Rihanna Spills On ‘R8’ Album: Song Titles & Collaborators Revealed

Published: Friday 18th Sep 2015 by Sam

Rihanna isn’t yet ready to unleash her elusive eighth album. However, she is beginning to open about the drama-drenched project.

Details below…

Yesterday we reported that the Bajan belle is the first cover star for NME’s new free issue. And, it seems as though the the publication price-point mirrored her attitude to questions about the set. Because, for the first time, the 27-year-old was free with info about the LP – which fans have affectionately dubbed ‘R8.’

Peep this except below. Refreshingly, it contains more tea than has been poured in the year/s she’s been pushing back the roll-out:

So her eighth album proper doesn’t yet have a tracklisting (“I have so many songs I love – and they’re so different – that it’s hard to actually put them all on the same album”) but Rihanna does talk about key tracks: ‘Just Feel It’, ‘Higher’ (with its Amy Winehouse-inspired production, this is her favourite of the lot) and ‘Love On The Brain’, which she’d been intending to perform at this year’s Brit Awards; she pulled out due to illness, and the song remains as-yet unheard. 

And there’s no title yet – Rihanna’s whittled it down to two, but acknowledges that fans will probably always call it ‘R8’, the name they’ve given it in the absence of concrete information. “No matter what I post online, within three comments there’s somebody saying, ‘Where is R8?’” She cackles. “I could post anything. Nothing else matters. They don’t care about anything but that.”

Rihanna says she’s keen for the rumoured joint tour with Kanye to go ahead, but reserves her greatest praise for collaborator Charli XCX – “one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met” – whose work may yet appear on ‘R8’. “Charli’s just completely cool, so secure and non-calculating, and completely unaware of her surroundings,” she states. It seems Rihanna might have found a kindred spirit. “She’s just so free,” she adds. “It’s pure. I love it. I love her.”

Rihanna left Barbados for New York before the cadets could kick her out; Jay-Z signed Rihanna the day he met her. Ten years down the line, Rihanna’s ambition for her next album is that it works, in the way some of her previous releases haven’t, like a ‘proper’ album. “It’s easy to make an album full of great songs,” is how she puts it, and that’s a fair point: as well as being fashion’s most exciting muse, Rihanna is now also the ultimate muse for the planet’s greatest songwriters and producers. “But I want people to go for the ride. The songs have to make sense together.” {Source}

Messy album campaign aside, that made for an interesting read. 

On the one hand, we can diet-Coke appreciate Rih’s strive to be an “artiste” by moulding an album with meaning But, at the same time (and echoing previous sentiments) being an artiste just isn’t everyone’s calling. Like, on which planet, do the three singles.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH September 18, 2015

    Charli XCX, get that L8 money boo boo…lol 🙂

    • You tried September 18, 2015

      Rih fans need to shut the hell up ! Seriously THJ might talk ish about her but it’s clear that they are pressed and love her DAMN sorry that most of the FACTS they state about her are cruelly HONEST! But damn she gets free press here ! Stop seething over your own artist! She’s a mess and this is a messy ERA AND HAD SHED SHOWED HUMILITY IN HER CAREER AND NOT THIS BAD ASS COCKY PERSONA SHE WOULDNT BE LOOKING SO STUPID RIGHT NOW LOL she can stop pretending to be this ARTISTIC creative human being lol????????????????we all know that’s not her

      • Navy Gravy September 18, 2015

        Girl shut up

      • Lily Gaga September 18, 2015

        she should take a break. people is getting tired of her. she is not progressing anywhere. FLOP….mark my words.

  2. Skyfall September 18, 2015


    • who’s xaxa?? September 18, 2015

      There’s only one left hairstyle for her to work L8 – being bald haha

      • LilKimJong September 18, 2015

        Wouldn’t be surprised if she started looking like Dennis rodman

      • who’s xaxa?? September 19, 2015


  3. Newbie September 18, 2015

    The hate towards Rihanna from this site has actually turnt me into a slight fan

    • Rihanna is scared of B6 ( No album release date) September 18, 2015

      Aww a sympathy fan. How cute. Her talent wasn’t enough?

  4. Yonce on your mouth September 18, 2015

    The line up Does not sound promising, but let’s see how it will be played out.

  5. christinastherealtalent September 18, 2015

    The fact that it’s been 3 years since her last album, this is what’ll make me interested. Mystery!!!

    • Tyler Makiavelli September 18, 2015

      B****, shut up! U get on my muthafuckin nerves

  6. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

    Come on, Rih, and provide your Magnus opus! I want it now, Rih! We a know the album will be great, but what we don’t know is when we can expect it. Serve, pop goddess, and give us “Rated R” part two. I’m ready for this year’s next platinum album.

  7. Cindy September 18, 2015

    Rihanna is really handling this era all wrong! I don’t see it ending well. How are you in the club every night, but still haven’t finished your album? Get it together

    • Tyler Makiavelli September 18, 2015

      She doesn’t take her craft seriously

      • Cupid September 18, 2015

        She doesn’t take her craft seriously? She’s paid to appear places. Her job doesn’t end with music. Further more this whole album hasn’t been released because she’s not yet satisfied with it… She could’ve just handed us another Talk That Talk which was a rushed project.

    • Beauty September 18, 2015

      A lotta artists visit clubs to get a feel of what the people are currently vibing to, what’s swaggy, new lingo, fashion/style, etc. Like, how can you appeal to people if you don’t know what they’re currently into? Also, she might be getting paid for those appearances or doing it to boost lesser known artists (or venues) associated with her brand or label. Aside from that, it helps for pop artists (and rap artists) to stay connected with whatever’s hot at the moment to keep relevancy. Drake does this All. The. Time. (hence the Drake x Future mixtape)

      And, yes, there are pictures of her still going to the studio to work on R8. I saw one somewhere just last week. And, yes, I DO believe Rih when she says all her music so far for her album sounds very different. Her singles (and snippets) so far have proven that. She should just really do a double album. First one sounding like “Higher” and “FourFiveSeconds”. Second sounding like “BBHMM”. Think Beyonce did it with “I Am/Sasha Fierce”, right? Worked out OK for her. I think it’s time for Rih to do it too.

  8. JT September 18, 2015

    Wait? Her non existing album isn’t actually called R8? Lmao why did I think she called it this? I’m slow af!

    • JT September 18, 2015

      She just needs to come thru with that Nothing’s Promised track and thats all I need from her, she can retire from music after for all I care

  9. Suicide Blonde September 18, 2015

    I don’t know why she trust Kanye, he has mental issues, not to mention the fact that he’s not loved anymore, the gp thinks he’s a joke, she should change direction, it’s never too late.

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

      I somewhat agree, but you can’t deny the man is a musical genius/powerhouse. Not every mainstream artist earns 21 Grammy’s like he did, even though he doesn’t brag about it. I’m sure his next album will be platinum too, with or without be married to a Kardashian.

    • What now September 18, 2015

      I agree Suicide, still tho, if the tracks r like his Dark Twisted Fantasy production, I’m willing 2 wait it out.

  10. HailBeysus September 18, 2015

    OMG hahaha their always ending the Article with shade smh! But I need R8 already!!! Rihanna stop playing and pick some damn songs already.

  11. Rihanna is scared of B6 ( No album release date) September 18, 2015

    She’s scared to flop. Such a p**** haha

  12. What now September 18, 2015

    Hmmm interesting. It sounds like the tracks that r actually completed r epic (especially the Amy Winehouse [RIP] inspired production 1). I’ll just sit here and wait 4 Rihanna. I used 2 b upset that no release date waz given, but now I take it 1 day @ a time and realize u don’t rush greatness.

  13. Oscar September 18, 2015

    messy messy messy

  14. King Mark111 /.\ September 18, 2015

    Well I don’t want the three singles on the album. I love them, but they’ll just take up space for 3 new songs on the album. The haters don’t even know why they’re hating anymore. When she was dropping an album every 12 months it was a problem, when she was dropping great pop singles, they were cheap, when she wants to have deep great music, she should stick to what worked? Hahahahaha, the people that calls her a singles artist are the sames ones asking where the album at? Hahahahaha, irony, irony everywhere.

    • @JanetCIARA_ September 18, 2015

      Girl STFU deluded fvgg

  15. Ciara+Alicia-Nicki= CAN September 18, 2015

    Well…… Where’s R8???

  16. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

    If she has a song like Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own”, I will die! It will prove that she’s really becoming an artist with immaculate lyricality and something real to say aside from the radio friendly norm. I can’t wait to play the hell out of this album. I feel like she’s going to do really well with the album sales this time around.

    • JanStan September 18, 2015

      Just. No. That is my fave Amy song and it takes more than similar lyrics to make a song like that what it is. Rihanna could never. Ever. I love her but let’s NOT reach for those stars.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

        We all know Queen Janet can make music like Amy because she’s done it plenty of times and continues to do it now, but why do you think Rih can’t do it? This is the same woman who went against the pop grain and WROTE/DELIVERED “RATED R”, her second critically acclaimed album. I’m sure she doesn’t I’ve to experience another tragedy to provide another “Rated R”. Rih has always and a voice in music and she’s finally starting to realize that. She wants everyone to know the real her in her music now. Her “The Idler Wheel”, “When the Pawn”, and “Tidal” will be arriving shortly.

    • JanStan September 18, 2015

      Its the emotion behind the music that makes some songs what they are. Im here for growth and trying different things but there are some things that aren’t in certain artists wheelhouse. Even MOTHA has a lane. I wouldn’t ever suggest Janet do a Bey song. Its not her thing and thats fine. For rih she’s queen of bangers and every now and then does a slow jam and that works for her. She doesn’t write her own music either and to pull off heartfelt music it has to be your own. Thats why I would say to just do her. She does it VERY well.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

        I agree somewhat. You make some very good points, but Rih does write some of her songs, but I’m sure you already know that. You were spot on with the emotion point and I couldn’t state it any better than you, but was “Rated R” not the album in which an emotionally-confused young woman screamed her way out of the mess she was going through for some little peace? Did “Firebomb” not make you feel the hurt she experienced and the humiliation she faced from a public perspective? What about “G4L” in which she literally built herself and confidence back up by solely swearing to protect a close friend if hurt like she was. That girl couldn’t even contain herself in that song. She FELT for every woman that faced domestic abuse and wanted to be a poster girl for them. Now, “Rated R” might not be the Queen’S “Velvet Rope”, but let’s just agree that it is innovative, EMOTIONAL, and experimental. If she released that album without the incident, it would’ve flopped.

      • JanStan September 18, 2015

        I guess we can say that the beauty of art is that is in the eye of the beholder. If her songs take u to a place than that’s awesome. For me though, its not that she doesn’t have grown themes in her music, its that I don’t feel them the way that you do. And that’s OK. I will say that even in some of the songs that u mentioned while I HEAR her message, I don’t FEEL it. There’s a lack of vulnerability. And I think thats that’s the word I would use. Even Beyonce for me, has that same problem. She can blow the roof off a spot and I can appreciate that for what it is, but I don’t think I’m consistently moved by her. But everyone is different and whenever anyone finds those things that move them I think it’s a great thing.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

        How do you feel about Fiona Apple and Bjork (be as biased as you want with this specific artist)? I recently listened to “Tidal” again after all these years and I was mesmerized. I literally sat through nostalgic moments from my past as I listened to it in its entirety. By to be honest, “The Idler Wheel” scared the crap out of me. It was so emotional, unguarded, explicitly-authentic, and you could hear and feel the pain in EVERY SONY. That album sits in my top 5 of all time.

      • JanStan September 18, 2015

        Yes! Im not too familiar with Bjorks music its a little too out there for my tastes. But yes ma’am u did hit that note with Fiona apple. ‘Never is a Promise’ mesmerized me for days! Love that song. It was her second or third single off that album and the one that made me buy the CD (when u still had to do that lol). Then I fell in love with the rest of that album. I most definitely will be listening to idler wheel though based on your recommendation!

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

        Yeah, a lot of people don’t necessarily like Bjork! One of my previous high school teachers used to Stan down hard for her since “Post”, but when she used the “N” word in that interview it was a wrap for her….and honestly it took me some time to get over that too. Her music is too experimental to get accustomed too and every albinos vastly different. “Medulla” and “Vespertine” are her most complicated albums for listeners to comprehend, in case if you wanted to check it out. Anyway, be careful before you attempt your first listen of “The Idler Wheel” because it is very EMOTIONAL and Hard-hitting! Once you listen, it’s like a never ending downward cycle of depression and sadness. Please proceed with CAUTION! It’s her highest rated album and her best, but most introspective. I’m sure you’ll like it.

  17. La Perra September 18, 2015

    Come thru b*tch and give us that masterpiece… Then R9 and retire with a greatest hits/#1 for your 10nth album and slay in other ventures.

  18. Tyler Makiavelli September 18, 2015

    She needs to hang it up, FLAT SCREEN

  19. #JACKIE September 18, 2015

    Her time is UP. The gp moved on after her awful Diamonds HORR(tour) ended. Girl bye you’re late.

  20. african music lover September 18, 2015

    With all this waiting…the album better slay,,

  21. @JanetCIARA_ September 18, 2015


  22. FuckSamofTGJ September 18, 2015

    F*** YOU SAM. 🙂

  23. StrawberryMuffin24 September 18, 2015

    Nobody’s waiting Rihanna can’t write she’s lost musically that’s why she hasn’t put the album out! I hope she doesn’t tour who would spend there money on that boring ass show her performing skills are a mess and lazy ass dance moves!

    • #JACKIE September 18, 2015

      Clock ha sis! She’s trash .

  24. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

    Songs like “G4L”, my favorite from her, “Drunk On Love”, “Fool In Love”, “Russian Roulette”, “Firebomb”, “Push Up On Me”, “Sell Me Candy”, and “Cold Case Love”, and “The Last Song” PROVE that Rih has what it takes to deliver a universally-acclaimed album with R8. She just has to be careful with the tracklist and make sure everything runs well with the order of the songs. She’ll be fine.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 18, 2015

      Exactly! Cold Case Love is a contemporary masterpiece! I think she knows that this album must be special. I think we’ll see another, more refined album as this is a Westbury Road production

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

        You already know. Why else would she be taking so long to release it and give us little to no details about the album few far and between? She’s about to release a masterpiece that no-one say coming. Plus, people can say whatever they want about Kanya, but guess what? All of his albums are critically/universally-acclaimed and the fact that Rih is working with him proves that she’s coming for blood this era. She will clean up at the Grammy’s and critics will praise the album.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 18, 2015

        Yes! She is coming for blood. One thing about Rih is that she can’t stand to see another popstar receive more praise than her. Remember when she said it? After everyone praised Gaga in 2009, she came for blood with LOUD… I can’t wait for the critics and haters reaction when it drops #RihDay

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 18, 2015

        Yes! And we all know how much “Loud” sold and how many careers it put in jeopardy! “Teenage Dream” came close, though, but the better album obviously won. Everyone wants a “Loud” part 2 from her but it’s like she’s screaming in a soundproof room that she really NEEDS to release a “Rated R” part 2. To be honest with you, it “DOESNT REALLY MATTER” because it will still sell exceptionally like the biggest risk taking album/effort of her career.

  25. How Many Drinks September 18, 2015

    LMFAO L8!!! Dont nobody curr

    • ugh okay September 18, 2015

      *walks into ghetto corner* alot. it’s friday. 😀

  26. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 18, 2015

    I see you Riri trying to make #R8 a classic. Such a great read! I’m even more excited than before.

    • How Many Drinks September 18, 2015

      Lies detected

  27. SCALPING THOTS September 18, 2015


  28. Rosie September 18, 2015

    Interesting but she’s such a label puppet; literally 99% of the music industry would be happy to have a song half as big as even Barbados Cocaine but because it and the rest of the singles “underperformed” we now have an album campaign even messier than ARTPOP. She obviously does not care. And why have I seen more people talking about her Taylor Swift comment than this?

  29. shakira stan September 18, 2015

    Has anybody purchased that mess pigyonce released yesterday?

  30. Yawnz September 18, 2015

    she doesn’t have talent to carry on this project. she will go back and make cheesy music…per usual. flop…flop….flop….nothing could save this era.

  31. xedos September 18, 2015

    TGJ just keep wetting their panties over rihanna’s album

  32. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) September 19, 2015

    The ugly faggggdfs stealing my name!! WTF is a B6?

  33. Casual-T September 19, 2015

    Rihanna needs to choose 6 commercial mid/up-tempo pop songs, a few r&b jams, a couple of ballads, and a couple of personal faves and put the d*** album out. She’s taking herself too seriously. Diana, Donna, Whitney, Janet, Mariah, and Celine are all icons, and their discographies aren’t that deep. TTTT, Adele’s songs aren’t that deep either for the most part — primarily songs about love and relationships, but not really socially relevant and serious like material from Lauryn Hill.

  34. TheOuyonB September 19, 2015

    It absolutely blows me away that TGJ is the ONLY site that speaks negatively regarding Rhianna’s 8th studio album. Rhianna, nor her team, have EVER mentioned anything about the album’s release, only that she was working on the record. It’s her 8th album and they obviously aren’t rushing things, nor are they planning to just put the project out because THAT GRAPE JUICE is interestingly and impatiently yearning to get their hands on the unfinished, untitled record. You idiots on here are funny. Just letting this blog site shape your opinions about artists using falsified information. I see it ALL THE TIME. It’s pretty sad. They album will be released when it’s ready and not a moment before that. Get a damn life!

  35. Cough Cough September 19, 2015

    Rihanna can’t even dream of doing a track like Amy Winehouse? Hahahahahaha… She isn’t vocally of artistically capable. Amy made MUSIC

  36. Pu$$y Juice Lover (Back From Hiatus) September 20, 2015

    Love On The Brain is such an intersting title. I know R8 will be worth the wait. Also , can’t wait for Higher, that snippet was heaven.

  37. james227 September 20, 2015

    That ugly dude Rihanna is now dating seems like he’s a coke head, weed and loves plenty of women. This album will flop big time because she’s trying to keep up with him hanging out in the clubs all night. SMH

  38. james227 September 20, 2015

    Also I notice Rihanna still rocking those devil horns but in a different fashion.

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