Azealia Banks Covers Billboard / Claims Kanye West Is Trying To Please “White Fashion World”

Published: Thursday 2nd Apr 2015 by Sam

Azealia Banks‘ album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ may not have set the charts ablaze upon its long-awaited arrival last year. However, that hasn’t deterred the femcee from pressing on with promo.

The outspoken lyricist lands on the cover of Billboard Magazine‘s latest issue and looks rather regal, we must say.

As ever with Ms. Banks though, controversy isn’t far. Case in point her new interview with popular French radio station Skyrock.

During the candid chat, the New York reared rapper took aim at Kanye West for “trying to be accepted by the White fashion world.” 

Peep the clip below…

Do you agree?

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  1. RihNaj April 2, 2015

    I just wonna slap the biatch!! Omg she’s so racist, “white fashion world” wtf it’s a new day in age miss banks foh racist blind Bish. Luv her music n s*** but her mouth and personality I just can’t smh

    • Janice April 2, 2015

      Racist? She’s telling no lies. You are probably white, huh? You don’t undestand what a black person needs. If a black person had a voice in fashion world, it would be amazing. But like Azealia said, black people tend to bow to white designers and follow what they think its trendy. Fashion is expression and our voice in that world is non existent.

      • Al April 3, 2015

        So what does a black person need please do spill???????
        Haven’t heard so much s*** in all my life. If your that arsed that no one caters for YOUR needs do something

    • Swertnothings78 April 3, 2015

      Shes still racist to some degree but its okay though…,right?.
      Like your quote asking if the above person is white?. I guess your black and think its okay for her to be racist?.

      What am i black or white?…DOES it matter?. in point she is a vile creature who openly displays racism & displays it as expression of ‘art’. None of her ‘peers’ back her up as she displays her views with no charisma or charm at all. In fact she’s rather embarrasing for the black community.

      • Cupid April 3, 2015

        i don’t feel she’s racist. She live in what is her truth. A lot of people are incapable of doing so. Especially celebrities. I respect how she feels. People neglect the truth once race gets involved. She could be starting another great enlightenment but if she says something about a white man the truth is overshadowed.

      • Not quite April 3, 2015

        people use the word “racist” incorrectly nowadays. It’s impossible to consider a black person “racist.” I learned in my “race in Latin america” class that by definition, racism is where one race (majority) uses its power and influence to diminish the livelihood of another race (minority) by taking advantage of social status, wealth, and influence. So Ms. banks can maybe be considered prejudice, but NOT racist.

      • Swertnothings78 April 3, 2015

        @cupid says. I see your point .

        Answer me this IF she is so right and ‘the white fat powerful men’ she talks so lowly of then WHY was in Playboy. I smell hypocrite of her own ‘enlightenments’ as you call in.

        Shes a massive idiot with such great talent yet has lost her career as a result. The career went down quicker than Titanic.

        My ultimate question is WHERE is her manager and media training as she clearly needs a gag.

      • Al April 3, 2015

        Im mixed child. She orob got a pay check for selling her body off a white man so B**** don’t preach


      2015 and people still discussing Racism…. oh when will dis stop

      • Tjay April 3, 2015

        Ummmm as soon as people stop being racist!! Not talking about it won’t make it go away!! Tf??

    • You tried April 3, 2015

      This b**** only gets the most Press when she talking bout someone else lmao I knew she was working on music to capitalize off all the hating ass shade she been throwing BYE FELECIA

  2. Bang Bang April 2, 2015

    She over analyzes too much and over explained. We all know that I order to beainstream you have to do something’s that would identify strongly with other cultures, but does she have to always bee the one to call a person out for it! I’ve grown very tired of a woman who I have never meet but want to know more about. I feel like this I’m diffrent stand off ish attitude is going to be her downfall. Someone should tell her less is more!


      no lies detected… say it as it is hun

  3. Indie April 2, 2015

    Well she tells no lies though! Kanye stays suckin up to all the big designers in Fashion, name dropping them in every interview and they are 90% all white, i love Kanye but dude is lost! She tells no lies at all, she just says what everyone is afraid of and the truth is the white media love her cos she’s intelligent! thats why she gets all these covers even though she’s an independent artist! And side note in my opinion she released the best hip hop album I’ve heard in years!

    • Edna April 2, 2015

      He certainly does. I wish he would embrace Black designers like Beyonce does.

  4. LB April 2, 2015

    Is she still whining about racism like all the other whiners and their excuses about why urban isn’t topping the charts?

    Anyway it is week 2 and BBHMM is still #1 on iTunes. 4.5 seconds is still slaying the UK charts.

    BBHM edges.

    I hope Rihanna’s next song is B**** better show me a diploma, lord knows a few on this blog need one, well, one particular one.

    • Pat April 2, 2015

      What does Rihanna’s new single have to do with this post? I swear you broke ratchet THOTS come here to argue and create drama!

    • cpt quack quack April 3, 2015

      and even as a fan i have to agree with Pat its not topic about Rihanna so take yo ghetto ass outta here. : *
      on the other hand i like AB, im white and i understand what is she saying but whites doesnt like her THAT much cuz BWET opened with like 11k at total if i do remember well so no XD she is racist as f***, whites in general doesnt like her (except gays, she’s really super big in this communities) and the only peeps are there in her p**** right now is the medias cuz they still think its a cool topic and it brings alot of comments. even last about ciara gave lot of less comments, see

    • #JACKIE April 3, 2015

      But Rihanna dropped out in 9th grade LMAO sit the f*** down n****

  5. Bang Bang April 2, 2015

    I don’t think she’s racist. I just think she calls out racist behavior which is ok. But when your using racist overtones to spit back at a person who is already a racist it just make you look like an even bigger racist then they are. I also hate when she speaks as if every black person In the room should applaud some of the stupid shite she says about race! Something’s are better left unsaid.


      Dis pusssy clean dis pusssy squeaky ,dat pusssy owwldd that p**** messy (needs a padlock)

  6. Cough Cough April 2, 2015

    Stop perpetuating a “chart blazing album” as shade or a factor to determine the validity of an artist/album. 95% of artists today are flopping and majority of those that aren’t, aren’t selling mega loads either. Her album was good, different and brought something “new/fresh” to the scene. I’d rather that than a forgettable, uber-mainstream album full of junk.

    That being said girl, your music is house mixed with rap. It caters to whites, the fashion world and cünty gays.. Stop shading your target market (white folks) then posing for their magazines (playboy/billboard) and making music that caters to them. Make black anthems, girl! Lol

    • Bruno Martian April 3, 2015

      Yes dear but she makes that music coz she likes it, not because she wants white peoples to accept her.

  7. BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

    How are you on the cover of Billboard without a single one of your songs ever charting on the Hot 100 though? Like it or not, she literally has Iggy to thank for her current mainstream attention. Lord knows the music didn’t do it. Watch her fade away unless she switches up her act tbh. Homophobia, ignorance & racism isn’t gonna get you anywhere in this world.

    • Cough Cough April 2, 2015

      The same way Britney is on the Vegas stage and isn’t singing(live) or giving 1/16th of the stage presence and energy she gave pre-Prozac. Things that make you go hmmmmm

  8. king April 2, 2015

    she is so stupid…

    i love it when i see that people aren’t stupid and that they can see her true face…

    “Homophobia, ignorance & racism isn’t gonna get you anywhere in this world.”

  9. Rio April 2, 2015

    Why do it have to be a black and white thing with this chick!

  10. #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” Music Video Is Coming Out Soon) April 2, 2015

    She needs a duct tape.

    I agree with her but she needs to focus on her now instead of being warped into this “White Supremacy” debate. She already said what she said.

    I do agree with the notion that Kanye West seeks validation from white people. The way how he got mad about not winning awards from the VMAs and Grammys before and the way how he turned his back on BET with their own award shows and not even that but just in general wants to be validated by white people. Just watch his Breakfast Club interviews.

  11. SipTheTruth April 2, 2015

    If she filtered herself she’d be rivalling nicki right now

  12. Real life fake April 2, 2015

    She telling the truth Kanye use to be a1 I don’t know what happened to Kanye,yes I do he turned into yeezus aka kardashian


      Shut up, h**! I can be petty too, loose ass power bottom.

  13. (Rihyonce) April 2, 2015

    she needs to stfu!! fashion is fashion stop “labeling”.


    I’m so glad I don’t stan for that flop ass biitch anymore. I’m tired of her always trying to get some attention from shading others more successful and powerful than her. She talks about white people in such a negative manner, yet she’s the first one on her knees ready to suuck every white diick behind closed doors. this is what happens when a h** got new hair and a little money….she runs her mouth until it catches up to her in the future. one day someone will snatch that 30+ inch weave off her scalp and expose her for the edgeless rat she really is. Rih need to hurry up and end her career…or whatever she has left of it ’cause i’m so over it at this point.

    • Real life fake April 2, 2015

      Shut up

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 2, 2015

        h**… shut up. go find a cocck to suck since you have trouble occupying yourself with something to do. tired of these keyboard warriors!

      • Real life fake April 2, 2015

        Shut up

    • Say’s Who?! April 2, 2015

      @WhoMe shut up!


    I’m so annoyed with this h** she got me writing paragraphs and s***!

    Tyler Makaveli, who is that in your avi under the top commentator’s section?


    I dont like the h** anymore….but my fave bop from her is still Atlantis

  17. BeyKnowlesBest April 2, 2015

    It’s just something bout this girl that I really like, I just hope her next album makes a bigger Impact because female hip-hop is BORING at the moment!

  18. Don’t hate B!TCHES April 2, 2015

    She says all that $hit then she strips for an old white man for money so what does that make her…

    • Bruno Martian April 3, 2015

      But that’s her sexual preference. She doesn’t hate white people, she hates white racism.

      • Don’t hate B!TCHES April 3, 2015

        No honey she hates everything that’s not black

  19. A&R April 3, 2015

    I’m always in awe at how smart this girl is. She’s branding herself as the mouth the tells the real but it’s out shinning her music. If she’s ok with that I can’t trip too much; however, I would prefer she that she gives her musical talent room to breath. As for what she’s saying… Sad to say… It’s true. It’s unfortunate but norm. Hip-hop is being acculturated. Apart of acculturation is taking upon the ways of the dominate culture. Hey, we should expect that. Honestly, that’s life and when it’s not to a determent it could be for the better. It’s just real sticky in America though.

  20. Somebody watching over you boy April 3, 2015

    Where is her single at or deubt album at?

  21. Bruno Martian April 3, 2015

    This isn’t a lie. People aren’t used to seeing a black person call out racism in this way which is where the uncomfortability around Her comes from. The truth is that some black people think that true success comes when you’re accepted by white people instead of realising that it comes when you appeal to all people. Azealia has to be careful not to generalise but the truth is that the media (which is owned by white people) is only interested in seeing a version of black people that plays into how THEY see them. This is why the most complex African American characters on tv are usually written by black people.


    This bitchh is washed up and ain’t no fucckking soap involved…

  23. dski April 3, 2015

    Wow! Its so amazing to see the effects of her statements and how the truth hurts. Keep doing you Azelia its your life no one elses. People will try to bring you down when they are beneath you. NYC go Harlem Girl represent!

  24. No favs, just here for the music April 3, 2015

    This cover is extremely unappealing…

  25. OMG Logic!!! April 3, 2015

    Who is this random black woman and why is she being talked about? Racists should be ignored in my opinion. And it doesn’t matter if you’re black and don’t think she is racist, the fact is, she clearly is.

  26. You wanna be on tv I bet April 3, 2015

    Somebody need to slap her skinny bone looking no single that why nobody won’t take her serious in the music business

  27. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 4, 2015

    What a dumb flop 😆 bítch have several seats __/ __/ __/
    | | | | | |

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