Did You Miss It? Chris Brown Goes On Rant About ‘Grammys’

Published: Saturday 30th Jan 2016 by Rashad
chris brown thatgrapejuice

‘Run It’ beau Chris Brown has run to social media yet again to share his oft-controversial opinion, this time with the Grammys in his sights.

The 26 year old may have nabbed many-a-hit in 2014 and 2015, but the year’s Grammy nods only saw him listed once (and as a feature) in the ‘Best Rap/Sung Collaboration’ category for his work on Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Only.’  And, while the nominations were revealed some time ago, Brown – two weeks before the show is set to air – zeroed in on the ceremony saying ‘they used to mean something.’

Sparking quite the debate amongst his beloved #TeamBreezy, we turn to you to ask:  is he salty or does he have a point?  Tuck in below to weigh in:

chris brown thatgrapejuice grammy rant

To date, Chris Brown has won one Grammy (‘Best R&B Album’ in 2012 for his fourth album ‘F.A.M.E.’).

Your thoughts?


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  1. Weezy Tha Goat January 30, 2016

    Just be thankful you still have a damn career, most would have been pushed out of the music industry.

    • Lea January 30, 2016

      F*** that and f*** these ass kissing b******!

    • Jamie January 30, 2016

      Pushed out without probable cause? GTFOH…That boy works hard, and is far more talented than over half of the artists in the industry. He has a voice, and what sets him apart is he isn’t afraid to use it. I love Chris for that alone.

      • Quinton251 AKA Lil Wayne Stan January 30, 2016

        Define work hard?

    • WINTZ January 31, 2016


      At this point there is a collective rolling of the eyes, deeply profound SIGHs…followed by dismissive clucking of tongues for Fist whenever he rants.

      Lol this lunatic tho. If you even need to vacate on the MOON to find your CREATIVE SPACE then that’s what u need to BOSS UP and come back for BLOOD!

      Your albums lately are subpar. I can actually confess to having a crazy teen crush on u when u just came out. That seems like a lifetime ago. So many disappointments since, esp when u did my girl rih that way.

      GROW up!! U can go through a million failures but u get back in that zone and PUSH!

      But these soft charactered men…

      Why u always whining like a bish?? BOSS UP!!!

  2. LB January 30, 2016

    I cannot hate on Fistopher for this, he shows up at the BET and Soul Train Awards.

    So, putting that into context, I respect his opinion on the matter.

  3. Barb-wire January 30, 2016

    At least he has one over Gayber…

    • WTF January 30, 2016

      How many does Nicki own..?

  4. RihYonce January 30, 2016

    Chris deserves more grammys, idc what other people think , this guy is talented & he’s been cranking out hits non stop for 11 years

    • AmbeRussell January 31, 2016

      nas has 0, mariah has 5, diana has 0, etc…far more deserving should have more

  5. THE ONE January 30, 2016

    I’m here for anyone trying to steal Rih00e/ANTI spotlight

  6. THE ONE January 30, 2016

    Sam is getting coins honey
    Posts out here getting 100 and over comments

    • Lea January 30, 2016

      Thanks to Rihanna!:) and please other blogs generate well over 500 a post!

      • King z January 30, 2016

        Name 5. Better yet, name three actual blogs (not fb pages) where there are more than 500 comments.

  7. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 30, 2016

    He can still sell out stadiums in Africa, so the least I can do is respect a sober rant from him. At least he’s not having an episode this time.

  8. King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

    No one cares Christina. Your music is trash, I have Spokane I won’t even waist bandwidth streaming it again. You were given way too many chances, and now even your rants falls on deaf ears.

  9. King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

    When the Child Out Of Wedlock LP trick didn’t work. Ol boy that cries wolf @ss. Rihanna wins. Lol

  10. THE ONE January 30, 2016

    Also can’t wait for Anti to do Royalty numbers for her first weak and or week( not free) sales

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

      While you’re making new accounts, don’t slip up again Tori Taylor Troll. Ok? Lol

  11. King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

    Justin Bieber’s lessor. Now that’s sad.

  12. Tay January 30, 2016

    Tbh he hasn’t delivered an album as good as FAME since that was released. So it might make sense why hasn’t won one since that.

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

      All truth.

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

      X and the one before that have a few good songs. But no solid albums. Child Out of Wedlock is trash, even the singles.

  13. Grande the Way January 30, 2016

    Considering his garbage music, miss-more-than-hit live performances, and overall problematic career, he should be glad he has even one. He’s not talented and his music is generic and degrading trash. And lol @ him birthing anyone’s career when he is the prodcut of JT and Usher himself.

  14. ?Queen Molly? January 30, 2016

    Chris shut up… Anti deserves a grammy nod next year.. I may not like rihs personality or antis made up sales but this album has me slayed…

    • Rihboy January 30, 2016

      Omg! Pigs are flying. Not the infamous Molly giving credit!!! I like this side of you. If it makes you feel better I think Jackie was more solid than royalty. I honestly don’t care what happens with anti on iTunes within the next week because anti has been on rotation. I can’t stop listening.

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

        Jackie is a good dance pop album. Child Out Of Wedlock is trash.

      • ?Queen Molly? January 30, 2016

        Appreciate it guys.. Its always great to give credit when deserved… Oh and child out of wedlock? Excuse me Mark?

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 30, 2016

        Oh I meant Royalty or whatever it’s called.

      • WINTZ January 31, 2016

        The only time I ever cringe at your comment(s) is when it involves inanely bashing a baby/toddler/child(ren).

        And it’s messed up because generally I’m LIKING your comments as a Rih fan…you and Lovebird have us cracking up for years yo

        However, I seen u repeatedly disrespect lil Blue Ivy, and now that man’s daughter. Distasteful.

        …. Don’t be a SOUL DEVOURING PARASITE of these small angels. Leave these little ones alone! U are too creative with words to be so simplistic. Rihanna would never!!!


    • Pat January 30, 2016

      Right, it’s fire!

  15. Stay January 30, 2016

    When is Chris going to grow up.

    • Jamie January 30, 2016

      B-i-t-c-h shut the f-u-c-k up. Are you grown?

  16. XYZ January 30, 2016

    For what should he have received a nomination? Those shitty Songs or his worst album to Date?

    Though i really hate Chris Browns personality as much as kanye’s, i have to admit that he once made good Music. But these days Are Long gone. Besides “loyal” he simply released trash for a couple of years now

  17. al January 30, 2016

    Take him back to before pre rihanna escalade when he was fit and was on point. I only like Loyal and the Ay Yo with the kiddy fiddler. Looks kike a washed up druggie these days

  18. Kitteneyez January 30, 2016

    F*** the Grammy they don’t appreciate Chris Brown just like they don’t appreciate Mariah will not be watching and he 100% correct

  19. Theman January 30, 2016

    His music hasn’t been awesome. He has decent music. But it’s nothing special. All of his recent music sounds too similar. Where did this rant come from? Lol.. Being a hyper dancer isn’t enough..

  20. Beyonce wins January 30, 2016

    Miss Chris brown please have a seat and wait your turn while your sitting, maybe you can go ahead and ponder up some new music that’s worth hearing maybe a new sound, no no no wait Chris, I understand you work hard, and in your belief your creativity is at an all time high, and also you must gave the highest amount of airplay time across radio, which is sickening, actually I’m tired of hearing the same sound material from you every 5 minutes, on the radio, my friend you are blessed, because there are artist out there who are more talented and make better music than you, and they don’t even get half of the airplay you get.. I.e. Luke James, jazmine Sullivan,Miguel, and countless others…CHIS, GO TAKE A BREAK, SPEND SOME MORE TIME WITH YOUR DAUGHTER,GO TRAVEL THE WORLD. GO MAKE MORE ART, JUST SIT OUT FOR A MINUTE, GIVE US TIME TO MISS YOU, TAKE A BREAK, HOPEFULLY BY THE TIME YOU COME BACK YOU WILL BE INSPIRED BY THE BREAK YOU TAKE AND MAYBE YOUR CREATIVE JUICES WILL FLOW ONCE AGAIN, WORK WITH NEW PRODUCERS, I KNOW YOU LIKE TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF, BUT GET SOME HELP FROM OTHER PRODUCERS .. YOU SHOULD FEEL SOME TYPE OF WAY THAT RIHANNA HAS SURPASSED YOU AND HAS BEEN GROWING AS AN ARTIST MUSICALLY.. HER SOUND HAS CHANGED OVER THE YEARS..AND WE WILL NOT BLAME IT ON HER BEING A VICTIM…HONEY RIHANNA OUT GREW YOU… “YOU NEEDED HER” ? anyway CHRIS LOOK AT JUSTIN BEIBER , HE TOOK A BREAK BECAUSE HE KNEW HE WAS DOING TO MUCH AND CAME BACK BETTER THAN EVER WITH CREATIVITY, CHRIS Just sit for a while please, no one won’t take your place

  21. King Gemini January 30, 2016

    I think a lot of you guys are into pop music a little too much, on an R&B male artistry tip and not on a pop tart I want to hear to hit records tip. X, fortune, and Royalty are very solid albums that I can listen to without skipping a track for the most part and are very ahead of his peers. Especially fortune that was a truly great R&B album in his line that I never skipped a track on before.

  22. #BeyHiveLOVER January 31, 2016

    Chris should really just take a break for a few years..He’s been overloading with moment hits that we really don’t remember when the next one comes. Take a break, find your voice and come back with a great all round album.

  23. WINTZ January 31, 2016

    He wont take a break because he has a chronic needs to grease his entourages palm to boost his street cred while they BOOST his ego like Supligen!

    He is always trying to stunt for the crowd while hurting himself in the process. smh

  24. Noah February 3, 2016

    The guy has so much f****** self pride shoved up his ass. He puts out 100 pieces of garbage, no hit song in sight for about 2 years and wants to be rewarded for the quantity of his work and not it’s quality? Yes he is talented, but he does not properly reflect that musically or commercially. Nobody is “kissing ass”, just take a look at the crap ur putting out. Arrogant and deluded.

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