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Published: Monday 13th Apr 2015 by Rashad
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Queen Latifah, Usher, Jill Scott, Fantasia, and R&B legend Smokey Robinson are just a few of the names who’ve enlisted the highly sought after skills of singer/songwriter Theresa Bailey.

After building a successful career as a background singer, the Berklee College of Music graduate is ready to take center stage alongside similarly prized singer/songwriter Lisa Wright, a highly respected artist whose pen has lent a number of gospel gems from Colorado Mass Choir and Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Their alliance – under the name AsOne – has already seen them make history as music history’s first ever interracial female duo.  And from the looks of things, it won’t be the last time we’ll see these talented ladies listed in the history books.

Tuck in below to read our exclusive chat with AsOne and get used to seeing their name:


TGJ:  What’s the inspiration behind the name “As One”?

Theresa:  We wanted a name that represented us well, but also one that was simple and needs no explanation when you hear it.

Lisa:  The meaning is hopefully self explanatory: to come together as one united voice, mind and heart. To be in unanimous agreement to show people everywhere that there should only be one race; the human race and that God created us all and loves us all. Theresa brings her differences and I bring my differences and we put them together to “make a difference”.

TGJ:  You’ve both had such great successes on the solo front, what prompted you two to form a duo?

Theresa:  We met just to write one song for Lisa’s solo project. And after the first hour of writing, we had written our first song “Meet Me” and when our (now) manager heard it, he was amazed not only by the song, but also by the way we sounded when we sang together.

Two weeks later we were signed as the first interracial duo in gospel music.

TGJ:  Tell us about “Hero?” Why was this the best song to kick off your forthcoming project?

Theresa:  Hero is a song about Jesus. It’s a triumphant song about him being our undefeated champion.

Lisa: Hero is a song that speaks our heart about how God is our ultimate hero and has been championing AsOne from the very beginning. It has also resonated well with people of all ages.

TGJ:  Tell us about the sonic direction of your project as a whole? Any other big named, guest features we should expect?

Theresa:  Sonically, it was important to us that all of the instruments were played live. Nothing was programmed and we’re not big on auto-tuning our vocals. We took our time in the studio and had the pleasure of working with some really amazing musicians who helped bring our songs to life. We even used a live orchestra! Our special guests include Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise and Mark Kibble of Take 6.


TGJ:  Your impressive resumes have seen you work with people on both sides of the musical fence – secular and gospel. Who are some of your favorite people to work with to date?

Theresa:  My very favorite person I have ever worked for is Queen Latifah. I sang backup for her and wrote songs with her for almost 8 years. And what impressed me the most about her is the way she treats people. I’ve never seen her be mean to ANYONE. She never talks down to anyone or has any “diva” moments. She treats everyone (from the band to the driver) with respect and kindness. That speaks volumes to me.

Lisa:  Wow, that’s a tough one because I truly enjoyed working with everyone! Marvin Sapp, Colorado Mass Choir, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and Mark Kibble of Take6!

TGJ:  Who would you like to work with again as AsOne?

Theresa:  There are SO many people I would like to work with…everyone from Mercy Me to LeCrae to Jonathan McReynolds. And I would love to write a song with Kirk Franklin.

Lisa:  I’d love to work with Mark Kibble and all of Take6 and The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

TGJ:  What do you feel you bring to the table that’s missing on the gospel/Christian scene right now?

Lisa:  We bring racial unity and stand for racial unity and equality and we bring a fresh new sound…even our sound is a mixture of Gospel and Christian music combined.



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