Exclusive: LeToya Luckett Readies Edgy New Album

Published: Thursday 2nd Jul 2015 by Sam

Patience is a word LeToya Luckett fans are familiar with.

For, despite sharing morsels of new music since 2009’s sophomore effort ‘Lady Love,’ the Destiny’s Child original has been balancing the recording of her third LP with an endless stream of TV work.

And while the latter is still a focus (as evidenced by her current roles on ‘Single Ladies’ and HBO’s ‘Ballers’), the ‘Torn’ singer is gearing up to push ahead full-speed with the eagerly awaited album – which has a tentative title ‘Until Then…’

Speaking to That Grape Juice at the 2015 BET Awards, Luckett described the project as “edgy R&B” and revealed that she’s getting ready to shoot the video for the set’s “first official single” – which judging by her wording isn’t recent effort ‘Don’t Make Me Wait (ft. T.I).’

Check out the interview above…

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  1. Monica Stan July 2, 2015


  2. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 2, 2015

    Oh look… It’s one of Beyonce’s children.

  3. Hur July 2, 2015

    Before we throw shade… Let me remind you children that Latoya, apart from Beyoncé is the only other DC member to have a Billboard #1 album…..

    • Regina George July 2, 2015

      BOOM! Loooooove LeToya… An ORIGINAL that was shaded out by Bey’s daddy at the brink of their major success with Say My Name… That man was pure evil and even his own family saw it later on and I’m glad Bey made it from underneath his clutches… If he was stealing from his own daughter, of course he was stealing from LeToya too… I Don’t blame her for wanting diff mngmnt… Nevertheless… WERRRRRK TOYA!!! Lady Love was EVERYTHING!!!

    • clbook90 July 2, 2015

      That’s wassup

  4. Gee July 2, 2015

    Always respected Letoya’s hustle. Not only has she managed #1 album post DC but she also managed to get a platinum album where as the other members have struggled post DC and Beyoncé.

    • Mhud July 2, 2015

      Sorry. She’s never gonna happen. She can take the back seat with farrah.Platinum my foot,her singles can’t even go gold anymore

      • Regina George July 2, 2015

        MUD!!! GWARL! Y so bitter?! Smile…

      • clbook90 July 2, 2015

        Don’t compare her to Farrah she was an original girl. She deserves respect. AND DON’T ACT LIKE SHE ISN’T A BETTER ACTRESS THEN BEYONCE!

    • Mhud July 2, 2015


  5. cocobutta July 2, 2015

    Well she stays booked!!

    LeToya u better come through girl cus we BEEN WAITING!!

    • TRUTH SERUM July 2, 2015

      You better say it.. Movies, TV shows, music etc. Toya is the truth and I love her last two albums!!!

  6. Sarah July 2, 2015

    Shade Matthew all you want..but he’s the reason ALL those girls are still out there hustling and booking gigs.

  7. What now July 2, 2015


    • Mhud July 2, 2015

      And your point is???? Platinum or no platinum you can’t deny the fact that Kelly Rowland is more talented than her and relevant as well

      • What now July 2, 2015


  8. Lachelle July 2, 2015

    Miss me with the shade. Kelly is more relevant and successful than this one hit wonder

    • Mhud July 2, 2015

      Tell that ugly b****.She is no where near Kelly Rowland

  9. Regina George July 2, 2015

    BIH NEXT because had Kelly been kicked out the group around the time LeToya was, ain’t no telling where Kelly would be right now. For THE longest… Kelly was just associated to being Bey’s sidekick/amen corner for the longest. Happy she has come into her own, but that JUST RECENTLY HAPPENED. LeToya has worked her ass off to get where she is outside of DC… She was a TEEN when he tried to destroy her and she is now werrrking your television screen as a REAL actress and she puts out quality music. I loved DC but Michelle came in when the work was allllready done… The Writings On The Wall (CLASSIC btw) was already recorded when Michelle and Faroff were lip syncin FUH THEIR LIIIIVES!

    • Mhud July 2, 2015

      And who is gonna read that long pointless essay of yours???? Not me boo

      • Regina George July 2, 2015

        But you responded… So my presence was felt… Find you a corner and seethe… Puss bucket

    • Sarah July 2, 2015

      Actually while you guys always ASSUMED Kelly was in Beyonce’s shadaw..she was busy making money and getting COINS…Check out her stats..she may not have a pltinum album..but her singles always smashed..Kelly has 9 top 10 single on the UK charts..that shows you coins were rollign in

  10. lolhart July 2, 2015

    Glad we might be getting some new music from LeToya, as I liked Torn and She Ain’t Got (though the latter was a tad ratchet).

  11. YoursTruly July 2, 2015

    Yassss come thru Letoya ! I’m waiting. First two albums still get played to this day ????

  12. Brazio July 2, 2015

    Love me some Letoya!! Can’t wait!!! Until then…..

  13. Credits July 2, 2015

    The best actress to emerge from destiny’s child! Her upper chest register slays!!

  14. HeyWhatsUpHello July 2, 2015

    Happy for LeToya and its sad to see all the SHADE being thrown. Anyway I’ll buy the album.

    BTW I think Kelly and LeToya are equal but I do agree if Kelly was thrown out back at 17-18 she would be in the same boat as LaTavia.

  15. Aaron July 2, 2015

    Kelly rowland was the first member out of Destiny’s Child to win a Grammy solo and the first to be a ft on the song. I like LeToya but don’t discredit kelly because kelly net is more and she is the second highest success in the group. But I do respect LeToya because she has put in work to get to where she’s at today.

    • Paulo July 2, 2015

      “Grammy solo” for a feat on Nelly’s song LMAO

  16. Paulo July 2, 2015

    “Patience is a word LeToya Luckett fans are familiar with.” TELL ME ABOUT IT, SAM! She been saying music is coming soon! I’ll believe it when I hear it Toya! but I’m still waiting <3 come thruuuuuuu

  17. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money July 4, 2015


  18. Shawn July 7, 2015

    Hey Good People! You guys are hilarious! LOL. When the girls were beefing 15 years ago, everybody was choosing sides. All of these girls have seen each other since the split (except for Kelly and LaTavia but they spoke on the phone). Some of them follow each other on social media and sometimes they even hang out. They all have their own things going and they are all successful in their own right. Maybe we should stop comparing them and just be as happy for these beautiful black women as they are for each other.

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