Jermaine Dupri Dishes On Janet Jackson’s Comeback & Clarifies Mariah Carey Comments

Published: Thursday 2nd Jul 2015 by Sam

Though fiercely private, Janet Jackson went all sorts of public with her relationship with hitmaker Jermaine Dupri.

The couple famously dated for almost six years before calling it quits in 2009 – the same year Jackson’s brother Michael passed away.

In the time since, both have remained coy about the split and – more broadly – about each other.

Still, with their names very much intertwined, it was little surprise that Dupri was quizzed about his iconic ex – who has since married Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana – while doing the promo rounds at the 2015 BET Awards. Especially given that she was the night’s MVP after receiving the the Ultimate Icon honor.

What did he have to say about Ms. Jackson while speaking with Hot 97‘s Nessa? Find out below, where Dupri also dishes on his blunt approach to working with Mariah Carey.

On Janet:

“I’m a Janet Jackson fan. I think she’s the right person — I think she’s the only person (BET) should be honoring with this award. I’m happy to see that. She’s got a new record. I’m happy to see Jimmy (Jam) & Terry (Lewis) back in the studio. Those are idols of mine and I’m happy to see them doing what I watched and wanted for me and my artists. So to see them make (another) record with her — and I hope it’s the whole album — that’s a teaching to this new generation about how you’re supposed to make records.”

On Earlier Comment That Mariah Carey Isn’t Taking The Music Industry Seriously:

“One thing people need to pay attention is the fact that I am a producer.

One day I had a session with Aretha Franklin and I wasn’t saying anything because it’s “Aretha Franklin.” Then, she got on the mic and said “what are you doing here if you’re not going to tell me what to do?”

From that day forth, I knew what my job was. My job is to say to these artists that I work with when I see a problem or when I feel there is a problem. I am the person that is supposed to speak up and say it.

The crazy thing is that the fans — although they backfired on me about Mariah — they know that I’m the person that’s going to say it to the artist. That’s what I do. If the artist is taking a left turn, I’m the person in the room who’s going to say “the fans are saying we need to do this, let’s do this.” Me and the artists we argue and we go back and forth. But this was not an argument between me and Mariah. And it was no shade to Mariah. Somebody asked me a question about why the press are always saying something bad about her. And I just said, sometimes I think she doesn’t pay attention to “that” enough. I wasn’t saying that she doesn’t take her career serious enough. I won’t say that. I think she doesn’t pay attention to the fact people are always saying something about her, so you have to go above and beyond to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Put simply, JD is essentially keeping it cute in regard to Janet and, from where we’re standing, spouting a lot of truth as pertains to Mariah.

An educated reading of his comments clearly highlights that Mimi was likely tuning out all the talk about her worrying performances, which in turn won’t help her better them.

Say what folk do about JD, it’s warming to know that not everyone in camp Mimi is a “yes, you slayed that honey” (even though she didn’t) type.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lol July 2, 2015

    How much did Elijah Blake sell first week?

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

      Tyga sold 2K in the first week. Such a sad time in music LMAO!

    • Missy July 3, 2015

      Mariah Carey is an ICON, she has paved the way for songwriters and singers for years. She has sold 200 million records. Have some respect. Like you Nasty fat gays have never sang WE BELONG TOGETHER when your trick dumped your basic Azzzz.

      Rihanna – is Not a Singer, Not a songwriter, people give her songs and she sings them. That’s it. Her voice has no range. Tick Tock…… her time is almost done.

      Janet jackson – Is an ICON, A legend, she has been in this game for 40 years. She is worthy of respect. The real Queen.

      Mariah is NOT a cow. Its amazing how the GAYS and Angry Black women on this site are so nasty and so rude. Angry and hatred just Run through your veins. Most of you should have been Aborted to rid the net of your nasty comments.

  2. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

    Janet’s new song out peaked EVERY single released by MC & Madonna in the past year on the Hot 100. She needs start promoting! Janet needs a dance hit ASAP! Oh, and Jermaine is BLAH! Good-day.

    • OMG Logic!!! July 2, 2015

      So it out peaked ONE single by Mariah then? What an annoying comment. You purposely make it sound like Mariah has been releasing singles left and right. Call back when she has a genuine hit this decade.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

        Shut Up! And, let me Jackson SHINE!

    • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2015

      Look. Janet´s career is amazing and yes we should let her shine.
      BUT you mentioned Mariah and Madonna for no damn reason to make Janet shine??? And what a bad argument you used btw. This peak position is BAD (it won´t go higher) and compared to Madonna´s and Mariah´s chart performances these last 5 years, it is mediocre. After so many years the anticipation for Janet should be really big. It just isn´t being.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

        No need to give me your old men lecture. I was just being messy Stephy. I understand everything you’re saying. Calm down, grandpa

      • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2015

        You make no sense, they all promoted and released videos, Janet has not!

  3. AWWW! July 2, 2015

    That’s sweet of JD!!! I think deep down he knows he and Janet working together wasn’t the best move for both of them. I wish him the best.

  4. ~The Aracde~ July 2, 2015

    That was really nice what he said about Janet.

  5. Mark111 July 2, 2015

    He’s saying off the wall stuff for press. I heard he’s broke. He was a horrible producer for Janet and a bad manager for MC, but then again, she’s a fat lazy bad singer, so it’s her fault for the 20 years of smoke and mirrors. The Queen is bad and the Pig and attention hooker fans will deal.

    • What now July 2, 2015


    • OMG Logic!!! July 2, 2015

      Look you goat worshipping b1tch. When your 3rd world islander fave stops smoking ten packs a day then you can come and talk sh1t about the Queen because unlike your yodeling mountain goat, she actually had an unmatched voice once as credibility. All your space goat fave has is a 12 inch forehead and a bag of coke to hers.

      • Barb-wire July 2, 2015

        Kiii read the foreheaded who’re @OMG LOGIC.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2015

      What the f***??? And what about the fact Mariah can outsing Janet even now in 2015?
      Why are you so pressed about Mariah??? What an inferiority complex OMG. Nobody mentions her or Madonna in these posts excepts Janet fans. If this single is a success (LOL) why do you need to talk about the others? Oh wait, it is not a success.

  6. What now July 2, 2015


    • Kammy July 2, 2015

      You’re starting to become a regular commentator hey? I have a feeling you are the elusive lamb in one of her many alter egos #HannaMontanaTease

      • What now July 2, 2015


  7. Gee July 2, 2015

    Sam I see with everything concerning MC you must find the negative yet you praise the likes of Rita Ora, Kelly Rowland, and Jlo who have all done much less chart wise than MC but I see you, you are just as bias as they come. Twentyfive years later when it comes to the soundscan game among females MC is still running things yes she maybe past her prime years but she still manages to keep you and others talking while she is living her and still counting her own coins. Also big up to Janet on 40th chart entry on the billboard hot 100.

  8. Monica Stan July 2, 2015

    Mariahs vocals are pathetic and someone needs to remind her

    • OMG Logic!!! July 2, 2015

      What’s a Monica though?

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

      And, Monica’s career (whether she serves vocal or not) will ALWAYS be DEAD. Someone needs to remind her to stop releasing music. Because, no one’s gonna care.

      • Monica Stan July 2, 2015

        Uh no f*****, Mariah’s vocals are dead. Monica is timeless and will sing her into a coma. Thank you.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

        LMAO!!! I didn’t say MoniWHO’s vocals were DEAD… I simply said her CAREER has been dead since Bill Clinton left office! READ sis. And, Mariah’s “dead” vocals still earning her 500K per show in Vegas tho. Meanwhile, MoniWHO is applying for jobs at her local hospital. She still trying to become a nurse boo???

      • Music Lover~ New Monica- JRFM on ITunes/Youtube July 2, 2015

        Stephon, that’s not a Monica fan, he or she is clearly trolling, and trying to get her dragged. I’m sure that’s the same Brandy & Aaliyah troll as well, such a f****** loser.

    • Music Lover~ New Monica- JRFM on ITunes/Youtube July 2, 2015

      You really need to STOP TROLLING under Monica’s name, seriously though, you’re f****** annoying.

      • Monica Stan July 2, 2015

        Oh I’m trolling because MUTEriah sucks? FYI I am not brandy or Aaliyah Stan but if that’s what you want to believe, fine. Your mother is annoying for birthing you f*****.

      • Music Lover~ New Monica- JRFM on ITunes/Youtube July 2, 2015

        Grow the f^ck up, and go find something constructive to do with your time.

      • Monica Stan July 2, 2015

        Take your own advice because you’re doing the same thing as I am. Commenting on a blog. Good day.

      • Music Lover~ New Monica- JRFM on ITunes/Youtube July 2, 2015

        I’ve seen you in every post spewing nothing but negativity, you’re a troll, plain and simple. I’m done wasting my time with you.

  9. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

    How can you call someone who writes, produces their ENTIRE catalog “smoke N Mirrors”… But, you stan for Aaliyah & Rihanna???? Your logic is beyond dumb. But, then again… You said The Beatles were the “One Direction” of the 1960s. LMAO!!!

    • Barb-wire July 2, 2015

      Anyone who thinks Markeisha knows anything about music must be torched along with Markeisha.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

        RIGHT?!?! I thought Marky Mark was smarter than that. Damn, I guess I was wrong. He straight retarded with his music knowledge. Smh… I had such high respects for Mark. That’s no longer there anymore…

  10. Dossome July 2, 2015

    FACT:Janet and Mariah are the only 40+ year old females to chart on the Hot 100 with a solo song this year

    FACT:Janet and Mariah are the first and second women respectively to be nominated for the Producer Of The Year Grammy,a category only 6 women have ever been nominated in.

    FACT:Janet and Mariah were named by Billboard the two biggest artists of the 90s

    oh,when did Rihanna fans start talking about smokes and mirrors?If Mariah’s career is smokes and mirrors for having written 17 of her 18 chart toppers,produced 14 of them,have the bestselling live album of the soundscan era etc etc etc,what can we say about Rihanna who can’t sing,write,produce,act,dance or whatever it takes to have a career in music?The nerve of these Grape Juice trolls

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

      I love Robyn Fenty! She’s a great Pop star. And, plays her POPPY “bad girl” image role very well… But, you ain’t speaking nothing but the truth.

    • Royalkev July 2, 2015

      ^ Amen! I don’t understand how some of these people harp on women in this age bracket for not charting, when it’s damn near impossible to beat the odds. Those expecting these miracles are probably the same people looking for diamond albums in this decade. It’s a joke! If these haters think a song sucks, say that! Just don’t knock these 40+ YO artists for not landing top 10 hits! None of these women are conquering the charts the way that they did in their peaks!

      For all those shading Janet, take a minute to realize that Janet’s charting in her FOURTH decade. Her mile-long list of accomplishments are from mainly 5 eras!! Yes, Jan’s the #2 artist of the 90’s with ONLY 2.5 studio albums, a remix album and a G.H. album. So in other words, when she releases music, it counts! People always try to knock her for under-performing after SB, but while she was blacklisted she still managed to miraculously stay pretty close to what her peers were doing (with 20YO & Discipline, despite having bigger obstacles)! She right under, or matching her peers overall top ten accumulated singles totals & #1 albums (with the few she’s released). Janet’s legend! An opinion on her music is one thing, but that is fact!

    • coolness July 2, 2015

      I will NEVER understand how some Rihanna fans can be so VOCAL about judging Pop stars with genuine musical talent. Whether it be singing, dancing, performing, writing (not that flimsy adding my name to the credits bs), producing, playing instruments, the truth is she is incredibly MEDIOCRE and passable as a talent and this is coming from someone who actually likes her. Sure, baby girl has a cute tone, is gorgeous and slays the fashion game but what else is she bringing to the table because it’s not like she’s this really skilled vocalist. They need to hush up.

  11. Barb-wire July 2, 2015

    “If Mariah’s career is
    smokes and mirrors for having written 17 of
    her 18 chart toppers,produced 14 of
    them,have the bestselling live album of the
    soundscan era etc etc etc,what can we say
    about Rihanna who can’t
    sing,write,produce,act,dance or whatever it
    takes to have a career in music?”


  12. Music Lover~ New Monica- JRFM on ITunes/Youtube July 2, 2015

    Jermaine was a good producer back in the day, he’s made countless hits with many artist, but not everyone is going to mesh well. With that said, i’m just happy Mariah & Janet are still doing what they love, chart success or not, i’m here for it every time, they’re legends.

  13. Suicide Blonde July 2, 2015

    Some people can’t praise their faves without throwing shades to others. I can’t at @Mark coming for Mariah while praising Janet, truth is that she cannot be compared to Mariah in terms of success, let alone to Madonna. I will never understand why people insists to compare the two, they aren’t on the same level, never were and never will be. Janet is to Madonna what Prince was to Michael Jackson.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2015

      It´s hilarious. He really believes (and Sam) that Janet just had a mega successful comeback (when she barely cracked the hot 100, something Mariah and Madonna have been doing repeatedly for the last few years without having the anticipation factor on their side).

      • Adrian July 2, 2015

        So far she’s off to a great start. And for her to chart that high when she had yet to market the song anywhere with no video to really launch the single is a Success. It’s not a mega comeback but she’s on the right track to having an amazing year I think. And while I do think it’s pathetic people wanna bring Madonna and Mariah into this (Mariah’s album last year was great btw) it’s nothing but facts that Madonna has been everywhere performing her three singles in which all but B**** I’m Madonna (No. 84) had failed to chart the hot 100.

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

      Finally! You post a comment I agree with. But, I still love my Janet! Leave her alone H**!

  14. JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2015

    Sam is pathetic. I mean, you stan for Eliyah Blake, who just flopped hard, and many other ultra flops… and have the nerve to come for Mariah on a constant basis????
    Man stop the delusions. Even gorgeous Janet Jackson is not more successful than Mariah, not in the past, and not now. Stop the lies.

  15. Dossome July 2, 2015

    Mariah is irrelevant yet she’s paid $18m to judge a talent show

    Mariah can’t sing yet she’s booked and paid millions to sing at private gigs and concerts

    Mariah has no stage presence yet her stiff ass is paid more per show than any other Vegas act

    Mariah is fat and ugly yet she has a multi-billionaire chasing after her

    Glitter is/was a flop yet she made almost $50m from that flop era (that’s more than these current b****** will ever make from their successful eras)

    Bottomline is Mariah can sell ZERO albums today but still make her millions tomorrow.

  16. Al July 2, 2015

    Jermaine trashed Janet beyond belief a few years ago. He’s stuck with a gigantic tattoo of her on his rib cage too. He’s obviously hard up for cash and trying to get back in her good graces.

    • Shady81 July 2, 2015

      What did he say?


    Lmao @ DL101 getting dragged ????

  18. Kenneth cooper July 2, 2015

    Queen Janet

  19. eric July 2, 2015

    Well that’s funny, because the way I remember it the biggest issue with every fan was that Jermaine was not the right person to manage Mariah’s career. Jermaine was the main one not listening to the fans, not Mariah.

  20. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money July 2, 2015


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