Retro Rewind: Billboard Hot 100 This Week In 1992

Published: Saturday 25th Jul 2015 by Rashad


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Readers of That Grape Juice know what avid music lovers we are – especially of hits past.

So, just as our retrospective features ‘From the Vault’ and ‘TGJ Replay’  allow us the chance to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday of one artist, our newest feature Chart Rewind – a variation of our current Retro Rewind assay – accedes salutes to an entire era of music history.

This week we press play on ‘This Used To Be My Playground’ – a #1 hit for Madonna found on the soundtrack of the film ‘A League of Their Own.’  Around this time in 1992 she was just weeks from ascending to the Hot 100’s perch and set to dethrone one-hit-wonder Sir Mix-A-Lot’s claim to fame ‘Baby Got Back.’

Check below to see what other familiar faces you see in the top 20:

Hot 100’s Top 20 (This week – 1992)

Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 5.11.04 PM
Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 5.11.20 PM
Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 5.11.33 PM


Hot 100’s Top 20 (This Week – 2015)


Screen shot 2015-07-25 at 12.06.39 AM
Screen shot 2015-07-25 at 12.07.02 AM
Screen shot 2015-07-25 at 12.07.16 AM

See this week’s full chart check here.

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  1. NCA=Nicki-Ciara+Alicia July 25, 2015

    Baby Got Back the creator of Iconic Grammy,Vma……. Nominated Slayconda

    • OMG Logic!!! July 25, 2015

      Death at a barb clinging to nominations because that’s all Onika will ever get.

  2. Hmmmmm July 25, 2015

    1992 = lots of really good talent
    2015 = full of mediocrity and whores who slept their way to be promoted by labels over real talent

  3. King z July 25, 2015

    Playground is probably my least fave madonna ballad but I still like it. That top 20 – even the one hit wonders – had a markedly higher quality than the crap out today. Rip music

  4. justa July 25, 2015

    1992.When talent ruled the charts

  5. another bey day something ain’t wrong July 25, 2015

    There’s many good song from the 90’s

  6. ronnoc July 25, 2015

    why tf have i never heard this song? i feel uneducated…

  7. PeaceMaker July 26, 2015

    Just Another Day was my jam

  8. Dossome July 26, 2015

    En Vogue’s My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It) and TLC’s Baby Baby Baby <3 Those were the days

  9. Dossome July 26, 2015

    In the 90s Mariah was a constant as far as Hot 100 is concerned

    • Lymon July 26, 2015

      Thanks to her being married to a major label CEO who retailed her singles at 49cents, bought her airplay and even went as far as putting her music’s barcodes on other releases from the label.

      • Stephy. July 26, 2015

        All her singles were NOT 49 cents. That was only for “Loverboy” (which wasn’t even on her Columbia label). That LIE is getting old now.

      • CzarM July 26, 2015

        The lie is you pretending that it is a lie. “Loverboy” was not — I repeat: NOT — the first time a Mariah Carey single was sold for 49¢. By the time time “Loverboy” came out, Mariah’s two-quarter singles had long become a standard thing with her. You lambs kill me thinking that because it’s 15 years later you can act like it was a one time thing or she hadn’t been notorious for that stunt. Her super cheap priced singles was the most talked about thing with her for her first 10 years on the scene. The vast majority of her Sony singles had that price tag. Virgin simply followed suit when it became obvious that “Loverboy” wouldn’t chart high without the same low price her previous singles had had. Please. I was there. Don’t tell me. I used to work for Sam Goody and Blockbuster Music in the 90s. Sony would send Mariah single displays for stores to set up at their registers with a big bright red 49¢ sticker already plastered on her CD/Cassette single while in the box. They knew exactly what they were doing and they wanted to get out of it.

      • Stephy. July 26, 2015

        My mother bought all her singles from the “Music Box”, “Daydream” & “#1’s” albums. We still have the cassettes with the price tags on them. None, of those singles are priced at 49 cents!!! I repeat, NONE OF THOSE SINGLES ARE PRICED AT 49 CENTS!!! She purchased them from a place called TOWER RECORDS. My mother, personally showed me the cassette tapes. Along with Lil Kim, Mary J, Madonna, Michael Jackson, TLC, Toni Braxton etc… All the singles were priced at $1.99. And, she said she would buy MAXI DISC too. But, they were priced 2-3 dollars higher. Thank God I Found You, Heartbreaker, Loverboy, Honey, My All (even tho that was a REAL hit GLOBALLY) were the ONLY songs Mariah discounted throughout her career, period.

        Now, I’m sure Mariah (and MANY other artist) discounted their singles in the 1990s/1980s (and they still do it TODAY). But, to sit here and say Mariah Carey has never achieved REAL hits is a DAMN lie. How was she making a fuckkking profit, if everything was “bought” & fabricated by Tommy?! I would LOVE to know how she achieved a net worth OVER 200 million. When all her singles were “discounted” & all her albums were “bought” by Sony? Are you Madonna FAGGGS that pressed over Mariah Carey’s success? I truly, HATE y’all. The THE THE worst fan base in HISTORY!

      • CzarM July 26, 2015

        What an airhead. So many idiotic statements made in that reply that going down the list to debunk them all would be too time consuming, so I’ll just summarize…

        1. No singers overall earnings is depended upon single sales, so you bringing up her net worth was pointless. Mariah (like most singers) makes her money from dates, publishing, contracts, bonuses, how many various points she can negotiate having on on her albums, endorsements, appearances and investments, etc., etc. No matter what her singles sell for, they won’t make or break her cumulative income. Do you get that? Following me so far? Or do I need to stamp it out for you in large crayons? Her chart manipulation wasn’t about making (or losing) money; she had money coming in from other areas. Instead it was about branding, marketing, and plain ol’ greed that comes with being able to horde as many #1 singles as possible for her and Sony’s own ego/vanity.

        2. Google search “Mariah Carey, 49¢ cent singles” and there will be pages of articles and archived discussions going back 20 years or more — stretching far beyond “Loverboy” — that ponder how that woman’s team regularly and repetitively used this stunt to manipulate and/or undermine the charts in her favor. This is not some obscure urban legend like you’re in here trying to imply it is. Again, this has been a topic that has shadowed her for all of her career, damn near. Why? Because it’s true. So, seriously, save the fabricated spiel about your mothers spending habits at Tower Records because it means nothing. It’s funny how every Mariah fan wants to play dumb when it comes to this long-discussed topic, and pretend that they paid a grip for her music.

        3. Who in the hell said I was a Madonna fan, you clown you? Is this what you do? When you get backed into a corner and proven stupid, your only rebuttal becomes to accuse the person you lost the argument to of being the fan of a rival singer in an attempt to invalidate their comment, divert and soothe your frayed nerves, because you couldn’t otherwise do it with facts…and no, that silly-sounding and totally imaginary conversation you claim to have had with your mother about her imaginary Tower Records receipts don’t work (who the hell actually remembers what they spent on a single 20 years ago? Fail. Try again, Corky.) What a copout. Wimp. F*** outta here with that b*******. Even if I were a Madonna fan (which I’m not) and hated Mariah because of it, that wouldn’t negate the **fact** that a boatload of Mariah’s number one/top 5 singles came by way of them selling for less than a bag of Doritos…and had crap like “Thank God I Found You” actually sold for 1.99+, it wouldn’t have come anywhere near the summit.

      • Dossome July 26, 2015

        And she got 7 more #1s after leaving Mottola…so seethe a bit

      • Stephy. July 26, 2015

        Mariah Carey scored her hits PERIOD! And, that was NOT a lie about my mothers cassette tapes. It’s for real. She kept the exact tapes WITH the price tag on the front. I NEVER said she purchased RAINBOW singles. I said, she purchased MUSIC BOX, DAYDREAM & #1’s singles. Those are the singles that I saw. It ALL had a price of 1.99 on them. Along with other R&b/Pop acts. Mariah Carey wasn’t a touring force. She didn’t have many lucrative business deals (outside of music). So, where would she be getting all this income from? BINGO! ALBUMS & SINGLE SALES! It makes no sense whatsoever to sell all your singles are 49 cents. I mean, come on now! You wouldn’t even make a profit off of that shittt! NOW DONT COME AT ME WITH THAT BULLSHITTT! ITS JUST LIES! I’m sure SOME songs were discounted. But, to sit here as say ALL/MOST were is a DAMN lie. This convo is OVER. OLD ASS MAN!

  10. Stavdash July 26, 2015

    I’m so glad I’m not a 90s baby. I easily remember 1992 and clearly recall all these songs when they were new. I pity you millennials who don’t know anything but Twitter, Instagram and music on phones. Your pop culture is so inferior and your “stars” are jokes.

  11. Stephy. July 26, 2015

    Mariah Carey ruled the charts then. And, so did Janet, Madonna & Michael. So many classics.

  12. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 26, 2015

    Queen Mariah

  13. JOHNVIDAL July 26, 2015

    Yes yes yes! I´m loving these posts!
    From when music industry was huge and talent (or at least innovation) was needed to become a chart topper. And the variety!!!!

    It´s appalling to see the chart right now compared to those years.

  14. S****** Blonde July 26, 2015

    Her ballads are so underrated.

    • Stephy. July 26, 2015

      Janet’s too.

  15. Stephy. July 26, 2015

    You’re OLD & tired, period. And, Mariah Carey achieved 27 TOP 10 hits in the UK & 10 #1’s in Canada & MANY MORE hits OUTSIDE of America! I guess, she payed for those hits too huh? Bye OLD PERSON!

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