Azealia Banks Arrested…After Biting A Boob

Published: Thursday 17th Dec 2015 by Sam

Azealia Banks is used to social media attacks. But it seems Twitter fingers have turned into tasting teeth.

Chew on the rapper’s latest mishap after the jump…

According to TMZ, the ‘212’ femcee was tossed into jail on  Tuesday evening after allegedly biting a female nightclub bouncer in the breast. The reason? Because the alleged victim didn’t know Banks was a big celebrity. We didn’t either, but we digress…

Azealia was at Up & Down nightclub when she tried to get into a party but didn’t have an entry stamp. According to witnesses who spoke with the NY Post, Azealia pitched a fit, swearing and using racial slurs.

The manager decided to let Azealia in, but she wasn’t done … she started berating the bouncer for not knowing she was on Rihanna’s latest album.  For bad measure, she went back and spit in the guard’s face.

As she was being escorted out, Azealia allegedly bit the guard in her boob and bit hard.  She was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

Ms. Banks has since been released, but there’s no doubt about it…she’s a mess who stays in some mess.

Ironic, as it was exactly one year ago that she gave “that interview” venting about racial injustice and the like. Sadly, actions like this do her (and her broader argument) no justice.

Such a waste of talent.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CT December 17, 2015

    Someone else should have inherited her talent because she is wasting it *plays count contessa*.

  2. #JACKIE December 17, 2015

    Who takes this psycho flop seriously?

    • Yes girl December 17, 2015

      No one does, just like no takes your manly looking favor and her ugly ass baby seriously, oop.

      • Jay December 17, 2015

        Post a selfie then talk. Until then go back into your cage.

      • Faf December 17, 2015

        Platinum boo

        Unlike ur ugly ass fave

  3. Mr ? December 17, 2015

    She is a hot messy. I think I’ll pass on her.

    She gives black women a really bad look

  4. lolz December 17, 2015

    Where’s that Nicki post?????

  5. S****** Blonde December 17, 2015


  6. Indie December 17, 2015

    Waiting to hear her side of the story, rather than some botched up no source!

  7. Um December 17, 2015

    What kind of grammar is that? “Azealia Banks Arresting…”

    Not “Arrested” or “Arrest” but “Arresting”? Ok.

    • Ciah’s Turtle December 17, 2015

      These bxtches and they banter..fvck is up with the grammar..they never talkin money, I can’t ever understand em

  8. BLACKOUT TBH December 17, 2015

    She reminds of Christina Aguilera in that her talent has been wasted on the ugliest of spirits.

    • What now December 17, 2015

      Christina always played third fiddle to her peers bc she’s a bìtch who thinks her screaming makes her a talented singer who deserves MJ success, when in reality it deserves her fat troll a*** to be locked in a basement.

  9. Cough Cough December 17, 2015

    Well at least I have one Rihanna feat Azealia song to look forward to. That means there will be a few generic pop workout songs on there to add to my workout playlist!

  10. 1mcluver December 17, 2015

    omg azaelia stop!!!! you make it hard to defend you

  11. ?Queen Molly? December 17, 2015

    Death did she really say shes on Rihs album while she got arrested? ???

  12. King Stephy December 17, 2015

    LMAO! Not biting titties tho!

    • Mr ? December 18, 2015

      Only I’m allowed to do that…

  13. MsYonce December 17, 2015

    She’s a messssssss

  14. Ciah’s Turtle December 17, 2015

    A Rih x AB collab would be everything.

  15. Anti (hives scared of R8) December 17, 2015

    The Rihanna collaboration might be true but Rih might remove the track after the stunt she pulled.AB too danm messy.She has the opportunity to shine.

    • dante December 17, 2015

      I thought the exact same thing

  16. another taken day something ain’t wrong December 18, 2015

    She’s a hot angery girl mess and not many people know who she is

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