Chart Check: Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Hits Hot 100 Peak 21 Years After Release

Published: Wednesday 23rd Dec 2015 by Rashad

Adele, Drake, Justin Bieber, Fetty Wap, and The Weeknd are the year’s undoubted success stories. Alongside Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift‘s 2014 offerings, the quintet have dominated the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 and ultimately kept the music industry afloat with their respective releases.  But, as has been the case for some 20 years now, when the year nears its end, one name makes its way back to the forefront of charts – Mariah Carey.

Carey, a monarch of many musical things, is the uncontested queen of Christmas.  As if tightening her already taut grip on the record for “best selling holiday album by a female artist” isn’t enough (as her 1994 release, ‘Merry Christmas,’ has been certified platinum 5x times over in the U.S. alone), the album’s most memorable release – ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ – holds the record for the most downloaded holiday tune of all time.  Standing as her most successful international single to date, ‘All I Want’ sits pretty as the 12th best-selling single of all time.

From the looks of things that record will be unbothered for quite some time.  For, as of this week, the song reached its Hot 100 peak…over 20 years after its release.  Tuck in below to find out where it landed and get your weekly Hot 100 chart check here:

Hot 100’s Top 20 This Week




Other chart highlights

**Adele‘s ‘Hello’ notches its 8th week atop the Hot 100 giving the diva her personal best run.  Before her haunting 2015 comeback tune, her longest reign came courtesy of ‘Rolling in the Deep’s 7 week rule.

**Justin Bieber makes history as only solo male vocalist to have 3 songs concurrently chart in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100.  The news comes just months after Bieber managed another history-making feat:  youngest act to debut at #1 on the Hot 100.

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  1. TRAVON AUSTIN December 23, 2015


    • yeah right December 23, 2015

      ….Playback 😆

      • BeyLover December 23, 2015

        fat tragic mess I wouldn’t dare hang it up piggy your done s*** vocals can’t even sing in key anymore let alone Carry a tune u fat washed up 90’s diva fat faced slag.

      • Drag Those Lambs December 23, 2015

        Cion Dion is still amazing and she is older then this fat German sausage!

      • Ronab December 23, 2015

        Mariah tragic fail voice in NY…. I cant even ?????

  2. Fake Songwriting Credits December 23, 2015

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,yonce is over, she’ll never reach this level, it’s an Adele world and I’m loving every second of it.
    This is true dominance, not that marketing and hype bayonce always pull off, she is always forced to work twice as hard to be half as good, in this case a quarter as good. Kiiiiii.

    • im done December 23, 2015

      My dog sounded just like Mimi right before he died.

      • Lalala December 23, 2015

        This!!!! ????

      • Bloop December 23, 2015

        That’s how you know it became an angel if it had an angelic voice good for your dog.. Too bad you’ll sound like a queef when it’s your time

    • AhmazingAdele December 23, 2015

      I mean if she cant sing anymore why is she doing it like your career is done no more singing the next one in the list is ariana grande then goes another one in the future so your time is really done 90’s diva. if you got fat like a pig that means your time is done that happened to cristina aguilera she got fat and stopped singing but if you are in a good diet and skinny you can get your career back like britney spears and adele. so yea…hang your coat and take a seat.

  3. LOL December 23, 2015

    too bad she cant even sing live anymore with this one…screeching brake much. 🙁

  4. yeah right December 23, 2015

    The most cheesy Christmas’ song in history.

  5. im done December 23, 2015

    Just because she WAS good doesn’t mean she still IS

    • Dev December 23, 2015

      But when you’re never good that’s when you have real problems

  6. Arianator Barb December 23, 2015

    I love Mariah and this song is kind of special to me. I went to basic training for the Marine corps. During the winter of 2011/12 and for those three months we were away from friends, family and completely disconnected from the outside world. Everybody is homesick and at church there would always be someone crying because they miss their families, I would at night when people couldn’t see me. During the week of Christmas the Chaplin would play this song and it would lift everyone’s spirits and it was really great to just feel that kind of joy and even though we didn’t have our families, we had our platoons and was a celebration for us so I always think of that weekend this song plays.

  7. King Gemini December 23, 2015

    The problem right there ? Why did you have to bring Beyonce up and bash her in a post ? That is why people argue on this site. I think you people just get a kick out of arguing about things that have no merit in their lives. I’m pretty sure Beyonce is okay in her lane and Adele is comfortable in hers. I’m pretty sure Beyonce would love a number 1 song but I’m also quite certain if she never got one again her life would go on and she wouldn’t really care. The way people pit artists against each other and argue is absolutely ridiculous and quite herrendous. Before Adele it was Rihanna now Adele is here and everyone is using her to bash Beyonce. A true question is why you hate someone so much whom you don’t know personally. This site really confused me with it’s casual commentators honestly can’t you just enjoy all the artists you enjoy and not just 1 artists because no one only listens to one artist and be happy with that. And TGJ has to take responsibility because they love to get you guys hyped up as well. You guys fall for it and bite the apple. Just support music and not chart positions. This is why artists chase trends and not authenticity because of fans like you guys who are only focused on who’s number 1 and sold the most. That’s why music is dissolving. Tv used to be all about music and videos and the true love of it but now one of the most beautiful things in the world ( music ) has become nothing but a chart chasing hobby. I love artists who don’t try to fit in this quota and stay in their lane. Several artist should just focus on bodies of work now and I’m pretty sure they’d love to but labels won’t go for it because reguardless or not wether a song does well everyone just wants to know what it sold and where it’s at which is why new artist can’t break through and do numbers how they used to and current artists can’t do big ukbers because people won’t support them because they’re afraid their favorite artist will get outsold when it should just be about the love of the music. Yes we all have artist we favor but that doesn’t mean we can’t support music and other artists that’s what’s wrong with the music world and its core supporters and followers today

    • guest December 23, 2015

      That’s all this generation seems to care about these days is who is more popular and is selling the most albums and it’s sad.It should be about the music not a popularity contest and these stupid pointless stan wars.

  8. Drag Those Lambs December 23, 2015


  9. AhmazingAdele December 23, 2015

    Mariah is a done deal. All she has…Vegas and Christmas carole. That’s all.

    • Cough Cough December 23, 2015

      And MAC makeup line and ELIZABETH ARDEN perfume line and her drink line and European tour….. Yeah she’s totally finished *sarcasm*

      • lol it’s December 23, 2015

        European tour in an amphitheater ????

  10. Kayla C December 23, 2015

    You ppl are so mad lol. get a life

  11. Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

    Lol I knew as soon as I clicked on this post, I would see Beyonce’s name all thru the comments. You b****** are so tired!! Can’t even let Marian have her moment and its not even the BeyHive! Smh and lmfaoooo #BOWWWWW oh Congrats GranRiah…lol j/k????

  12. Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

    Rihanna fans are trolling and pissed with everyone.(mainly the beyhive lol) Lmfaooooo Only digging yourselves a deeper grave. Food for thought. Bye

    • Messy December 23, 2015

      It’s not the navy it’s that fatherless Madonna Stan

      • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

        I know exactly who it is boo and its a navy too.?

      • Messy December 23, 2015

        Oh had no idea then mwah mwah

  13. King Gemini December 23, 2015

    But we know TGJ lives for it ( not calling them bad people ) but it gets them hits and they are one of the only blogs that gets this many comments because of the Stan wars, but TGJ needs to know it them chasing “hits” in their own lane which would be online blogging they are also a small part of helping to diminish the state of music. Honestly I could sit here and be shady but I’m not. I’m a fan of too many artists and their music, because even in today’s climate there are a lot of popular artists and new comers with quality music. I could blog TGJ about how Beyocne would or Nicki or Rihanna would never give them an interview because they’ll never be that major because of their antics but I’m not. They are a very notable successful urban music site, I love them a lot and get lots of news here. Sam as a true fan of your site you should be much more quicker and swifter with obtaining the news as some of your counterparts. Also you should cover a wider variety of artist because you guys tend to cover the same few artist and a more wider variety of news that goes on surrounding these celebrities it would garner even more attention. I don’t see enough posts on the Bryson tillers and Party next door and kehlani and a whole lot more plethora of artist and more news surrounding them as well.

  14. King Gemini December 23, 2015

    I’ve been a loyal reader since 2011 but I decided to comment to try and shed some positive light on the negativity that goes on. I used to find the shade hilarious and entertaining for jokes but it’s honestly out of hand

    • Lalala December 23, 2015

      Rihanna stans…

  15. Mariah The Legend December 23, 2015


  16. M December 23, 2015

    Haters are SO pressed over Mariah!!!! I live!!!!! Hahahaha! People are so mad that 21 years later she’s STILL flying up the charts with ONE of her many classic songs! Not to mention the fact that she just sold-out EIGHT concerts for Christmas shows at the Beacon Theater and slayed every damn night!!! Even freakin’ Perez Hilton was giving her rave reviews talking about her vocals were unbelievable! Let’s not even address the fact that she’s about to go on a European tour where she’s selling out arenas and stadiums! Haters are so presssssssssed! Keep trying ya’ll, can’t keep a LEGEND down!

  17. .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

    I don’t like it, but congrats Mariah.

  18. .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

    Beyonce stans are not needed here since that bìtch cannot chart or get a hit record that transcends borders. The struggle continues. #8YearsAgo

    • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

      Isn’t that the reason FLOPanna still hasn’t released her album??!! Ironic that you say that.lmaooo Such a dumb self dragging b****!!

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        …or the reason why that dumb cūm guzzling flop trash can’t get a #1 in 8 years? ???? #8YearsAgo

      • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

        That is so irrelevant when her album is multiplatinum. A #1 is not everything boo. Where is that album?? Can you answer that?

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Multiplatinum with re-issues and re-releases. ??? Now where’s that #1 hit? Aren’t singles affordable and cheap, hmmm? ???

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        “affordable” and “cheap”

        should’ve put that in quotes… 😀

      • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

        Honey Beyonce sold an album for $16. NO discounts and is still multi-platinum. I cant with a rihanna fan calling anyting cheap and affordable when 90% of her recoord sales are $1 singles. I wonder how much Anti will sell for when it’s finally relased. You are so bitter, it’s hilarious. lmaoooo That won’t make that album come any quicker and it won’t make it multi-platinum either. As far as her album being rereleased, that’s irrelevant as sell, as the re-release did nothing for her sales and she didn’t even bother promoting it. Keep on aruiging a pointless argument boo, while waiting on that delayed flop.

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        LMAO. Sweetheart, you can’t alk about album sales when Beyonce relies on those album re-issues every era to boost album sales. She’s not Taylor or Adele who reach multiplatinum status with only one album release. WTF? ??? $16 album and yet she can’t top the Billboard Hot 100 with $1.29 singles? ??? Isn’t that always your argument, that singles are “cheap” and that’s why Rihanna gets Hit after Hit after Hit? Why can’t Beyonce? ?
        Lemme put you out of your misery:

      • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

        Girl Bye. You’re so dumb and tired. You’ve been dragged. Bow out with your pre-school logic. Rihanna has NO hit this era and NO album release date. YOU CAN”T TALK!!! Have a seat on a steak knife and twirl dumb c***!

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015


        Poor thing always, I mean always ends an arguement by claiming that I get/got dragged. Such a kiii ??? ???


  19. King Gemini December 23, 2015

    @centurion you’re exactly what I mean comments like that ? Her last album was #1 and Lead single #2 on billboard and one of the most popular songs of the year and people still discredit her. And even if it wasn’t it’s just music should we really care about chart positions people just want to enjoy music if it does well it does if it doesn’t it doesn’t but music isn’t supposed to be how well it performs but how much the fans love the song or how the music moves people in any way sexually, consciously, however a song may move you and make you feel let that be your personal experience people stan for charts and accolades it’s quite sad to see. and then you sit on blogs and have arguments which are pointless cause they’ll never end and your point is never proven because everyone’s going to feel how they feel so what are you getting out of arguing someone chart position. Unless you yourself have 1 and are an artist that feels so importantly about it what effect is it having on your life ?

  20. Rukyiah December 23, 2015

    Mariah has reached top 30 and her fans are cheering..,,get a life sista. While Adele is #1 in the US for 8 weeks. Lambs are so sad…. ???

    • Cough Cough December 23, 2015

      Why? Mariah is one of a Adeles fav’s, Mariahs record sales eclipse Adeles, Mariahs voice was better than adeles times five, and has many more hits… Mariah will forever have more influence than Adele and Mariah will always be one of the greatest divas of all time. U ye

      • Wasabi December 23, 2015

        Mariah voice is history…now she is selling her p*ssy to an fugly millionaire because nobody wants to hear singing….and nobody is checking her music! ?

  21. Sit Down December 23, 2015

    Mariah is the only legend who can no longer sing live. Aretha, Celine, Janet, even Madonna can sing ….sad to be a lamb.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 23, 2015

      Aretha sounds like a wreck, CD Dion hasn’t sung live since 1995, Janet could never sing (also whispering secrets to the audience isn’t singing), and Madonna… no comment.

      • That sounds legit December 23, 2015

        Mariah sounds like she need a new throat and a new stylist. She looks like a 80s rejected and jobless beauty queen ??

  22. Serpent December 23, 2015

    rihanna’s fans are disgusting human being…as well as beyonddumce …, repent!!!

    • TRAVON AUSTIN December 23, 2015

      Chile you ain’t lying. Let’s keep it real. Rhianna fans kept dragging Mariah for having more #1s. They went on and on how Rhianna was going to eclipse that record. The beyhive and lambs dragged them and they still kept talking s#@$. Mariah will always be relevant because she birthed every pop star. They just mad because Mariah is in her own lane and is the queen they don’t want to recognize. I am sorry if Rhianna can’t walk the walk. She is all talk. Mariah is always walking the walk. Stay pressed.

      • Tina December 23, 2015

        No…it is Rori the goat fans ,, they cant handle R8 has flopped in the dustbin…

  23. Lalala December 23, 2015

    Mariah Carey’s terrible live vocals 2014….who can forget that. Worse than a goat….

  24. lol it’s December 23, 2015

    When u are selling your fat smelly p ussy to an Australia man…u know your career is over! Get over it lamb…let it go!!

    Let MooMoo rest in peace so she could enjoy her ol’ money!

    • QueenJanet December 23, 2015

      Ayoooooo!!! ???

      • OMG Logic!!! December 23, 2015

        Your fave is selling her expired pu55y to Camel hoarding Arab though…

  25. QueenJanet December 23, 2015

    This is the only evergreen song this queen of amphitheater has??? I guess… ?

  26. Truth magic serum December 23, 2015

    Let this wide rotten fake titties diva retire peacefully. Nobody is impressed with top 30!!


    • OMG Logic!!! December 23, 2015

      It’s a top 20 you illiterate m*****, and it’s better than whatever third rate basic b1tch you stan for will be doing in 20 years.

      • Truth magic serum December 23, 2015

        What a difference??? ?

      • Ouch! December 23, 2015

        Might as well top 40 bcause no one is cheering….?

  27. Truth magic serum December 23, 2015

    I think this position bcause of streaming not sales! ???

  28. .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

    These random commetators are definitely a member of the BeyHive masquerading under different usernames. The hive are so pathetic. The comment sections always go to the dogs with these no-life-having-āss-hôes and their level of “pressedness”. It’s a goddamn Christmas song. LMAO.

    • Sam December 23, 2015

      No..they are Rihanna’s stans are mean shoplifters scums…

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        ^^^^^^^Yep… You can definitely see with the grammar that it’s a Beyonce stan. ? Like stan, like fav. ?

  29. Boooom! December 23, 2015

    Nobody is checking Rihanna’s 3 flopped singles……where is the rage? ?

  30. Boooom! December 23, 2015

    Nobody is clapping Rihanna’s selling magazines…where is the rage? ?

  31. Boooom! December 23, 2015

    Chris Brown should beat up Rihanna once again so that she could get sympathetic sales like she used to.

    Ok…i think Im done. K byeee!!! ?

  32. Cough Cough December 23, 2015

    Lol someone is all up and down this post, melting down!

  33. TrinaAllDay December 23, 2015

    See that’s the problem with yall “bloggers”?. Too busy hating on folks. Yall hating on MC when yall need2be out here getting this money like MC! Now i can understand why people may not care for artists like Nicki Minaj, but some of yall people act like your obsessed over this stuff.

  34. True Lambily December 23, 2015

    Watch and see what I say this will be her 19th #1 I don’t know how I don’t know when but this song is not going anywhere it will continue to break records every year And for all these haters of the Mimi brand Keep hating as we continue onward breaking records #MariahSlays yall need haters need to go get #Layed and mimi can still sing!!

  35. JOHNVIDAL December 23, 2015

    Mariah Mariah Mariah 🙂
    Just WoW!
    And have you guys watched her performances in her TV Special the other day? Why the hell didn´t Sam post about that? Slaying left right and centre.

    Adele´s success is too much for the material she serves, it´s not like it is out of this world BUT I´m so thankful to her for blocking everything Justin Beiber. How the hell is he having this success with his single??? So sad.

  36. Jimmy December 23, 2015

    Mariah’s career is over. She can no longer sell records. Her last 2 albums have sold so very poorly. NOBODY likes the fat pig anymore – NOBODY!

    • Bloop December 23, 2015

      1 she’s not fat, 2 she doesn’t need to sell anything because she’s beyond rich 3 she’s selling out arenas in Europe anongst many other things. And finally I don’t see you on Forbes lists, so bye Felicia hahaha save those pig comments for your mother you trashy loser

  37. King Stephy December 23, 2015


  38. Bloop December 23, 2015

    Lol y’all hating have no facts. She’s selling out arenas in Europe, she’s dating a billionaire that buys her millions of dollars worth of presents, she’s charting her Christmas bonus track as always which when will your faves? She’s actually singing amazingly this year there are videos that prove this. You call her fat, yet she’s lost weight and is human and can fluctuate. You call her a flop, um meanwhile you guys work 9-5 jobs and she sits pretty on her hundreds of millions and the fact that she’s Mariah Carey a voice that inspired and birthed your faves. Aaa and she is oblivious to your existence meanwhile you’re fuming on about her and stay sad being pressed. Learn to love yourself before throwing all this pointless shade. Y’all sad.

  39. QueenMariah December 24, 2015

    Queen Mariah keeps slaying and laughing all the way to the bank hahahahahaha! Haters will keep hating. They can’t accept the fact that a 21 year old song is charting higher than their favs newest singles. Getting top 10 , top 20 placements all over the world. All I Want For Xmas will forever keep selling and Mariah’s record sales will keep on getting bigger and bigger. No matter how many times you wanna call her a flop, she knows what she’s doing. “All” also just moved pass 100M spins on Spotify. Its #1 on 3 Billboard charts. Her Merry Christmas album will continue to be the biggest selling xmas album by a female artist EVER. So rant all you want haters, Mariah will forever be relevant while your favs will struggle to release their albums *sips tea*

  40. cocobutta December 24, 2015

    You know you’re a true legend when your song is going to be eternal during life and after death (even if thats at 100yo).

    Congrats Mariah the on ?

  41. AhmazingAdele December 24, 2015

    r i p….

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