University To Offer ‘Beyonce’ College Course

Published: Wednesday 10th Jun 2015 by Sam

Loved and loathed, Beyonce forms the focus of much debate in today’s Pop culture sphere.

Now, her illustrious career will continue its invasion of the academic arena. Because, yet another college have announced a course centered on the global superstar.

Full story below…

The University of Waterloo in Canada have unveiled a programme wholly dedicated to King B’s 2013 self-titled album.

What can students interested in taking the course (which commences in the Fall) expect from it? The school explains below:

Want to study Beyoncé this fall? We don’t blame you. The Department of Drama and Speech Communication is offering a course focused entirely on the mega superstar, entitled Gender and Performance (DRAMA 282).

Perhaps it is the mutability of her voice, the impenetrability of her image, the careful choreography of her public persona and the astute manipulation of audio, visual and audio-video mediums that position Beyoncé as one of the most influential performers of the 21st century. Eponymously titled, the “Beyoncé” album is a vexing articulation of contemporary mainstream feminism that has captivated audiences worldwide.

The course will be offered in Fall 2015 to all students and has no prerequisites. Students will analyze videos from Beyoncé’s most recent album, use feminist and critical race theories to reflect on the artist’s work and create their own artistic responses.

Instructor Professor Naila Keleta-Mae says that “whether or not feminist scholars, activists or artists agree with Beyoncé’s discourse, her influence on popular culture is undeniable. I would argue that it would be negligent for those of us interested in gender studies to dismiss the album ‘Beyoncé’ or its principal artist.”

From where we’re standing, Professor Keleta-Mae summed it up best.

More power to Mrs Carter!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Christian June 10, 2015

    The irony of a college course about a high school dropout

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 10, 2015

      But why are u mad tho????//

      • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 10, 2015

        Yaassss!! King Bey following it Qieen Bee (lil Kim) steps honey. Y’ALL BIITCHES RECOGNIZE AND DEAL!! #LilKimWinning

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. June 10, 2015

        LET THEM KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lil’ Kim was the first black female musician to have a university course dedicated to studying her artistry. KIM IS THE ORIGINAL QUEEN BEE!!!!! WHEN WILL HOnika?!?!?!?

    • Fancy BISH June 10, 2015

      Don’t hate boo boo, just BEY good and BEY inspired lol

    • Centurion June 10, 2015

      Let’s be specific. She’s a performing arts dropout where they sing, dance, act and/or play instruments. She didn’t attend regular high school where kids are taught maths, science, history, business etc. That’s why Beyonce is a dumb ho3. The entire entertainment industry knows that. 😆

      • BiracialButterfly June 19, 2015

        You do know that “maths, science, history, business etc” are all covered in performing arts high schools right? and there is no S in Math. LOL, educate yourself before you come for the mis-education of others.

  2. metzo June 10, 2015

    What is this, the 100th course offered on her in the past 2 years?

  3. Rihyeezy June 10, 2015

    Didn’t this already happen? YAWN

    • Keri Qween June 10, 2015

      I know right smoke and mirrors from someone with very little education ????????????????

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 10, 2015

        How is BIG BIRD’S new single doing on the NON-EXISTENT CHART???? I bet FLOPERI NOWHERESON is killing the BUBBLING UNDER 4500000324 CHART THO!!!!

      • Keri Qween June 10, 2015

        What single fool? It was a leak and not officially released ????????

      • Rosie June 10, 2015

        Why does the teaser for the new Foals album (just released yesterday and yes I will keep using this band to drag Big Bird) already have more views than Bird’s first new song in 5 years, “Keep It 100 (ft. Young Thug)” on YouTube?

      • Keri Qween June 10, 2015

        Stay pressed Roseanne worry about your drunken fave and her boring elevator music

      • Rosie June 10, 2015

        …that’s not an answer? By the way Lana can get 25K views on her “elevator music” in less than a minute.

      • Keri Qween June 10, 2015

        Ultraboring still struggled to go gold in a year

      • Rosie June 10, 2015

        And No Hits Allowed STILL hasn’t gone gold in almost 5 years. Stay in your lane.

      • Keri Qween June 10, 2015

        But your plastic fave is the queen of alternative music according to you and it has barely outsold no boys allowed in the states

      • Rosie June 10, 2015

        How is outselling it 2x+ over “barely?” And you know damn well No Sales Allowed sold 250K MAX (I want receipts for it selling anywhere over 300K).
        Anyways stay mad less people are checking for your fave than the number of people who attend a single Lana show on her current tour.

  4. Mark111 June 10, 2015

    The Pest will rave, but I’ll be excited when Beyonce take a college course.
    “But she’s rich with a 450M NW.” -Pest
    Knowledge is worth more than money. Maybe she’ll learn how to spend and not lose 200M of her NW.

    • Lake Erie June 10, 2015

      If it’s her “self” fulfillment that’s missing secretly. Then I say go ahead. Wayne did it and I personally could tell he went to college because of the language he used in his lyrics afterwards.

    • Jaz June 10, 2015

      So I guess Rihanna’s net worth is actually 58 million then, and Madonna only 500, go figure. Oh and Mark, aka “The supreme power bottom”, a question, why are you always so bitter and pressed? Things will get better doll, let the anger go, the pain doesn’t last forever.

    • Stephy. June 10, 2015

      You can’t “lose” something… You never had in the first place…

      • Timberlake=? June 10, 2015

        Yeah the same way people kept saying Mariah lost it, BUT in actuality, she NEVER had it to begin with.

      • Stephy. June 10, 2015

        That’s a REACH… But, nice try tho… Beyonce was never worth 450 million in the first place.

      • Timberlake=? June 10, 2015

        A REACH, no bro, that REACH is real. Mariah never had it, studio singer at it’s finest.

        Now on to Beyonce, like someone said above, Forbes tried it, because they have the QUEEN OF POP Madonna at 500, along with studio Carey, and we all know MADONNA is WORTH way more then CAREY, and what is actually stated.

      • TheElusiveLamb June 10, 2015

        Girl keep it cute.

      • Stephy. June 11, 2015

        How you gon’ call Mariah Carey a studio artist but praise MAdonna… Lol. The logic & pressed-t ways to try & bring down Mariah is laughable. Those lil celebrity net worth websites aren’t true at all. Mariah isn’t worth 500 million dummy. And, her voice LIVE was amazing! A studio singer would be Madonna. You know, someone who couldn’t sing live at all to save her life at any given moment in her nasty ass career. Goodnight.

    • Kyle June 11, 2015

      Who needs a s degree when you’re schoolin life?

    • Kyle June 11, 2015

      And tell that to your fave who went BANKRUPT because she couldnt read a contract.

  5. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan June 10, 2015

    Whether she choses to advance her education is none of my business, but everybody needs some type of education even Beyonce. No matter how rich she is, knowledge is much more richer.

    • Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan June 10, 2015

      And this comment was a response to the usual haters above.

    • Guest June 10, 2015

      More richer?

  6. Slay_Hive June 10, 2015

    Ha MF IMPACT!!!!! ANOTHER UNIVERSITY???!!! POP QUEEN! Her career slaaaaaays????????????????

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 10, 2015

      @MARK666 IS ALREADY SEETHING LIKE A B**** ON IT’S PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Slay_Hive June 10, 2015

        ???????????????? She is such a lady

  7. Music Lover~ June 10, 2015

    Queen Bey!!

  8. SipTheTruth June 10, 2015

    What job are you gonna get with a college diploma in beyonce studies .. grrrlll

    • Guest June 10, 2015

      I thought the article reported that it was a course and not a major tho?

  9. Banks’ #1 Fan. Chile, go buy Goddess right now! June 10, 2015

    Hmmm….I wonder if the course(s) will instruct it’s students on how to write songs entirely and not just change two words in the lyrics to get writing credits. Now that would be a true kii!

    • Keri Qween June 10, 2015

      Kiiiiiiii ????????????????????????

      • Jaz June 10, 2015

        Not the fans of two flop basic b****’s talking s***..LOL

  10. OMG Logic!!! June 10, 2015

    Stripper courses tend to be popular, so I foresee this being popular as well.

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 10, 2015

      KEEP SEETHING U TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Banks’ #1 Fan. Chile, go buy Goddess right now! June 10, 2015

      Yes, you better inform the Queen of both lip-syncing and stripping at the Grammy’s. My fave would NEVER…..and as you can see, she still can sell records without spreading her legs on a chair in front of her industry peers. Kii!! Some queen! Talk about the struggle to secure a hit…..with yet ANOTHER feature from her struggle-face camel of a husband.

  11. Stephy. June 10, 2015

    Great For Her. Beyonce looks BEYutiful in that picture.

      • Stephy. June 11, 2015

        Billboard is not credible when it comes to net worth. Forbes is way more reliable. Mariah’s divorce papers that leaked proved that she wasn’t worth 500 million either. Mariah’s worth around 175 million $’s. Forbes calculated MC (in 2007) around 220 million. So, how she magically jump from 220 – 520 million within the last few years… Even with many flop singles/mediocre selling album & small tours??? Stop believing every article you read on those payola’d websites… That are paid (most of the time) to make our stars look more successful than they really are! Touring is EXPENSIVE. Beyonce is worth more than MAriah. But, she was NEVER worth 400+ million. <—- That number is too high.

  12. datreddone23 June 10, 2015

    The University of Texas is offering a course on Rihanna aswell congrats to both 😉

  13. Banks’ #1 Fan. Chile, go buy Goddess right now! June 10, 2015

    I bet Kelly and Michelle….heck even LaToya and LaTavia…..would NEVER spread their legs on a chair while “performing” at the Grammys! Michelle is too much of a natural vocalist……and Kelly…..well, she’ll be too busy being Michelle’s back up dancer. Lol.

    • Rosie June 10, 2015

      Has Goddess sold 100K yet?

      • Banks’ #1 Fan. Chile, go buy Goddess right now! June 10, 2015

        Well, since you seem to be more of a stan than me, why don’t you tell me? Learn your place and stay there before I drag your fave by her non-existent edges.

  14. Rosie June 10, 2015

    Wow at the impact being felt from Harvard and beyond. This is also one of the best colleges in Canada (especially if you want to talk about public colleges) but some of you will act like this is some irrelevant small liberal arts school.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 10, 2015

      I guess everyone including prestigious schools lower their standards at some point. Then again, Harvard is all about the hype, so it would be natural for them to gravitate to an artist that is all about hype. The same way Apple (with their useless outdated tech) was the exclusive for Beyonce’s overrated album.

      • Rosie June 10, 2015

        So now the most prestigious and well-known university in the world is “overrated?” I bet if it was about Rihanna or Taylor Swift none of yall would be saying this. You gays never fail to amuse me.

  15. Centurion June 10, 2015

    Dafuq!? And do people still believe that that performing arts dropout glorified stripper with a mic is a feminist? SMH

  16. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 10, 2015

    “The University of Waterloo in Canada have unveiled a programme wholly dedicated to King B’s 2013 self-titled album.”

    Ugh at them bringing this shít to Canada too. Thank god I’m going to U of T. The course is probably easy AF though considering that it’s Beyoncé.

  17. Cough Cough June 10, 2015

    I love her but honestly who gives a fück. This isn’t anything new, they already had a “Queen Bee” course years ago for Lil Kim and I think they have an MJ one. I fed wouldn’t waste my coins and tuition on Beyoncé… I give your music and shows my coins now let me have my education to use it for SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE that will enhance my intellect so I can get the coin.

  18. fatusankoh June 10, 2015

    You go queen bey is all worth it who ever taking the courses

  19. Centurion June 10, 2015

    She’s the dumbest and the most boring ,if not basic, black celebrity in the entire entertainment industry. The whole “I’m fierce” bullsh*t disintegrated without a trace. Even gays forgot about that mess. She tried it.
    Beyonce is shy antisocial recluse with no friends and no personality, so you’d think she’s a well-educated or a serious person, but then again, she’s a performing arts dropout where all they did was sing, dance, act and/or play instruments. She didn’t attend regular high school where kids are taught maths, science, history, business etc.
    So if one had to sit down with Beyonce, what kind of things would they talk about? Lol. No wonder nobody is calling her up for talkshow appearances. Poor thing had to reach out to GMA. 🙂

    • RihNavy June 10, 2015

      *Plays “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey*

  20. Kingbeybitch June 10, 2015

    Feeling Myself is GOLD!!! American Oxygen could never

    • NoHateNoShade June 10, 2015


    • Mark111 June 10, 2015

      Oh great, the single matches the album. #Gold #WhoJumpOverGold
      Gold is a flop in a singles age.

  21. Kingbeybitch June 10, 2015

    Beyonce’s REAL friends are Kelly and her cousin Angie. I don’t know why this Rihanna fan so worried bout who Bey is friends with tks. You should be worrying about Rihanna and her friends who do nothing but spend her money and give her drugs

  22. Rosie June 10, 2015

    At calling someone basic when their fave has to hide behind a fake “#bad bishhhh~~” personality just so it can be useful for something than quick forgotten hits.
    Anyways the Big Bird stan still hasn’t answered me about certain British indie band that is completely unknown in the States getting more people to click “play” for a basic ass teaser than Bird can get in a entire month for a Young Thug feature.

    • RihNavy June 10, 2015

      I don’t understand why that thing keeps coming for Lana when it has no solid ground to stand on. You can’t DRAG someone when your fav isn’t even a 1/10 of where someone else is. Like how bored is it to keep starting the same ish? I don’t understand.

      • NoHateNoShade June 10, 2015

        Exactly, then has to become a Rihanna stan to TRY to have a solid read.. Pathetic.

      • Rosie June 10, 2015

        Once again Bird is getting less views for their new song that their they “leaked” on purpose (who the f*** wastes a Young Thug feature? He’s the “in” feature rapper right now) than a teaser from a band whose highest first week sales in the US are 6.6k. Plus the song has been up on YouTube for a month; said band’s teaser isn’t even two days old yet.

  23. TheElusiveLamb June 10, 2015

    Congrats Bey.

    • RihNavy June 10, 2015

      Hey sis!

      • TheElusiveLamb June 10, 2015

        Hi baby girl!

    • RihNavy June 10, 2015

      How are you doing this evening?

      • TheElusiveLamb June 10, 2015

        I’m perfectly imperfect. Hru?

  24. Fleetwood Mac stan June 10, 2015

    So much hype for someone who doesn’t even have a classic album whereas Rolling Stone has Umbrella in it’s 500 Greatest Songs Of all time
    who’s goin to be quoting partition 30 years from now?

    • Rosie June 10, 2015

      This reach.
      According to this site (which is an aggregate of every year-end/decade-end/all-time list by every major publication) Crazy In Love as the 47th most acclaimed song of all time. By the way, honey, no one has taken Rolling Stone seriously as a source of acclaim since the early 2000s. Pitchfork has basically replaced them.

      • RihNavy June 10, 2015

        I don’t think it know what “aggregate” means sis.

      • Fleetwood Mac stan June 10, 2015

        Oh just because Beyonce isn’t listed in the 500 greatest songs now it’s irrelevant Rolling Stone is and will always be the Bible of pop culture

  25. Fleetwood Mac stan June 10, 2015

    Oh just because Beyonce isn’t listed in the 500 greatest songs now it’s irrelevant Rolling Stone is and will always be the Bible of pop culture

  26. tiredoynce June 10, 2015

    are the going to teach how to suck a d*** in the backseat of a limo? how to dress like a hooker for your husband? write a paper on how to “surfbort”? how 2 pretend that a wig is really your hair? how to show your ass on national tv? and the final must be “how to sell your soul to the devil and pretend to be a christan

  27. Princess June 11, 2015

    This is sad. Something is really wrong with this world when colleges are offering courses on beyonce. People are really worshipping this woman. What have she done for people to study her. There are way more important things in this world than to be studying beyonce.

  28. Fleetwood Mac stan June 11, 2015

    Smh studying Beyonce? Wtf has this world come to,she is somewhat talented but that doesn’t merit a course even in the measliest community college around

  29. Kyle June 11, 2015

    The Queen. You cannot deny her iconic impact now. The Navy must be mad, Rihanna could never. What would they analyze? Drugs? Hair color?

    • SMH June 11, 2015

      And what would they analyze in the beyonce class, stripping and plagiarism?

      • Naomi June 11, 2015

        Something worth while, because its happening boo boo. Seethe.

  30. Truth B Told June 11, 2015

    I find it funny that a commercially sponsored artist. Meaning one who’s surprise record was all bought by Pepsi H&M Walmart Lorreal, Starbucks… List goes on. Who has limited educational background gets a course. I think people need to ask themselves am I a s**** to society or am I a free thinker. People who are fans are s**** to society meaning they truly are clueless to what is going on…

  31. SMH June 11, 2015

    Um, not only is this moronic, but it’s already been done for Lil Kim. Beyonce stays chasing other folks impact lol.

  32. gina June 11, 2015

    I lost brain cells just reading this post, i can imagine what kind of idiots will be signing up for this.

  33. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 11, 2015

    This was done years ago right?

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