Madonna Addresses “Boring” Lady GaGa Feud

Published: Wednesday 25th Feb 2015 by Sam

Madonna is igniting the promotional trail in support of her new album ‘Rebel Heart’, due globally on March 10th.

Her latest stop? Rolling Stone magazine.

Quotes from the Pop queen’s interview feature have begun to surface and one in particular has set tongues a’wagging.

The 56-year-old reflects on her “feud” with Lady GaGa, which became headline news after she famously deemed the ‘Bad Romance’ singer “reductive” in 2012.

Her words below…

I don’t think she wants my crown. We live in a world where people like to pit women against each other. And this is why I love the idea of embracing other females who are doing what I’m doing. It’s important for us to support each other. The only time I ever criticized Lady Gaga was when I felt like she blatantly ripped off one of my songs. It’s got nothing to do with “she’s taking my crown” or “she’s in some space of mine”. She has her thing.

I do think she’s a very talented singer and songwriter. It was just that one issue. And everybody’s obviously running with it and turned it into a huge feud, which I think is really boring, quite frankly. And you know what?I don’t care anymore. Here’s the thing: one day everyone’s going to shut up about it. You’ll see! I have a plan. {Source}

Got to love when an artist lights the match, ignites the fire, then hides their hands behind their back with a surprised look on their face when the blaze rages.

Wasn’t it Madonna who sunk her claws into GaGa on a major network interview? Why so “shocked” that the media took it and ran with it?

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what she means by “I have a plan”.

Unless, it’s something uber compelling or totally unexpected, we hope neither bother with a collaboration or performance. It doesn’t feel like there would be much value for either by doing so.

Stay tuned.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Indie February 25, 2015

    She had every right to be pissed at Gaga for ripping of Express Yourself, and she also has every right to be over the issue and still appreciate her as an artist, people break up and make up in life all the time, so why can’t celebrates do it? Fans hold on to issues forever when an artist can change there mind about someone a day later! I think a collabo with them would be good for women, and there fans just as a collabo with Gaga and Christina was great and worked out too!

    • K February 25, 2015

      i agree.

    • Al February 25, 2015

      Express Yourself is an uncredited rip-off of the Staples Singers’ Respect Yourself. Stephen Bray wrote Madonna’s song and a ton of her other hits. They fell out due to her taking a co-writing credit for the song by only changing one line for royalties.

      • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare February 25, 2015

        See, this right here is the true TEA. How are you going to claim somebody ripped your song off when you dug through the files of a 1971 Staples Singers song! I love Madonna but that was ridiculous.

        And Gaga went after Carl Bean’s 1975 files “I Was Born This Way” to draw inspiration for her own “Born This Way.”

        The entire feud was based on hypocrisy. I hope we never have to hear about it again.

  2. Al February 25, 2015

    Who cares both past it anyway

  3. The Darling February 25, 2015

    it seems to me that Madge isn’t taking responsibility for this, regardless this is such a played out fued….Madonna & Gaga are both great in their own right Madge is legendary her legacy will live on forever she is better than this.

    Gaga seems to be laying the ground work to move beyond being constrained by pop music, Girlfrieng gave a world renowned performance in a room full of directors & producers she isn’t dumb. That was a performance/audition there is more to being a entertainer than chasing a hit….if she keeps training her voice to sing in that semi-operatic key can definitely see Gaga putting out a full ablum of that kind of material

  4. JM February 25, 2015

    You wanna know why music has been getting more stale, bland, boring, and awful over these past few years? It’s because pop music has been getting whiter every year. There hasn’t been this many white artists topping the charts and winning this many Grammys in decades. White people f***** suck, in America I mean. They have no substance to their culture because they’ve been on top of for 400 years. Unless they’ve been poor, rednecks, or from the trailer parks, or anything else that get looks down upon for generations, they have no spirit, soul, or anything that makes them interesting. You put Iggy, Katy, Taylor, and all these other basic boring soulless white girls on top and praise them cuz they can sell when they are just an absolute snooze fast, straight up Nyquil on beat. I dream of the day there is a civil war and the suburbs/white/upper and upper middle-class neighborhoods are destroyed so they can know what it’s like having to start 5 steps behind the start line instead of 10 steps ahead. I can’t speak for other countries but in America white people are trying their hardest to put everyone darker than a lunch bag back in chains whether they realise it or not

  5. DEL BEY February 25, 2015

    Born This Way most defiantly had similarities to Express Yourself.. I’m glad gaga has realised the gimmicks only get you so far

    • whut February 25, 2015

      Gimmicks is what got Madonna this far.

      • DEL BEY February 25, 2015

        shame on gaga then for drawing inspiration from another gimmick..

  6. LB February 25, 2015

    I do think she’s a very talented singer and songwriter.

    Ha Madonna come on, how hard can writing “gaga ramamama ramama ooo lala” be? Gaga is a talented singer but an overrated song writer. Gaga has never written anything of substance, all her music is substandard generic pop trash music, again she is just a good singer, as are many artists out there.

    I give her props for playing an instrument but Gags is nothing special, there are many artists who can sing and play an instrument, what matters is what you do with your voice.

    • RCi February 25, 2015

      Lmao why are people acting like playing an instrument is an accomplishment… its easy as f#ck to learn to play piano. Just because she plays piano doesn’t make her a better musician than Janet, Whitney, Michael, Madonna etc.

  7. Stephy. February 25, 2015

    Madonna needs to shut up about “ripping off” peoples work. Considering, she has a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of alleged “rip offs” herself throughout her ENTIRE career.

    Express Yourself doesn’t even sound like Born This Way AT ALL. I’m sorry, but I don’t hear it. Grandma has been KNOWN to steal underground artist work dating back to the 1980s. Also, atleast Gaga can sing her songs LIVE. Without sounding like a cat in heat. Bye Grandmadonna

  8. Skyfall February 25, 2015

    I agree with the first sentence, so I’m done comparing Bey & Rih.. They can both slay.

  9. SMH February 25, 2015

    Madonna and her fans can have several rocking chairs of seats. Like the post says, she started the fire and now she’s crying victim because she’s getting burned by the flames. She has A LOT of nerve accusing Gaga of ripping her off when A)Express Yourself is a rip off of The Staple Singers hit Respect Yourself, B)she stole Debbie Harry’s entire aesthetic at the beginning of her career, and C)she has the most plagiarism lawsuits filed against her out of any recording artist (and she lost them all in court). The media didn’t start any feud, HER MOUTH AND EGO started it. And now karma is collecting her ass so she wants to cry victim. BIITCH PLEASE. Gaga’s Oscar performance clearly sent her over the edge because once again, she is using Gaga’s name for attention just in time for her album release.

  10. whut February 25, 2015

    Gaga is doing her thing and moving forward while this woman is still rehashing old mess that she started in the first place. It can’t be that boring if she keeps bringing it up. And she wonders why her new music is failing so badly.

  11. Sean February 25, 2015

    Wasn’t GaGa the one that started the feud by blatantly lying on the Tonight Show and saying she received Madonna’s blessing via email (lies) then saying Whitney was the inspiration for BTW at the Grammys? Ya’ll hate the Pop Queen on this wack blog but if GaGa ripped off Janet, Bey or MC you’d be calling for her head. Madonna was supportive and embraced GaGa at the beginning. All GaGa had to do to crush the feud was to say Express Yourself and Madonna’s legacy was her inspiration before the public called her out first. Madge even attempted to crush the feud by having GaGa appear on tour with Her at one stop which GaGa declined. It’s Not Madonna who lit the match Qweens

  12. Mark111 February 25, 2015

    Lol, this elder is a joke. She wanted to use Gags like she did Britney, Katy, Miley and so many other women. She’s no icon, everything her fans say is iconic is taking from other women in entertainment. Gags is trash, but so is Madonna.

  13. LOL February 25, 2015



    • Mark111 February 25, 2015

      I forgot to add, she wants to ise the weak and beef with the strong women. (Janet, Mariah, and so on.)

  14. gina February 25, 2015

    Sorry Madonna, but its YOU that has become boring. And predictable.

  15. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 25, 2015

    Who is checking for Madonnasarus Rex

    • Molly February 25, 2015

      No one besides Suicide Blonde kii

  16. Molly February 25, 2015

    Madonna is the biggest joke in music. Gaga easily slays her old trashy ass.

  17. Suicide Blonde February 25, 2015

    People wants to see Madonna as this evil villian and Gaga as the poor disney Princess, why not?, she’s an easy target. Most people symphatize for Gaga, here’s the story: Madonna didn’t start this feud, Gaga lied on national television when asked about the whole Born this Way/Express Yourself drama, she said that Madonna emailed her giving her approval regarding the song, (it’s just not BTW, Dance in the Dark, Fashion and countless more are clearly blatanly copies of Madonna’s songs). Even Gaga’s creative director admitted that the idea was to recreate every Madonna move, music, image, behavior, etc, she was fired after that, it was too much. Madonna’s publicist deny that such thing was done, it make Gaga look like a fool, her Monsters started a campaing againts Madonna. In 2012 Madonna gave her first interview since 2008, she was asked about the issued, she called Gaga reductive, Monsters went crazy again, doing all they could to destroy Madonna, like they do to whoever say something negative about Gaga, remember Bionic?, Gaga did nothing to stop them, they even burned a Madonna’s t-shirt in front of her while Gaga was in Brazil, she actually laughed at this, i bet she think it was cute. Then Madonna shaded her during her tour singing both BTW and EY, no more words about Gaga until this RS interview (2015), while Gaga had a meltdown on Twitter when Artpop flopped, she attacked Madonna, Katy Perry and even her own team, you decide… I honestly starting to like Gaga again, she seems to be more humble and conscious now but don’t come to me with that bs that this feud is Madonna’s fault, Gaga is to blame, i’m trying to move on despite all the things her fanbase has done to us but zero b*******, Madonna has the right to complain about someone stealing her work, just like every artist Madonna has stolen something from has the right to drag Madonna to hell and back. Seems like both are trying to make peace, good, let’s all move on but remember that Gaga started all this.

    • Sean February 25, 2015

      You won’t be able to rationalize with these Janet loving queens Suicide. You spoke the truth and they’ll ignkre it Bc their favs will always be a step or 2 below Madonna

    • CherylSoldierr February 25, 2015

      But not you including even ONE receipt or credible source to back up this bullsh!t lmfao. And not madonna clearly saying above that it was ONE song

  18. Carmen February 25, 2015

    Bith if them are overrated trash! Madonna is pot calling the kettle black, when she’s when of the biggest plaijiarists. And I just can’t stand Gagas pretentious ass. She possess more talent but her artistry is shittt! Madonna has less talent but better artistry.

  19. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare February 25, 2015

    As a fan of both Madonna and Lady Gaga, I do hope the respective fan bases will finally let it go.

    Now, if only the HIVE & the Navy would take a cue…Mind you, this feud actually has NOTHING to the do with the artists, only the fan bases. smh

  20. FROOTJOOCE February 25, 2015

    ‘Living For Love’ less than 24 Hours after its release in the UK and Ireland, shoots straight into the Top 3 in both countries.

    Clearly people are checking for her, she is the highest selling female artist of all Ifs or buts.

    Will your faves still be charting in 20/30 years? And that high, not to mention. NO xoxo

  21. Zion February 25, 2015

    Two gimmicks, but atleast one of them has talent.

  22. Paulo February 25, 2015

    “Got to love when an artist lights the match, ignites the fire, then hides their hands behind their back with a surprised look on their face when the blaze rages.” SCREEEEAMING! I miss Madonna the real unapologetic b****. The one who would find real reason to shade and then would take it to the next level. She went too far with GaGa and now she’s tryna save face but that won’t work cause apart from KKK Blonde’s delusional ass, everyone knows the truth

  23. JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2015

    Yeah yeah right LOL Madonna girl you are hilarious. I mean, you soooo used it to begin your new MDNA era and get attention. Acting like you don´t care now it´s just a little bit ridiculous. Just shup up and move on for real.
    Gaga has been doing her thing, slaying Jazz and now stunning everybody (even people who don´t care about the music industry) at the oscars. Just move on.
    You are legendary and I love such a big part of your catalogue. But all these things always around you are bot cute at all, never were.
    There´s no other choice but to praise Gaga´s talent now, not even the hating media who loves to turn these celebrities into jokes can ignore that. It´s probably killing Madonna a little bit inside. But it´s normal. Just don´t say anything.

    • King M.J February 25, 2015

      Exactly, I agree.

  24. Career Ender February 25, 2015

    dear Slayriah
    I see your square box as$ is back in tgj
    Please do me a favor and keep my name off your hoè fingers
    every now and then my name is in your comments
    I’ve made peace with not acknowledging you, please do the same
    or elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee biatch is back to dragging dat nappy Canadian yaki wig! !!!!!

  25. King M.J February 25, 2015

    Madonna needs to let it go, because she’s looking really foolish.

    • King M.J February 25, 2015

      In terms of this ridiculous feud.

  26. TheElusiveLamb February 25, 2015


  27. FutureCIARA February 25, 2015

    Now that her album flopped and leaked everywhere like Mark666 butthole, now she wants to cling and say neutral comments….. Goodnight grandma!
    And stay away from stairs before you end up like Mariah in a wheel chair!

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