Tamar Braxton Reveals She Found Out About Album Delay…When Everyone Else Did

Published: Monday 14th Sep 2015 by Sam

It’s rare that Tamar Braxton holds her tongue about any topic. However, it’s emerged that the R&B belle has been maintaining a silence of sorts surrounding her new album ‘Calling All Lovers.’

Originally set to hit stores on September 11th, the project has instead put up for pre-order on said day and a new release date of October 2nd was confirmed by retailers. New song ‘Catfish’ was then immediately serviced to digital outlets.

Well, according to Tamar, she only found out about the switch when everyone else did. Awkward.com.

Check out her full message below, which strongly hints at drama behind the scenes.

Via Tamar Braxton IG:

I struggled with this post for about a week and finally I have the strength, the will & the WANT to say ANYTHING about #callingalllovers since I found out about it being pushed back ????around the same time you all did…all things happen for a reason,some we are still searching to find. Some unexplained. Some we know crystal clear. But the bottom line is I went against EVERYTHING I preached and believed “never let a person stop you”.. Never give up and that I did.???? I lost hope in something that is SO personal, SO real, So needed to say, SO needed to hear. Without thinking about MY purpose,which I know, but getting in my OWN way because of FEAR, Anger,& lost hope.

But here I AM because of a simple Choice: change your mind and your heart! This album is a blessing I thought I would NEVER have. Love and War wasn’t “supposed” to happen. I was written off & forgotten about. But for some reason God saw fit. And so I HAVE to look at THIS album as an extension to his blessings. WHAT?? You have me ANOTHER CHANCE?? It’s so not about who buys it. Who likes it. But the purpose. And God I’m sorry. I realize that u didn’t have to give me ANOTHER chance to sing,to tour, to do what I love.

I was mad and caught up in me that I never announced my tour with Mjb???? *who does that*???????? but that was just me being my OWN enemy which I didn’t need to add MySELF to the list???? I’m sorry to my amazing #tamartianfriends for shutting down & not keeping u posted. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on something. I feel like it’s my BEST work yet. In my opinion it’s BETTER than L&W!! So OFFICIALLY I am proud to say that you can pre-order my NEW AMAZING Album #CallingAllLovers on iTunes. And my new song #catfish. Please don’t be like me and stand in front of yourself!! Don’t miss your blessing because of YOU. Forgive then PUSH into your destiny❤️ #callingalllovers8/2

Granted we understand where Tamar’s coming from, the reality is that projects need the right set-up to succeed – a process which can become tricky when singles don’t catch on as hoped. Given how poorly lead single ‘If I Don’t Have You’ fared, it was entirely unlikely that ”Lovers’ would be leaping into stores on the original date. That would almost be the equivalent of a surprise release. After all, too few people knew it was even coming out.

In any case, ‘Catfish’ has re-ignited our excitement for the set. Roll on October 2nd.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ~The Arcade~ September 14, 2015

    Keep ya head up Tamar. Sad, she was on the Angie Martinez show promoting the album, on its original date. These record labels need to learn how communicate with their artists to spare them the embarrassments.

  2. What now September 14, 2015

    Either way, Mrs. Tariah Knowles-Braxton iz going 2 flop unless Vince paid his Capital One bill… no shade tho. I like ha on The Real (some times).

  3. SipTheTruth September 14, 2015

    The GP didn’t know L&W came out. Only people that watch her reality shows, which is her main market. This album will do top 5.

  4. Citi September 14, 2015

    Isn’t the hashtag supposed to be #callingalllovers10/2? Lol poor thing she is so blown. I’m still buying !!!

  5. pat September 14, 2015

    The labels doing a hail mary. hoping janet fans will pick it up while they’re in stores copping her cd…. can’t b mad at that…its all business

    • XoMoDe September 14, 2015

      LOL! As if Janet is compelling anywhere near enough people to the store for her album to the point where another album will get tag along sales. Please.

      • Tone September 14, 2015

        You mad?

      • XoMoDe September 14, 2015

        Nope. Just realistic.

      • pat September 14, 2015

        she compelled you to be mad…so yea

  6. arfa September 14, 2015


  7. Casual-T September 14, 2015

    Moving back the release date was the correct decision, but it should have been communicated to Tamar weeks before the original release date. I’m glad to see Tamar growing up. I have long thought that she is her own worst enemy.

  8. Barb-wire September 14, 2015

    Yes @the essay Tamar! Po’thang is pouring her heart out and I sympathize.

  9. Truth B Told September 14, 2015

    She only has a career from being Vincent Herbert’s beard!!! This album is DOA dead on arrival and she knows it. Let me know sucked, if I don’t have you.. Been said over and over and from people better and catfish is just ratchet music. Tamar would be a better singer if she got rid of that ratchet persona she portrays in life. That’s not her that’s a character.. She steals her gimmick from drag queens and the gays.

    • XoMoDe September 14, 2015

      Drag queens and gays steal their gimmick from Black women, so it pretty much evens out.

      • Truth B Told September 14, 2015

        Yeah I agree true.. And I did like Tamar before she was ratchet and that’s what she needs to realize why she didn’t get a Grammy because old white men and ladies are turned off by that behavior.

  10. Centurion September 14, 2015


  11. StrawberryMuffin24 September 14, 2015

    Tamar is who she is stop trying to change her to be fake I love that Tamar is herself no matter what!

    I loved her last album and I will be buying Calling All Lovers!

  12. Rated R September 14, 2015

    If I don’t Have You is doing well on the charts and market it was expected to be pushed to . I hope we get a video for Catfish soon . In my opinion should come out on the album release . I want some choreography too . Congrats Tamar & be blessed .

  13. Cotton Cuntdy September 14, 2015

    Her singles flopped like hell so do you really expect your album to not be pushed back? Kii

  14. Keith September 14, 2015

    I will be buying Tamar and Janet on 10/2? I wish them both well…

  15. Danny Bey September 14, 2015

    This is unfortunate but although I like Tamar and love her music, I just can’t bring myself to ever Stan for her. I’m not saying this situation is her fault, and nobody’s perfect but she lets too many letdowns get to her artistry. It started when she was supposed to perform at LA pride in the summer. I was SO EXCITED bc I’ve always wanted to see her live and had been waiting to see her for months. And then she randomly pulls out at the last minute with no explanation until much later, which was a b******* excuse. And now this whole thing with the album delay. I appreciate that she’s serious and passionate about her craft, I love that. But don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement in terms of satisfying or at least respecting the people that really allow you to do what you do: YOUR FANS.

    Once Almost a Tamartian.

  16. @JanetCIARA_ September 14, 2015

    Releasing same day as Janet….. LOL

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