Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame: N.W.A To Be Inducted / Janet Jackson Snubbed

Published: Thursday 17th Dec 2015 by Sam

The ballots are back for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it’s a mixed result for fans Urban music.

For while, N.W.A have officially made the list of names set to be bestowed the renown honor, the likes of Janet Jackson and Chaka Khan have not been shortlisted.

Full story below…

The class of 2016 is comprised of Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Chicago, Steve Miller, and N.W.A (who, despite being previously eligible, are relative rookies compared the other acts).

Boosted no doubt by their blockbuster biopic from this summer, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and co have scored a major coup. Because not only are they cementing for their own legacy (in a year that has seen their history chronicled in such a critically praised way), they serve as this year’s only remotely “Urban” act.

All five artists will be will be presented with the honors at the 31st annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on April 8th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. HBO will once again air the special in May.


We’re a tad conflicted.

On the one hand, it’s awesome to see N.W.A getting their props, yet the Janet shut-out is oh so grating.

Eligible but ignored for years, it finally seemed as though the relaxation of the historically critiqued voting process would favour Janet. Indeed, some have argued that the voting panel’s picks often skewed towards the patriarchal and the genre-specific. Yet, with the factoring in of the public vote this year (a number of which Janet topped), the hope (at least from us) was that she would dance her way in. Beyond the fact that her popularity saw her serve as the focus of almost every press piece pertaining to the event, it would have made for an awesome cherry-on-top of her ‘Unbreakable’ comeback.

Maybe next time.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tranet December 17, 2015

    Janet doesn’t deserve it

    It must hurt Janet stans Madobba got nominated and inducted the first year she became elegance LOL

    • Missy1 December 17, 2015

      honey, maybe you should go to This site celebrates rnb music. You don’t belong here talking that Bull_shit about Madonna – she’s a hag who has sold s** for 25 years and not ONE OUNCE of talent.

      Janet is pop/rnb royalty. Janet’s Velvet Rope tour slays any tour stripper Madonna has every put on.

      Janet jackson is 100% music royalty.

      • thando December 17, 2015

        If you think Janet Jackson hasn’t sold s** like Madonna then you’re either stupid, ignorant of Janet’s career, naïve or all of the above. This is a woman who exposed her breast on PG rated half time show.

    • Indie December 17, 2015

      your a pathetic sack of s***

  2. Suicide Blonde December 17, 2015

    Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Chicago and Steve Miller, all deserve to be inducted, Janet doesn’t need this, she’s above this kind of validation, if anything this would have made her fans happy, nothing more.

  3. DEL BEY December 17, 2015

    It’s a conspiracy. They simply want the perpetuate the negative aspects of black culture in the history books. Instead of seeing Janet in the history books in 20 years, it will be N***** With Attitude, perfect representation of black culture lol

  4. Missy1 December 17, 2015

    I never watch the show, its boring and a bunch of old white bands.

    Madonna and Janet were popular together, at the same time, same charts, both had successful tours and huge overseas.

    Madonna got in first because she is WHITE. it’s ok for Madonna to show n****** in Justify My Love on 20/20 and everyting thinks its “art”, but Janet and the superbowl is called a “crime.

    America is the most racist country in the world.

    • Anne December 17, 2015

      The Superbowl is a family event, not really equivalent to 20/20.

      • @Anne December 17, 2015

        All of that cursing that I hear? Family? I have no problem with her, but Madonna sold p*** just for attention.

      • Oh ok December 17, 2015

        No it isn’t. And here’s a little tea about Janet’s performance. That breast exposure wasn’t on Janet. Janet lied to cover Justin’s mishap, but he dodged on her only to say a few years later that it wasnt a big deal.

  5. King z December 17, 2015

    No Whitney, no Sade…again!!

    • Royalkev December 17, 2015


    • Flash80 December 17, 2015

      Whitney and Sade, I do feel deserve it. Hopefully they’ll get their propers soon, but I’m not at all salty over Janet’s exclusion. Before her death, Whitney was able to mount a respectable comeback. She was trying to get herself together and people were pulling for her. And Sade can go a decade without releasing anything, come back out of nowhere and slay like she never left. Janet has failed at every comeback attempt for the last decade, and her fans have exasperated any sympathy she might be due by being the most overemotional, over-exaggerating, lying, delusional and obnoxious group of zealots on the planet. They make me want to not like her.

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        A respectable comeback!? No shade to Whitney, because she’s legend, but she Literally had fans leaving now her concerts and reporting to the news how terrible she was live. Did you not see the videos? GMA ? Lord NO. If you think Whitneys comeback was more respectable with her sad to watch performances compared to Janets slay-filled new tour then you truly are delusional because Janet, at least, can still put on an amazing concert. You couldn’t say the same during Nippys comeback and unfortunately we know why.

      • Sandra December 17, 2015

        @cough cough
        Whitney’s comeback album in 2009 went platinum and sold 3 million ww.
        Where’s Unbreakable’s platinum certification? It’s the biggest flop album by an established artist of all time. Don’t try to come for Whitney’s comeback when she slayed Janet hard

      • XoMoDe December 17, 2015

        I Look to You sold more than any Janet album since All For You (and Just Whitney sold more than 20 YO/Discipline/Unbreakable.) What are you talking about? Whitney’s voice was shot, we know that (although she could still outsing Janet.) Some people couldn’t reconcile it, but the public and media overall was more interested in her Whitney’s final album era than they are Janet’s.

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        Whitneys comeback was commendable and sold good for the amount of time she was gone and the sales state of music at that point but it sold pretty much the same as janets Danita joe and 20 y.o plus it had horrible concert reviews and all of her live performances were tragic and cringe worthy. To the point she was booed and protested so…

      • Royalkev December 17, 2015

        I personally feel that Whitney and Janet both managed to have respectable comebacks in the late stages of their careers after so much turmoil. Whitney’s #1 album (ILTY) pulled in 305K in 2009, when it was extremely hard for older legendary artists to do so! The same can be said about Janet in 2015 earning her historical #1. She’s pulled that off in 4 decades!!!! The odds are against all of her peers and anyone with a career stemming as far back as Janet won’t be found on the charts today. Give credit where it’s due!

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        @Royal I did enjoy ILTY, the album portion. And the iconic Oprah interview, though sad, was great!

      • Royalkev December 17, 2015

        I’m sure that’s a lasting memory of Whitney many of her true fans will keep with them forever. I’ve later realized after a couple of years that Whitney’s last era allowed me to be at peace with her passing (mainly because I’ve been able to get so much from that Oprah interview). That one -on-one with her and Oprah left me in a good space with everything.

      • Lmfao_Hoe December 17, 2015

        Whitney performances weren’t even all that bad, like yea she was becoming hit or miss but overall her voice was still there ! People overreacted cause they expected the early 90s to Bodyguard vocals in 09/10 ! which obviously was gone when she released Waiting To Exhale, Prechers Wife, MLIYL, and Just Whitney all which she still sounded beautiful. And to this day I still give Whitney credit, standing ovation for not lipping when some probably suggested/advised her to. No she gave us her all, her AMA performance, Orpah, Pre Grammy, and other performances oversea still proved her voice was still in tact. Her own vocal coach search you could have got her voice back to the late 90 sound if she had stopped smoking.

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        @lmfao : I’m sorry, love Whitney but it was 85% miss, 15% semi hit. It was extremely bad, but by body guard standards but even by “just Whitney” standards. It was sad

  6. Royalkev December 17, 2015

    I’m not surprised. The Jacksons had to work twice as hard as anybody else to achieve any success since the 00’s. It’s seemed like both were being punished for obtaining the kind of tremendous success (since the 80’s) that folks only warranted for musical acts like the Osmonds. In this case (when it comes to the RRHOF), Michael couldn’t be denied for obvious reasons. He stood tall above 99% of all artists in music, although it took his death to really lift the curse off him. Now everything he’s done in his career is treasured.

    With Janet, it’s unfortunate that she’ll probably see other women that she’s influenced (like Britney/ Pink) make it before she do. There is no MJ when it comes to the women, no one has a 200 million+ records lead over their peers so will always be disguised as some kind of objective ruling. It’s plain to see though what’s really at the bottom of this and it’s a shame that America’s most successful family in music has been America’s most targeted family for so long.

    • Royalkev December 17, 2015

      *so this action will always be disguised

  7. king Mark 111 December 17, 2015

    Should be Rihanna…

    • When RIHsus Says Yes… December 17, 2015

      She’ll get it next year. #kii

    • lolz December 17, 2015

      You look cute

    • #JACKIE December 17, 2015

      Bye Markeesha. She can’t even release an album.

      • When RIHsus Says Yes… December 17, 2015

        And you have the nerve to comment with Ci-Error can’t sell more than 100k albums in the first week for the third album in a row. The thirst is really real, sis.

  8. When RIHsus Says Yes… December 17, 2015

    Janet deserves the Hall of Fame honor more than NWA and Madonna because she actually has SOME rock music hits “Black Cat” (a #1 Rock hit) and “What About.” She also debuted before they did. She has also impacted modern (rock) music far more than they have. With that said, Janet is a legend on a very successful world tour right now. Her legacy speaks for itself with/without a stupid Hall of Fame honor.

    • Suicide Blonde December 17, 2015

      Madonna was a Punk rocker before her debut album, she has deep rock roots, google the band Emmy and the Emmys.

      Janet did a pop metal song, Black Cat, a genre that was very commercial in the 80’s, it is the most hate metal sub-genre because of its pop sound. Now Janet is great and all but in what way did she impacted moder rock music, she has a #1 rock song, which is not respected at all by rock fans for the reasons mentioned above, now google Madonna impact in rock music, there are even tribute rock bands in her honor, let’s not even.

  9. Arianator Barb December 17, 2015

    Janet will always be legend regardless of what some old white men have to say, you M.Rex stans can stay pressed

  10. SAGE December 17, 2015

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat that Tranet! No RRHOF for you! All that plastic talentless t***** looking slug ever was was a MJ hanger on anyways. No career w/o the JACKSON last name & JJTL’s actual talent. Tranet did nothing by herself. Doesnt deserve it and therefore don’t got it! Ouch!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

  11. What now December 17, 2015

    Ugh @ idiots getting mad @ Madonna bc Janet didn’t get inducted. It isn’t Madonna’s fault, so STOP trying to blame her. U all kill me calling out Madonna flaws and then pretending that Janet has none. She is a flop! She isn’t international. She isn’t an album seller. She isn’t even a single seller. There’s a reason she’s only sold the same amount as Rihanna – 160 million. Her first two albums flopped and every album since 01 has had the same fate. If Janet has nothing to prove, then the best selling and highest grossing female tour act and artist definitely doesn’t have s*** to prove. Thumbs me down all day and night, I told no lies.

    • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

      All of her albums except the last 2 have went platinum-triple platinum. She’s not international???? And of Rihanna’s 160 million majority all of those are singles. Janet sells albums and defines decades, genres and inspires the likes of Beyonce, Ciara, Aaliyah, Pink, Usher, Tinahse, and the list goes on. Rihanna makes McSingles and inspires a bunch of Instagram thots and twinkly fàg boys like you dressed in belly shirts and leggings throwing up the peace sign. Not janets “Control” outselling all of Rihanna’s album sales in the US COMBINED. Hahahahahahahaahahah. No comparison babe, not then, not now, not EVER

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        I meant all of her albums released after “all for you”

      • What now December 17, 2015

        Yet again, you fail, bc no one was comparing Rihanna to Janet. Janet hasn’t been able to sell a single even in her prime. She has the least #1’s locally and internationally. She hasn’t even sold 160 million fr. That’s nothing but inflation at its finest. She isn’t the real legend or icon her fans claim her to be. IDC how many essays you write, how much you shade Rihanna, what you have to say, and etc. The bìtch is a flop. End of.

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        10 million albums combined is a flop. Janet is a standard for female entertainers, always has and always will be. 2nd biggest chick of the 90’s after Mariah and #7 biggest artist on billboard of all time as of last month. Flop? Hahahahaha hahahahahah sorry Hun, hold this L.

      • XoMoDe December 17, 2015

        “2nd biggest chick of the 90’s after Mariah”

        The 90s ended almost 20 years ago though. Only fans of hasbeens cling to vintage victories when they can’t boast any current achievements. What’s even sadder in this case is that you can’t even claim that she was #1 in that regard.

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        @XO : yes of the 90’s the era in which it was MUCH HARDER to dominate due to much talent. The era of Janet and all the divas prime, you can’t slay forever, idiot. Nobody slays forever, you have your time to peak then you transcend either into a memory or you transcend like a legend and do what/: Janet, mc, Aretha, Patti, Stevie, Madonna and a bunch of other legends do. Lol you’ve been diagnosed with a severe case of the idiot logic

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        @Xo again, you sound delusional. Being number one has nothing to do with being LEGEND/GREAT. She’s been number one in various avenues, albums, singles, award circuits and overall is in the top ten most successful in billboard history- EVER. If being only number one was be sole criteria of being legendary/successful then a lot of legends like EartvWind Fire, David Bowie, Patti labelle, Michael Bolton, Aretha Franklin…. Wouldn’t be legends, like they are. They were the most selling or whatever whatever.. You just sound young and pressed. Janet is legend- PERIOD.

      • Sandra December 18, 2015

        Last time I checked Rihanna sold 10,2 million albums in the US. Janet’s Control is certified 5x platinum and sold 7 million at most. Janet has zero diamond selling albums lol.

    • @What now December 17, 2015

      To say that she isn’t international is a lie! No one even knows about the album, publicly. not only that, People are asking her all around the world to come to their country.

    • @What Now December 20, 2015

      Did you or did you not see that Madonna stan insulting Janet in the first comment posted? And to say that Janet isn’t global is RIDICULOUS! She sold 4X outside of the US! Get your facts right!

  12. SAGE December 17, 2015

    BTW FLOPBREAKABLE aint even in the top 100 no more. Floppin worse than the super mega flop that was DISCIPLINE! LMAO! JJTL couldnt even save her after she desperately crawled back to ’em! Ha! Its over. Go to Vegas hasbeen.

    NO RRHOF for Tranet! LOL

    • Sandra December 17, 2015

      Unbreakable is OUT of the Billboard 200 completely and out of Top album sales. It stalled at 200k, how pathetic! I almost feel sorry for Flopnet

      • @Sandra December 17, 2015

        Janet doesn’t feel bad at all, she did NOTHING to sell it. Unlike others.

      • @Sandra December 20, 2015

        You’re a damn idiot, but what about live performances? You’re f****** dumb!

  13. obsidian December 17, 2015

    It’s so sad to see the amount of unwarranted contempt these ignorant, poisonous, white stans have towards Janet! Why do you all dislike her so much? Is it because she set the benchmark for every subsequent artist male/female, is it because she’s an original, or is it because despite your failed attempts to destroy her career, she’s still here! At this point in Janet’s career, she is no longer concerned with obtaining validation from the white masses; she’s enjoying life with her billionaire husband and marching to the beat of her own drum!!

    • Flash80 December 17, 2015

      Janet set no benchmark for anything. That was Michael, who she herself copied and imitated…and he’s in the R&RHOF, while she isn’t. Let that sink in for a second. And if it’s not serious, if the R&RHOF is a white mans joke that she doesn’t need, then why do Janet fans every year cry ad naseum over it and even go as far to start online petitions and video campaigns to get her nominated? Maybe *she* herself doesn’t need it, but her stans sure seem to.

      • @Flash80 December 17, 2015

        This is what happens when you don’t know your sh!t. You look STUPID. I suggest you look at Janet’s 1987 Grammy performance. Hell, I can take it back to Soul Train and American Bandstand when she was promoting her Control album. NO ONE was performing like she was, nor did that they have that sound that we now call Urban Contemporary. Michael was NOT performing with backup dancers until he did it with his BAD tour. All you have to do is check out other artists. They weren’t really doing full-length choreography until JANET, not MJ. And let’s not talk about her albums.

      • Flash80 December 17, 2015

        Michael didn’t have backup dancers? So what were those things dancing behind him in the Beat It and Thriller videos, mannequins? And that was when Janet was playing Willis’s girlfriend on Diff’rent Strokes. Janet stole every idea that she didn’t get from Jam & Lewis or Rene from Michael. Fact. She brought nothing new or innovative. All she ever did was duplicate or add to.

        Unlike Janet, Michael didn’t NEED backup dancers to make his routine look good. He could get up there and dance his b*** off alone and astonish people with his moves. Janet NEEDED her ensemble.

      • Sandra December 17, 2015

        Lies moron, Michael performed full choreography before Flopnet did. And he is credited for it. Flopnet didn’t invent anything.

      • @Sandra December 17, 2015

        Live performances you f****** morons, he was NOT! He had NO performance or videos like that where he was performing full-out choreography, he only had dance breaks!

      • @Flash80 December 17, 2015

        You moron, BEFORE his Bad era he didn’t in live performances! She had full-out routines in videos and live performances, he did not until after she did. Dance breaks, yes, but not full-out choreography. As a matter of fact, his Bad video actually TOOK choreography from Janet’s Nasty video and in The Way You Make Me Feel Michael actually did her knee-sliding move that she did in Pleasure Principle. I’m a fan of BOTH, you clearly aren’t.

      • Flash80 December 17, 2015

        B*******! The Nasty video was a near copycat of Beat It, which was full of dancers. Just about everything from Control has parallels to Thriller as far as videos go. And to sit there and lie by claiming that The Way You Make Me Feel was a copy of The Pleasure Principle proves just how FOS you are! The 2 videos are NOTHING alike. TPP was Janet proving how awkward she is at dancing alone because she looked silly throughout it. Totally inferior to Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock With You and Bille Jean.

        BTW this is a stupid conversation anyway. First of all MJ didn’t even give that many high profile live performances before the Bad era. But if you wanna insist on clinging to pointless rhetoric, I can cite his performances with his brothers where they all danced as him dancing with a troop.

        Second of all, constantly being propped by an army of dancers isn’t innovative or compelling my dear. Which is why Michael didn’t have to do it every time he got on stage. He could actually slay by himself because he was a natural dancer who could freestyle and improvise. Janet cannot. She’s totally dependent on choreographers and back up dancers.

      • Avi December 18, 2015

        Videos or live performances, what difference does that even make? The truth is that Janet made a career of reproducing MJ’s “Beat It” video over and over again. He was crowd dancing long before her. She took that idea from him. To suggest otherwise is either you being delusional or just an outright liar. Janet was always a poor mans version of MJ. Her stans know it too, that’s why you all work so hard trying to conjure up lies and deflections to mask it.

      • @Flash December 18, 2015

        YOU, DUMBASS! The Victory Tour is loaded with LIVE MJ performances and it was before Bad. They’re on YouTube I believe. HE.WAS.NOT.PERFORMING.LIKE.THAT. Until she started! Nasty is like Beat It? HOW? She starts off doing choreography in a movie theater, he’s lying in a f****** bed! Not only that Beat It is based off of West Side Story!! DUH! The only thing you can say is that she used backup dancers, BUT Beat It doesn’t have a full routine! Nasty does and the videos are similar? HOW? Because some of both videos are outside? That’s stupid! And actually in Janet’s What Have You Done For Me Lately she did it first. She used the choreography to tell a story! That’s just one of the reasons why she got the Video Vanguard Award in 1990 at only 24.

      • Sandra December 18, 2015

        You’re still at it TROLL.
        MJ performed full choreography years BEFORE Flopnet ever did, when Flopnet was releasing flop album after flop album in the early 80s. Janet didn’t start S***, she followed Michael’s blueprint with choreographed music videos. It doesn’t change s*** that MJ’s dance choreo wasn’t during the whole video, he did it FIRST and no one except a few silly delusional janet loonies like yourself are dumb enough to think Flopnet is responsible for it lol! Janet is a follower not a trendsetter thats why the Rock&Roll hall of fame REJECTED her. Deal with it moron!

      • @Flash80 December 20, 2015

        Another dipshit ass comment from you! READ! I said that he took choreography from her Nasty videos and put them in some of his BAD era videos. She doesn’t need them either. She does Pleasure Principle just fine by herself! And Michael took his moves from Soul Train dancers!

      • @Flash80 December 20, 2015

        Oh yeah, what was MJ as a solo artist before Quincy. Off The Wall was NOT MJ’s first solo album like some you biased idiot MJ stans like to think. His solo albums weren’t doing too well! And I suggest you check out Janet’s 1990 LA Times interview where Rene actually said JANET comes up with the brilliant ideas, but she doesn’t take credit! Even Jimmy and Terry talk about about what a Maverick she is in the same interview! Oh and btw, you talk about MJ creating this or that, but what fail to realize is that he wasn’t the brains behind his most famous dance moves! It wasn’t just the moonwalk like he said! In this video clip he even stole moves for his Thriller video and credited himself as choreographer! The clip:

    • Shady 81 December 17, 2015

      Boy you sound stupid it has nothing to do with race as you would call it the (White Masses) But family legacy, Not just her’s she’s the last piece of the puzzle and the only girl. And I’m pretty sure she wants to do this more for her parents mainly Joe before they pass on than for herself, buy the way this has nothing to do with that Got damn husband of hers and for the last time the man is not a billionaire if it’s his whole entire families company which the company is worth 1 billion dollars that does not make you a billionaire stupid people listen to everything the media say like it’s factual SMDH.

      • obsidian December 17, 2015

        @ shady81, If you’re going to be bold enough to gauge an individual’s intelligence, please make sure you know the difference between by and buy….lol!!!

      • Shady 81 December 17, 2015

        @Obsidian first that was a simple typing error and to you I’m highly intelligent so Thank You. #Bloop you just got clock ta-ta for now.

      • obsidian December 17, 2015

        @shady81 Judging by the amount of run-on sentences, and grammatical errors included in your response, I’m gonna have to disagree! I’m not sure if the “Hooked on Phonics” program is still being manufactured, but if so, hunty you need to obtain a copy!! Thanks in advance!!

      • Shady 81 December 17, 2015

        @Obsidian since your trying to play school teacher, or shall I say How to call your self school teacher for one day for dummies. I suggest you worry about your own ebonics because I came at you with logic and common sense, and you just provided me with nothing but pointless bull s*** I said what I meant about Janet and I meant what I said no matter how correct or incorrect it’s said this is not a college course or High, Middle, Elementary, let alone Preschool class session on how to write, word or present what is said. So miss me with that bull and have a good f****** night because I’m done here.

  14. Sandra December 17, 2015

    Ha! This is Proof that Janet is only a legend in her fans minds, not in the real world.
    The only legend in the Jackson family is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Michael Jackson!

    • DTG December 17, 2015

      The only legend in the Jackson family is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Michael Jackson!

      Basically. Furthermore, NWA is for more significant and important in the music industry than Janet. Crying over her snub is pointless when the real news here is that NWA are being inducted.

      • @DTG December 20, 2015

        Um, NO! I would suggest you check your facts! J5 are in too.

    • @Sandra December 17, 2015

      You slow b****! Janet is ALL over news articles right now saying that she’s snubbed! And it’s a huge snub because people thought she was going to get in… YES, the public, not just her fans!!!

      • Sandra December 18, 2015

        Moron, the janet loonies are the only ones upset about her rejection, theyre even writing angry letters about it lmfao so pathetic. If the ‘public’ were so upset why didn’t they go out to buy her flop album? No one except a couple of nostalgic janet loonies even knows who janet is these days.
        Poor Janet, forever rejected and overshadowed!

  15. Cough Cough December 17, 2015

    It’s infortunate AF, but whatever she is LEGEND and some white mans archive isn’t really the be all that end all, of determining that.

  16. EllieLights93 December 17, 2015

    Timberlake will get in before Janet.

    • Lmfao_Hoe December 17, 2015

      And that will be a damn shame and middle finger to Janet, after that b**** boy left her out to dry (die career wise) went straight to his white side, so f*** him.

      • obsidian December 17, 2015

        I’m so with you on that! I will never spend one red cent on anything connected to Justin Timberfake!!!

  17. blue December 17, 2015

    between rih and bey which of the two will get in first or at all? Ofcourse after adele and taylor swift first.

  18. Lake Erie December 17, 2015

    The defamation of Janets career is hilarious. The love is deep I see. Anyways, Janet knows what’s up. That’s probably why it took her so long to even acknowledge the nomination and when she did acknowledge it, that’s all she did was “acknowledge” it.. The fans did want it for her more than anything. But she’s a Legend, (not one of the best) but the best FEMALE to ever do it (tho many can argue that she makes many male dance breaks look like 1 2 3 steps and lyrical content sound limited) and thats period. If I was given a nickel for every time a book from the “Ms. Janet Jackson Library” was checked out, bought, begged for or stolen, I’d be rich.

    • Sandra December 17, 2015

      Janet’s a flop sorry, the numbers don’t lie! Why is Janet the lowest selling artist out of all her peers?

  19. Sandra December 17, 2015

    Unbreakable flopped. Only 200k albums sold, now out of every chart
    No Sleeep flopped, sold only 100k ww
    Burn it up failed to chart
    No Hall of Fame induction
    Half empty theatre tour
    Poor Janet, this really hasn’t been a good year for her 🙁

    • #JACKIE December 17, 2015


    • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

      Barclays center is a theatre? Staples Center? Key arena? The prudential center? Oh ok

  20. pat December 17, 2015

    NWA, Madonna, Donna Summer, and others couldnt be further from rock. Unfortunately a lot of the white convervative GP still hasnt forgiven Janet for the tit incident.

  21. B Lamont December 17, 2015

    I see the idiots still troll this site, but I shouldn’t be surprised. If you don’t care for Janet that’s fine, but nothing she’s done this year has been a flop considering her age and tenure in the industry. FYI, Janet’s and Madonna’s cds have sold relatively the same amount in the U.S. and Madonna’s came out much earlier than Janet’s. So if statistics prove correct, Janet will for sure outsell Madonna by the time Madonna’s cd hits the 1 year mark. Meanwhile, as this article states, almost EVERY article written about this year’s nominees featured Janet as the prominent artist. How the voting committee can ignore that is crazy and there are PLENTY of acts who have been inducted who don’t make traditional Rock & Roll music. Apparently that isn’t even a criteria for induction so that argument is MOOT.

    • _ December 17, 2015

      Madonna’s album has sold 800k world wide and the album leaked in full 3 months before it was released.

      Janet has sold around 300k WW and Janet had the comeback hype, she was gone for so many years while Madonna has constantly been releasing albums and touring every two years. That alone should’ve guaranteed Janet bigger numbers than Madonna.

      Madonna’s current album sold more and her world tour will also gross more

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        Madonna had contests on the gæy hookup site g***** (sad), performed a lot of major events to push her singles, interviews, said the word nigggggga on Instagram and promoted herself for a long while online etc etc… Janet did a tour and that’s it. Big difference for only a half a million more with 6months difference in release dates.

      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015


      • Cough Cough December 17, 2015

        lol why doesTGJ edit the word g-r-i-n-d-r ? Probably cause it’s a pornnnnnnn sexxxxxx site

  22. Shady 81 December 17, 2015

    Let’s face it this the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame here there voting status and how they pick the artist for there nominations are always questionable I mean you don’t even have alot of the most prominent artist being inducted let alone nominated,
    Janis Joplin
    Janet Jackson
    KoKo Taylor
    The Doobie Brothers
    Nine Inch Nails
    It’s really sad if you think about these awards are based on political, and popularity instead of impact and foundation but hey like the old saying goes good things happen for those whom wait along with patients is virtue. I just hope they induct Janet while her parents especially Joe Jackson is still alive to see her inducted like they where able to see there boys get this prestigious honor.

  23. Indie December 17, 2015

    Racist old white men who do not want to give a black women props for being the inspiration to 90% of todays female artist!

    • Absolved December 18, 2015

      Janet is nowhere near the inspiration for “90%” of today’s female artists. Stans love overinflating her.

      • Sandra December 18, 2015

        Janet’s loony stans are the worst. They’re the most delusional fan base ever, even though they’re such a small group lol

  24. December 17, 2015

    congratz, it’s because they are rappers why people is trying to sh!t on them,because some people don’t respect rap music.

  25. King Stephy December 17, 2015

    NWA? Really… lol

  26. thando December 17, 2015

    Black artists need to start their own rnb/hip-hop/soul hall of fame. These are white men who are not going to allow rock to be tainted by black music, rock fans are notoriously racist and fascist. This is why I love BET because it is the only genuine celebration of black artistic excellence. We as a black people need to stop forcing white people to validate our obvious superiority in the performing arts. That’s on us! I’m pretty sure most of us on this blog are young black people and we don’t know even a 1/4 of the people/bands in this rock and roll hall of fame. There are plenty of powerful African Americans within the entertainment industry who can establish a rock n roll hall of fame equivalent institution for black artists. This white institution lost its legitimacy to me when it failed to induct Sade….there is NO justification that could ever satisfy not including Sade in the Rock n Roll hall of fame, NONE.

  27. 4everBrandy_Ci December 17, 2015

    This is b******* but Janet will remain one of the greats. N.W.A. I’m proud of because they put in work and made a statement that inspired many of today’s artists. But that doesn’t mean Janet should be excluded at all. I want all of our black artists to succeed and win but the thing is these white media and general public are only going to pick and choose just to say hey these so and so black artists made it. No, they BEEN made it and I hope the music industry changes because I’m tired of seeing the b******* being repeated. We have to start supporting our own and hold accounatble for what we do as consumers. Janet’s album is amazing and “Unbreakable” is a solid body of work. To all the Janet haters y’all can stay seething and just accept that Janet is Queen forever. =)

  28. ka December 17, 2015

    Man I hoped queen J was going in this year but I believe all the silence after returning left a sour note, next year will be the year when more tourin, videos and live performances (HBO) will most likely happen cuz janet is diffently deserving of RRHF so in do time!

  29. Eldela December 17, 2015

    Janet’s stans are the most annoyingly defensive creatures on the planet, so while I can slightly bad for her for being snubbed, I’m more happy about it because I know it upsets her supporters. They say they don’t care, but if they didn’t then this wouldn’t be such a sore subject.

  30. @Aaliyah December 17, 2015

    This is how dumb you are. How in the hell can you talk about Janet when she birthed Aaliyah. Aaliyah CLEARLY followed Janet’s blueprint.

  31. King Mark111 /.\ December 17, 2015

    Who brags about a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? I don’t care, Janet still a pop legend.

  32. Oh ok December 17, 2015

    all you idiots can do is say Janet exposed her breast she didn’t, justin did. Here’s someone who knows what happened after her Superbowl performance. And how the hell can you compare someone who was blacklisted, to people who never were?

  33. MovieAmi December 18, 2015

    It’s hilarious to me that she keeps on getting snubbed. Suffer JanTron fans, suffer! 😀

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