Watch: R. Kelly Walks Off ‘Huffington Post Live’ Set

Published: Monday 21st Dec 2015 by David

Always keen to lure young fans into his creative web the R&B force that is R. Kelly made his way to the ‘Huffington Post’ to discuss his latest album and the current state of his Grammy-kissed career.

Alas, his latest attempt to reach out and touch younger fans was thwarted by the publication when questions posed to him during their conversation led to him walking off set before it ended.

What those questions were related to? The numerous minors who have claimed that he molested them during his reign as the King of R&B.

A surprising scene below…

Oh no!

The middle-aged maestro had this to say about the exchange:

You can’t satisfy everybody.I will continue to do my job until I get fired, and the only people who can fire me are my fans.

His Buffet is available in stores now.


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  1. x_x December 21, 2015

    “…keen to lure young fans…”

    • Bey Bey King December 21, 2015

      He said so himself.

      • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB December 21, 2015

        You ?hive are vile I hope you all burn in hell.

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) December 21, 2015

      He shudda slapped that funky ho

  2. LB December 21, 2015

    She obviously had an agenda, but these artists need some lessons on the subject of spin, i.e how to spin and or answer a question without really answering a question or just how to answer a question by dodging it; Ciara is very good at this.

    • December 21, 2015

      no, they can handle the situation anyways fit, they don’t have to be politically correct. this people who interview celebs need to stop pulling that cr@p back asking a question to get a reaction.

      • Pushing Hard for R Kels December 21, 2015

        Gurl you better hope these people will push as hard for a reaction when R Kells decideds to m***** your own baby… go ahead, sh*t out a kid and hand it over to R Kelly since you’re so trusting. This man needs to be behind bars, not in recording studios or on stages….

    • Confessions of a Good Kisser December 21, 2015

      Agenda? How does one spin the sexual abuse of children?

    • Mimi Lamb Chops December 21, 2015

      You can’t spin sexual abuse dear.

  3. Lindsay No Hands December 21, 2015

    Google Rkelly and the village voice. This man is a sick pervert.

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) December 21, 2015

      Shut up u drunk! He put that ho in her place…just like the doctor did with yo mammys hangn ovaries biitch! Yaaasssss

  4. Madame Coin December 21, 2015

    Some of you stans are so stupid! This man literally molested teenage girls as young as 12 and isn’t speaking to his own brother because the brother found out he was trying to get with his daughter but all you can say is that “she was trying to get a reaction.”

    • Mimi Lamb Chops December 21, 2015

      And there are people who still think Aaliyah’s parent gave him their consent. Deplorable, dirty and despicable man he is.

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) December 21, 2015

      Both of yall sick hoez hush

  5. Ciah’s Turtle December 21, 2015

    If you don’t want to talk about something (more than a decade old).. walk away. I see no problem with this.

  6. Pushing Hard for R Kels December 21, 2015

    R Kells ignores the fact that his fans fired him already… Bruh, look at your sales since your pee-tastrophe….. Ain’t no one left stanning for you and you’re clearly reaching for newer younger audiences that aren’t old enough to remember what you did…. CLEARLY…. besides any other anterior motives for reaching out to such a younger base with that crap you’re creating now… either go away or turn yourself in man, its over

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) December 21, 2015

      And yo daddy fired uo BITCHASS mammy from being a wife

  7. King Mark111 /.\ December 21, 2015

    He;s such a Bey Pest, get asked a question and mumble on and on to AVOID the question. Kelly, you KNOW you messed with teen girls. This is what monsters do, they great as brainwashing and throwing you off.

  8. King Mark111 /.\ December 21, 2015

    Chris Brown the same way. So is Nicki, the delusion is REAL!
    Kiss my @ss and if you don’t, I’ll walk out. Hahahahahahaha

  9. King Mark111 /.\ December 21, 2015

    Give this woman an Emmy!

  10. King Mark111 /.\ December 21, 2015

    There comes a time when you’re no longer powerful, every King dies. People don’t know that Aaliyah was pretty much black listed after messing with this sick fool. Hint, the reason she had two unknowns Missy and Timberland to produce her 2nd album. No one wanted to work with her cause Kelly was the star and you know how the bizz is, they’ll kiss @ss aslong as they get paid.

    He brain washed Aaliyah, look at old interviews, she would say we’re friends and he would cut in with BEST friends. This isn’t a MJ or even a Bill Cosby case, the facts are all over the wall.

    • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB December 21, 2015

      No boo boo she loved him and wanted his ?

  11. CC December 21, 2015

    Why dont they ask Bll Wyman and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones about relationships with teen girls.
    I think Elvis had a 14 yr old wfe too.
    Its just getting hard to defend these AA celeb men when they keep putting non AA women in their videos and on their artwork.
    Get them other folks to defend u and stop begging AA women to buy your music.
    BTW, can we please get some more RNB MUSIC news ??

    • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB December 21, 2015

      No honey she wanted him and she had daddy issues!

    • Pat December 22, 2015

      Because they would have whooped her trifling ass!

  12. No favs, just here for the music December 21, 2015

    I honestly thought it was going to be about his album sales lol.

    Not because he flopped but because he made that video empathizing on sales then proceeded to flop.

  13. Danzou December 21, 2015

    i refuse to dismiss his past accusations but in his defense; why dont white celebrities get reminded of what theyve done? every time a black celebrity does something they get made an example out of. bill cosby got blasted by the media but jared fogle got next to NO COVERAGE. why? because they didnt wanna ruin subway legacy but they had no problem ruining bills legacy. its all politics.

    • MinkDraggingTheFloor December 21, 2015

      Are you really comparing a LEGEND like Bill Cosby to a fat subway commercial guy? Jared is in jail where he belongs. Nothing else to talk about.

      • Danzou December 21, 2015

        that wasnt my point you idiot. Im gonna start from the top so let me know where i lost you; WHY ARE BLACK CELEBRITIES RUINED FOR THEIR MISTAKES BUT WHITE CELEBRIRIES ARENT? Bill, r kelly, nor jared were right for their actions but why are the black celebrities constantly reminded of their pasts? My point in using the jared/cosby example was to pinpoint that if the media had covered jared like they covered bill then subway surely wouldve had its business ruined. they did the same thing to chris brown. black celebrities never get forgiven. why?

    • OMG Logic!!! December 22, 2015

      What the actual f uck!? Are Kelly and Cosby rotting in jail like they rightfully deserve to be? NO, they aren’t you racist piece of 5hit.

      • Danzou December 22, 2015

        i find it funny that your name is “omg logic” yet the only reason you said anything is because youre offended by my statement. which is emotion not logic. Im not even racist. anyway whether or not kelly or cosby is in jail or not has nothing to do with the fact that white celebrities are not made examples out of in the media. if im not mistaken wasnt paul walker messing with children too? he was 33 his girlfriend was allegedly sixteen when they met but the media says nothing about it to this day. why are we never reminded of it? why was there no coverage? since youre smart enough to leave a comment you should be smart enough to answer my questions.

  14. AJ December 21, 2015

    He blasts his label, blasts his fans for not supporting him yet he’s an absolute s** pest. Just goes to show how corrupt the industry is. Maybe people don’t support him cause they don’t want support s** abuse. He hasn’t played to 20,000 fans in years

  15. truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) December 21, 2015

    Bingo blaket party at my place Arra Kelly.. *looks seductively*

  16. Lake Erie December 21, 2015

    I honestly don’t think his reputation (molestation,etc) has anything to due with his state in music. Black Panties wasn’t all that and many people in my generation say alot that “kellz old ish is the ish but the ish he was talking on black panties “NOW” was creepy”. It’s like hearing your granddad talk dirty to your teacher?! “Creepy” Nobody wants to hear that from him now. But he can always song his old stuff cuz it’s timeless. Kellz can always make fell good music, just minus the se_xx part. Leave that to the new young R&B cats.He left and did his slow old school r&b and people liked it! He should have stayed with that after his “untitled ” album. He just too old now lol. And his attire at the soul train awards said it too.

  17. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Joyride” Is Coming Soon) December 21, 2015

    I find it odd that people are talking about his sales been getting hurt by his past. Then, if that was the case why didn’t his previous albums fail since 2000? Or better yet, why didn’t his albums from 2010 sell less than 100K?

    I don’t get it, all I know is everyone is seeking to destroy this human being now when it should of been done a LONG time ago.
    I still love R. Kelly and his music.

    • Lake Erie December 21, 2015

      Exactly, that’s why I don’t think his “past” has anything to do with his current state in sales. Idk why the lady even brought it up.

    • Danzou December 21, 2015

      i agree. she had no reason bringing it up. hes sold millions since the court cases so that was neither here nor there.

  18. cocobutta December 21, 2015

    “It seems like your readyyyyy”

    Errrm R. Kelly wasn’t ready 4 that !!!

    Timbaland got a song from babygirl better know as Aaliyah coming Xmas day and the haunting has trapped R. Kelly into his closet as a spirit lit this woman to come out like she the white Wendy Williams of the radio days.

    Uncomfortable and awkward.

  19. Career Ender December 21, 2015

    I love you R Kelly
    you will always be King of R&B
    Thanks for that classic ypu gave US with Celine Dion called “I’m your angel”

  20. Nemya December 21, 2015

    Okay so I fire you… he needs to switch up his style just a little bit. Stuff he did in the 90’s and early 2000’s can’t survive right now.

  21. Danzou December 21, 2015

    and another thing; r kelly has sold millions since his allegations. even since the aaliyah marriage situation. his sales are the way they are because hes trying to compete for a younger demographic. not cool. i love r kelly but he shoulda kept going down the “when a woman loves” road. theres no need to recreate what hes done in the 90s. he shoulda kept making grown and s*** music because he can always sing his timeless hits.

    • Lake Erie December 21, 2015


  22. Patrick December 22, 2015

    Lord he is delusional. He talked so much i literally said “shut up” outloud to myself. she asked a legit question and he caved into diva mode. Props to her on remaining so professional composed, because he was annoying as hell.

  23. junior December 22, 2015

    She has every reason! its part of him and who he is as a entertainer, he decided to live this life style and be a public figure so deal with it! HE a Perv of course he hates when asked about it bcause its WRONG!!!!!!! he does make great music but still, DUDE is a PERV

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