Nicki Minaj To Headline The BET Experience 2015

Published: Tuesday 3rd Feb 2015 by David


Nicki Minaj is to headline the BET Experience 2015, called on the event’s organisers to lead a three day event launched to celebrate this year’s BET Awards in the sunny city of Los Angeles!

Details below…

Confirming that she is to perform at the awards ceremony, the award show announced that tickets for this year’s Experience are now available to pre-order here, giving them access to events led by comedian Kevin Hart, the rapper Snoop Dogg, The Playas Club‘ mastermind Ice Cube and many many more!

Want more on this year’s fun-filled festivities?

Click here and let us know if you’ll be attending below!

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  1. Arfa February 3, 2015

    Her new album sucks

    • February 3, 2015

      you are a perfect example of a deluded mofo.

  2. Islandboi242 February 3, 2015

    The PinkPrint is her best work! Nicki that’s three headlining gigs besides tour! Keep it coming I want the grammys give you another chance

  3. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. February 3, 2015

    This stink pusśy ho is fücking finished!!! Missy ended this ho’s career at the Super Bowl.

    • KeKe February 3, 2015

      Gurl Missy Reminded that stink pussay ho who the real queen is she is able to make an impact even after twenty years while that silicon s**** is on a decline after 5 years

      • MisdamenorFan February 3, 2015

        Yass… Meanwhile Missy is racking up accolades for that those 2 minutes that has surpassed Nicki’s last year of work.

  4. BELLA MARLENE FAVELA February 3, 2015

    yes come tru the first female rapper to appear at the Superbowl!!™ yas three headlining events!!!!!! yas come tru and when u win best female rapper sixth year in a role!! haters will seath!!!!
    the time when Kim fans start going after Missy cause she’s the second female rapper to go to Superbowl!! when will Kim? lmao keep Nicki in your mouth when she did it before Missy! Kim sue fans should first make sure their fave has at least 1 face!!!! if u don’t accept it KILL UR SELF!!!! until Kim sue can book a non gay club!!! Go gurl no matter what haters says her fans still like her!! right? so obviously your bitter ass isn’t doing anything!!!!! pink print is absolute life!!!!!!!

    • MisdamenorFan February 3, 2015

      6 time Grammy winning, 6 time platinum/multiplatium singer/songwriter/rapper/producer Melissa Elliott is definitely unbothered. Want to quote a Metacritic score? Missy’s lowest is higher than Nicki’s highest. Need I go on?

      • February 3, 2015

        so were in bella comment dissed Missy, you f-cking r***** what are you going ofter her what a dummy you are.

      • MisdamenorFan February 3, 2015

        You see what happens when they let the slow kids out of their own classrooms? I’m not even coming down from my Missy Superbowl win to acknowledge special ed. Go Miss

      • MisdamenorFan February 3, 2015

        You see what happens when they let the slow kids out of their own classrooms? I’m not even coming down from my Missy Super Bowl win to acknowledge special ed. Go Miss

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. February 3, 2015

      Who mentioned Lil’ Kim in this thread before you? Of course the Queen of Rap keeps you pressed. Lil’ Kim been had the crown as the Queen of Rap. Stay pressed, you hating a** b****.

      Lil’ Kim = Queen of Rap
      Missy Elliott = Queen of Hip Hop

  5. RDK February 3, 2015

    Nicki doing her thing.

  6. DanYiel Teflon February 3, 2015

    Missy Serves as does the Quen Bee aka BLAQUE BARBIE dressed in Bulgari I’m trying to leave in somebody’s Ferrari!! What What!!..:)

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. February 3, 2015

      YAASSSSSSS!!! Notice that only the fans of the stink pusssy ho Flopnika Garbaj are threatened by Queen Missy Elliott’s return. The Queen of Rap Lil’ Kim has proven she can not only coexist, but reign with other talented women. Flopnika Garbaj can’t even tolerate Iggy Azalea as competition because any other female rapper exposes how basic she is. Flopnika can’t survive in a world with Missy Elliott, because nobody will be checking for her music with a superior talent like Missy putting out music. When people look back at Flopnika’s career, it will be obvious that she was an overrated artist who couldn’t hang with the REAL QUEENS OF RAP.

  7. RihannaIsMadonna February 3, 2015

    yasss! Nicki is the baus, TPP is tha business its solid & personal her best work to date I mean it sounds like a mainstay album wise choice of songs I mean Mona Lisa, Truffle Butter, Win Again, The crying game & so on I mean such consistency Lawd! go on hate y’all still the Highest selling female rapper for tha record!!!! This Is The Pinkprint

  8. Godnika Teas February 3, 2015

    Collect those coins sis!

  9. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 3, 2015

    So many foolish trolls on this thread. Nicki loves Missy and respects her art and talent. We all know the queen of hip-hop has sold more than Nicki so what exactly are you guys getting wet for? Anyway, so happy for Nicki. BET really loves her.

    • MisdamenorFan February 3, 2015

      Hypocracy at it’s finest. Barbs can talk s*** about anybody anytime but as soon as someone says something about Nicki they are being trolls.

      • MisdamenorFan February 3, 2015


  10. Barb-wire February 3, 2015

    Whatever at you trolls, Nicki still winning. *plays win again*

    • MisdamenorFan February 3, 2015

      How is that Grammy?

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