was 16 and Rita 2 years younger than her, but has 10 years catching up to do is. and as for your racist comments. YES i know it’s you ‘Rita ora can win a oscar’, you will get scalped, edgeless, and dragged if you continue to talk sideways as if your fave isn’t coppin off black culture – BOOP bye HO

  22. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

    the good news is….rihanna is getting older. She cannot sing or perform. I leave that there.

    • blue January 18, 2015

      rita is 3 years younger than rihanna, if you think rihanna is old at 27 are you telling us that rita only has 3 more years to her career? lol she isnt even going to make it to 10 years in the industry…poor you

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Rihanan is near 30. Case closed, She is near losing airplay on US pop radio. Once that goes……..so does her career.

      • TRUTH SERUM January 18, 2015

        Rita will forever be Rihanna’s understudy. She should stick to acting because it’s not happening for her here.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Of course her career not end in 3 years. She has 3 more 50 shades coming, plus, she goes to film 2 other movies that will come out for 2016 / 17. She is good!

      • blue January 18, 2015

        at least she would have had it for over 10 YEARS!!!! while rita has never had it, doesnt have it, and most probably will never have it.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        WELL rihanna said her goal was to be a movie star and have the JLO type career. BUT after battleship flopped hollywood snubbed her. The understudy booking more covers…………

  23. blue January 18, 2015

    wait hollywood snubbed her?

    is that why she is leading the first animation movie to have the first female character of color?

    JLO type career? let me see

    Pop Queen – Check

    Perfume Queen – Check

    Fashion Icon – Check

    Movie star – I’ll go with check

    you do rita next…

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      Hollywood has snubbed her. RITA HAS UP to 10 movies coming out. She has Harvey Weinstein – They GUY WHO MADE jennifer lawrence. CASE CLOSES

      Perfume Queen – RITA’S MY NYC was bigger seller than rihanna perfume

      FASHION ICON? RITA BOOKED 10 COVERS last year; 3 THIS month; HER adidas line was SMASH GLOBAL HIT; iT HAS BEEN MODEL ON EVERY MAJOR FASHION by the likes OF adraina Lima and kristen stewarts

      Movie STAR – RITA has film with bRADLY COOPER. case closed BRADLY IS A LIST RITA WILL BE AT THE OSCARS…..RIHANAN will be watching on TV all alone with melissa, drugged up, angry, popping off in ebonics on twitter. HA

      • blue January 18, 2015

        who else has seen this movie with bradley cooper… is it in cinemas yet? man im always late with the good stuff, someone tell me how it is?

      • blue January 18, 2015

        rihanna launches male perfume and its sold out in minutes and that was her 4th scent

        rihanna has a movie in which she is the leading character coming out this year

        rihanna covered vogue! case closed… then had the nerve to wear the most talked about dress since jlo’s versace dress

        rita is not on rihanna’s level sweety #hangitup

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Rihanna dress was talk about for being slutty, not iconic as Liz hurley dress. She covered vogue in 2011. Rita ora will cover it a lot faster in her career. She has already featured in US AND UK vogue


      • blue January 18, 2015

        rihanna’s dress was talked about because she made a statement… she got people talking about real issues that woman deal with daily…and for the first time in its history the cfda was relevant.

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Liz hurley’s versace dress>>>>>>>Rihana being nude and dressed like a s*** as usual.

  24. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

    They say rita will her make it and list all what rihanna achieved, so why has Rihana stopped talking to Rita? They uses to be cool, but when rita started to get attention, rhinna got b*** hurt and stop speaking to her, even though rita has done nothing wrong.

    why? she s jealous, insecure, threatened and scared. She has younger , talented more prettier rival . They are on the same label. Rihanna is so obsessed with Rita; that why she moved to ROC nation, when she was good at Def Jam; that why she steals her style and PAYS CARA delving to hang out her and SPY on rita’s moves.

    ALL of rihanan navy go on to Instagram of Rita, her sister, her cousins, her makeup artist and her stylist and hurl abuses. They say things like ” you are not reeanna ” On pictures on the stylist drying coffee. That is not normal; why target Rita’s makeup artist? Cos they are scared, they know rihanan does not have Talent of bEYONCE to sustain a career at the top.

    • Al January 18, 2015

      You need sectioning!!
      Your acting like Rita Whoras is on the same level of sucsess as Gaga on her rise.
      TGJ please not DIANNE WARREN was nominated for the Oscar not Rita!
      And what are these covers she has done?! None that I can recall you sure you dont mean take abreak?!
      And if you are trying to give the teenvogue a front cover child it was not
      #Take a seat ya ere

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        She will sing at the oscars. Rihanna will never. the covers are top fashion magazine, not ghetto ones that your broke ass is used. too. Heard of Elle?

      • blue January 18, 2015

        Elle??? is that the one rihanna has covered more times than anyone else under the current editor?

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        She booked her 1st Elle cover in 2009 after. Rita got a USA ELLE COVER IN 2012. HA HA HA

      • blue January 18, 2015

        in other words rihanna was 20 when she covered Elle and went on to be the person with the most covers under its current editor…

        how old is rita again?

      • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

        Rita dis not start at 17. It took her years. It took rita months to get that ELLE USA COVER. HA

  25. Al January 18, 2015

    Ghetto broke ass speak for your self am from Manchester not the projects. Come on name them am dying to know. Seen as I work for Mulberry I’m pretty well knowledge on fashion

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      manchester has broke ass council estate with rife poverty. If u worked for mulberry, you would know about Elle magazine, where mulberry advertised, heavily. h**.

  26. Al January 18, 2015

    Elle Magazine is that it? Has she gracred the front cover of Bazar and any Vogues?!

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      LOL dfelction 1st sign of weakness and typical ghetto responSE. Look at u trying to downplay Elle. Elle is bigger than vogue – they sell more copies.

      She has been in Vogue UK 2012 Remember she is new act, not 10 year vet. She has been in Vogue US, She covered Hapers Arabia BEFORE RIHANNA LOL LOL Her clothing line was modelled on the cover by Adriana Lima for Italian vogue LOL LOL

      • blue January 18, 2015

        all i read was

        SHE WAS NOT ON A VOGUE COVER…anything else you wanna add? fashion icon my ass

  27. rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

    You can get mad and call her a w**** and say she won’t make it. But what is that doing? I sate facts; I report on THINGS SHE is doing that is making her money. You spouting abuse.

    You say that she won’t make it; but many said the same about Rihanna. She is not gonna get dropped; even if she leaves ROC, she will be picked uo by another label. So, what does all the rage actually do to rita?

  28. blue January 18, 2015

    @Rihanna’s Groupie
    I know you think rihanna is at a disadvantage for being black, but remember “black dont crack” so that bajan beauty will always look 5 years younger than rita

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      But her sub saharan features will always make her be ugly. The hair alone.

    • rihanna is groupie January 18, 2015

      Rihanna looks 35.

  29. african music lover January 18, 2015

    And you people used to get on my case when i told you this one Rita Ora fan was retarded and annoying….

  30. TheElusiveLamb January 18, 2015

    I DC what anyone says, I think this Rita fan is funny.

  31. JOHNVIDAL January 18, 2015

    And the ratings (similar to other seasons from what I´ve read) are thanks to her because… LOL
    TGJ is hilarious!
    No shade to this girl, nothing against her, but come on 🙂

  32. Al January 18, 2015

    Got nothing against her apart from she full of herself your posts are too much and yh Elle magazine any ramdon singer can go on the cover I bet Ellie goulding of Jessie j been more than her.
    You acting like she’s the new Adele or something. But child rain it in before you get arrested for having Rita whora sucking ur pin d***

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