Behind The Scenes: Brandy Broadway Rehearsals For ‘Chicago’

Published: Saturday 18th Apr 2015 by Sam

Brandy is Broadway bound!

As reported, the Vocal Bible will star as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ from April 28th through to June 21st.

With her big debut fast approaching, producers have shared a behind the scenes look at rehearsals.

Check it out below…

Go R-Rocka! We’re loving her hustle. Bring on Broadway and bring on that album.

Your thoughts?

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    she’s amazing, I love her, it’s sad how after a while no matter how good u are u loose ur relevance…

    • Mark111 April 18, 2015

      It happens to 99% of teen stars.

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        Aaliyah would have been part of that 1% though right? #Delusion.

      • BeyRihLiyah April 18, 2015

        @howmanydrinks but Miguel is irrelevant tarsh who cant even go gold

    • Lake Erie April 18, 2015

      Lol. This comment is bitter sweet. I feel like you’re trying to shade her for some reason. But…… Hmmm.

    • MUSICHEAD April 18, 2015

      She’ll be back. It’s not over yet…Never say never!

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 18, 2015

      yh I don’t know why that happens, the era one artist was most relevant to guessing even after a decade later about 80% of those who used to consume thier materials are still alive yet when they put out new materials only about 10% check for them, how exactly does this really work…

      • MUSICHEAD April 19, 2015

        Most music “fanatics” are people aged 13-27. This is the age group that “stans” for their favorite artists and consume everything they put out.

        After age 27, most music consumers 28-39 are just casual listeners, meaning buying or consuming music is not of importance anymore. Career advancement, family life and money management becomes more important. This group will only buy music if it’s really good and if they even hear it in the first place. This age group probably won’t listen to the radio as much and are usually less open to “new” styles of music as their musical tastes are pretty much set in stone.

        Listeners over the age of 40 will hardly ever buy music. They are concert ticket buyers and will go and see their favorite artists live rather than buy anything new from them. Again…they don’t want new, they want tried and true.

        The problem Brandy faces is after 2000, she took too many breaks between albums. Thus, she began to lose her fan base and she failed to gain as many new listeners as the newer artists like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna etc. So now, in order for her to really sell records, she has to find a way to connect with the younger listeners who are less familiar with her sound. BUT, if she decides to tour, her loyal fan base will always follow and her tours will probably sell out because they want old Brandy more so than new Brandy.

  2. SLAY April 18, 2015

    DO Your thing B, We Love You !!!! #RoxieHart #Brandy

  3. FutureCIARA April 18, 2015

    Come through Brandy!

  4. Lake Erie April 18, 2015

    I love you B-Rocka!

  5. Wait what? April 18, 2015


  6. Centurion April 18, 2015

    FOURFIVESECONDS just shattered a streaming record. Fastest song to reach 100 million streams. Congrats @Rihanna #R8

  7. Centurion April 18, 2015

    Tidal Top20:
    1. American Oxygen
    2. B*tch Better Have My Money
    6. FourFiveSeconds
    I guess the Navy can afford tidal. 😀

    • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

      LMAO! Where is it on the real charts… Itunes?

      • Centurion April 18, 2015

        ⊙_⊙ Where is what? And where is Miguel’s music? *SCREAMS* XD

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        Don’t worry I found te answer myself. The only digital chart that matters:

        #51 American Oxygen
        #21 BBHMM
        #17 FFS

      • Centurion April 18, 2015

        Where is Miguel? And since you cling to Beyonce and use the fleahive so much, where is she on “the real charts”? LOL. You’re embarrassing the insects. Are you doing it on purpose or something? XD

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        This isn’t about Miguel. You made it about Rihanna, on a Brandy post so deal with the wrath of boasting about basic struggle accomplishments you’re copying and pasting and stop deflecting. Im not the one delusionally copying and pasting Miguel numbers.

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        This isn’t about Miguel OR BEYONCE*

      • Centurion April 18, 2015

        LOL. Did you understand my comment(s)? Tidal is expensive, especially since there are other streaming services that are cheaper and/or completely free. That fact that those songs reached their respective positions is an accomplishment and a testament of the support of her fans. ThaT, is the logic. I’m pretty sure that most people will understand that comment. ‘Stupid’ doesn’t even begin to describe you. Get it together hun.

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        But they can’t afford to keep it in the Top 20 on general charts? She is the only one releasing new music to Tidal subscribers, and there are not even that many subcribers. So no its not an accomplishment. Don’t you get a free trial anyway?

      • Centurion April 18, 2015

        *facepalm* That, my stupid friend, basically means that it’s being outsold by others, not that it’s not selling. You can’t have 2 number 1s, or whatever top 20 position(s) you speak of. I’m arguing with a Miguel stan. Well, this is embarrassing. :/

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        What does me being a Miguel stan have to do with anything? It means I stan for quality and artistry, not sales. And babe, you know good and well what I mean. I didn’t think everything had to be broken down literally for you. Its sales are going down and down drastically. In otherwords, not selling well. Its figurative speech. A song could be at #500 and its still technically ‘selling’. You really think I don’t know that? Wow. You’re more slow than I thought.

  8. How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

    The song sounds cute!

    • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

      Ugh wrong post.

  9. How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

    Not the Navy celebrating Tidal chart positions. Absolute death!

    • Rihyeezy April 18, 2015

      But Miguel isn’t charting anywhere.

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        Miguel isn’t a thirsty pop tart. I stan for him as a true artist (somthing Rihanna will never be)not for statistics like you Titanics.

      • Centurion April 18, 2015

        It’s called selling. Those stats just don’t appear out of nowhere. They’re not made out of thin air. LOL. You’re an idiot. Stay in school. 😆

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        Yes and American Oxygen isnt selling hence why its tumbled out of the Itunes Top 50 in 1 day. Rihanna is the only one releasing real album music on Tidal and you’re celebrating her being on that chart?

      • Centurion April 18, 2015

        “The real chart” (in your logic), is updated every 2 hours. Last time I checked it was 53, but it’ll probably bounce back. I really hate arguing with stupid people. Damn! Get it together sis. :/

      • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

        Yes boo… Thats out of the Top 50. Your point?

  10. A&R April 18, 2015

    I just wanna know why she’s doing this and not focusing on music?

    • MUSICHEAD April 18, 2015

      Who says she’s not? The album is almost done. She has to build buzz first and justify the relevance of her brand to gain media and corporate support BEFORE the album comes. Broadway is a perfect vehicle for that.

      • Lake Erie April 18, 2015

        Hold up! How do you know she’s almost done? When did she say that?

      • MUSICHEAD April 18, 2015

        She didn’t. I have my sources lol.

  11. Royalkev April 18, 2015

    “Charisma and personality is a must” … If that’s what they were looking for, they hit it right on the nail by casting Bran! I know I’m going to love, love, love her in this! These video clips will on repeat!

    *hits the pause to continue watching*

  12. MUSICHEAD April 18, 2015

    Brandy will be amazing in this role! I can’t wait to see her!

    So glad she has her management situation on point…finally! Jeff Robinson is an industry heavyweight and will work his ass off for her with this new album coming.

    Plus Brandy’s business partner for Two Eleven is now the VP of Urban A&R at Epic now. I wonder if her new deal will be with them. Hmmm…we’ll know soon enough.

  13. Christal April 18, 2015

    Brandy is just amazing. A true talent she is

  14. How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

    How dare you call someone dumb when you can’t even count to 50.

  15. Centurion April 18, 2015

    *facepalm* That, my stupid friend, basically means that it’s being outsold by others, not that it’s not selling. You can’t have 2 number 1s, or whatever top 20 position(s) you speak of. I’m arguing with a Miguel stan. Well, this is embarrassing. :/

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 18, 2015

      how much would it cost for u to disappear forever? u just soo annoying I wanna just hire a hit man and place a bounty on ur head….u are the worst

    • How Many Drinks April 18, 2015

      But babe. You did not even know Top 50 means 1-50. *Facepalm. Thats a real reason to stay in school.

  16. I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 18, 2015

    I love me some Bey but this is about Brandy, why must y’all talk about Bey and Ri under post that had absolutely nothing to do with them…. gosshhh

  17. No favs, just here for the music April 18, 2015

    She needs to tell me where she found the fountain of youth

  18. DreamBig April 18, 2015

    How old are y’all beyonce and Rihanna stans? Like, really?

  19. Love4Brandy April 18, 2015

    I Love That Brandy Is Doing Broadway And Showing That STILL She Can Try New Things And Be More Than Just T.V. Or Music.

    Y’all Can Say What You Want But Brandy Has Been EMPLOYED since 1993 In All Areas Of Entertainment (Singing, Acting, Dancing, Hosting, VoiceOvers, Reality Tv And Now BroadWay!



    • MUSICHEAD April 18, 2015

      True! Brandy stay with a job! I could’ve sworn I saw her driving an Uber the other day lol. Nah but real talk, this woman will always be relevant. She’s too talented not to be.

  20. HaveMyMoney April 18, 2015

    I love you brandy

  21. RoyalBey April 19, 2015

    YASSSSS!!! To that run in the last video at 3:10

  22. jj April 19, 2015

    BEYONCE could NEeeeveerrrrr!

  23. you wanna be on tv I bet April 19, 2015

    She’s amazing

  24. Blacksista April 19, 2015

    Jack of All trades. Would love to see her star in a feature film

  25. Junior in Jamaica April 20, 2015

    No, no, no.

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