Mariah Carey Teams With Brett Ratner For New Music Video & Movie

Published: Saturday 28th Mar 2015 by Sam

With the debut of Mariah Carey‘s Las Vegas show fast approaching, the diva is clocking up ample overtime as she pieces together its many components.

As reported, the singer’s ‘#1’s’ residency in Sin City will be accompanied by a refreshed greatest hits collection, which will also include new material.

For the release, which will arrive in May to coincide with the show’s kick-off, Mimi has re-teamed with director Brett Ratner to shoot a brand new music video.

Details below…

mariah-carey-brett-ratner-thatgrapejuiceWhile in St. Barts to celebrate the singer’s 46th birthday yesterday, the pair called in to Laser 101 radio to discuss work and play.

Beyond the “anniversary” festivities, the duo revealed that they are set to film a visual for a new song from the upcoming LP. They also confirmed that there are working on a movie project based on Carey’s iconic single ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’

Listen to the interview here (from the 3.01 mark)…

Needless to say, Mariah’s new deal with Epic Records is seeing her hit the ground running. And we love it!

While it’s unknown if the contact is traditional or a 360, it’s clear the M-O is to smartly leverage Carey’s classic content towards the launch of her new-new.

As for reuniting With Mr Ratner, we totally co-sign. Visuals have been an issue for Mimi is recent years, yet we’re comforted by the awesome track-record the two have. Indeed, it was Brett who was at the helm of these…

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  1. Mark111 March 28, 2015

    It fits her… I guess.

  2. The Beysus Impact March 28, 2015

    She’s quite a good actress. She needs to do more movies.

    • Mark111 March 28, 2015

      I agree, I didn’t think she was bad in Glitter nor was it a bad movie.

      • LOL March 28, 2015


      • TheElusiveLamb March 28, 2015

        If Glitter had a script or was a comedy, then I would agree with you.

    • tits mcgee March 28, 2015

      Does anyone know the name of the movie Mimi was in with another famous actress where they played waitresses in New Jersey or something?

      Mimi was great in that movie and Precious. She should do more movies. I think Mariah and Janet are pretty good actresses.

      Speaking of both ladies, I believe Janet was to play the part Mimi got in “precious” but had to pull out for her album and tour at the time..


      • tits mcgee March 28, 2015

        I loved wise girls. I had to see if I can Netflix it or maybe but it that was a good movie!

        Thanks for the clarification of which Lee Daniels joint it was. Lol.

      • tits mcgee March 28, 2015

        *have not had
        *buy not but

        I am so tired of auto-incorrect!

    • TheElusiveLamb March 28, 2015

      Lol I was just watching that

  3. CATFISH CAREY March 28, 2015


    • boy March 28, 2015

      Uhmmm yes that queen did.. Mariah turned 45 not 46 smh. Bish is pressed.

      • Faf March 28, 2015

        No the tea is tommy mottola told Her it wasn’t s*** to have an odd birth year so she started saying 1970 vs 1969

      • TheElusiveLamb March 28, 2015

        Mariah’s Mother said she was born in 1970.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig March 28, 2015

        @Faf It still baffles me why Tamia is still with him. He seems like such a control freak plus he is old af. Sugar daddy teas

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig March 28, 2015

        Wait LOOOOL! I’m getting Tamia and Thalía mixed up. Me and my scatterbrain only just realised they were two different singers

  4. Al March 28, 2015

    Go get em MC

  5. JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2015

    Great to see new things coming!

  6. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig March 28, 2015

    Also had no idea her arm injury was so serious, hopefully it was will heal enough for her to comfortably perform in Vegas. Mariah is a true fighter dahling!

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig March 28, 2015

      * minus ‘w̶a̶s̶’

    • tits mcgee March 28, 2015

      Yes dangling! She is a classy and legendary fighter!

      *eats my caviar omelet*
      *sips my mimosa*

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig March 28, 2015

        *pours myself a mimosa too*

      • tits mcgee March 28, 2015

        Cheers Dahhling!

  7. TheElusiveLamb March 28, 2015

    I can’t wait MC! I can’t wait to see you in Vegas.

  8. tits mcgee March 28, 2015

    The Christmas movie is right up her alley. Good idea. I will be checking for her new projects!

  9. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig March 28, 2015

    So who are we gonna believe? Sam or Patricia… you know the woman who actually gave birth to her :/
    Mariah was born in 1970, her mother confirmed it on national television when they were on Oprah.

  10. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) March 28, 2015

    I’m excited for this! I can’t wait to see it. They work well together.

  11. DatRihannaReign March 28, 2015


  12. DatRihannaReign March 28, 2015

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    Home*will easily win the weekend with a total that could end up between $45 million-$50 million based on early Friday results. That would mark a huge win for DreamWorks following the disappointing performance of*How to Train Your Dragon 2*and*Penguins of Madagascar*last year.

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  13. Jimmy March 28, 2015

    Why does she even bother. Her career has BEEN over – anything she releases will be a flop. She really sucks!

    • Roy March 28, 2015

      Sounds like you need to get your asshole sucked with that attitude.

  14. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 28, 2015

    Queen Mimi

  15. Skyfall March 28, 2015

    Slay, can’t wait to see the movie.

  16. Terny March 28, 2015

    MARIAH!! She coming back swingin

  17. Meteorite March 28, 2015

    “It’s Anniversary Dahhling!” Lol love Mimi Happy Anniversary Dahhling!
    So thrilled to share my “Anniversary” today with a stream of Stars I love! So Happy Anniversary Lady Gaga, Brett Ratner, Julia Stiles, Reba McEntire, and Vince Vaughn. Happy Anniversary Aries!!!!

  18. FutureCIARA March 28, 2015


  19. Gianelle Houston-Carey March 28, 2015

    Mimi better slay my life

  20. Randomly March 28, 2015

    Hey yo is Brett Ratner fruity?

  21. Rihanna Lately March 29, 2015


  22. yes April 1, 2015

    Oh no

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