Apple Denies Claims That It’s Sabotaging Rihanna’s New Album Campaign


Apple have denied claims that they have set out to derail Rihanna‘s current album campaign today, repudiating allegations that they are punishing her for supporting Jay-Z‘s TIDAL streaming service.

Full story below…

A story “leaked” to several publications claimed that Rihanna has lost a supporter in the company ever since she threw her support behind TIDAL, launched by her Roc Nation boss Jay-Z.

The story claimed that the company declared war on the singer after learning that she planned to support TIDAL with exclusive content that would assist them before they’re tasked with competing with the Apple Beats streaming service in June.

One publication shares:

Robert Kondrk, vice president of iTunes Content, has also declared war on artists who sign up with Tidal. A source told us, “Robert told execs at Universal Music Group that Rihanna and other Tidal artists’ music would not be promoted as featured artists on iTunes if they put exclusive music out on Tidal.”

The source added that after Rihanna’s song “American Oxygen” debuted on Tidal, there were technical problems with her music on iTunes. The source explained, “Rihanna’s songs were scrambled and were out of commission for periods of time.”


An Apple spokesperson has denied this.

Rihanna is yet to respond.

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  1. BeyIsKing April 27, 2015

    Ain’t no one trying to sabotage Rihanna, her songs just suck this era plain and simple

    • arfa April 27, 2015

      The music is crap! That’s why she flopping..

    • Guess April 27, 2015

      Apple would not be wrong to not promote or support her music anyway. Not just her, but really anyone at tidal. If you are going to give your music exclusively to someone else, and push itunes to the side, why shouldn’t they push you to the side. Tidal has hurt rihanna but these are her decision and people are desperately trying to find someone else to blame.

      • Guess April 27, 2015

        I know I said this down there somewhere so… I’m just gonna pretend like this one doesn’t exist.

    • HaveMyMoney April 27, 2015

      I’ll Just Continue To Say What I’ve Been Saying …

      BYE RIHANNA, We Won’t Miss You!

      #SlowlyButSurelyHeadedToFlop #HappensToThemAll

  2. The Beysus Impact April 27, 2015

    We’re so used to an album every year that we feel she’s disappearing… She should never have done that in the first place. The LOUD era ended too quickly and TTT was a wrong move… And now this new music she’s waited to release is just crap… ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

    • The Beysus Impact April 27, 2015

      In my mind:
      2005 – MOTS
      2006 – AGLM
      2007 – GGGB
      2009 – RR
      2010 – RR 2.0
      2011 – LOUD
      2013 – Una
      2015 – R8

    • rosy April 27, 2015

      I agree what the f*** and why she so up in Jayz ass trying to help his company she needs to worry about her pockets Jay will drop her like a hot potato when her popularity runs out ask christina foxy tiemarie rih needs a wake up call to me it’s like Jay z f****** her on the side I see why bey mad

      • Arc April 27, 2015

        Rihanna is part owner of Tidal…

  3. zawnn April 27, 2015

    Lets not Blame Tidal or itunes or whatever.. Her luck is running out. Shes still cute to look at but thats about it!

  4. Slay_Hive April 27, 2015

    Her era is a pathetic sloppy mess. The downfall is real!! still no release date?

    • UPGRADEBOY April 27, 2015

      Lemme Check for you …….ummmhhhh Well not yet ????????????????????

      • Bang Bang April 27, 2015

        Kiiiiiii ????

  5. Telling the TRUTH April 27, 2015

    Wow! I never thought Rihanna simply not having a number one (after 13) would make so many people have meltdowns & proclaim her & her era a flop. If Rihanna is flopping then what the other girls doing cause……

    • Slay_Hive April 27, 2015

      what other girls are you talking about. Everyone slayed with their releases other than gaga, Britney and soon to be Rihanna. funny thing is rihanna doesn’t even have any competition at the moment. Gag Katy Miley Britney and Beyonce released 4th quarter 2013 and Taylor released last 4th quarter. Who is Rihanna competing with to still be flopping and not have a release date by now?

      • Barb-wire April 27, 2015


      • Slay_Hive April 27, 2015

        yeah i want Ciara to scalp this b****!! the shade

      • rosy April 27, 2015

        I agree what the f*** and why she so up in Jayz ass trying to help his company she needs to worry about her pockets Jay will drop her like a hot potato when her popularity runs out ask christina foxy tiemarie rih needs a wake up call to me it’s like Jay z f****** her on the side I see why bey mad

  6. King B April 27, 2015

    Really? Roc nation , Tidal, and now Apple ???

  7. Barb-wire April 27, 2015

    Is everyone gonna be blamed for this girl’s flopping? Everyone flops at some point especially when you’re getting older as Rihanna is doing now. What she needs to do at this point is to release the album and let it flop if it does or whatever and she should make sure she comes harder next time. i.e. Take notes from Nicki.

    • Faf April 27, 2015

      Thank you everyone has their time I think I said this two years ago when unapologetic came out

      every female has about 5 to 7 years of top tens if you don’t change your direction like Beyoncé did since she was with a group a lot of her career

      you have to do something really quickly to save your spot

      Rhianna never really had the vocals to take her into being an adult artist and she doesn’t have the performance skills to tour and be a force like Janet Madonna Jennifer Beyoncé and Ciara is trying to make herself

  8. Only (NICKIARA) April 27, 2015

    She should release R8 as a mixtape and start afresh poor Navy is hibernating even though it’s not winter

  9. UPGRADEBOY April 27, 2015

    Don’t blame anybody ,that so called reign is just letting up ????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Centurion April 27, 2015

    The thirst is real. Rihanna will be fine. Anything she touches turns into gold. Anyway, the world is still waiting for Mrs. Thunder Thighs’ #1 hit. Hopefully a new president isn’t elected before it gets one. President Bush was still in office; Michael Jackson was still alive; Osama Bin Laden was still alive since Mrs. Thunder Thighs had one.

    • TRUTH SERUM April 27, 2015

      Why did they let this P*** back on this site. Your kind is not wanted around here.

      • Centurion April 27, 2015

        Who are you and what are you talking about when you say they let me back on this site?

      • TRUTH SERUM April 27, 2015

        You don’t have to know who I am but, I will make sure you’re on TGJ’s registered s.ex offenders list. P***

      • Centurion April 27, 2015

        O_o Ummm…. okay. 😳

  11. Cindy April 27, 2015

    Y’all act as if Rih be selling 15 million albums WW or something. She has on sold a little over 10 million with SEVEN albums, that is horrible. Lady Gaga sold the same amount with 3 1/2 albums. She sells singles mostly, well not this time around.

  12. TheElusiveLamb April 27, 2015

    This post is about to get messy mighty quick. Watch Marsha Mooney come in here with 2 billion excuses and the same Bey doesn’t have a number 1 shade, while LB and my Baby Blue come in and be clean up woman…

    • Mark111 April 27, 2015

      Are you ok, you seem hurt. Is it the new wack @ss Mariah single?

      • TheElusiveLamb April 27, 2015

        Oh Marsha, are you forgetting that AO sold less than Triumphant, You’re Mine, and will be outsold by the slayer that will be Infinity? I kind of feel bad for you though, bc now you have to find two cures… one for your H-I-V and another for Riri’s career. :LOL: :LOL:

      • Mark111 April 27, 2015

        Hahahahaha, are you holding back on me? Cause your jabs are weak AF. The way you diss the Pest and Grande fans, I thought you would give me a challenge. Guess not.
        You can compare AO (a 3rd single) to infiniFLOP are ya want, you should be a shame that Rihanna is making a more mature song about hope and dreams while MooMoo is STILL crying over her scrub ex wife. Oh well…

      • TheElusiveLamb April 27, 2015

        Marsha STOP the b*******. You call Ariana the Mariah jr., harass Beyoncè, shade Ciara relationships, and etc. I never shade Ariana, bc she’s my little princess. I’m holding back on you Minnetonka, bc you have enough challenges as it is:

        – Getting Rihanna that number one
        – Accepting the minimal talent puppet is Rihanna
        – Get more signatures on that petition for a 401k plan for other McDonald crew employees
        – Accepting that you’re a f** and a power bottom with a leaking booty

        Lastly my love, don’t try the pest vs Me thing bc that s*** is damn near as old as you. If YOU and your assistant Kershaw Q**** can compare XO, Partition, and etc to Rihanna’s first and current singles, don’t get into your feelings about AO flopping. God bless you EJ Johnson.

      • Tyler Makiveli April 27, 2015

        B**** you were comparing FourFiveForeheads to 7/11 and 7/11 wasn’t a debut single so what’s the f****** difference.

  13. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy April 27, 2015

    The allegations against Apple is true. Not just Rihanna, but all of the artists who were at the launch were black balled. Both Rihanna and Madonna have been castigated as a result. If it were not so, American Oxygen would be spending its 2nd week at #1 on the Hot 100. Whatever the case may be, this is my favorite era from Rihanna since LOUD. American Oxygen is timeless and is a classic for me.

    • Slay_Hive April 27, 2015

      I died at ” 2nd week at #1″ The f****** delusion and excuses. The song sucks. plain and simple. BYE

  14. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy April 27, 2015

    The allegations against Apple are true. Not just Rihanna, but all of the artists who were at the launch were black balled. Both Rihanna and Madonna have been castigated as a result. If it were not so, American Oxygen would be spending its 2nd week at #1 on the Hot 100. Whatever the case may be, this is my favorite era from Rihanna since LOUD. American Oxygen is timeless and is a classic for me.

    • Only (NICKIARA) April 27, 2015


  15. Cindy April 27, 2015

    But wasn’t Four Five Seconds promoted very heavy on ITunes? Save the excuses. Taylor Swift slayed without Spotify! Target refused to sell Beyonce’s album! Shut up, Rihanna will be fine. Everyone has their ups and downs.

    • blue April 27, 2015

      people are getting ahead of themselves.

    • Only (NICKIARA) April 27, 2015

      Flop on fleek

  16. blue April 27, 2015

    rihanna not hitting #1 is so strange conspirancy theories are popping up left, right and center…

    Its crazy let the girl do her, if the album is a flop then so be it, but first let it flop before the meltdowns start

  17. too smart for that April 27, 2015

    technical difficulties? lol wut? 😀 i’d guess roc scrambled the songs to get people to get it on tidal!?! nice try. 😛

  18. Mark111 April 27, 2015

    I think so, Target and a few other stores did the same with Beyonce. Doesn’t matter cause two out of the three singles are hits. It’s normal for companies using their power to kick out the new kid, this is nothing new. I do believe Rihanna joining Roc Nation as a label was a bad move, they don’t support their artist, we’re on year 3 and Rita is still albumless.
    The funny thing is that the other artist that was on that stage already released an album, pushed it back or flopped already. (Beyonce, Usher, Madonna), So they’re not going to push Tidal. I’ll wait and see what Jay and Bey are going to do. Rihanna can’t save everyone.

    • TRUTH SERUM April 27, 2015

      Lol, I can’t. Rihanna is fine, her singles are doing well for the current market.

      It’s the handling of this album that’s hurting her. It’s probably a combination of rhi and the label. I think she’s fighting for more creative control and the label is rejecting the direction she wants to go.

    • Only (NICKIARA) April 27, 2015

      Excuse 437 and still counting

      • Mark111 April 27, 2015

        Hahahaah, the same about of units that Nicki needs to sale to go Plat. With less than 26K a week, she’ll never get their. #PoorDat #RihMinder PinkPrint isn’t much higher than New Classic, so if one’s a flop…

      • Only (NICKIARA) April 27, 2015

        And what is the position of the flop classic and when was it released? Lets not forget who hasn’t outpeaked who this era

      • Mark111 April 27, 2015

        Doesn’t matter, 500K vs 600K are flop vs flop. Nicki is the Queen of rap, yet J.Cole with no hits is selling kore and already plat, when Icky had a #2 song, and two top 20’s. Two flops in a row, she’s on a Ciara decline. lol

      • FutureCIARA April 27, 2015

        Not you mentioning anyone’s decline when Old Navy hasn’t scored their fav a #1 for their favs new era which is now 3 singles in so far……

        Let’s talk about decline if you want to baby….

      • Mark111 April 27, 2015

        7 years since Ciara had a top 10. a decade since she had a #1 single or album. a decade since she had a plat album and I want to say song as well. You still want to go there or naw?

  19. Guess April 27, 2015

    Itunes would not be wrong for not promoting or supporting her music. Or really anyone at tidal. If you want to push itunes to the side to give someone else your music exclusively then why shouldn’t they then push you to the side. But, this was Rihanna’s decisions and her fans are just jumping from different people to blame. It was her labels fault. It’s jay-z’s fault. It’s tidal’s fault. Now it itunes fault.

    • TRUTH SERUM April 27, 2015

      It’s business but highly unethical if they are truly sabatoging her singles which I doubt.

      • Guess April 27, 2015

        It’s not sabotaging if iTunes is simply refusing to promote her songs on the front page as they usually do. They don’t have to do that. The song becomes available and they simply don’t say anything, that’s fine. Why should they? It only becomes unethical if they were to manipulate the charts to hurt her. iTunes is one of the main reasons why she has those #1’s. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  20. Cake like Lady GaGa April 27, 2015

    The navi is coming up with 75213525 excuses for the floppage that is herpeRih’s non-existent era. I wonder who they’ll blame next. THE STRUGGLE!!!

  21. Career Ender April 27, 2015

    how did they try to sabotage her?
    isn’t her song on iTunes?
    if the people are not buying , there’s nothing she/Apple can do
    just put out a good tune and it’ll sell see: billboard hot100 top 15
    I saw her video on Chanel O channel the other day, boring song with a Black Eyed Pease – Where is the love 2.0 Music Video

  22. DEL BEY April 27, 2015

    Oh no, what’s with all the shadiness with these fortune 500 company’s? If they don’t care about artists that are millionaires, what makes you think they give a s*** about little old us, looks as though Rhi isn’t getting a number one this era

  23. Career Ender April 27, 2015

    she now owns masters of her flop music ….3 flop singles #majah #R8Masters #BadGyal #UniversalPopstar #HugeInMarsAndPlutoToo
    all R8 lead singles combined sold less than 3mil in the US upto date
    That Rihanna Reign can’t be messed with
    but then again a Reign is for a CERTAIN period of time, and that time has passed #next

    • Mark111 April 27, 2015

      You’re stupid if you think FourFive, that is top 4 and stayed there for two months is a flop. same with BBHMM. Hate all ya want, but at least be honest and speak with facts. If Rihanna 3 singles are flops, than Beyonce’s 99 singles from her last album are even more flops. Beyonce released all the videos from that album and she’s still not among the top artist on vevo. Now that’s a flop.

  24. Stephon April 27, 2015

    Girl Bye! Ain’t nobody tryna sabotage her big foreheaded ass career. She’s still young & in her prime. Now, once she gets in her 30s with CHILD… That’s when the challenge begins.

  25. Career Ender April 27, 2015

    third single 20k
    Jake, Digger Bey, Queen Bey, MC, YEABEY, Pop Royalty, H2O, Virtuoso Intellect, Kat Deluna Fan, “X”, “Y” and Z , Iconic Cici, Cherylsoldier, S H I T , Mostarebel, Kerry Johnson, Yellow Gorilla, MRDIVABITCH, Bey Fan, Benron, Sybil, LAX, Shes Dumb, … somebody anybody please come and witness what I have witnessed in my life time
    OH MY GUCCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ANYBODY??????? ROSIE????????
    😆 😆

    • African music lover April 27, 2015


  26. Percy April 27, 2015

    I’m glad Rihanna is flopping I got nothing against her i enjoy her music, Loud is one of my favourite albums by her but her annoying stans deserve to be humbled they have been going around dragging other stan bases calling them flops eg Bey,Mariah Gaga that time their fav could not hold a note longer than her ability to keep her legs closed. Well what goes around comes around I’m really looking forward to this era can not wait to watch the navy eat some humble pie and be on the receiving end of the ruthless draggings that are heading their way..

  27. Career Ender April 27, 2015

    I saw Marikos the dirty low life ghetto queen saying she owns her masters
    of her 3 bad flop singles?
    really Marikos realllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy b****??????
    😆 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Mark111 April 27, 2015

      3 is more than Beyonce owns. She doesn’t own her masters nor DC’s. Some Queen, always three steps behind. lol

      • King B April 27, 2015

        B**** shut the f*** up you dumb troll when it comes to money nobody does it better than Bey she made $114million last year !!!! Holla me when Ricokeafe that much money the Queen is paid b**** she don’t need masters

  28. fatusankoh April 27, 2015

    Percy omg you said it all and playing the blaming game riti can’t Sing and all her single this time are no good I listern to it I can’t believe what I am hearing

  29. FutureCIARA April 27, 2015

    The Old Navy is delusional af to still be blaming every other company and brand except for the coke snorting, pussie patting, cheap model, Ms.Fenry herself…

    Give us a break!
    Tell home girl she better renew her soul selling contract or end up like Courtney Love

    • Mark111 April 27, 2015

      What will be the C-Scotts excuse after May the 4th? I’ll be waiting.

      • FutureCIARA April 27, 2015

        You should spend that time to wait and purchase more copies of “American Flopygen”

  30. Flawda April 27, 2015

    Looking at some of these comments i can see why ya’ll black asses don’t have shyt. Ya’ll are so content with going with the typical while these companies like Google, Apple,etc continue to pimp black culture. Ownership trumps getting pennies on the dollar. I guess some of ya’ll don’t see the bigger picture. You do realize Rihanna and Roc Nation are essentially independent. Universal/Def Jam isn’t eating up most of her money and she gets a bigger cut off her music and keep all her touring and merchandising.

  31. kingbeybitch April 27, 2015

    Lmaoooooo they blaming apple now????????????????????

  32. The Beysus Impact April 27, 2015

    Next thing you know they’ll be blaming Twitter for not enough retweets about the link…

  33. HaveMyMoney April 27, 2015

    I’ll Just Continue To Say What I’ve Been Saying …

    BYE RIHANNA, We Won’t Miss You!

    #SlowlyButSurelyHeadedToFlop #HappensToThemAll

  34. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 27, 2015

    Lol I see the hive is out to play, they think the tables has turned on Rihs era has been very positive thus far. It’s easy to forget how Beyoncés first set of songs were rejected from “Radio testing” and how her feminist anthem “Bow down b******” has not even impacted the bubbling under charts.. so the hive isn’t used to songs being bought or else they would have let Pretty Hurts flop. Just relax yall and enjoy the show, but the album because you know yall want it 🙂

  35. King B April 27, 2015

    It never a good look to blame the hands that feeds you just because you flop I wish those lesserss would take a page from bey’s book when 4 underperformed she didn’t blame anyone she went back in studio came harder and stop the world! Gaga and rihanna are the type of artist wirh huge egos surrounded by Yes men so when they flop nobody has the courage to say YOU f***** up. Anyway you don’t mess with those huge corporation cuz they can fisnsh you in a minute if they really want to specially when you are a single artist like rihanna!

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 27, 2015

      When did Rihanna say anything about iTunes is the reason why her singles under performed? Bush have a seat your comment makes no sense

      • Guess April 27, 2015

        … So you admit they’ve underperformed?? Interesting. Your navy siblings above insist that her singles have been “hits”… Even more interesting.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 27, 2015

        Fourfiveand BBHMM didn’t but AO did. It doesn’t matter what some say about them, she still managed to sell

      • Guess April 27, 2015

        It’s not a matter of whether they sold or not. That’s not what underperforming means. Underperforming means that they should have done better. It’s not like she had any competition. A Beatle, a highly anticipated comeback, and a Grammy performance couldn’t chart higher? Underperformed.

    • fatusankoh April 27, 2015

      Beykingsay thanks well said

  36. Career Ender April 27, 2015

    David , Sam, Joe or Rashad
    why did I see another Career Ender wih no gravatar in Mariah’s post
    Why are y’all still letting this kinda sh!t happen?

    • Sam April 27, 2015

      stop the drama…it was u.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 27, 2015

        Lmfao… Clock him Sam

  37. Tyler Makiveli April 27, 2015

    The Old Navy called “4” a flop DESPITE THE FACT that it outsold the general majority of Rihanna’s albums. It wasn’t a flop compared to Music Of The Flop, A Flop Like Me, or Rated Flop but it was a flop for Beyonce’s standards.
    Same thing goes for BBHMM and FFS….THEYRE FLOPS because according to the Old Navy anything less than a #1 isn’t a hit. So bye!

  38. Rihboy April 27, 2015

    I mean navy isn’t I. This post at all!!! We see who really stand lol. You guys still bothered? She made the top trends in billboard for the last month’ with her “flop singles”! She is still circulating without really doing much. When she drops she will pull in numbers as usual! Ciara will flop and depend on Russell/slash the new flop show coming up to carry Jackie. How about you guys worry about flop infinite, I forgot, did with flop, and ghost flop instead of worrying about rih. She is still perched in billboards top 20 and has yet to set a date. Bye

  39. Aggrey Brasio August 30, 2020

    You have a good and favourite song .I like it.

  40. Aggrey Brasio August 30, 2020

    I like your song ma sister

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