K. Michelle Declared Victor In ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Lawsuit Drama

Published: Sunday 12th Apr 2015 by David


The R&B singer K. Michelle has learned that she won’t have to pay a penny to her ex-boyfriend Memphitz this week, declared the winner of a legal battle that started when she accused him of attacking her on national television.

Good news for the ‘Atlantic’ belle below…

Mickey ‘Memphitz’ Wright Jr, filed the lawsuit in a Georgia District Court on Sept. 5, 2012, claiming K. Michelle had set out to defame him when she accused him of physical abuse and embezzlement on VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.’

After learning the singer had made the claims on the series Wright asked for $15 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages.

He won’t make a dime.

For, he could not prove the allegations were false, or prove her claims were “injurious to his reputation and were published with a degree of fault at least amounting to negligence.”

AJC reports:

To win the defamation case, Wright had to prove K Michelle’s allegations that he physically abused her were false, that he is more a private figure than a public figure (where the bar is far higher to prove defamation and “actual malice” has to be proven) and that the production companies and VH1 aired this information knowing it was false. He also had to prove the allegations were “injurious to his reputation and was published with a degree of fault at least amounting to negligence.”

The Fulton County judge Robert McBurney decided in favor of the defendants. In general, the allegations were true, Wright is deemed a public figure as a former TV host and husband of singer and reality star Toya Wright and the production company “exercised due diligence concerning Defendant Pate’s domestic violence claims,” according to final court judgment. “The record shows that they reasonably believed Defendant Pate during production of LHHA and that they still do today.”

Wright in depositions acknowledged he got into a physical altercation with K Michelle in a Memphis hotel altercation in 2009 and had spent money from Jive Record’s budget for jewelry, not to help her career, and had sent a text message threatening to kill K. Michelle’s son. That content of the text was bleeped out on the show, negating its import in the case.

The summary judgment goes into detail about the argument between K Michelle and Wright where Wright admits he put a pillow and/or his hands over her mouth to try to shut her up. She reasonably thought he was trying to kill her. He later tried to backtrack from his initial acknowledgments, according to a court filing by the defendants seeking summary judgment.

Although K Michelle wasn’t a defendant in the original case, she was added later. The other defendants are Viacom, which owns VH1 and the production companies NFGTV and Monami Entertainment.


The judge was also displeased that it took several months for Wright to specify what was defamatory, noting that the delays “consumed the resources of the Court and Defendants and ultimately required an order of the Court to fix.”


Michelle left ‘Atlanta’ following its second season and has since gone on to secure her VH1 spinoff named ‘My Life’ and release two studio albums via ‘Atlantic Records.’

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  1. Diamond Princess April 12, 2015

    What a dumbass, nig-ga there was a POLICE REPORT and text messages to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were guilty of emotional and physical violence. Whoever his lawyer was just took his damn money knowing damn well he had no case. Georgia lawyers are the worst!

  2. know this April 12, 2015

    All those b!tches on LHHATL owe her an apology for calling her a liar…Tamar Braxton as well! Abuse is never a laughing matter!

    • Diamond Princess April 12, 2015

      I’m surprised Tamar would make fun of her situation, given Tamar was in abusive relationships as well.

  3. #JACKIE April 12, 2015

    LMAO where is Tamuppet now!! K never said his name but a hit dog will holler! He’s GAY anyway

  4. Mark111 April 12, 2015

    I don’t get why Tamara Braxton say anything when it had NOTHING to do with her. All she got out of this is a nickname and shame. And why people act like Lil Wayne ex wife is a a saint?

  5. TheElusiveLamb April 12, 2015

    Well I’m glad she proved she wasn’t lying (technically), so I do hope the K & Tamar beef goes away. It would be nice for them for to make a song for all of the women who has been through abusive relationships. They would make more impact.

    • KeKe April 12, 2015

      I’m loving Mariah’s album cover so far ill probably be asleep by the time it’s fully revealed

  6. Gee April 12, 2015

    I believe that this should serve as a learning lesson to learn all the facts before making assumptions. Also people like Tamar, Toya, and Rasheeda must know everyone makes mistakes and every relationship is different. I do feel K.Michelle is owed an apology from these women as she was bashed and branded a liar. As the ruling says she was telling the truth.

  7. Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

    She made too much of a fuss about it on LHHATL. That’s why people didn’t believe her. Congratulations to her.

    • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

      You are an idiot but then again look who you stan for kii

    • Shelly April 12, 2015


    • KeKe April 12, 2015

      She looks amazing I guess nobody can continue clinging to the she is fat drag and have you seen how salty the Hive are on twitter it’s pathetic I tell you

      • LB April 12, 2015

        I agree, she looks fantastic. And when are the hive are just pathetic. They are mad at everyone lol.

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