TIME Name Kanye West And…Kim Kardashian On ‘100 Most Influential People’ List

Published: Thursday 16th Apr 2015 by Sam

TIME Magazine has released the 2015 instalment of their 100 Most Influential People list and, as ever, the feature sets the stage for ample debate.

Indeed, the inclusion of a number of questionable names already has folk revolting – most especially Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Granted Yeezy’s creative genius is as good as undeniable, he’s not released a body of work in the last twelve months and has instead been most notable for tabloid antics with his stunt queen. How any of this equates to “titan” appears to be baffling the masses.

In any case, peep more from the list below…


Kanye West
Tim Cook
Lee Daniels
Kim Kardashian
Bob Iger


Emma Watson
Reese Witherspoon
Laverne Cox


Bradley Cooper
Richard Linklater
Julianna Margulies
Amy Schumer
Alexander Wang
Jill Soloway
Chris Pratt
Audra McDonald
Tim McGraw
Kevin Hart
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Julianne Moore
Christopher Nolan


Angela Merkel
Vladimir Putin
Kim Jong Un
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama


Taylor Swift
Diane von Furstenberg
Haruki Murakami
Ina Garten
Malala Yousafzai
Pope Francis


Click here to see the full list!


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  1. Centurion April 16, 2015

    *Falls of a chair* What? LMFAO. That’s BS.

  2. Cindy April 16, 2015

    Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be anywhere on this damn list. Time lost ALL credibility. You have Alicia Keys with the no child left behind foundation. Rihanna with her Cancer foundation, and Beyonce with her Beygood foundation, also being a co-founder of Chime for Change and they put that white trash on the list!!!???

    • rosy April 16, 2015

      And you wonder why society f***** up time is losing their mind like vogue magazine they must need controversy to sell

  3. Skyfall April 16, 2015

    The list is trash

  4. The Beysus Impact April 16, 2015

    Emma Watson though 😀 😀 😀

  5. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 16, 2015

    Does Kim have some type of influential work besides her business ventures?

  6. Centurion April 16, 2015

    #RL8 #FourFiveFloppings #B!tchDontDeserveMaMoney #AmericanFlopygen ➡ #7YearsAgo ▶ XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

  7. BossB*tchBeyonce April 16, 2015

    This list is a joke right??

  8. Lmfao_Hoe April 16, 2015

    Tyler Swift an icon ???? I don’t care that she sells but where’s the impact? Yah act like she had an Thriller, Music Box, 21, or Bodyguard SLAYAGE. Speaking of Kim wtf and Kanye. .. okay I suppose for hip-hop standard.

  9. TheElusiveLamb April 16, 2015

    LOL ok TIME… I’m guessing they felt no one wanted to read an article about Camp Mariah donating millions of dollars over the last 20 years or Rihanna doing huge things for that Cancer Foundation, so they went for controversy instead. This list is hilarious.

  10. BeyIsKing April 16, 2015

    Uhm okay…this is a joke right? Kim Kardashian that narcissistic attention h** is on this list? Well Time just lost all credibility and respect. In what world is Taylor an icon? She sells really well, yes but icon? None of her songs are iconic! She’s ABOVE Malala!! What kind of fucckery is that? Good F****** Bye at this list Time

  11. BeyIsKing April 16, 2015

    A list of this much ridiculousness I would expect from TMZ not Time

  12. Keri Qween April 16, 2015

    Where’s Beyonce?

    • TheElusiveLamb April 16, 2015

      Where’s Kershaw?

      • Only April 16, 2015

        Keri is Bubbling under

    • Tyler Makiveli April 16, 2015

      Where’s RihCrackHead?

  13. Me >>> you April 16, 2015

    I just wanna know who made this list? Cause I don’t know how kim is influential. Isn’t she the girl that did pornn to become famous? And how is Taylor icon? I mean I like her and she sells really well but she doesn’t have an iconic song.

  14. Rihanna Lately April 16, 2015

    Where’s you queen beyonce? Lol.

  15. Tyler Makiveli April 16, 2015

    Kanye, ok. Kim HELL NO. This b*******.

  16. Rihanna Lately April 16, 2015

    Lol @ Kim being on the list.

  17. Only April 16, 2015

    Kim kardashian???? I see, Igloo will make it next yr

  18. Lil Kim thee Only QB April 16, 2015

    Even Nicki Garbaj is more influential than Kim K smdh. Only thing Taylor does is sell. Most people haven’t heard half the songs on her album.

  19. blue April 16, 2015

    the list is of people with influence…any type of influence…kim qualifies…she is mega rich and at the top of her game and she has america at her finger tips. #breaktheinternet

  20. fatusankoh April 16, 2015

    This very sad what is world Kim that is sad

  21. jammy April 16, 2015

    yessss for my girl Bjork. She truly is an icon whether you like or not.

  22. HOWYOULIKEIT April 16, 2015

    The woman that has a speech in Beyonce’s Flawless is there !!!

  23. I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 16, 2015


  24. you wanna be on tv I bet April 16, 2015

    Haha @ those list

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