Hot Shots: Backstage At The MTV Video Music Awards 2015

Published: Monday 31st Aug 2015 by David

You’ve seen the performances and you’ve congratulated the winners.

Now enjoy snaps taken backstage at the MTV Video music Awards 2015 at LA’s Microsoft Theatre! There, the likes of Britney Spears & Bruno Mars rubbed shoulders with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, NE-YO and Kanye West.

Enjoy below….


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  1. arfa August 31, 2015

    I don’t know any of these people

    • RihNaj August 31, 2015

      They don’t know you either….

  2. Jayy Real August 31, 2015

    Bring that ass here boi!! Rita look like she ready to suck her next victim.Damn Nicki lighter than taylor but always bring up black girls to back herself up Ol bird beak nose head ass. Kim look like an overweight hobbit with that lord of the rings outfit.No Taylor!,you still dont get a hood pass no matter how many pics you take with black people and akwardly dance to their music Ol flap jack pancake booty ass.Neyo, bruh you look like a creep, bruh lowkey tryin to hit now she 18. Ciara lookin good tho.why Kylie look like she wearin a mask #fawkyoumean

  3. bonbon August 31, 2015

    Worst Mtv awards ever. No Janet. No Rihanna. No Beyonce.

    What kind of breakdown was Justin Bieber having?

    The only good performances was Weeknd, and that new white girl who sounded incredible.

    Niki is washed up. The show was horrible. Lacked star power. The preshow and red carpet was a hot mess: those nasty white trash girls and asian girls just were a gag.

  4. Lisa August 31, 2015

    No surprise performance and Kayne needs someone to FIX his life.

    Kim is not fat (to the comment above – your an a__hole) – she is expecting a baby – something your gay bathhouse ass will never have.

    MTV awards? MTV does not show videos – this award show is bull every year. Is it me or during Kanye’s rant of a speech did Taylor look totally creeped out

  5. Janet August 31, 2015

    Question: does anyone think is shady that Bruno Mars was arrested for doing DOPE/COCAINE in a bathroom stall with a “MAN” and you never heard anything else about it???

    Bruno a DL brother. Love his music but he’s weird.

    • flawda August 31, 2015

      What the hell is DL about doing cocaine with a man. The man was arrested for drugs, not performing a sexual act. Typical bitter black woman, always thinking someone is download.

      • Missy August 31, 2015

        Shut up homo

  6. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 31, 2015

    Is Kii-m KiiDashian still letting her wife dress her? She looks so awful right now, luckily nothing will top that floral print onepiece she wore when she was preggers with North.

  7. What now August 31, 2015

    KIII 4 DAYS! I can’t at that lace closure @ da top of Ciara’s head. Britney actually looks gud tho. Bruno is such a cutie, bt I agree… the boy is slightly weird.

  8. Lake Erie August 31, 2015

    CiCi looking so sweet. And lol neyo ass do look like he trying steal Kylie lol

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