New Song: Monica, Jeezy, & Yo Gotti – ‘Do Me Like That’

Published: Friday 24th Apr 2015 by Sam

Monica is prepping her musical comeback with new album ‘Code Red.’ And while the set isn’t ready for revealing just yet, the R&B star tides fans over with a guest feature on new song ‘Do Me Like That.’

Not to be confused as Mo’s single, the track is that of DJ Sense, who also invites rappers Jeezy and Yo Gotti to drop verses.

The hard-hitting, gritty cut can be found after the jump…

Cute. It could garner respectable club play.

We’re ready for Mo’s own material, though.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kitty Puurrzz April 24, 2015

    FINALLY ….. Love this. Can’t wait for her official single …

    • HaveMyMoney April 24, 2015

      Nice To See Monica Attempt To Break Away From Those “Gospel Hymn” And “Chitlin Circuit” Singles.
      I Was Starting To Think This b**** Didn’t Know Any Other Genres Other Than Trap’n’B.
      Please Hire A New Glam Squad To Really Update Your Look Because These D*** Cuts And Bargain Bin Outfits Not Cutting It.
      Not A Fan But Listened To Every Album Except The Last One.

      • RihNaj April 24, 2015

        Lmfaooo Yaasasss b****!! We need the old Monica back !!

      • YoEarn April 24, 2015

        That’s stupid because recently she is best known for Everything To Me and Love All Over Me which are classic R&B ballads. So where is the “TrapnB” you speak of?

  2. christinastherealtalent April 24, 2015

    YASSSSS! Go ahead and hurt em mama!

  3. Antmo April 24, 2015

    I can’t wait until real R&B music makes a comeback it seems like ever since the start of the digital era (2005) music has changed idk

    Nice to see Monica back

  4. Bree April 24, 2015

    Yessss Monicaaaaa Luv U Lady…She is Sanging over this Hottt Track
    Anticipating her First Single….R&B Icon..#CodeRed!!! Can’t Wait..

  5. Rated R April 24, 2015

    Come through Monica !

  6. Soldier Of Love. April 24, 2015

    Unexpected trio.. I can’t quite put my finger on which one don’t fit but 1 of them throw the song off..

    • Kitty Puurrzz April 24, 2015

      It sure as hell ain’t Monica

      • Soldier Of Love. April 24, 2015

        B****…. To be honest it’s between Monica and Gotti..

  7. Music Lover~ April 24, 2015

    Yes i’m here for it! Anything with Monica on it, I LOVE!

  8. trose April 24, 2015

    Sam u kill me with that “Cute” line and have the nerve to put a period at the ens…translation nothing special lol I can always tell when ya are the writer…my opinion of the song “cute”

  9. Only (NICKIARA) April 24, 2015

    Post to be oh sorry i meant flop to be

  10. Only (NICKIARA) April 24, 2015

    I kinda like it but flop to the power 5

    • Kitty Puurrzz April 24, 2015

      It’s a mixtape single. Its not meant to slay charts. Wait till she drop her new single in 2 weeks. Then you can be pressed.

  11. Bree April 24, 2015

    U a Flop…Monica ain’t worried..20years and counting….

    • Soldier Of Love. April 24, 2015

      20 years and counting and her highest charting singles were in the 90’s…….

      • Music Lover~ April 24, 2015

        I’m not here to argue, but do your research before Making statements, Monica has indeed has hits this decade.

      • Paulo April 24, 2015

        … but she’s had Top 10s during the 00s and just became the only artist to top the R&B charts in the 90s the 00s and the 10s. why try to downplay real talent like Monica? why so pressed, hunty?

  12. #JACKIE April 24, 2015

    This s*** is whack and dated

  13. Bree April 24, 2015

    So is Ciara…Don’t get me started on them Sales or No Sales…Ciara will never see the success monica has seen thus far in music…

    • Only (NICKIARA) April 24, 2015

      Not when she makes it to the hot 100 does Mo(d***)a even buble under BB 200

    • Soldier Of Love. April 24, 2015

      The hottest thing Monica has touched was Keyshia Coles “Trust”..

    • #JACKIE April 24, 2015

      Death Monica ain’t had a hit in years gtfoh. Tell that h** to stick to preaching on Instagram.

      • Paulo April 24, 2015

        unfortunately it’s true. but if you compare Ciara’s sales without a hit and Monica’s sales without a hit, you’d see why me being a fan of both artists would never even put them close together. totally unfair on CiCi.

  14. pat April 24, 2015

    yall actually got past 30 seconds???

  15. rlhigh April 24, 2015

    Pure fire. “I Bet” these syco stans gonna stay pressed on Monica this era. Monica is such a lady and always supports their fave even if she is being shady or childish. She even bought that knock off single! !!!!!!!

    • #JACKIE April 24, 2015

      Lmaooooo chile please.

  16. Bree April 24, 2015

    Ciara can only back bend for so long…that’s all she talented for!!!
    NEVER can Ciara be or should be compared to Monica!!

    • Rihboy April 24, 2015

      Stop!!!!!! Lls ????????????????

    • Rihboy April 24, 2015

      I’m sure when she releases it will trend much better than I forgot.

    • Soldier Of Love. April 24, 2015

      Youre just as delusional as you are late, sis. Study up on Ci then come back wit some more recent shade.

      • Rihboy April 24, 2015

        What is there to study? She been in the industry for 10 plus years. Net worth 15 mill. A few hits, a Grammy I think, back bending/matrix abilities, baby mother tease(failed pr stunt), a plethora of flop singles. Sit.

      • #JACKIE April 24, 2015

        Monica been in the industry 20 years and has the same net worth! LMAO b**** get outta here and purchase your faves FLOP ass singles!!!

      • Rihboy April 24, 2015

        Monica has made more of an impact and is much more respected as an artist. I can’t say the same for your fave. She is premiering like she just got on the scene. New artist spotlight tease.

  17. stan April 24, 2015

    i love monica, but i’m going to have to pass on this

  18. Rihboy April 24, 2015

    Omg!!!! This is fire!!! The beat is sick! Welcome back Monica!!! Definitely radio friendly!! come on summer jam!!! Come thru!!!

  19. TheElusiveLamb April 24, 2015

    I love the beat. I’m just waiting on Mo’s solo material.

  20. HaveMyMoney April 24, 2015

    Nice To See Monica Attempt To Break Away From Those “Gospel Hymn” And “Chitlin Circuit” Singles.

    I Was Starting To Think This B**** Didn’t Know Any Other Genres Other Than Trap’n’B.

    Please Hire A New Glam Squad To Really Update Your Look Because These D*** Cuts And Bargain Bin Outfits Not Cutting It.

    Not A Fan But Listened To Every Album Except The Last One.

    • #JACKIE April 24, 2015

      Read that fake ghetto yodeling ass B****

      • Kitty Puurrzz April 24, 2015

        Girl you STAN for ciara. Are you serious?

      • Rihboy April 24, 2015

        But didn’t Ciara try to invent ghetto Pop and fail at it. Don’t come for a respected artist. Lucrative forces don’t even know who Ciara is. Better yet can repeat one line from any of her songs. Nice try tho.

      • #JACKIE April 24, 2015

        Chile please Monica is irrelevant and ghetto. What magazine covers is she gracing? Hype Hair? What stages are she booking? That fight where she sang the SSB and sounded a hot off key yodeling mess? Stick figure ass b**** hasnt been hot since 2003.

      • Music Lover~ April 24, 2015

        @ Rihboy and Kitty Puurrzz, please don’t waste your time arguing with that Ciara stan, think about it, a Ciara stan. Just Praise Monica, and keep it positive.

      • Vandrea April 24, 2015

        I’ll never get used to anyone who stans for the perpetual struggle that is Ciara actually having the audacity to talk sh!t about someone else’s recent success, or lack thereof. Ciara is literally one more flop single/album away from stocking shelves at Foot Locker. Seriously, be quiet.

  21. Tyler Makivelli April 24, 2015


  22. clbook90 April 24, 2015

    This song is old it’s not new at all

  23. MonicaDove April 24, 2015

    Yassssss Get it Mo!!!! #RandBDiva Luh ha!!

  24. Ajm265 April 24, 2015

    Child death to this delusional Ciara fan trying to come for anyone. Child Ciara hadn’t had a hit album since her second. And a real hit since promise. She Had to p**** pop and get Nicki Minaj help to get a moderate hit from her Ciara album. Please stfu.

    • Rihboy April 24, 2015


  25. A Sip Of Brandy April 24, 2015

    Ciara’s voice may not be as big or loud as monica’s, but she’s actually shown growth musically and vocally. The Ciara album itself is better than at least 85% of monica’s discography. monica is boring, bland, dry, and redundant. Nothing about her stands out from your typical standard R&B female singer. #noshadejusttruth

    Oh, and Ciara’s debut album sold 75% of monica’s domestic career. LOLZ

    • Paulo April 24, 2015

      I see someone is mad about Two Eleven and Human being slayed by Still Standing and New Life on the charts… let it go, beau!

      • A Sip Of Brandy April 24, 2015

        @Paulo B*tch, where was FLOP life on the charts? Monocant couldn’t even sell that weak album at the flea market. Brandy outsold monica’s career with one album. ONE album darling! Dead @ monocant still playing catchup to an album released in the 90s!

        You could never come for her dumb b*tch!

      • Paulo April 25, 2015

        if New Life is a flop with 69k first week and absolutely no Top 10 hits on Urban radio then what is Two Eleven with 65k and a Top 3 hit?
        I love Brandy but I think your dellusional ass needs to sip on this tea, hunty. Don’t be starting s*** dragging Monica when Brandy is selling less than she is and if anything it is Brandy who is trying to play catch up to her old sales and old status while Monica is quietly evolving and maturing her sound. And at the end of the day they’re both vocal beasts and they are friends so have several seats for your foul ass starting s*** where there is NONE!

      • knock on norwood April 25, 2015

        @paulo monica does not evolve. She’s been making the same album since 95! Stop lying. Lol Brandy is on broadway, the final season of the game, will be on empire, has her own show, a book, and new music coming, what is monicant doing again? Lol she could never. I didn’t even bring up Brandy. You saw her name in my username and got mad. Remember you came for me first! Well I didn’t send for you, so stay in your place!

      • Paulo April 25, 2015

        so you have two accounts just to big up your fav on a blog? Wow… that’s sad. 🙁

    • Music Lover~ April 24, 2015

      A sip of garbage, replace Monica’s name and put your fav, than we’ll have the true definition of #NoShadeJustFacts

      • A Sip Of Brandy April 24, 2015

        @Music Lover~ Brandy SLAYS this h** in every possible way. Sold more albums, more recent R&B/Pop success, more impact, more influence, better albums, music etc. You can’t compete where you don’t compare, and monicant doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence as Brandy. Deal with it!

      • Music Lover~ April 24, 2015

        Keep telling yourself that doll, whatever makes you feel better.

      • A Sip of Brandy April 25, 2015

        F**, the real tea is I didn’t even bring up Brandy. You ghetto ass birds did! Your reaction proves that Bran is still a threat to your fave.

        Brandy >>>>>>> monotone
        And that is just IT! You f*** will deal.

  26. cocobutta April 24, 2015

    Wasn’t sure I was going to like it but its a cool mixtape/club track and Mo sounded tight on it. Jeezy hmmmm ok but like the flow of Gotti on this.

    As for this so called C-Squad who have yet to show and prove when it comes to buying the struggle vocalist (who I actually like) albums since Evolution need to worry about raising some coins to purchase a heifers music.

    Dont make me read ya’ll like Phaedra did to Kenya because Monica’s Still Standing album 1st week sales alone slayed all 3 first week sales of CiCi last 3 albums NOW CHECK THAT!
    Damn I didnt even have to add New Life in there and that was Mo’s struggle album lol. BOW DOWN C-Fakes!

    • #JACKIE April 24, 2015

      Girl bye New Life sold a couple thousand more first week big f****** deal. She’s DONE and she made no impact now have several f****** seats!!!

  27. Paulo April 24, 2015

    only MURDA MO would SLAY these vocals and make this dated ass track something interesting! y’all haters can keep seething… but damn! when #CodeRed drops and one of the top vocalists in the game scalps your fav again, where you gon run to???

    • #JACKIE April 24, 2015

      Murder is right #KilledHerExInAGraveyard

      • Paulo April 24, 2015

        is that supposed to be shade? if anything you wish Ciara would have done the same to T-Pain Hentricks. Murda Mo about to slay with a mic again and you better be ready to moonwalk all the way to your grave, hater. xoxo

  28. Redd Vega April 24, 2015

    Love this s*** herre frfr…I hope this is on her album …..SOLD FRFR

  29. Kitty Puurrzz April 24, 2015

    Monica is a thug. I love it.

  30. You wanna love it right better then my money April 25, 2015

    Nice mixtrack song I like the beat of the song

  31. MonicaSlays…DEAL April 25, 2015

    Tickeld at the bran Stans always trying to discredit Mo, the only thing bran doing worth talking about is Broadway. Y’all bragging on all her OLD accomplishments and “supposedly” new ventures but the only one is factual is ebt’s the game, which did nothing to help her last “comeback” album lol…she had Chris brown on a top 5 song and still sold less than Mo! Compare her “comeback” album 2/11 to Mo’s comeback album Still Standing and there is no comparison BC SS first week sales slayed

    • MonicaSlays…DEAL April 25, 2015

      SS first week sales alone slayed bran 2/11 and human total sales to date! Furthermore if she making so many coins why is Mo’s net worth more than hers lmao….stop trying to hate on Mo and just respect they both have careers 20+ years

      • A Sip of Brandy April 25, 2015

        @monicaslays so you wanna cling to SS sales but claim we’re living in the past? Hypocrite! Just like the h** you stand for, practice what you preach! New life was a flop album filled with stale, dry ballads and hand me down songs.
        Monica ain’t got no net worth lol. You wanna talk coins? Let’s! Let’s not forget that Brandy gets paid for Moesha still being on the air. Let’s also not forget that anytime someone buys a monica boy is mine album, Brandy still gets a check for that songwriting credit for that award winning, record breaking song! I’d say Bran’s money is bigger, longer, and more net worth! She stay coined up winning while yall pigeons losing, now seethe!

    • A Sip of Brandy April 25, 2015


      Again, what is monica doing besides releasing whack music, doing hair, or preaching on instagram? Monica is supposed to be r&b royalty but she hasn’t had a top 10 r&b hit in 5 years. Let’s not talk about hits or sales where Brandy has that heaux beat. Let’s talk influence, impact, and legacy. Brandy slays this bird, and her 2 fans on monicasource won’t change that! We all know Monocant doesn’t get traffic anywhere else but here lol

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