Chris Brown Slams Fake Fans That Didn’t Purchase His New Album

Published: Wednesday 23rd Dec 2015 by David

Now forced to compete with the mega-sellers hat are Drake & Bruno Mars  Chris Brown has found that he has a very serious problem on his hands.

What it is? The general public seems to be more interested in consuming his life via social media than consuming his music by purchasing it.

Now, seemingly annoyed by the fact that his latest LP ‘Royalty’ is to open with under 200,000 units in its opening week, the gifted and talented entertainer has shared his thoughts on why he feels his social media power has outperformed his value as a commercial act.

His conclusion?

Fake fans.

Read below…

From the bottom up:


Could overexposure lie at the root of the Grammy winner’s problem?

Weigh in below!

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  1. Mother December 23, 2015

    Shut the f*** up, Chris. Always bitching and whining ?

    • lisa489 December 24, 2015




  2. AMD December 23, 2015

    This b**** a$$ n&gga should be grateful he’s even selling that! It could be a helluva lot worse in this day & age!

    • Faf December 23, 2015

      And he’s not even flopping 160k with streams is average hell def go gold

      • EVE of Destruction December 23, 2015

        He didn’t even go gold with X, Fortune or Graffiti. What makes you think he’ll get it this time around?

  3. mo’teefa December 23, 2015

    The album was trash tho

    • Dontazz December 23, 2015

      It sure is no shade

  4. REAL TALK December 23, 2015

    Stfu, ugh, he is so disgusting!

  5. mo’teefa December 23, 2015

    & Beyonce just got dropped from Columbia Records.. kii

    • BangBang December 23, 2015

      Fuccin liar!! Beyonce didn’t get dropped from anything!!

  6. Arianator Barb December 23, 2015

    Can someone explain to me this man’s appeal? His music sucks, it’s always some ignorant b*******, generic beats and his voice is terrible. Do you know how much second hand embarrassment I feel whenever Usher starts to sing in New Flame?

    • Cough Cough December 23, 2015

      Ask you basic fav she’s featured him on her past two albums so.

    • coolness December 23, 2015

      I remember when Chris’ solo version of New Flame dropped and his delivery kinda lagged. Usher then hopped on the song and brought a lot of energy to it because he seemed more committed to giving a great vocal performance. He outshone Chris and reportedly made him re-record his parts. Chris said he dances, writes video treatments, raps and paints but he did not mention that he takes vocal lessons which would explain why he’s declined so much as a live singer when he’s only 26.

    • LMFAO TRUE. December 23, 2015

      i swear i thought i was the only one who though usher sang circles around breezy on new flame lol.

  7. Siamese December 23, 2015

    I can’t stand this MUTHAF’KR. I really can’t.

    You’re the ONLY fundamental R&B act to open with 150+K units of your album in the first sales week (a damn privilege given the state of the genre right now) and you’re STILL moaning?

    WTF did you think you were gonna do – outsell Adele?

    There are a PLETHORA of White Pop acts who are barely selling as much and you’re still moaning?

    You’ve barely had any hits this era so you should be thankful.

    His REAL fans should boycott him entirely and not buy none of his sh*t!

    • gene December 23, 2015

      Yeah. they are probably mad but not speaking out about it like Chris is and dissing his fans, they would of say I hope people go out and get it, but not diss the poeple that is supporting them, bad move Chris. He got a lot to learn.

    • james227 December 23, 2015

      Adele? Rihanna will never out sell Adele never!!!!

      • Kylizzle187 December 26, 2015

        WTF are you banging on??
        No one mentioned Rihanna u r*****?

  8. Roman Minaj December 23, 2015

    I understand his frustration. Nobody is listening to his music. Nobody is supporting the reason he’s an artist today. The music. Just like this post, the media is so stuck on ’09 Chris Brown that they don’t wanna promote the music, they want the bad stuff about him. SMH. He’s an artist and he just wants to be respected as one.

    As for the fan htings, he’s basically talking about the fans that follow him and have fan pages but ain’t even bought the album. How you gone support him on Twitter but no on Itunes, Spotify and/or Google Play? He brought the album down to $5 for christ sakes. It can’t be no easier than that.

    My opinion on the album. I bought it. I would’ve been more satisfied with buying Fortune or X. TBH. Royalty is…directionless. It’s clearly obvious Royalty is just a publicity stunt, hate to say it, for the album. She fits NO WHERE on the album. She was kinda just thrown on there for attention. The album, the music itself I say is 7/10. The music is good and lack of features on a Chris Brown album is kind of….calming. Soothing. It’s like, just him and his lyrics. The album isn’t that bad. But it could’ve been WAY better. It feels like a collection of songs thrown on a album with Royalty’s name on the cover. I’ms till a CB fan ither way, so aye..

    • Pray for the Youth December 23, 2015

      That would only make sense if the number of fans and fan pages he has is significantly disproportionate to his sales, which they aren’t. 140k or something like that, people bought his album. How many fans does he really think he has??? This is an artist who has overestimated his popularity. And whose fault is it that no one is listening to his music? Whose fault is it that the gp doesn’t think his “art” is worth buying? That the gp is more interested in his personal life, than his music? This is his JOB. That’s like a car salesman blaming the clients for not being interested. You can miss me with that. He should be frustrated with himself.

      • james227 December 23, 2015

        The same will happen to Rihanna,Beyonce Nicki. Adele waited years before she came back with another CD and her CD is horrible mind you. But hay this is what the other side likes. The mainstream will make sure that those three will never be at top again. If you ask me Rihanna & Nicki maybe Beyonce are finished.

    • Dontazz December 23, 2015

      You said everything I wanted to say! Especially about the album having no direction

  9. Trigga Happy December 23, 2015

    He knows Trey is coming for his spot. Think about it, they’re currently neck on neck sales wise so Chris is scared of him.

    • EVE of Destruction December 23, 2015

      No. Chris has 2 double platinum albums and a gold album. Trey has one plat and one gold.

  10. Leather & Lace December 23, 2015

    Eeeeeeeeeew go away Christopher,You hideous junkie

  11. Pray for the Youth December 23, 2015

    He said he works three times harder than his peers. This is simple matter of quality over quantity. This fool thinks releasing 3 albums a year means he works 3 times as hard. Sit down, Christopher.

    • LMFAO TRUE. December 23, 2015

      that’s what i came here to say. you can’t jump on every track on the radio and then get mad when people don’t buy your album (which was trash, btw). a good hiatus never hurt anyone (look at d’angelo, adele, jazmine sullivan, beyonce, the list goes on). nobody wants to hear someone who we can’t get away from.

  12. LB December 23, 2015

    Is this fake as$ light skin n**** really all up in his feelings about selling over 100K in the first week? Numbers his friends boyfriend August is struggling to see?

    Queen Breezy can hold on to this L expecting Adele numbers when he is making Aqua music, find a seat and sit.

  13. LB December 23, 2015

    You want people to buy your sh!t, make better music

  14. Arianator Barb December 23, 2015

    I’m glad The Weeknd scalped this whiny h**. Abel>>>>>>Fist *plays House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls*

  15. E Young December 23, 2015

    Chris Brown has been dropping albums like flies. He’s not making qualilty music anymore, he is rushing the process. X was a good album ( I bought the album), but he couldn’t promote it as much, because of his jail sentence. I have no problem buying an album, but the quality of music has to match it. Cater to the fans, he started off making R&B/Hiphop hits with a little mix of pop, but this abum is mainly pop. I like a songs, but the majority of the album; I’m not rocking with it. Have people miss you for a while.

  16. LB December 23, 2015

    Can Usher hurry his slow as$ up and mop up this mess in RnB music from male artists, damn

    • Mr ? December 23, 2015

      Usher is a mess as of late
      late. He is not going to mop up shizzle…

  17. No favs, just here for the music December 23, 2015

    Most people were predicting he would sell around the ballpark of 50-60K (and rightfully so!)
    He should be damn grateful he even sold THAT much his first week!
    This is a blessing. What about Monica who (in my opinion!) put out a CD with much better quality music and only managed to push 30K??
    Be happy people are even still buying your music Chris! Smh!!
    With GOOD R&B music consistently flopping left and right what is he complaining about??

  18. Barb-wire December 23, 2015

    He really should shut the hell up.

  19. CC December 23, 2015

    Typical self absorbed entitled sociopath. He should be thankful he even sold over 100,000 albums.
    it’s all about touring and streaming.
    He better be glad people still come to his shows.

  20. cocobutta December 23, 2015

    Wow the ungratefulness is so disgusting.

    Chris you are a GREAT dancer and have other talents but lets break it down.

    Best R&B or Pop vocalist? No
    Best rapper? No
    Best Thug? No
    Best bitcha$§ ? Errmm maybe August

    Embrace the sales as progression as it slays your last project.
    Don’t start losing your music fans just as you’re starting to grab more back.

    #CodeRed out now…

  21. What now December 23, 2015

    His music has declined. His looks has declined. His voice has declined. I really hope Usher orchestrates a perfect comeback and wipes his punk ašs off the map for the good! I’m tired of Chris and his bipolar disorder.

  22. janvier December 23, 2015

    Can this crazy queen just stfu already. The fact he put his child pic as album cover for this trash album about s e x shows he is CONFUSED(forget promo now).

  23. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    Told y’all. He’s all “I changed” until the album is out and then it’s back to being an @ss. I guess using your daughter as a prop went dry already. Lol

    • Mr ? December 23, 2015

      How is he being an A$$. He is just expressing his disappointment at what he considers poor album sales. Lets not lie now, we know alot of folks still illegally downloading or just streaming.

      I agree this album was wack
      wack. I did like a few songs though.

    • Sippingmytea December 23, 2015

      He is expressing how he feels this is the reality of the music business. He is keeping it real. People like to confuse that with “being an asshole”

  24. MUSICHEAD December 23, 2015

    These artists put out recycled uninspired music and expect ppl to buy it. Chris should be very appreciative of his opening numbers considering he doesn’t have a big hit on the radio and most r&b artists can’t even sell 100k. But in his defense, he did these numbers with very little support from his label. He should go independent and hopefully have more creative control to make better music.

  25. Danzou December 23, 2015

    i dont know what made chris think he was pulling big numbers. he made a video talmbout he got millions of followers so he should be selling and what not but n.igga yo music aint why people follow you. its because youre a laughing stock. you can dance but cant sing. i lost respect when he used his daughter to sell an album ABOUT DRUGS SE.X AND MONEY. to be honest he might have went gold if he didnt just whine about his sales.

  26. Champagnemami December 23, 2015

    When using your child to sale an album goes wrong. He continued to talk about the same things: loving s**, b****** this, b****** that with his daughters name and face thrown on the cover. These celebs need to stop pimping their babies. I’m tired of it.

  27. Lionheart December 23, 2015

    Chris you didn’t have this issue when released FAME and X. Maybe if you actually released a decent body of work and not this b******* then maybe people would buy it

  28. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    He’s so used to his fan babying him for years. Now poor little black girls that should be investing their money on more important things are going to buy 5 copies. Lol a sub sandwich, bag of chips and lce tea will have a lasting affect than this Bs of an album.

  29. Anti (hives scared of R8) December 23, 2015

    This is why I don’t support his ass.I’m pretty sure Rihanna is done with him after that song with Rita whora. What an ungrateful idiot.


    Miguel>>>>>>>Fist Brown

    • Mr ? December 23, 2015

      Miguel’s album was so wack. Lol. His first album was really good though.

  30. Danzou December 23, 2015

    lol i cant even bring race into this one. the weeknd sold just fine. X went gold so i dont know why hes b.itching.

  31. #TeamTinashe Stan December 23, 2015

    He’s on every rappers albums and his own music is generic. I still don’t understand why he added his daughter’s name and face on the album when it’s still the same explicit pop/r&b album as his previous ones.

  32. Rihanna December 23, 2015

    Chris you know I listened to that album on Spotify cause I ain’t crazy it’s 2015 and I’m not going to wAste my money on something that is not at its best. That album my good sir was too pop for me. I didn’t like that the songs were so pop oriented. Why couldn’t we get more songs like back to sleep. Chris you’re an R&b singer, give us that. We love some of the pop but we didn’t need all that. Chris your music was misleading. We hear liquor and back to sleep and think we’re going to be having baby making music and you come out with Royalty and all I want to do is vogue. Chris I liked the idea, but the album could’ve done better if you were more personal with where your life was at the moment. Album name, Royalty. We want to hear about you being a father. How your daughter is to you, damn even how Your ex was and an apology. All we were loaded with was this and now you’re calling us FAKE, but that music was FAKE, but we still love you though.

  33. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    His music have no growth. It’s been FAME on repeat. This is why most artist SHOULDN’T write their music.

  34. wellz December 23, 2015

    Since when did the number of fans you had on social media equate to album sells? If that’s the case alot of artist should be pulling adele numbers.
    Than to sit there and act like not just a couple of years ago his career wasn’t hanging on a string,is an insult to the fans that held him down during that period.Chris needs to grow up already, do you know how many artist wish they could open with those numbers? Everybody else fell for that”I’m a parent I’m mature now” act, I didn’t. When it tumbles down the chart next week he only has himself to blame.

  35. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    8th highest selling artist of All TIME! And she’s only 27, stay mad pest.

  36. Danny Bey December 23, 2015

    Just when I became a fan after watching his Royalty video…. Nevermind now.

    • james227 December 23, 2015

      Please! Your comment makes no sense

  37. coolness December 23, 2015

    In al honesty, he really should be grateful for these numbers. Considering the state of the industry, how R&B has been hit the hardest and especially noting that he didn’t have a hit single this time around, I say he did pretty well. However, he needs to humble himself because rants like this only turn people off.

    There are several reasons why he’s come to this point. First, Chris has oversaturated his market with too many feature appearances and releasing an album almost every six months in the last year and a half. Second, it was poor marketing on his part to name this album after his beautiful baby girl only for it to consist of songs mainly about his s*xual prowess. Third would be him being simply unlikeable as a person in the public eye. I won’t list out all the mess he’s been involved in this year but his recent comment about him being “too complex for the chitterlings and slave music” was the last straw for me. That stung because the foundation of R&B, the genre he resides in, was built on songs of pain and struggle. No Chris, you aren’t complex at all, you’re just too cracked out to pull off songs that don’t sound like a playground chant.

  38. #JACKIE December 23, 2015

    I was honestly shocked that he sold so many copies in the first week. I predicted 60k. The album sucks soooo bad so he should be grateful!

    • Sippingmytea December 23, 2015

      You Ciara fans man lmaoooo y’all are really something too. Why y’all ain’t buying Ciara albums these are the type of fake fans Chris is talking about y’all have a mouth online and then when it comes to supporting yall fail to . I am sure he sold more than Ciara.

  39. JT December 23, 2015

    I bought his X album but does he really think I’m buying a trash album such as Royalty when there are iTunes versions available for me to download for free? Behave Christopher!

  40. Sippingmytea December 23, 2015

    I get where he is coming from its sad as big as he is that these so called “fans” can’t support him.. shame !still love you brezzy.RANDOM.. BUT I would like to see him and beyonce do something together like a dope dance music video.

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