Watch: Kanye West Accepts ‘Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award’ At MTV #VMAs

Published: Monday 31st Aug 2015 by Sam

Hip-Hop titan Kanye West is the latest name to receive MTV‘s coveted ‘Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.’

The rapper was ironically presented with the honor by Taylor Swift – the star whose name he arguably blasted into the stratosphere when interrupting her winning speech in 2009.

Unlike previous winners Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, Yeezy did not perform at the event – which took place at the Microsoft Theater. Instead, in true “Kanye” fashion, he gave a spirited 13 minute speech.

Check it out below…

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We love us some Kanye, but three quarters of that was waffle, but we get the essence of where he was coming from.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MusicLife August 31, 2015

    No thank you. Worst speech giver of all time. Pointless. And he won’t be with KimK come his fake presidential run.

  2. Barb-wire August 31, 2015

    He’s delusional if he thinks anyone would vote for an egotistical, self-worshipping, p*** star marrying maniac as a president of the United States. Chile, KumKat as a first lady? I can’t…

  3. Truther August 31, 2015

    A michael jackson award that has nothing to do with michael jackson….

  4. Janet August 31, 2015

    He is so into his feelings. While i think he does try to express how most dark skin black men feel — he’s WACK – he loves his “WHITE WOMEN”. doesn’t he. Arguing for the black man but only choosing WHITE WOMEN.

    here’s what this “GOON” needs to do, shut up. Shut up. Make quality music, be greatful for his blessings Stop being fake — you say the white man holds you down — but you DATE WHITE WOMEN. And reality star white women.

    He’s a lunatic and a disgrace, I’m sure his mother is shaking her head in the afterlife.

  5. lisa August 31, 2015

    they wanted to boo him, he is not a VANGUARD he is a lunatic. They only gave him the award to attract views because they had no major acts performing.

    Kanye is old school

  6. LB August 31, 2015

    The EBT awards outshined the VMAs this year, and last year, and the year before that.

  7. Christina Aguilera August 31, 2015

    Oh oooh….

  8. Aj August 31, 2015

    Spirited? More like delusional garbage. I don’t understand why people keep giving this narcastic deluded a**hole the time of day and a platform?

  9. Royalkev August 31, 2015

    I get it! I think Kanye struggled with either telling ALL his truth or caving under pressure. I think he did a little of both. On the one hand, he wanted to express that he’s an artist with an opinion and he shouldn’t be persecuted for it (but he didn’t want to make the “Taylor incident” awkward). Still, if you don’t share an opinion that’s welcomed by the general public, you’re a monster! I felt like he also wanted to lash out at all the Award shows that enjoy building up artists, then later attempting to make them feel worthless. It’s the nature of this particular beast that says we value you one minute and the next, you’re “too big”, we’re tearing you down! What’s sad is the fact that some of these “real artists” bring in ratings, but the real artists are hardly being reward for talent anymore. What’s funny is that the same award that can be given to someone like Adele can be won by the likes of a Mylie, if that person puts on the biggest freak show for the year. This is why music is failing now and people are falling out of love with it (due to this current scene). Art is underrated and everyone wants the spectacle! Award shows’ main purpose now is to entertain at any cost! Anything each person says (or does for the night) can be used against you … to later ruin your career. The bigger the career the juicer of a scandal it would be! It must be scary for true performers. Kanye just simply the most vocal one, he hates the b*******!

    • Meteorite August 31, 2015

      Perfectly said mate.

  10. What now August 31, 2015

    Nothing iz cute abt dis ranting s*** anymore. It waz funny 10 years ago, bt now his ego is officially out of hand. He is out of touch w/ reality. He needs to STFU & accept that his soul has sold, his Mother is no longer here, and that he married a plastic body gold digger. Take care of ur cute daughter and leave the GP alone with those dumbass rants, bc no one iz here 4 it.

  11. flawda August 31, 2015

    I see sarcasm flies over women heads as usual. He clearly was joking with the president comments. What ya’ll silly asses didn’t get from the speech is he basically saying people should have the right to their opinion and ”ya’ll” need to stop acting like ya’ll know these celebrities. It’s just entertainment at the end of the day. He seems to be questioning the politics of the music business. The same blatant politics we are seeing right now with this Apple vs Tidal thing. The gatekeepers like to keep certain people in place and promote others.

    • justmeeeee September 1, 2015

      I agree….

  12. Thando September 1, 2015

    Is this not the essence of narcissism? The concept of someone getting an award for their talent just disturbs me. That’s just me.

  13. THHM Michael Jackson September 24, 2015

    That is a high honor reward to get being that it is Michael Jackson’s reward. Huge fan of Michael, not of Kanye and what he stands for. Still think that it was rude what he did to Taylor. She should have returned the favor but she didn’t. It’s because she has class. That is what most artists have. It doesn’t appear he does though.

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