From The Vault: Boyz II Men – ‘End Of The Road’

Published: Sunday 15th Mar 2015 by Joe

“We belong together… and you know I’m right”

From The Vault is back this week with possibily one of the biggest love song of the past few decades, it’s ‘End Of The Road’ by legendary quartet Boyz II Men.

Trio of titans L.A. Reid, Babyface and Daryl Simmons birthed the 1993 gem which was included on the ‘Boomerang OST’ and later on was part of the tracklist of the reissue of the boys debut LP ‘CooleyHighHarmony.’
Without an iota of doubt, it’s this very song that made Boyz II Men a household name. Indeed, after a bevy of top 10 hits, ‘Road’ eclipsed all of the previous success thanks to a then record-breaking 13 weeks stint at #1 on the Billboard chart and multiple Top 10 placings the world over.

Though the track’s video drips all sorts of cheese, it is a a great representation of the “90s love song” model which remains a strong visual reference of the era.

At the top of the year, we were very vocal about wanting diversity in the male arena, especially on a lyrical tip. Narratives surrounding “sex” and “partying” have produced a number of hot hits could, however it’d be refreshing to see some of today’s talent expand their lyrical discourse to include some of the more true to life aspects of love – namely vulnerability. For, as ‘Road’ has shown, such artistic honesty can yield iconic results.

Your thoughts?

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  1. britneyraycarey March 15, 2015

    trash, britney spears slays them oldies

    • Avenger March 15, 2015

      Britney slays no one. The GP doesn’t even respect her. She’s a joke.

    • BeyRihLiyah March 15, 2015

      s****** is a brain dead has been she probably doesn’t even know who she is hell she probably think dinosaurs still roam the earth

    • Rosebud (Natalie La Rose Stan) March 15, 2015

      Flop attempt at trolling

  2. Stephy March 15, 2015

    This song is ICONIC! Classic, timeless & beautiful.

    One Sweet Day – 16 weeks #1
    I’ll Make Love To You – 14 weeks #1
    End Of The Road – 13 weeks #1
    Down On Bended Knee – 6 weeks #1

    They had a SHORT run (1991 – 1997)… But, their music was/is timeless.

    • KurtisLeeSinger March 15, 2015

      Completely agree LOVE Them!!!
      No one touches them vocally

      So inspired by them rubbish compared to them
      But my tribute

  3. TheElusiveLamb March 15, 2015

    This is one of my favorite songs ever. Best male vocals for a group ever (besides Jodeci)!

    • Stephy March 15, 2015

      Don’t forget TAKE 6…

  4. Mark111 Is A Homosexual March 15, 2015

    This was 1992…

  5. Rosebud (Natalie La Rose Stan) March 15, 2015

    Boyz II Men had some classics! I agree that male artist in R&B need to step it up. We have Miguel, Frank, and Abel trying while Chris, Trey, Ne-Yo, and Usher are serving the same old thing on a new day.

    • Rocnar March 15, 2015

      I don’t find Miguel, Frank or “Abel” (who?) all that compelling, to tell you the truth. And while Chris, Trey and Neyo may be themselves tired, I find those odd PNR&B wannabe “alternative” hipster types like Frank and Miguel to be wholly uncompelling and almost contrary to what REAL R&B is supposed to be.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

        I too don’t find Frank & Miguel to capture real R&B, but I do find their experimental R&B to be the best of what’s out there right now. The “real” R&B tracks like this are no longer. R&B stands for Rachet & Beats in our current generation, as it’s more about being rachet and production than the Vocal performance.

  6. Look like somebody else gonna get it March 16, 2015

    Somebody gonna cry until the end of the road……
    promise me you won’t cry for me & you girl
    Cause it end of the road…(Road,road,road)
    Nice Music video of 90’s

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