Surprise! Kendrick Lamar Sets ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Free Early



Fans looking forward to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’s March 23rd due date needn’t look forward any longer today…for he’s set the album free one week early!

However, it seems its new release date may have been the original one all along, revealed to be close to the rapper’s heart during tweets he published hours ago.



Check it out below!

Buy ‘Butterfly’ here.

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  1. blue March 16, 2015

    this is getting out of hand, could we just go back to the normal way of releasing albums? Its pathetic how everyone is trying to outdo each other by doing the different version of the same thing…

    • Barb-wire March 16, 2015

      Blame the King sis, she’s the one who stopped the world.

    • King B (20 grammies what about ur fave) March 16, 2015

      “this is getting out of hand, could we just go back to the normal way of releasing albums?”
      No, Beyonce made the game exciting again aren’t we all tired of those thousand interview answering the same question about the album? And they all come up with the same ol “this is my most personal album bs” and then the album leak and then they put up 30sec preview on iTunes and after months of promotion debut with 200-250k… so formulaic

  2. King B (20 grammies what about ur fave) March 16, 2015

    That Beyoncé’s impact tho’ ” I changed the game with that digital drop”

  3. Bey-Minaj March 16, 2015

    Changed the game with that digital drop. *drops mic*

    • King B (20 grammies what about ur fave) March 16, 2015

      And they still madT

  4. Auntie_Jackie March 16, 2015

    He was worried about leaks. It wasn’t a ploy.

  5. Barb-wire March 16, 2015

    She’s a damn billionaire, She’s one of the best entertainers alive, she’s beautiful and she has a power to destroy careers and tv shows. she’s humbled(SMILEYONCE) and NOW she changes the game????? That B****’s impact is muthafucken real.

    • King B (20 grammies what about ur fave) March 16, 2015

      The signs are in front of them yet they don’t wanna open their eyes bow down or bow out it’s a Beyonce’s world we just living it

      • Barb-wire March 16, 2015

        I know!!! and the lessors will have to deal.

  6. Mark111 March 16, 2015

    But Beyonce wasn’t the. first. to.drop.a.surprised. album…tho. #IDonthaveTheTimeForTheDelusional

    • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

      Mark we know you don’t care too much for Beyoncé, but don’t do that to her. Beyoncé wasn’t the first, but she was the first to do it on a mainstream level and was extremely successful, so other artists now doing the surprise LP are following her footsteps hoping for the most of the same success Bey had. Give her, her credit love. I promise, your soul will feel better.

      • King B (20 grammies what about ur fave) March 16, 2015

        Thank you Hun

      • Mark111 March 16, 2015

        You can’t give someone credit that didn’t do it first. I gave the right person credit. You either did it first or you didn’t. Simple as that.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

        Let’s be TBH here Mark shall we? During the time that Aaliyah came out, was she the only one to dress like a Tom boy? Didn’t Xscape, TLC, Jade, SWV, MJB, and etc dress in a cute boy type of way too? Yes, but who does Ciara, Sevyn Streeter, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and etc cite as an influence… Babygirl. Was Janet Jackson the first artist to dance? No, but who does Britney, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Sevyn, Tinashe, Teyana Taylor, and etc cite as an influence… Ms. Jackson. Was Mimi the first vocalist in the world? No, but who is one of the most influential vocalist in history, MC. It’s not always about who does what first, bc if that was the case, Madonna and other legendary Queens’ impact and artistry would not exist. I don’t think the BeeHive is too stupid to know that Bey isn’t the first to drop a surprise album, but she definitely should be given her credit for adding her spin on it and doing it successfully.

      • Mark111 March 16, 2015

        Find a picture of those ladies (that I respect) dressing like Aaliyah before 1994 and 1996. Find a picture of TLC, MJB and others having sagging baggu jeans with a crop top, long real hair covering an eye. No offense, but the other ladies dressed like full dikes, minus TLC, they had extremely baggy clothes with bright colors, not the same as Aaliyah’s baggy jeans and fitted tops. You fond a pic of them dressed like thay before 1994, then uou8 right.
        people would cite Whitney as THE vocalist before MC. Madonna was never original and no female was dancing like Janet before Janet.
        and last, this is NOTHING like Beyonce’s release, this albun has a date, dropped two songs already and is free the week before the release vs dropping it on iTunes. MJ made the moonwalk mainstream, but he didn’t create it, nor did he ever said he did.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

        besides the hair covering an eye, you can easily find a pic. Tom boy was a thing of the 90’s. The only real difference is Aaliyah’s hair.
        People would cite who ever they want to. YOU can’t say who people would cite, bc there are 7 billion people in the world. In Asian countries and countries like Brazil and etc Mimi is the inspiration, while African counting would cite Celine, and then USA and etc would cite Whitney. They all are under Aretha Franklin. My point is, she’s not the first, but she’s still cited as an huge inspiration.
        Paula Abdul was whipping a guy’s head before Janet did it in If. Be real.
        Last, it does relate to Beyoncé, bc you’re denying her. She isn’t the first, but she has the most important impact from the surprise album. Just like the ladies I listed above aren’t the first, but they still are cited as an influence. Why can’t you accept it?

      • Brian310 March 16, 2015

        That SWV pic and Aaliyah pic aren’t identical at all, different swag, different style, color schemes is different(which Aaliyah was more dark and had a hint of more s** appeal) it’s not the same thing just like all those other ladies, MJB was more into the jerseys with the combat boots and TCL wore bright bold colors.

    • Al March 16, 2015

      Why do people act like she’s the saviour of music cause she dropped an album and others have done same before capital fukim YAWN

      • Tyler March 16, 2015

        Others did have the same amount of success…others didn’t start a surprise album phenom. She did.

      • Tyler March 16, 2015


  7. Mark111 March 16, 2015

    Bon Jovi’s impact!

    • Barb-wire March 16, 2015

      Kiii, MadT???

      • Mark111 March 16, 2015

        No, that would be you. How’s Pink Sh!t doing other than flopping?

    • King B (20 grammies what about ur fave) March 16, 2015

      Keep seething b****

      • Mark111 March 16, 2015

        Over facts? Which album did it first, the surprised album that dropped January of 2013 or the surprised album that dropped in December of 2013? I’ll let you Bey Holes do the math.

    • Tyler March 16, 2015

      Was MJ the first to do the moon walk? Did Madonna invent voguing? NO, but they put that s*** on the map.
      The bottom black ass line is, Beyonce’s surprise album was the FIRST MAJOR SUCCESS critically and commercially. Hers started a surprise album phenom. Hence the reason why you hear people calling this type of release “Pulling A Beyonce”…and not “Pulling a Bon Jovi”. So you sound f****** stupid.

  8. TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

    I’m happy Kendrick dropped it earlier. I was just talking to my boyfriend about him. I’m downloading the tracks right now. I can’t wait to hear the entire album.

  9. BeyIsKing March 16, 2015

    And this why Bey is known as the Queen.

  10. metzo March 16, 2015

    I stopped the world! World stop…. #CarryOn

  11. B2B March 16, 2015

    I hate when people attemp to discredit Beyoncè as if their opinions hold any type of weight anywhere besides this blog. Beyoncè may not have created this “surprise” album release method, but she made it famous and sold an enormous amount of RECORDS in a weeks course. Elvis did not create Rock n Roll, but he is credited for it. Aaliyah did not create her “sound,” she just made it “famous”… after her passing. Understood?

    • Brian310 March 16, 2015

      No one gave Tim nor Missy a chance before her so yes she was the 1st one with that sound…and as far as the sound before her death Tim wasn’t a main contributor on her last album those were her in house producers who did the majority of the album. #getyourfactsstraight

  12. FutureCIARA March 16, 2015

    King Kendrick!

  13. Casual-T March 16, 2015

    March 14, 1995? Anyone know the significance?

    • Tyler March 16, 2015

      I was born lol.

  14. Paws March 16, 2015

    The king has spoken

  15. King Kendrick March 16, 2015

    Top Dawg ent said that Interscope records leaked his album. This was not supposed to happen. The album is fire though.

  16. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana March 16, 2015

    Can we stop mentioning Beyonce every time an artist does a surprise release
    Yes she was the first to drop a surprise album
    Yes she was the first to drop a surprise video album
    Yes her release took the world by storm

    I think I may just be part of the Hive now

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