Hot Shot: Janet Jackson Spotted In London

Published: Tuesday 8th Dec 2015 by Sam

Janet Jackson flashed her trademark smile while posing with a fan in London town this week.

The Queen of Pop is currently on a break from her globe-spanning ‘Unbreakable Tour,’ which successfully wrapped its first leg last month.

Ms. Jackson was snapped with the supporter at the Olivocarne Restaurant.

Beyond the sighting, UK fans can catch the performer when she returns to the region to ‘BURNITUP!’ on-stage during the European leg of the trek – which kicks off next March.

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  1. Barb-wire December 8, 2015

    QUEENAGE!!! I can’t with her ubreakable slayage.

  2. Indie December 8, 2015

    OMG!!!! Why didn’t i know about this where is she? I hope she’s still here!

  3. TRANET December 8, 2015

    T*****-Ass, minnie mouse Whispering, FLOP!

    And her current tour is a shambles… LMAO.

    The one and only, true, Queen of Pop has already pulled in $57M (borderline $60M) from JUST 30 dates thus far.

    What’s is TRANET’s boxscore thus far?


    • Girl Bye. December 8, 2015

      Suicide blond, girl, at least have the balls to say this with your real screen name. Janet>>>Madge

      • OMG Logic!!! December 8, 2015

        Suicide Blonde doesn’t write like a Black drag queen.

      • Girl Bye. December 8, 2015

        No, but he writes like a white f**.

  4. Reminiscent December 8, 2015

    Isn’t your MADJEsety in London right now, just wrapping up her tour here?

    Go back and perform your “timeless” songs in a 3k seat theatre in Atlanta Boo. Nobody outside the Ghetto hoods of the U.S is really checking for you!

  5. RihNaj December 8, 2015

    Is she gonna try and have kids or nah ??

  6. Renzo585 December 8, 2015


  7. Cough Cough December 8, 2015

    Some corny Madonna fan is above, PRESSED!!!! looking good Janet, we love you!

  8. !!!! December 8, 2015

    These Grandonna stand are pathetic TBH busy worrying about both Madge and Janets tour earnings as if they will see a cent

  9. SAGE December 8, 2015

    Good Gawd…TRANET is like RuPaul and the Cowardly Lion mixed together!!!!! ROFLMAO! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!

    FLOPBREAKABLE must be taking its toll on that. Hahahahahaha

  10. UMo December 8, 2015

    Too much plastic surgery.

    • @UMo December 8, 2015

      What surgery, but her nose. The woman can’t age gracefully?

  11. DIESEL December 8, 2015

    Forever young. She’s stunningly beautiful. And that smile can light up any room.
    Thank you for #Unbreakable, it’s a Masterpiece. With all the violence and hate going on in the world, this album and Rhythm Nation are so much more relevant today than any others. Great job! And congrats on the success of #NoSleeep 10 weeks at #1 on R&B Adult charts, 7th #1 album and sold out concerts. You are a true class act icon. #thegreatforever

  12. No favs, just here for the music December 8, 2015

    Omg that dude is FINE lol

  13. Popup December 8, 2015

    This woman is amazing! It sucks that racism and sexism are constantly an issue for her career and how she is perceived! She rocks!I love how people who hate this icon are constantly commenting on how she sucks. Misplaced love is weird that way lol

  14. Sandra December 15, 2015

    Janet’s era is OVER. No one cares. The Unbreakable album is a disaster. The sales are miserable, only 250,000 sold to date around the world, 200,000 of that comes from the US. Can you say LOCAL, washed up hasbeen. That’s what Janet Jackson is.

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