Watch: R. Kelly Belts ‘US National Anthem’ At NBA Game

Published: Thursday 19th Nov 2015 by Sam

Factually speaking, we’re in an era where vocal ability is almost an “etcetera” for singers rather than a requirement.

Thankfully, there are still a select few flying the flag for talent. Case in point R. Kelly.

The R&B star, whose new album ‘The Buffet’ drops December 11th, performed the US National Anthem (The Star Spangled Banner) at the Brooklyn Nets NBA game last night at the Barclays Center.

Proving his voice has aged like a fine wine, Robert belted like no other.

Watch below…

This, folks, is what we call “the” standard.

The actual slay, though.

Hopefully, showings like this will serve as an inspiration to those some of the slacking acts vying for the lane Mr. Kelly still dominates. Trey Songz we’re looking at you.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus November 19, 2015

    Well gahdamn!!!

  2. Brandy Norwood is Queen November 19, 2015

    Where is the Brandy collabo?

  3. Lmfao_Hoe November 19, 2015

    His catalog is absolutely flawless for male singers as is MJ, Smoky Robinson, Stevie Wonder ect creditentials. classics

  4. Lake Erie November 19, 2015

    He did his MF THING!!!! He is one of the very few male artist who actually sounds perfect live. Today’s male artist don’t really sing anymore.

    • coolness November 19, 2015

      I’m saying though! Not to discredit the likes of Luke James and Miguel who are talented vocalists but today’s mainstream male R&B singers seriously lacking in the vocal department. Other than those aforementioned two, I can’t think of popular male R&B singers who are true vocalists. Chris, Trey, August etc. all sound the same. I’ll probably give Usher credit because his voice is pretty (he floated on his Stevie Wonder Grammy tribute), can give some nice belts and is skillful but he’s no powerhouse.

    • ~The Arcade~ November 19, 2015

      Exactly! A lot of today’s male musicians ‘talk-sing’ and just sample classic lyrics and beats.

  5. Leah@ November 19, 2015

    King of child p***.

  6. coolness November 19, 2015

    Well goddamn, those final notes gave me goosebumps! So rich and resonant. Good to see he’s in great shape vocally. I don’t really see it for Robert anymore but I will always give him props as a vocalist. These new age R&B cats all sound the same – whiny, they talk-sing and perform with no sense of musicality. They better take notes.

    • Lake Erie November 19, 2015

      Yes, it’s shame.I have to say that Trey Songz wasn’t always the Trey he is today. I most certainly agree with you on Luke. I heard several of his joints and he delivers. But would you say Miguel is sorta switching over to the talk singing now? His music is for sure sticking to his formula but…. … I would say on his first album he was singing like his life was on the line lol. But yea, these guys today need to get back to the roots of vocal abilities. With they way they’re singing now, it’s believable that anybody can sing and we know thats now necessarily true

      • coolness November 19, 2015

        I too have heard some of Luke’s material and he is great. I’m not so keen on his material though. Both Trey and Chris started out as promising vocalists but regressed as they put out more albums – especially on the live front. Miguel, like Usher, has a nice tone and is lithe with his delivery but again, is no powerhouse.

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